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 Open Crescendo

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by Scarlet RN, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Scarlet RN

    Scarlet RN BBCode Queen Member

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    1:39 PM
    • This is meant to be a modern/slightly futuristic RP with no magic and no non-human characters. Please respect that.
    • No futas.
    • Please be capable of writing multiple paragraphs.
    • Be able to reply at least once every other week.
    • You may play a male or a female.
    • Be comfortable writing smut.
    Being a model with the local agency meant one simple and likely so obvious it wasn’t kind of detail in Cailyn’s life. Her wardrobe was filled to the brim with clothes, most of which she either wore once or simply didn’t wear because she honestly didn’t care for all the clothing that her job managed to acquire for her. That being said, she understood the reasoning behind having them; the agency was trying to turn her into a model who would model their clothing lines even when she wasn’t in a photoshoot or strutting across a stage. She had dared to think that that would be enough for them, but she was forced to realize that it was very unlikely they would ever get enough out of her… at least, not by their definition.

    Despite her dislike for the concepts they were trying to push into her life, there were times where Cailyn could be grateful for it and she was currently at one of those times. Her and her friends were heading up to “The Point” that night and it wasn’t a place she had ever been to before although the reviews had been impeccable. She imagined it was the kind of place that expected you to come dressed for a party and with her modeling wardrobe, that wasn’t a hard task at all for her. After several moments of indecisiveness, Cailyn snatched up a little black dress. It was an off the shoulder dress that hugged her body firmly and Cailyn knew that at a new place, it would definitely spark plenty of conversation on its own. Of course, with Cailyn being herself, that likely wouldn’t be necessary, but it was always helpful.

    Unlike most probably would have, Cailyn actually didn’t add any accessories to the dress that could be labeled a bit plain. That was kind of the point. She curled her long blonde hair, but didn’t pull it back at all; instead, she simply threw in a few bobby pins to keep it from concealing her face. That look in and of itself seemed and felt appropriate enough for her. The final piece was a simple gray coat that was almost as long as the dress itself, and the dress really wasn’t that long. The only reason for the coat was the chill in the air.

    Grabbing her keys, Cailyn locked the door to her reasonable apartment and headed on her way.

    The first stop along the way was Luella’s home and she found that the minute she started knocking on the door, it was pulled open. “Hey girl!” Luella practically shouted before her eyes danced up and down the figure of her friend. “Ooh, you aren’t looking to go home alone tonight, are you?” There was a definite tease in her tone, but it was friendly and acceptable.

    Cailyn blushed just a bit and then she shrugged. “You know me. If the right person asks, that just might be the case. Are you trying to suggest you wouldn’t?” This time, Cailyn got to raise her eyebrows at Luella.

    That was enough of that, apparently, because Luella gave Cailyn a playful shove and started laughing. “You tease!” she accused. “Let’s go get Addy and get to this place already! I’ve heard the music is delightful. I’m surprised you aren’t already running to get there yourself.”

    At the mention of music, Cailyn’s eyes widened and suddenly she was even more excited than she had been before. “Why didn’t you say so sooner!?” she proclaimed with a surprising jubilance. “Let’s get going then!” Cailyn reached out and grabbed Luella’s hand, practically pulling her friend along as they both made their way to Addy’s home to pick her up as well. All three of them lived in their own little apartments. The city was bit cramped, but each of the three young women knew the right connections to ensure they were in a safer section of the city.

    However, after they grabbed Addy, they did have to go through a sketchier part of town.

    “You know,” Addy started when they reached the bridge that marked a lesser area, “I’m still not comfortable walking here without you guys.” There was an anxiety in the woman’s eyes but all three of them kept walking nonetheless.

    “That’s probably a good thing, Addy,” Luella mentioned.

    It was a brief conversation that Cailyn didn’t really jump into for a few reasons. First, most of her concentration was focused on making sure they didn’t get lost because if it was going to happen anywhere, it would be there. She didn’t want to do that because now that Luella had mentioned the music, some of the details she had read were starting to come back to her. This was one of the clubs that did everything in their power to keep themselves off the radar, and it was because of their “off the radar” status that it was so popular in the first place. All the music that everyone loved pumped through the speakers, no one limited what they could smoke or drink and it created an environment that made all the tedious regulations seem like they didn’t exist anymore. Cailyn’s favorite part would no doubt be the music, but all those other things helped to make it what it was.

    Because she was lost in those recollections as they walked, she’d been completely oblivious to the graffiti and overall decay of the lower part of town. It wouldn’t have bothered her if she had noticed any of it in the first place because she’d grown up so close to it all her life, but being able to feign ignorance if only for a little while was always a bonus. And that only contributed to the smile on her face as the thrumming of the base vibrated her core when they all walked in.
  2. Miren Baines

    Miren Baines In Periculo Mentis Member

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    1:39 PM
    The Point whose owner was known as Lance Baines was specifically placed in a more shady part of the city for a reason that only Lance could say. It was a three story night club that hosted the latest local talent to more main stream guests, particularly trance and electronic musicians, but not limited just for those venues as he also staged hip-hop, R and B, pop rock, and Jazz for the place also catered to not only young patrons but older ones as well. The bottom level was of course the main entrance where a circular modern bar was placed with highlighted shelves and most liquor of the times. Large ice bins were placed with an assortment of both water for those just wanting to hydrate or energy drinks to extend their dancing moods. The main bar tender was none other than Voss Volker or many that would just call him “ V”, a native to Hamburg Germany, Voss was a titan of a man who used to run the underground cage fighting circuits in Berlin. Voss performed the entire show from flipping glasses, mixing through swigging bottles around and twirling into place, and even performing his own fire show for would be women seeking thrills. The attendants that helped him were tattooed twins, Kiko and Sukie, who used mixed martial arts as their theme, serving drinks in provocative outfits to show off their immaculate dragon tattoos upon their well-toned bodies. It always helped with extra tips from drunken men who became more agitated from missed connections as the night progressed.

    The second floor was where the meat of the matter was found with a surround sound system that sported an elevated stage where the DJ stood. This night was the visiting trance enthusiast Po Quan, who was an international star with his rave beats and assisted laser light show. The back of the podium served as a large movie-theater sized screen which featured colored explosions, silhouettes of lovers in flash sexual intercourse, and a stream of histogram graphics with pulse effects. The third floor consisted of a more laid back approach where the restaurant and drink lounge was found, anything from common finger food to more refined dishes in so far as whatever the patron wanted. The ambiance was low lit with island seats and knee level glass tops that changed their glowing color effects with of all things, a vat of bubble making serum placed in the middle with ladles for patrons to use. It was here you could order group hookahs, ice pales of beer, cigarette and cigar imports, or an assortment of The Point’s trade mark vape juice - Angel Halo, Devil’s Delight, or Desat’s Masquerade that some say was mixed with a drug.

    The third floor was the VIP lounge set for those who either had gotten themselves an exclusive pass from Lance himself or were well known enough to acquire one. There were wild rumors as to what went down up there as some were thrilling while others whispered the stories of possible murder and disappearance. The stair well twisted upward where two body guards were posted at the entrance of a door that was matte black and the windows were tinted.

    * * *​

    He was in deep thought looking through the security cameras when he noticed the trio of women that had walked in, watching the doormen perform their checks, verifying their ID’s, and of course, the strict invitations that were given out.

    Lance sunk into his leather chair and brought up the cigar he had just started smoking, taking in the woodsy taste of the Sumatran leafed torpedo and allowed a generous smoke cloud to slowly rise in the air in twisting swirls.

    “Anyone care to tell me who these women are that just walked in?” He inquired through his Bluetooth, there were a series of nuances from others checking in until someone had responded, “I think one of them is a model Sir… the face looks very familiar,”

    “I see..,” he then let out in a curious tone, “If they don’t show VIP passes – upgrade them. Tell Voss to comp them at the bar,”

    “Will do…,” said another voice.

    “More possible birds for your little sanctuary of sparrows?” said another more softer voice, Lance turned from his security kiosk and looked towards a rather luxurious hot spa that was built back behind the main office of his club. This was his private room though to most in a list of past and present affairs was known as The Stairway, or what he liked to call it from a Led Zeppelin song – in his rather poetic view, it was a place where one made certain choices that either led them to a life of new discoveries or their next fall from grace if they even had grace to begin with.

    “There’s nothing wrong with more sparrows…” he replied, rising up from his seat, there were the tell-tale signs of water puddles where he had gotten out of the tub to look at the cameras, making his way back with a new set before stepping into the foaming water while the eyes of his current debutante traced his physic from head to toe, fully admiring his nude frame. Lance used to be bigger but that was when there was nothing but time to lift weights and burn it in a gym. Lance was now simply well cut and at 6”2, with broad shoulders sporting a medium build, was more or less a wall of masculinity being served to any prospecting eye that came upon him. Lance had a short textured pomp fade hair style shaved upon the sides with a slicked back look in jet black and faded morning stubble to his face.

    “Who are they?”

    “Someone pointed out that one of them was a model of some kind – we don’t get too many that venture out here in this part of town but it does happen…,” he said as he was handed a glass of whiskey with balled ice cubes floating into the amber mix.

    Lance’s companion moved from her current spot after handing him the fresh glass and slid her athletic figure towards him, resting her face upon his right shoulder and dipping her left hand underneath the churning waters, reaching towards the middle of his lap as her right draped along his left breast, curving ruby red nail tips up and down his skin.

    “Hopefully you aren’t too occupied - you have kept me in waiting,”

    “Now Vera…,” he said as the amber liquor flowed through his taste buds and slightly burned down his throat, noting her firm grip that traveled up and down his awakening shaft. “ You know I don’t torture my sparrows that long,” as he leaned toward her, noting the water droplets that formed a pattern upon her left breast, allowing the whiskey to tip, drizzling down her cream escape before allowing himself to nurse it while imbued in the bourbon-rye mix. There was a slight reaction from the sudden chilled liquor but she soon turned it into a soft reception, noting that her nipple became his lustful lollipop with an even suction and flicking tongue and arroused it into a solid perk.

    “Pleasure before business,” he said while trailing a pattern of butterfly kisses up to her damp neck, “ I’m sure we can fill in a good fuck before peak time,”

    Their lips crushed together as the waters splashed around their sudden movements.
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  3. Scarlet RN

    Scarlet RN BBCode Queen Member

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    Waiting in line had felt torturous for all three of the girls who were eager to get into a nightclub that they’d heard so much about and been wanting to see for themselves for quite some time. It had actually been Luella who’d acquired the invitations through one of her father’s contacts and without her father’s permission. She was the daughter of the district attorney which of course meant that she was always trying to dabble in things that weren’t strictly speaking legal. Add that to one too many “take your daughter to work” days and Luella had all the connections she ever really needed for things like this.

    While Lue and Addy were simply terribly impatient, Cailyn had a very different problem that she encountered when they hit the rather slow moving line. From where they had to stop, the music was definitely loud enough to move to and she naturally wanted to move with the bass. Cailyn was the kind of girl who struggled to not move with a heavy beat. There wasn’t much room to move in line, though. Luckily for all three of them, the line wasn’t nearly as long as it looked to be and they got through it quite quickly.

    Coats were handed over. Numbers were given so that they could get them back at the end of their time there. Then their own feet carried them to the nearest crowd so that they could get in on the movement. There weren’t many places in town where you could actually hear good music anymore and the music here was beyond good. Not to mention lights were nearly unheard of in most bars nowadays. The party scene had taken its fair share of hits.

    It wasn’t long after they’d started dancing before Addy was ready to explore further. “I think I’m gonna go get a drink. You guys wanna come?” She had to talk rather loudly to be heard over the music and of course, a few other people heard along the way. Addy could even hear a guy or two already offering to come with if she wanted them to and it wasn’t something she intended to refuse. However, friends came first… at least until she was drunk or high enough to the point where they didn’t.

    “‘Course!” Luella responded with enthusiasm. “That’s kinda part of the point of being here, right!?”

    However, Cailyn wasn’t so sold on leaving the dance floor quite so soon, particularly when a new song with violins woven in was racing through speakers and taking the definition of rave to a whole new level. “I’ll grab something later. You guys can go get drinks, though. I’ll be fine here.”

    It was a reaction that Luella easily expected from their musically inclined friend. “Alright, Cay. We’ll find you before we wander anywhere else.” Addy and Luella both meandered away, heading in the general direction of the bar and realizing that they had a few guys tailing behind them. It definitely wasn’t a problem at all, though.

    Cailyn, meanwhile, was slowly but surely working her way deeper into the grinding of the crowds that savored the music as though it were rain in a drought. Without Addy and Luella nearby, she was actually working her way to the center of the circle quite quickly and it was a true rush. She danced like she was high, or drunk, or on something, but she wasn’t. It was just pure freedom that consumed her; the music made her feel like she could be anyone, do anything,

    It didn’t catch her much by surprise at all when a pair of hands found their way onto her ass and instead of fighting against it, her body simply dove right into it, letting whoever it was get their fill and more if they really wanted it. Before she knew it, she could feel an entire body behind her and she heard the words, “Ms. Chanteau, pleasure seeing someone like you here. I would’ve thought you’d be upstairs.”

    “I’m wherever the music is,” she informed him, not once slowing her movements.

    “More fun for me, then.” And it definitely would be.

    Meanwhile, Addy and Luella took their time selecting from their tails the one who was actually going to be permitted to buy them drinks. They actually had a fair few to choose from and it was obvious they quite liked the selection. However, it would’ve been weird if everyone bought them a drink so decisions had to be made. Eventually, they’d settled upon Brad and Colby.

    Walking up to the bar, Addy and Luella both sought what they wanted - a screwdriver for Lue and Addy was very specific in a mixture of vodkas and juices that Luella didn’t pay much attention to because she was working her way into Brad’s lap at the time. However, both of them were snapped out of their preoccupation with their new boytoys when Voss set down their drinks and also slid the two girls passes. “On the house,” he told them. “Make sure your friend gets hers too.”

    “Wait a sec. Who from?” Of course Addy would be the one to ask something like that. She wanted to see what else she could get for free.

    The bartender flipped some cups as he prepared drinks for the two guys and then shrugged his shoulders. “Go upstairs. Maybe you’ll find out there.”

    “Just take it, Addy. Thank you sir,” Luella added. Grabbing her drink and her pass along with Cailyn’s, it was clear that she was eager to start exploring. She pulled Addy along with her to make sure she didn’t lose her friend along the way. “Shall we go see where these lead us to?”

    “Shouldn’t we grab Cailyn?”

    Rolling her eyes, Luella shook her head. “You know she ain’t leavin’ that mess of a dance floor anytime soon.” Actually, they both knew that much. Without waiting another moment, the two girls headed to the staircase where the security guard stood. Both of them showed their passes and were allowed past him and then up the stairs they went.

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