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 Female x Male  Male x Male  Female x Female  Action / Adventure  Fantasy Compendium of Stories

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Numbers, Jan 12, 2019 at 4:49 PM.

  1. Numbers

    Numbers Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:32 PM
    Hello! Welcome to my request thread! So a little about myself before we get onto the fun stuff.


    • I consider myself to be semi-literate. I tend to average about 1-3 paragraphs with always doing at least 1 paragraph.
    • My grammar is not great, however, I do have several apps installed on my browser to help correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues.
    • Romance is a must, but not the main focus. I prefer a slow romance as well, characters don't fall in love at first sight but slowly build the feelings through experience and maybe even have some romantic enemies or complications (like maybe the character is already in a relationship with someone else while the feelings or developing.)
    • Really the only things I am not okay with is rape and abuse to my characters.
    • I primarily play male characters but I can play both male and female.
    • I do work a full-time job so I can guarantee that I can post every day. I do try and at least post once every week. That isn't to say that I won't post every just, just that again, I can't guarantee that I will.
    • I love fantasy, science fiction, magic, swords, dragons, elves, etc.

    Alright! If those things about me didn't scare you off its time for the things that I expect from you! It's not a lot, I swear!

    • I would prefer if your posts could also be at least 1-3 paragraphs like mine with the minimum being one paragraph. Anything less and I don't have the ability to sufficiently create a reply to your post since I then have to think about fluff I can add in. I don't mind fluff but I don't my whole reply to be solely fluff because I couldn't respond to your post.
    • Readable. I don't expect your grammar or spelling or punctuation to be perfect. Mine is horrid. However, I would like it to at least be at a level that I can read the post and don't have to try and solve it like a puzzle. For the most part, my mind will autocorrect a lot of smaller errors as I read.
    • Be able to post at least once a week. Mainly this is because any longer and I am prone to start forgetting about what our roleplay is about, or about the entire roleplay itself. If this happens just remind me it exists and I'll do a read through in order to fix my mind on it xD

    See! Not a lot! Only a few requirements! Now for the plots!

    • The Last Dwemmer: During the adventures of a new adventurer, a new Dwemmer fortress is found under the frozen seas of Skyrim, with the entrance to the fortress sitting on the top of the ice with an elevator going down to the actual fortress. When a pair of experienced adventurers go into the fortress to explore it, what they find will change the world's understanding of the Dwemmer and their technological capabilities. (Fandom, Adventure, Romance, Action, Skyrim)
    • Summoned to a New World: YC is going about their normal daily business in the real world. School, work, hanging out with friends/family. Something happens though, your day is interrupted by a strange vision of MC chanting words in a language you don't recognize. You ignore the vision and go about your day until a car runs into you sending your body into a coma in the real world. To you though, its like you blinked. One second a car was about to hit you and you were in pain, and the next moment, you awake in a field of grass with MC crouched over you. (Slice of Life, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance)
    • A Mysterious Signal: Humanity landed made contact with aliens in 2020 and when they did, their understanding of technology was advanced by centuries as the aliens shared their technological marvels with humanity. Humanity banded together to form one empire as they started to expand into the galaxy. The year is now 2045, followed by the technological uplift from the aliens, and the massive expansion into the galaxy and the forming of alliances with other aliens, humanity started to notice strange mysterious signals originating from dark space outside the galaxy. Upon sharing the news with their new allies, they were informed that this signal has existed as long as any empire could remember. Humanity then launches a joint mission with its new allies to explore the mysterious signal in dark space. (Slice of life, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Action)

    These are the current plots I have. As time goes on, I may add more information about me, what I want from my partner, and new plots. Any time I add new information, a note will be made dictating what it is that I added. If anyone is interested in doing these plots with me or you have a plot in mind that you would like to try with me, please send me a PM and we can discuss it there! Looking forward to hearing from someone :D
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