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 Female x Male Come take a look :)

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Atomic Blonde, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Atomic Blonde

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    Welcome to my request thread!

    I’ll throw this at the top of the page before people stop reading :

    If you are interested in starting up a role play with me:
    -send me a PM, let me know what you’re interested in and any ideas you may have

    -expect to go back and forth for a bit to come up with a plan, I like to talk it out first so that we are both on the same page for what to expect out of the role play before it starts.

    -please don't be offended if I say no thank you, I am pretty busy and I am picky about my roleplays

    A little about me:
    I have been role-playing for a long time….too long. Maybe 16 or 17 years on and off, which makes me feel old when I see it in writing. I can be a busy person, I work three jobs most of the year, two of those jobs aren't too many hours but depending on the time of the year, things get crazy for me.

    So that being said, I hope that anyone interested in writing with me can be patient when things get crazy for me. I generally do replies at least a couple times a week, sometimes more but I can’t promise anything.

    I like to think I am a pretty easy going person for the most part, so just chat with me and I am sure we can figure something out as long as you don’t ask for anything in my off limits list, which isn’t really big at all!

    • Literacy:
    I am looking for people with good spelling and grammar as well as descriptive posts that make it interesting. I don’t care about the post length necessarily, I think it’s more about how much effort you put into your writing and providing posts that move the story along and give me something to go off so we don’t end up backing ourselves into the boring corner
    • Reply time:
    as a I said, I can be very busy at times so I completely understand. I would like to get replies back every couple days and I try to do the same back. If it’s going to be longer I try to let you know and sometimes I can fire back multiple replies in a day, or at least once a day but I don’t want to set lofty expectations that I can’t keep up with either.
    • Format:
    I don’t have a preference to PM vs. thread. I will do either, I do find PMs easier to track but threads have their pluses as well. So if you have a preference just let me know. I am easy going. I do write in third person and I like to keep OOC chat to a minimum in the RP thread/PM. I usually start a second conversation to chat about OOC stuff and to ask questions about the plot etc.
      • Mature Content:
    I am fine with this being a part of the roleplay, of course the story is most important however. I can go with whatever your preferences are on this topic, I can be very, very detailed or I can be brief and move it along. We can talk about it Being that I am 29, I do find it rather awkward if my partner is too young for these topics though, 21 and older would be my expectation here.
    • I typically play Female characters and prefer roleplaying with male characters. I will play male characters for side characters and will roleplay with female characters as sides as well though.
    • I will only play original characters

    • Modern or Future settings only – I don’t do medieval, history etc.
    • Future, space type settings – can include non-human races
    • Future post-apocalypse settings (Like Fallout)
    • Modern action genres (this can be broken down more with pairings but I like action)
    • modern fantasy (to an extent…I may be open to suggestions but this is very far from my strong point)
    • car racing, street racing (please know something about cars if you are interested in this, it’s one of my hobbies and I find it really hard to stay interested if it becomes super unrealistic)
    • gang/mob boss/organized crime
    • superhero – original characters
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic universe mainly
    I am pretty open for the most part there are just a few things I won’t do:
    • no medieval settings
    • not super into fantasy: dragons, fairies, vampires, werewolves etc.
    • no animal/half animal humanoid characters or plots, not interested in this
    • I don’t do fanfic or play pre-existing characters/plots

    1) Bounty Hunter/Mercenary*

    • this is always my number one craving in different forms
    • Lately I’ve been super interested in a super intense “John Wick” style story with a lot of action.
    • Can do BH x BH or BH vs. Bounty or anything else that sounds interesting
    2) Crime boss vs. new initiate

    3) Crime boss vs. undercover agent/cop

    4) Hero vs villain – original superhero type rp

    5) Star wars:

    • Sith vs. Jedi (usually would have to be a grey type jedi or some willingness to switch)
    • Bounty Hunter vs. Sith
    • Bounty Hunter vs. Imperial Agent/Officer
    • Any other pairing you might find interesting I am open to hearing
    That’s all I have in my head right now, maybe this will just help get some ideas going so we can come up with something!

    • Violence: pretty much can deal with most things except animal violence of any kind, at all.
    • Drugs/alcohol: no issues with this content that I can think of
    • Mature content: I am also pretty open here
      • Things I enjoy: rough, aggression, male dominance (however my characters are never submissive really), light bondage, restraining, choking is all fine
      • Otherwise I tolerate most everything with some exceptions. I will RP mature content with malexfemale, femalexfemale – multiple partners is all fine with me if the plot requires
      • No bathroom stuff, nothing to do with animals or half animal/human types, no rape (non-consensual is not okay, rough is a different story), no one under the age of 21 (character and in real life please), malexmale only isn’t really my thing
      • I dunno what else, just ask if there’s something you’re interested in, I am always open to talking about it regardless.

    Hopefully after reading through everything, I haven't scared everyone away. If you are interested, just PM me with your idea and we can go from there.

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  2. Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde Badass Blonde Babe Community Helpers

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    11:38 AM
    Bump :)

    I'm craving something simple, nothing too complicated, just fun and quick to pass the time.
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  3. Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde Badass Blonde Babe Community Helpers

    Local Time:
    11:38 AM
    bumpity bump bump
  4. Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde Badass Blonde Babe Community Helpers

    Local Time:
    11:38 AM

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