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 Open  Female x Male  Slice of Life Coming of Age

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by TheWanderers, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. TheWanderers

    TheWanderers I roam around, around, around Member

    Local Time:
    4:11 AM
    I am looking (preferably) for some one to play both Mother + Daughter, or two people (one for each role). This a coming-of-age story, family Incest though its kept secret.

    Richard had blatantly lied to his wife all so he could have sex with his daughter. Having just turned 18, it was time for him to cross that line with her and make her into a woman. For the past few years, he had been preparing her for this moment in secret. They had always been close but little did anyone know why.

    She always sat on his lap, despite her age, and they kissed on the lips in front of family. Of course, when no one was around, he had taught her how to french kiss and they often made out when no one else was home. He had touched her, of course, groping her through her clothes, teasing her body, but never directly skin on skin. And she had often ground her ass down on his arousal.

    He had created situations as well, where she was able to seem naked getting out of the shower, or having sex with his wife. He had provided her with plenty of porn and toys to practice on, preparing her for this very day. He knew she was excited as he was that the time had finally come. She had convinced her mother that she was going to the beach with some friends for the weekend while he had been called into a last minute business trip.

    Instead, he had booked them a room at an exclusive resort that catered to the Taboo. His own mother had taken him there when he had turned 18, introducing him to the long line of family incest that took place. And now it was his turn to pass it down onto his daughter, a moment he had been waiting years for.

    She had taken a bus away from home, like she normally did when going to her friends house, before having an Uber take her to a public rest stop to wait for her father. Richard soon pulled in at the agreed upon time and stepped out of the car, glancing around for her, hoping she was wearing something...revealing for him. He was in casual clothes - jeans and a t-shirt and had packed a duffel bag as well. Not that he planned on wearing many clothes around his daughter this weekend.


    Andrew was his sisters Twin, also having turned 1 8 at the same time as twins were ought to do. He was her little brother though - she had preceded him by 15 minutes, a fact she never let go to waste when talking about themselves. Luckily, he had inherited his fathers masculine looks and most people never thought they were twins as they didn't look like clones of each other. He liked it that way, people at school often thinking they weren't related despite sharing the same last name.

    Since it was Friday, he had gone out with some friends to celebrate. Andrew was a bit of a nerd, preferring video games and D&D over drinking and partying. He had a select small group of friends and they had all gone bowling before returning to one of his friends houses to hang out, watch some movies, and have some cake. And it was there that the best night of his life had occurred.

    One of his friends, a girl named Sarah, who he had always fancied, had gotten him alone and kissed him while the movie was going on. They shared a blanket, cuddling up together, while watching the movie where he was able to discreetly feel her up as she rubbed his cock through his pants. After a bit of time and some curious glances there way, she had told him to meet her in the bathroom in a minute before getting up.

    He waited a full minute before going to the bathroom where they had soon started making out. He got her top off and even sucked on her nipples, fingering her pussy in her jeans. But that was just the warm up. She undid his pants and went down on him, complimenting his size (he had nothing to compare it to of course) before giving him the first blowjob of his life. He admittedly didn't last long but she didn't mind.

    They dressed and returned to the party before it was time to call it a night and he had made his way home, a hop to his step as he now had a girlfriend who was very interested in him and doing things with him. He fell asleep with a smile on his face, wearing only his boxers, his cock soon becoming erect as he replayed the memory in his dreams.
  2. CarbonFusion10

    CarbonFusion10 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:11 AM
    Hey, I'm interested in this RP (Please bear with me bc I'm new) I got a character, so I guess PM me.

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