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 Female x Male Come With Me To A World Of Wonder Unmeasured...(New Harry Potter Pairing!)

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by William Keen, May 5, 2018.

  1. William Keen

    William Keen A Wantonly Whimsical Wizard of the Word Member

    Local Time:
    8:09 AM


    (12/16/2018) - Looking especially for my Harry Potter pairing and setting below!

    Plot Availability
    1. Learning to Kill - NOT AVAILABLE
    2. The Expanse - Remember the Cant! - NOT AVAILABLE
    3. Dystopian Winter - NOT AVAILABLE
    4. Leta Lestrange & Merlin: A Harry Potter Tale - AVAILABLE



    Hello all! Welcome to my request thread! Here you'll find a general variety of what and who I'm looking for. Please read this post to get all the pertinent information about me that you might need. Please do not reply in this thread, but please do send me a PM.

    Before I really hop in, let's take a brief moment to talk about sex. I am, by default, a rough lover. Hard, passionate, unrestrained fucking is my melody of choice. Check out my F-list here:

    • I'm a 30 year old roleplayer based in many different areas of the world depending upon whim and wonder. I'm heavily enthusiastic about travel, video games, the gaming culture on YouTube, VR/AR technology, different languages, cultures, reading, self-employment, holistic medicine, sex and sexuality, sex education, fitness, nutrition, martial arts, chemistry...I'm very eclectic.

      I'm looking for erotic stories to satisfy my highly literary personality. Come one, come all, for orgasms of mind and body.

    • Ideally, I'd love to play with people who are comfortable establishing friendships. I love people, and investing my time in people. All things being equal, I'm far more interested in good writers who like making connections with others based upon honesty, mutual respect, comfort, and integrity.

      In a nutshell: I'm a dominant, decisive person who wants to express himself creatively with great stories opposite great people!

    • Do you have writer's block when it comes to contacting partners for new and exciting storytelling opportunities? Never fear! Here are a few guidelines to make me smile:

      - While tempting to use online shorthand--or "Net Speak"--proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation makes a great first impression! It allows us to communicate clearly, and find synchronicity that much sooner!

      - Be enthusiastic, communicative, and curious! Passion breeds passion, and I want to see yours.

      - If you're responding to one of my ideas, come prepared with questions, comments, and/or concerns. Like writing an excellent post in a story, all the best messages are ones that move the journey along.

      - Tell me what posting schedule you are comfortable committing to, so that we may have our expectations set going forward.

      - Please provide a sample of your writing so that we see if our styles are compatible.
    • I am a highly capable writer who likes to write and receive 4-10 detailed paragraphs of quality content, and enjoy plot and smut in equal parts. I am open to one-shot and long-term stories.

      I'd like my partners to be able to post at least twice a week, but that is by no means a deal breaker.

      The only primary rule I have (other than the rules) is that of open communication. If you have a problem with the story, or the posting schedule, or anything at all, please tell me about it. If you want to end the story or our partnership for any reason, please say so. I will never treat you poorly for your honesty. Disappearing partners and dropped stories, as a consequence, are things I avoid.

      Threads or Conversations(PM) are fine for roleplaying. I can cater to your choice here.

      What really makes a good story for me, is taking the time to include the little things, like great characterization. A character's thoughts, feelings, reactions, actions, flaws, traits, needs, fears, et al. Good characterization is a top-notch turn on. I love fleshing out the worlds we play in as well. Using images when necessary to immerse us into the world, and taking the time to add those little actions, thoughts, or set dressings that really pull you in.

      Please note that I do like to link images, music, and any resource that may be helpful into my posts. For example, if we arrive at my character's apartment, I will include it directly into the post, like this. As far music goes, since stories tend to play out cinematically in my head, I have two types: diegetic and non-d iegetic. Diegetic music occurs in the story. The source of the music is in the world, like a song on the radio a character sings along to. Non-diegetic music doesn't occur in the world, and exists for the audience. Think of this as a character's theme song, or a musical cue, or a song that players over events in the story.

    • It was the silence. That was the thing that surprised him the most. The pure, endless quiet. Merlin tried reflexively to move, and chastised himself once he discovered he couldn’t. By small degrees, his mind was becoming aware. Aware of what had happened.

      They had stood at the mouth of the Cave, sweat cooling in a brisk autumn breeze. Morgana’s hand resting with such intimate familiarity in his own. The Crystal Cave was finished. All that remained was to lure Mab there and imprison her; to plunge Excalibur into the keystone. Arthur had fallen to his bastard son, the tainted seed of Winter. The grand experiment was ruined, but taking Mab off the board would serve as ample consolation. Then the portal had opened too soon, and the Queen herself emerged. As a wintry chill strangled the air, Merlin felt equal parts bestial lust and mindless terror. Before the mantle of the Unseelie monarch, all men were vulnerable.

      “No…” he had heard himself say. “Not yet! We are not ready!”

      Then came the voice. Mab’s voice. It came from everywhere and nowhere, chilling his blood and freezing the marrow of his bones.

      You can never be ready for the impossible, wizard.

      The Queen of Air and Darkness raised her hand with a cold smile. Incongruously, he couldn’t help but note the color of her lips, like frozen elderberries. The mind does strange things when filled with terror. As he raised the last remnants of his power, Merlin knew it would not be enough. Even at the peak of his might, he would be just a guttering candle before an arctic gale. There was a flash of light, and a force hit his wards with enough power that he blacked out for an instant. Half a heartbeat later, Merlin realized that he was flying backwards through the air, his leg ablaze with icy agony. He had dimly registered hitting the ground, but was too dazed to feel any additional pain. He coughed, flinching as it echoed back at him. Some small part of him knew he was confused. Why did it take such energy just to roll on his belly? He made to stand, and stumbled.

      “Leg’s broken…” he mumbled. “Need to have the Medicus examine it.” Father would be furious at the expense. Modern medicine did not come cheap, after all. Especially not in Rome itself…

      No…wait…where was he again? The Cave. Mab had struck him. A killing blow his wards had deflected into his leg. But…hadn’t this happened already?

      “Where am I?” he asked. He tried to ask. His mind had sent the command, but Merlin’s throat was still. It wouldn’t move. Nothing would move, and all was darkness. Had Mab killed him, and then used some fell sorcery to imprison his soul in a moldering corpse? A rising tide of hysteria threatened to break across his already fragile mind. Like sand trickling through clutching fingers, Merlin’s sense of time kept slipping away from him. He was a beast trapped, and like a wild animal, was gnawing through his own sanity to find any means of escape. But there was nothing. Nothing but the void...

      “Enough. How many times must we go through this tedious sideshow, Ambrosius Aurelianus? Wake up!”


      Ambrosius woke with a start, and with consciousness came comprehension. He had been dreaming of the past; a nightmare in Antiquity.

      He took a deep breath, and swung himself upright in the sweat-soaked bed. In rapid order, his mind began piecing itself back together. Ambrosius focused on his surroundings to give his subconscious all the latitude it required to reorient him. It was dark and cool in this room. The light whirring of an air-conditioning unit was the only accompaniment to his rapid breathing. The voice from his nightmare spoke again. “Where are we, Ambrosius?” It spoke softly, but a hard disdain lay beneath that quiet: Steel sheathed in velvet. “When are we?”

      “London,” he said hoarsely in reply, “the United Kingdom…in the year of our Lord—in 2016. A hotel.” Now he remembered. Centuries had lived and died between Ambrosius and his nightmare. He had been free for almost three hundred years.

      Gooseflesh prickled his skin, which was a sensation that always slightly surprised him. Some few instincts of his previous life as the Winter Knight remained. But naked as he was in this cool room, Ambrosius was reminded yet again that the power of Winter lay dormant in him still. Seamlessly intertwined with his magic, both had atrophied over the interminable eons of his imprisonment. Once a wizard par excellence, Ambrosius was but a shadow of his former self. He could perform smaller spells and incantations; minor enchantments only. With time and effort, he could perhaps recover his eldritch power. Yet it was this weakness that allowed him the ability to remain—to the best of his knowledge—undetected by the Fae these last few centuries. So little power was left to Ambrosius that he was all but invisible to the arcane.

      “A fortuitous tactical advantage we have always been very careful to maintain,” said the Voice. “Until today.”

      Ambrosius nodded absently in response, and reached for his smart phone to check the time.



      Thomas Rayburn was very good at his job. He lived it. He breathed it. He owned it. As one of London’s foremost event planners, Thomas had arranged events for business magnates, eminent politicians, and even the Queen Majesty herself, God rest her soul. Thomas Rayburn was very good at his job, which is why he fucking hated it when some uppity twat from across the pond decided to piss all over his masterfully crafted schedule.

      This was precisely why he found himself scurrying like a bloody rat down the side aisle of the old One Mayfair Church, trying to reach Emilia Fucking Clarke as quietly and as quickly as possible. Not an easy task. One made all the worse by the fact that one of his fucking oxfords started squeaking every time he took a step! Clenching his teeth behind a tight-lipped smile, Thomas balefully wondered if this night could get any worse.

      The project had started off well enough. The Caledon Corporation, a large multinational firm, hired Thomas and his team to organize a dinner for charity. Easy as tits in a whorehouse, right? But then the pushy, hyper-specific demands started rolling in from on high. The event HAD to take place at the Mayfair. Why? Who the fuck knows? The desk jockey he spoke to at Caledon sure as fuck didn’t! So Thomas—a man who believed in unrivaled customer satisfaction—made it happen. He browbeat, cajoled, wheedled, and blustered all of his contacts; changing the calendar to suit this wealthy client.

      Then came the design demands. The event had to be lit this way, and that way; the environment had to seem “cold, inviting, and mysterious”, whatever the fuck that meant. But did Thomas complain? No. He smiled and spread cheeks with barely a whimper. All sorted. Until five bloody minutes past, when some suit told him that Geoffrey McCallum, the CEO of Caledon, was in fact not the keynote speaker, but was in fact the wind up—the fucking fluffer—for the keynote speaker: One Arthur Ambrose, the founder and sole shareholder of Caledon.

      Who was this person? Thomas didn’t know. Or care, except that the enigmatic Mr. Ambrose was beginning to be a boil on his ass! Apparently the tosser had never before spoken at a public event, nor given a single interview. Tonight he would do both. So Caledon’s press monkey had decreed that Ambrose would be joining Miss Clarke for her interview. More egregiously, an unscheduled speaker meant dinner would be delayed for the length of this extra speech. So he would also need to tell the chef, so as not to serve cold food. There was another ass-fucking right there. Kitchen staff were a temperamental lot.

      McCallum was already well underway by the time Thomas reached Emilia’s table, further incensed that he was now a bit sweaty and disheveled; white dress shirt puffing out from beneath his waistcoat. Leaning down discreetly by her shoulder, Thomas flashed an apologetic smile. “Pardon me, ma’am. I’ve been instructed to tell you there has been a slight change in schedule. Your interview will be conducted with a partner: Mr. Arthur Ambrose…”

      Thomas trailed off as CEO McCallum, King Shit himself, echoed the name on stage. “…but please allow me to introduce you to the man from whom all of this becomes possible. Let’s give him a warm welcome, my good friend, and Founder of the Caledon Corporation…Arthur Ambrose!”

      The man who emerged from the shadowed wing of the cathedral (to perfectly functional applause) was a very different man from the fellow shaking in his London hotel room. Upon his patrician face, Ambrosius—or Arthur, as he was known in this era—advertised a brilliant smile that matched well with a sprightly stride. A stride fashionably marred only by a limp and a cane. He cut a rather rakish figure, shirted in black and sporting an open collar. Disdaining the razor did nothing to detract from the mantle of charisma that gathered around him when he stepped up to the microphone.

      “Good evening, London,” boomed a warm, rich voice. “Thank you ever so much for having me. I have often felt that Britain was as a second home. It’s good to be back.”

    Tales of Whim and Wonder
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All plots and premises are open to alterations to suit your needs. If you enjoy an idea listed here, feel free to send me a message. We can customize the particulars to please us both.


    In Norse mythology, there exists a panoply of glorious, fearsome women. Creatures of such terrible beauty and irresistible majesty, that even the mightest of the age are humbled before them. They are the Choosers of Those Who Live and Those Who Die. They are the handmaidens of the gods, the heralds of Ragnarok, and the arbiters of fate. They are the Valkyries.

    Welcome to a story influenced by Norse mythology, the Assassin's Creed series of games, and the films Leon The Professional and Wanted. During the Second World War, the Allies created a covert division of clandestine operations called the Office of Strategic Services, or the OSS. When the War concluded, high ranking officers of the OSS, disillusioned with killing and dying for what they saw as nothing more than petty political brinksmanship, created an organization where they could continue their work free of governmental influence. Founded with a fortune of stolen Nazi gold, the organization devoted itself to the sole purpose of preventing a Third World War. Unfettered by bureaucratic oversight or legal restriction, the organization is comprised of three divisions with which to defend the world, and its peoples from the horrors of global war brought about by the virulent incompetence of the political machine, or the unforgivable zeal of one specific nation or creed.

    The Einherjar
    . These are the soldiers of the organization. Recruited from military and para-military organizations around the world, the Einherjar move as squadrons. They are the troops that quash rebellions or foment revolution with equal facility. Think of them as equivalent to Special Forces, the SAS, or Spetsnaz. They are the "door-kickers" who serve as the primary force of the organization.

    The Ravens
    . In Norse mythology, Odin uses ravens to keep him apprised of events in the world. In the real world, the Ravens are the organization's intelligence gathering division. Their task is to sustain an international intelligence network that keeps the organization apprised of global events. The Ravens also frequently make use of "hacktivists" like Wikileaks to safeguard humanity from a third World War. Ravens are often found deeply entrenched in the world's major financial mechanisms, and often work closely with the organization's third division to manipulate the stock market. Think of them as similar to the CIA's clandestine section.

    The Valkyries. This is the organization's third and most elite division. Comprised entirely of women, the Valkyries are the organization's assassins. Recruited from all backgrounds and walks of life, Valkyries go through the most rigorous and immersive of educations. The organization learned early of humanity's ignorant stereotypes and prejudices regarding the role and capabilities of women, and take advantage of these weaknesses by training a woman to become a supremely competent and deadly operative. Potential Valkyries are first found by the Ravens. The Ravens then send a dossier to a specialized section of the organization called the Aesir. The Aesir are the teachers who turn a recruit into a Valkyrie. The Aesir themselves are not former Valkyries, as their sole dedication is to the creation of new Valkyries. They operate in one-on-one Master/Apprentice relationships, and are given free rein to teach as they see fit. There are no rules or restrictons to an Aesir's methods, so long as they produce the desired result.

    As of 2018, the organization's official name is the Valhalla Corporation. In public, they work in close concert with various governments and non-profit organizations around the world, providing specialized educational programs for those hopeful college students who want to work internationally in major fields like Technology, Finance, Medicine, and Politics. Think of Valhalla as a recruitment agency or career broker. They work with major universities, providing elite and comprehensive courses in the above fields catering to international work. Beyond this public face, Valhalla uses these connections to remain a private company who operates in complete secrecy, often making use of illegal means to achieve their brutal, altruistic ends.

    Where We Come In
    The Aesir
    Played by: Jim Caviezel (Have a better choice? Let me know! )

    The Valkyrie
    Played by: Chloë Grace Moretz (preferentially; open to suggestions)
    Your character will be a girl between the ages of 18 and 21 with a bright future ahead of her. She is intelligent, open-minded, eager, passionate, and fulfilled with her life. Then tragedy strikes. Both of her Journalist parents are brutally murdered covering the events in some part of the world that serves as a center for political strife and violent murder. This event can be based on something real or imagined, and is totally up for discussion. Now orphaned, her parents torn from her, your character is adrift. Confused, mourning, and angry, she is approached by my character, an Aesir, who offers her the opportunity to walk the path of the Valkyrie. Our story will cover the relationship between the man and the girl, as she becomes a Valkyrie. Please contact me for more information, and lets discuss it!
    The Particulars

    Setting: Modern Realistic

    Timeframe: Long-term

    Post length: Multiple paragraphs​

    This story is intended to be a detailed, ongoing tale. I am only looking for a partner who is seeking a long-term, erotic, highly detailed, and immersive roleplay. If you don't think you'll have the time or the energy for such a game, please pass it over, or check out any lighter, more casual offerings I might have listed. My potential partner must be interested in writing multiple meaty paragraphs--not novel-length posts of course (unless you like to!)--and have the desire and the ability to truly delve into the thoughts, feelings, and psychology of their characters. As my Aesir will be teaching your Valkyrie, expect to learn actual knowledge, including how to travel and live around the world with a backpack, how to be aware of your environment, counter-surveillance, self-defense, etc. Think of this as a tale of total immersion. You must be passionate about wanting to explore your character, the world, and the story. This is a story for those who are seeking a "heavy" game.

    This particular tale will involved heavy amounts of sex and sexuality that include elements of BDSM, including bondage, flogging, leash and collar, pain and pleasure, especially as teaching implements. Additional kinks are listed in my F-list link above. Sexual acts involving semen--blowjobs, facials, marking, and other such things, will also feature heavily as a bond between the Aesir and the Valkyrie. Beyond sexuality, expect scenes of explicit violence, death and torture. Darker elements will be explored that include the above. The relationship between the characters will begin in a framework of Master/pupil that will unfold and explore themes of love, family, pain, strength, independence and personal growth, and the path of how a young girl will grow into a strong, unstoppable beauty of terrifying ability and passionate life amidst a sea of death.


    Mankind is divided. The colonization of the solar system should have been the crowning achievement of the human species. The pinnacle of victory for those that dared to chase the stars. For a time, it was. Mars became a settlement. The innumerable asteroids transitioned from vague harbingers of extinction, to deposits of ample resources and habitation. Nations long divided by ancient feuds and customs were united under a single banner of industry. But the mysteries of space could not long solve Man's propensity for conflict. Earth, Mars, and the Belt are poised on the brink of war. Shadows of ambition and greed move between the factions, pushing them ever closer to the edge...

    While it is not necessary, I would like any potential partners to have at least seen the first few episodes of the first season of the show.

    Welcome to a story based upon the TV show, The Expanse! This tale is meant to be a lighter, more accessible offering than my other stories. As such, I shall format it a bit differently. All character guidelines below are provided to help you find your feet, but need not be adhered to! Your character, your choice. Use what you wish, and discard what you don't need. Now, let's begin!

    The Particulars

    Setting: Hard Sci-Fi/Realistic

    Timeframe: Short-term or Long-term

    Post length: Multiple paragraphs

    Writing format: Third person, past tense

    The Factions
    Syfy's The Expanse is more than just a science fiction show about people traveling the solar system in spaceships. It's also a series that covers a wide range of topics, such as politics, poverty, oppression, discrimination and the struggle for resources in harsh environments.

    On The Expanse, mankind has made great strides in space travel, and as a result, has colonized the solar system.

    The series, which takes inspiration from a series of books by James S. A. Corey, presents a world where factions make up most of the population and where most people belong to one of these specific groups.

    Here's a guide on the different factions from The Expanse, as well an explanation of what separates them from other groups.

    The United Nations And Earthers
    The United Nations, which consists of Earthers (those born on Earth and still living there), controls both Earth and the moon. Although based on their home planet, the United Nations also has facilities in Lovell City on Luna (the moon). The United Nations also controls Earth's military, the United Nations Navy and the United Nations Marine Corps.

    The United Nations' leader is the Secretary-General, Esteban Sorrento-Gillis, with Sadavir Errinwright acting as undersecretary and Chrisjen Avasarala as assistant undersecretary.

    Earthers see themselves as above most other groups, and are openly prejudiced against those not born on the planet, particularly the Belters, who they often don't even consider human. This attitude often affects trade, particularly for water, which is the most valued resource in the solar system. Earth currently holds most of the expanded world's water, which gives it control over much of the galaxy's goings-on.

    Although Earth has a great deal of technology, it's still not as a advanced as the technology held by the Martians, Earth's main rival in the solar system.

    The Martians
    The Martians are those humans who colonized Mars and created permanent settlements there. They strive to terraform the planet's surface so that it more closely resembles Earth. They are led by the Martian Congressional Republic, which is often in conflict with the United Nations. This means that its people are also constantly in competition with Earthers.

    However, in a fight, Mars would probably win, because although it has a small population, the environment Martians grew up in make them extremely tough and capable of living on fewer resources. It is also well-known that the Martian Congressional Republic Navy is more technologically advanced than the United Nations' military divisions.

    The conflict between Earth and Mars becomes even more of a problem when Martians get blamed for attacking a Belter ship. However, the United Nations on Earth still hopes to avoid war, because they know it's a war they cannot win.

    Martians and Earthers, though, do share one common trait: they both actively discriminate against and oppress Belters.

    The Outer Planets Alliance (OPA)
    Although seen by most other factions as a terrorist organization (and indeed the OPA finds its roots based in terrorism), this faction eventually becomes a loose government for those living around the asteroids and moons of the outer planets (except for Ganymede), with Fred Johnson as its leader.

    However, even the OPA's terrorist roots had a solid mission: it sought to fight for the rights and interests of the Belters, because no one else seemed to care about them. This often puts the group at odds with the Martians and the Earthers.

    The groups that comprise the OPA are generally made up of separate cells, such as the student group the Far Horizons Foundation, and the organization generally remains more of an institution of separate smaller factions than a singular, cohesive organization.

    After false accusations arise about Mars' Navy attacking a Belter ship, OPA members and sympathizers start protesting on Ceres: eventually those protests become violent, and grow worse thanks to other factors, such as a lack of air and water there. This flings Ceres into utter chaos.

    The Belters
    The Belters aren't as much of a political faction as the OPA, but they get their name from being born in the Asteroid Belt, which makes them different from both the Martians and Earthers. Because they have spent their lives in low gravity, their bodies are different, with elongated limbs, a longer spine and bigger heads. Although this means that their bodies are well-suited for space, this also prevents them from ever landing on the surface of Earth or Mars: the gravity on those planets is too harsh for their delicate forms.

    The Belters even have their own language, a Creole of English and other languages, and physical signs, something they adapted to communicate with while spending long hours strapped into space suits.

    Unfortunately, Belters also have problems with pregnancy, because their abdominal and uterine muscles never fully develop due to low-gravity conditions. Pregnant women often temporarily relocate to Ceres, which has a spin gravity that allows for more successful births.

    All of these things make the Belters different, so much that the Martians and Earthers treat them as a separate species and look down upon them, which often results in their oppression. They provide many resources to Earth and Mars, but those two planets treat them almost like slave labor, so they receive much less in return. Their lives are a constant struggle for precious resources, such as water and air.

    (William Keen: The Faction information has been copied respectfully from this article.)

    A Note on Sex & Culture
    In my stories, be they lighter tales like this one, or heavier narratives like my "Learning to Kill" plot, sex is always a character. I don't write sex for the sake of sex. It always has a part to play, and it always means something. In this story, I'm including sex as one of the major cultural differences that separate the Belters from the Earthers and the Martians.

    The whole of Earth is now considered the very best of what humanity has to offer--according to the Earthers, at least. The Earth is predominantly religious, and as a result, sex on Earth is very traditional, and not very...creative. On Earth, pleasure and pain are clearly defined, and sexual acts involving BDSM are prohibited by law. The most extreme sex act accepted in Earther culture is oral sex. Male orgasms that take place in or on any other place than in a woman's vagina are considered vulgar and crass; a disrespect to life and procreation. Mars has a similar outlook. Less so for religious reasons, and more so due to their heavily regimented and authoritarian society. Mars is a culture of military service.

    The Belt is different. In the Belt, sex is a celebration of humanity. It is an expression of love: Love of life, love of one's partner, love of the act itself. Sex is a most intimate conversation between people, and in the Belt, that conversation encourages many forms. None are outlawed, save those that are not consensual. Women are pleased how they wish to be, and by whom. Men are allowed and encouraged to orgasm however, and wherever, they and their partner find most desirable. Belters rebel from conventional norms. They find solace, safety, and companionship in that rebellion.

    Who We Are

    Where You Begin...

    You are a member of the OPA. Passionate, driven, courageous, and effective. The head of a prominent OPA faction, Anderson Dawes, has taken note of your dedication to the Belt. He is looking to expand the OPA's power in the system. To give beltalowda everywhere the freedom and representation they deserve, and remove the jackboot of the Earthers and the Dusters from the good people of the Belt!

    Dawes informs you that the OPA have managed to collect a small fleet of ships. Many brave beratnas and sésatas will man them...but the Belt needs leaders. Tacticians. Military minds. Dawes has learned, through his guerrilla network, that a man is living on Ceres. A former Martian Admiral, hunted by the MCRN. He has rebuffed every invitation to meet with Dawes, or join the OPA. You are to find this man, and show him that Belters are worth saving. Show him that beltalowda can still find joy, freedom, and independence in the harsh reality of this cold system. Be the best representation of the Belt. Show him your intelligence, your bravery, your compassion, and your humanity. Save this man from himself, and with him, save the Belt!

    Character Options

    Unsure of who to play? Here are some options:

    Juliette "Julie" Andromeda Mao - Julie Mao is the daughter of the wealthy Jules-Pierre Mao, an Earther industrialist whose fortune is only matched by his ambition. Julie cut all ties with her family and home to join the OPA and live in the Belt. She fights passionately against the oppression of the Belt by Earth and Mars. Loyal to Dawes, Julie is a skilled fighter and a crack pilot in the OPA. The wild and free life of the Belter suits her far more than the elitist repression of Earth, or the fanatical military structure of Mars.

    Naomi Nagata - A native Belter, Naomi is well acquainted with the trials and travails of the Belt. She is calm, compassionate, and poised. Beneath her self-assured exterior is a person of deep commitment, and boundless passion. Naomi understands her place as a Belter, and fights for their right to live. Her experience is hard-won, and she knows that nothing is ever just black and white. There is greed, ulterior motive, and manipulation at every turn. Naomi can hold her own in a fight, and is the most brilliant mechanic in the system.
    Perhaps |x| Someone |x| Else?

    Where I Begin...
    Sebastian "Baz" Khalix (KAY-LICKS) - Sebastian was born and raised on Mars, heir to a family legacy of distinguished military service. From an early age, he showed an aptitude for tactics and strategy, and was destined for officer's training. For the next several years, Baz consistently outperformed his peers, and forged a military career of dedication and excellence. At the height of his career, Sebastian was promoted to Admiral and given his flagship, the MCRN Chimaera. As a commander, Sebastian forged a reputation for swift and decisive action, showing no hesitation in placing himself or his men in harm's way to accomplish his mission.

    Sebastian's greatest achievement was the destruction and dissolution of a sizable OPA fleet that attempted to conquer Ganymede station. Baz hid the Chimaera and a few frigates in the shadow of Ganymede, floating dead in space, and thus invisible to sensors. The OPA fleet drew close to Ganymede, and destroyed a few gunships Baz had placed in orbit to lull the enemy into false sense of security. Meanwhile, the Chimaera and her escorts emerged from the shadow of Ganymede, surgically destroying the most valuable ships in the OPA fleet. Thousands upon thousands of Belters were killed. Mars hailed Sebastian a hero that day, and he was given a new moniker by all factions: The Shadow of Death.

    After that, for reasons unknown to his friends and family, Baz withdrew from his life. He began taking longer tours, and heavier drinking. Some time after, a station thought to be harboring OPA terrorists became a point of interest for Mars. A Fleet Admiral was sent to oversee its surrender...or destruction. The Fleet Admiral used the Chimaera as his flagship, Sebastian his second in command. The Fleet Admiral ordered the station be slagged, unwilling to risk any engagement. Sebastian argued against this course of action vehemently, opposed to the execution of innocent Belters, lacking proof. When the Fleet Admiral ignored these arguments, Sebastian staged a coup. He executed the Fleet Admiral, and threw the ship into a state of chaos. Baz was grievously wounded in the fight, and many Martians died on both sides. He escaped the ship, and fled into space.

    Stripped of his rank, cursed by his people, and chased by the MCRN, Sebastian has made a home for himself on Ceres. Wielding a cane and a moderate limp, he lives in the Medina and works as a private investigator for anyone with the credits to pay him. When he isn't drinking himself into a stupor, that is.

    Send me a PM if this story is of interest to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!​


    Winter reigns on the Earth. Retribution, some say, for Man's hubris. Many years ago, humanity lived ascendant in great cities, forging testaments of their supremacy over the land. There are none alive who know the cause of the endless cold that holds the land in a glacial vice. Civilizations the world over were decimated; laid low by the Everfrost. Sickness and disease cut through the young and old like wheat before a scythe. Exposure took the unwary, lulling them to a slumber from which there was no awakening. What few people remained after the Reaping took to the earth itself for safety. They live underground now, in societies of a more primitive nature. Within the bones of a once great city, the largest known colony thrives: Subterra. Comprised of Five Clans, ruled by Five Monarchs, Subterra isn't much safer than the world above. It is a hard place of draconian order, and rampant chaos. Subterrans do what they can to survive, and thrive, living in constant fear of the surface; of Brightside. Step softly here, in the world below...

    Welcome to my new setting! This idea is different, in that only the setting exists. I have deliberately avoided listing a plot idea, and instead will describe the world itself; a sandbox to accommodate many stories, and many desires! Survival, intrigue, sex, violence, romance...all are possible in this post-apocalyptic future. So let's get into the world of Subterra, and what you may find there.
    The Particulars

    Setting: Post-Apocalypse/Realistic

    Timeframe: Short-term or Long-term

    Post length: Multiple paragraphs

    Writing format: Third person, past tense

    The World

    Located in what was once New York City, our world is divided into two primary regions: Brightside and Subterra. You do NOT need to have an extensive knowledge of the city or its underground to play in this world. The occasional reference to a map will suffice.


    The Subterran word for the surface, Brightside's origins refer to the uncomfortable brightness of the world above. The light reflects off the snow and ice, dizzying and bright for those without the proper eyewear. Covered in precipitation of varying depths, New York is a crumbling ruin, its desiccated skyscrapers standing in funereal vigil of a once great metropolis. The days are short, and seldom sunny. During the day, temperatures are merely below freezing. Predatory beasts--adapted to this new world--stalk the surface in search of prey. A few Subterrans venture here to hunt and scavenge. When night falls, however, temperatures plummet to deadly levels. No warm-blooded creature can long survive the bitter chill of night. Traveling Brightside is fraught with peril. Danger abounds...from the land, the beasts, and other humans.


    Those who survived the Reaping sought refuge beneath the surface. Their descendants created Subterra. New York's complex underground subway system serves as the body of this new land. People gather in Subway stations, making homes as best they can. The stations are the new towns. Commerce happens here, and the largest stations serve as capitals. The various subway tunnels serve as the arteries of trade and travel that keep the Clans alive. The tunnels hold their own dangers. They hide those who don't wish to live by Clan law. Those not wise enough to travel in groups have been robbed, killed...or worse.

    Subterra is divided into Five Clans, modeled after the five Boroughs of New York. Each Clan contributes to the economy in its own way. While no Clan is openly at war with another, the Monarchs play their games of power as they will.

    The Clans
    The Falling Rain Clan

    • Location: The Bronx
    • Primary export: Healers, medicine,
    • Well respected by all Clans for their medical expertise

    The Blazing Forge Clan

    • Location: Manhattan
    • Primary Export: Weapons (no firearms), repairs, and other machinery.
    • it's location makes Manhattan the central location for all trade and politics. Consequently, the pressures of the other Clans make Forge the least powerful of all Clans. The Clans often measure their influence by how much power they wield in Manhattan. It is an ever-shifting landscape of influence.

    The Striding Storm Clan

    • Location: Queens
    • Primary Export: Labor, warriors, prostitutes, manufacture of goods
    • The largest and most populous Clan, Storm trains and sells various laborers to the other Clans. They hold the largest fighting force, and the proceeds from all the pleasure houses fill the Clan's coffers.

    The Whispering Mist Clan

    • Location: Brooklyn
    • Primary export: Food, recreational drugs, raw materials
    • Mist is known for its many hydroponic farms, powered by an array of solar panels, and hydro-electric generators. Rumor has it that Mist has its hand in all things, often engaging in subtle power struggles with the Storm Clan.

    The Lost

    • Location: Staten Island
    • Primary Export: None
    • Several generations of isolationism and inbreeding have made the Island home to the Ravagers; mentally unstable cannibals who send foraging parties to the mainland to capture fresh meat. They engage in self-mutilation, and look like macabre caricatures of human beings. They are killed on sight, unable to be reasoned with.

    The Culture


    All Subterrans live by a few universal laws and customs:

    - Healers are always treated with respect. To kill or even maim a member of Rain is certain death. Rape and other murder carry similar sentences.

    - The Monarchs rule the Clans, and their word is law. The will of the Monarchs is often carried out by a cadre of Adjudicators: loyal members of the Clan who travel to each of its stations to ensure order is being maintained.

    - Each clan has a distinct group of people called Brightwalkers. These intrepid souls venture Brightside to hunt and scavenge. It is a competitive guild, fraught with great peril, and great reward. Canny Brightwalkers have used the prestige of their finds to leverage themselves into comfortable positions of power. Some have even become Monarchs themselves.

    - For all but the very privileged, bathing is a communal activity in Subterra. Large public baths of geothermally heated water exist in many stations. Subterrans often bathe together, and use this time to be at ease and socialize. They have no scruples about nudity. While many Subterrans wear simple clothing of linen, cotton, and leather, it is not uncommon to see others lounging in semi-nude states. Because of the baths, the temperature around the stations is often warmer and more humid than in the tunnels.

    - Sex is equally accepted in this society. Given the dangerous and hard circumstances of life for Subterrans, sex is one of the ways many choose to stay sane and relaxed. Monogamy and polyamory are common, and all sexual desires are catered to, barring those that risk death, or nonconsensual behavior.

    - Certain Subterrans serve at the pleasure of the Monarchs, as well as a few other wealthy and influential citizens. They are called Courtesans. Usually these men and women come from families with a proud tradition of such servitude. This is comparable to a form of voluntary slavery...a cross between a trusted servant, and a bedslave. Courtesans are more than just lovers to their Masters or Mistresses. They also serve as counselors, messengers, and even bodyguards. In exchange for their servitude, Courtesans are well-fed, and well-treated by their Patrons. They are also accorded respect from other citizens, both as a Courtesan, and relative to the status of their Patrons.

    - Think of Subterran look and culture as roughly equivalent to the citizens of Zion from the Matrix trilogy. They are based in part off of that culture as visualized in the films.

    In Conclusion...
    This is what I have thus far! I'm looking for motivated, enthusiastic partners willing to build a plot with me. Please come prepared with ideas, questions, and a delight for conversation.
    Thanks for taking the time to look this over, and I look forward to hearing from you!



    The Particulars

    Setting: Fantasy/Fandom

    Time frame: Short-term or Long-term

    Post length: Multiple paragraphs

    Your character: Leta Lestrange

    My character: Merlin
    Welcome to my Harry Potter fandom request! As you see, this idea is far less detailed than my above offerings. Sometimes my other ideas can be difficult to jump into, due to the amount of information involved. I wanted something much lighter to present that was flexible, and open-ended.

    The Basic Framework

    At the end of The Crimes of Grindelwald, Leta Lestrange sacrificed herself to give Newt and Theseus enough time to escape Grindelwald's Fiendfyre. She was my favorite character in the film by far. One of the good witches, touched by darkness, with a history of pain and loneliness. She was nevertheless an outwardly confident, relaxed creature. Very unique. An elegant rebel with some delightful rough edges, and I'm keen to explore her further. Her personality wasn't expounded upon in great detail on the film, and she's yours to mold into whom you wish!


    What if she didn't perish in those flames? What if she was merely transported, her apparent demise an illusion? The last thing Leta feels is the fire, burning away her clothing, her flesh...her very soul. And then she wakes. Naked and alone, smoke rising from her body, Leta finds herself within a grove of crystals. Magic is heavy in the air, its power raising the hairs on her body, and pricking her skin. Around her, crystals glow and reverberate, their delicate notes fading as the spell that brought her thus unharmed fades away. Standing just beyond the light, a wizard waits...

    Merlin, the so-called "Prince of Enchanters". Long thought dead, he abides through the centuries, walking the enduring roads of both the magical and mundane. He is preceded by a reputation of great power, and even greater mystery. And he has plans for Leta Lestrange...

    The Intent
    We can make of this what we will! We can tailor this to suit our desires, and I'm eager to find a compatible writer to explore this relationship with me. Regardless of its duration, I'm looking for an enthusiastic, available partner keen on writing a detailed story. I'd like someone who can explore a character with great passion and a knack for writing thoughts, emotions, dialogue...someone who meshes well with my style. While I want quality over quantity, comfort in writing a handful of paragraphs is a must.

    Let this tale be for you as well! I'm eager to hear what your thoughts are. What you need, crave, ache for, and find delight in! Do we start write after Leta wakes? Maybe instead we begin in the midst of World War II? Or perhaps decades later, in the modern day? Come prepared with enthusiasm and ideas. Send me a message, and let's have a discussion!



    I hope this request thread generates some interest, and really introduces you to the kind of man I am. If I strike you as an interesting fellow, feel free send me a PM. I much prefer that to thread replies, as I would like to keep the thread as uncluttered as I can. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
    - William Keen
    Wizard - x - Wordsmith - x - Wanderer​
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