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 Male x Male  Female x Female  Non-Binary  One x One Roleplay CritRole, DnD, Fallout, Marvel and others

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by RavenPrinx, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. RavenPrinx

    RavenPrinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:09 PM
    Welcome to my fandom request thread :)

    A few bits of information first:

    • I reply about 2-3 times a week, sometimes slower but if it's going to take me longer than a week to reply I will let my partners know.
    • I usually post about 3-4 paragraphs, sometimes more and prefer a partner that writes about the same amount. Shorter is not a problem as long as it's not a oneliner but much more won't work very well for me.
    • For the most part, I enjoy m x m pairings but will do f x f under some circumstances. M x F is not a constellation I very much enjoy writing, but especially for fandoms, there are certain exceptions. I also enjoy writing non-binary/gender non-conforming characters.
    • I enjoy poly ships. Like, a lot. So if that's something you'd be up to write, let me know!
    • If I have a clear preference on which character I write, I'll bold that character, otherwise I'm up for either. I'll also use an asterisk * to denote particular interest.
    • Please PM me if interested, do not reply to the thread
    Now, on to the juicy bits:

    Critical Role:

    Please let me know how up to date you are if you message me, I wouldn't want to spoil anything by accident. I'm usually up to date since I watch live.

    Campaign 1:

    • Vax/Gilmore *
    • Vax/Percy/ (Vex?) (not looking for incest, just sharing a partner)
    • Vax/J'mon sa Ord
    • Percy/Vex
    • Percy/Tary
    • Percy/Vex/Tary
    • Tary/Gilmore
    • Kima/Allura
    • Several kinds of polymachina, others just hit me up, I might be interested *

    And for some self-indulgence:

    Gilmore/OC (willing to double up and play a canon of your choice)

    Campaign 2:

    Please only head below the spoiler if you've watched past episode 26.

    • Molly/Fjord
    • Molly/Caleb
    • Molly/Jester

    I'd just like something soft, not opposed to a fix-it story.

    • Caduceus/Jester
    • Caduceus/Caleb
    • Caduceus/Fjord

    • Caleb/Fjord
    • Jester/Beau
    • Beau/Yasha
    • Again, several poly ships, just hit me up, I might be interested.

    • OCs in Tal'Dorei. Whitestone residents in resistance to the Briarwoods? Adventurers trying to make a name in the wake of all that Vox Machina left behind? Hit me up with your ideas!

    Sidenote: I am also open to the possibility of RPF for this, but would greatly prefer to discuss that via PM. I will say I have a soft spot for a certain gentleman with colorful hair. *


    • OCs in the Forgotten Realms setting
    • Strahd. I will sacrifice my hypothetical firstborn for someone to play Strahd against an OC for me. Looking for dark and gritty and the worst Barovia has to offer. **

    Fallout 76:

    • Vault dweller/Vault dweller *

    Fallout 4:

    • Sole Survivor/Danse
    • Sole Survivor/Deacon
    • Sole Survivor/Hancock

    • Raider/Raider
    • Settler/Settler
    • OC/OC

    Mass Effect:

    Original Trilogy:

    • Shepard/Garrus
    • F!Shepard/Tali
    • Shepard/Jack
    • Shepard/Thane
    • Shepard/Zaeed

    • Zaeed/Jack
    • Garrus/Tali

    • Ryder/Liam
    • Ryder/Jaal
    • M!Ryder/Gil

    • Andromeda Settler/Andromeda Settler

    • Tony/Steve
    • Steve/Bucky
    • Tony/Bucky(/Steve)
    • Steven Strange/Tony
    • Tony/AU "met as adults" Peter
    • Various OC pairings (soft spot for Tony, Steve, Bucky, willing to double up)
    • Others, just ask
    • Tony/Happiness
    • Bucky/Happiness
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  2. RavenPrinx

    RavenPrinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:09 PM
    Giving this a little pre-holiday bump!

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