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 Female x Female Current prompt cravings

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by NefariousAllure, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. NefariousAllure

    NefariousAllure Bisexual Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    12:38 AM
    I'm really craving fxf plots right now, futa is included in fxf in my book, that being said I'm a bisexual disaster and if I like you enough or the plot is enticing enough I'll do mxf.

    (Disclaimer: I only do fxf or fxfuta with those people who identify as female or genderqueer/nonbinary)

    All of these prompts are up for discussion and as such can have noncon elements if that's something you're interested in. All the listed prompts can take a turn for the darker, stay light and fluffy, or be a combination of both.

    Here's my F-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/nefariousallure/

    On the note of dom/sub dynamics, I don't like to subscribe strictly to them, but if you're curious my characters tend to be hardcore switches.

    Anything to do with Clexa, The 100 universe, The walking dead, Fear the walking dead or apocalyptic worlds in general

    Vampire hunter x vampire (inspired purely by this photo):

    Mc is accused of witchcraft, tied and ready to be burned at the stake, yc saves her

    Mc is stolen away from the mortal world, replaced by a changeling, yc can either be the one who had her stolen or a friendly or not so friendly fae.

    Yc moves into the house left for her by her great Aunt after she passes away, she discovers a water nymph living in her pool who refuses to leave

    Mc is a mermaid constantly trying to get yc into the water, no because she wants to hurt her but because she's bored, yc is from a seaside village who knows better than to get into the water with a mermaid

    Yc is a fearsome pirate captain (could be masquerading as a male due to the time period) who raids a royal ship to supplies. What does she find aboard? The prized royal princess

    Yc is a monster of whatever sort you choose, my character is offered up as a sacrifice

    Leader of a remote cult or tribe (yc) comes into contact with a girl in the woods who has lost all memory (mc)

    Yc is the leader of a tribe of people who survived the apocalypse on earth many years ago, mc is one of a group of people who have just come back to earth from space, after leaving to avoid the apocalypse. Mc's people believe that the earth has no one left, they're in for a surprise

    Continuation of the above plots universe. Mc wants to stop a war between her people and yc's people. Yc tells her that the only way to stop a war is to unite their people. How do they do that? A marriage.

    Character A is a commander in the army, or was, desperately clinging to the laws and regulations of the world, trying to be a good person. Character B, the leader of a ragtag bunch of delinquents, didn't follow the rules before the apocalypse and she'll be damned if she does afterward. The two bump heads on multiple occasions.

    It's been years since humanity's pride lead to it wiping itself out but life, as always, persists. Humans survived, no one knows how aside from legends. Humanity now lives in small tribes, at one with nature, doing what it takes to survive:
    Healer in training x warrior in training
    Warrior (in training) x warrior (in training)
    Warrior training their second (warrior in training)

    Character A has been raised her whole life to fulfill her duty, marriage to the bordering tribe to maintain peace, she'd been promised, since birth, to the tribe's leader. When she gets there she left with character B (can be the tribe leader's sister, daughter, or just a trusted warrior) until the wedding, feelings grow even if neither wants to admit it. Can character B watch character A marry a man she doesn't want when she knows she can make her happy? Are either of them willing to do what it takes to change their fate?

    Mc is the princess of a country that has just fallen, yc is the ruler of the country that caused its fall. Mc is brought to yc injured, yc takes them in, the only problem? Yc has no idea who mc is

    Mc is a badass shaman who banishes otherworldly creatures back to where they belong, the other world. Yc is a gentry (fairy) ruler of a portion of the other world. Mc has to cross worlds in order to save a young girl who's been kidnapped by the gentry. The problem? Unbeknownst to my character, there's a prophecy that says her firstborn child will be the conquerer of the human world, allowing gentry to once again rule, everyone wants to parents the heir. (This prompt works best will a male character or a futa. Although if you wanted to employ magic or something to get my character pregnant I would be up for that)

    Yc is a gentry ruler who kidnaps mc to be their bride because although gentry live a very long time they have trouble reproducing (again male or futa for yc)

    Yc is a vampire, you can choose what lore and legends to subscribe to. Mc is a fairy, maybe a little on the shorter side, but still human height, thrives on pleasure, with super sensitive wings that act as a sort of mood ring, obviously displaying the feelings of the owner if you know what the color means. What happens if our characters almost hook up one night while yc is looking for a snack and mc some pleasure? What happens if they do hook up? Better yet, what if they're forced to live together?

    In the old world humans could shapeshift into animals, now all that remains of the past are certain characteristics. Two kingdoms that share a border but nothing else. Those descended of hawks, you can see it in their golden hair and perceptive eyes. The people in this kingdom are reserved and quiet like a hawk. Those descended of the cobra, you can see it in their jet black hair and piercing green eyes. The way their body moves when they dance, the venom of their kiss. These two kingdoms have been at war for centuries, but that will end when the heirs marry, right?

    Character A is a powerful Alpha leader of a pack that neighbors Character B's , an omega, own pack. Border disputes and the murder of a few of character A's pack leave both sides angry and thirsting for blood. Character A demands character B as an offering of peace.

    Humanity's pride led to its own destruction, the bombs fell long ago and destroyed the world. Mc has been a high-tech underground bunker all alone for the last five years, yc has been out in the world. Yc manages to find the previously hidden bunker and forces their way inside, thinking it to be empty. Both of our characters are in for a surprise.

    Mc is a badass space warrior, a mission gone wrong lands her stranded far away from her crew who believes her to be dead. Yc, an alien species, finds and "rescues her". Yc and her species the human is just the cutest thing despite the way she regularly curses and attacks them.

    Mc has been raising and training sea monsters since she was old enough to swim herself. Her family breeds, raises, and trains sea monsters to protect ships from pirates out on the open water. Yc is a pirate who got her hands on an unborn sea monster pup, now all she needs is a trainer to train and raise the pup so she can take over the seas.

    Mc sneaks into the army as a male in disguise to save her Father from fighting, yc, the commander of her battalion, finds out (commander could also possibly be a female in disguise?)

    Character A is the first alien to make it to earth character B is the first human they encounter

    Newly added prompts:

    Yc is the stepmother queen, mc is the beautiful princess, Two young women, doomed to be rivals from the start, only one can be queen.

    Children of the corn, except they're adults, adults of the corn? Not as catchy. Yc is the leader or a member of the children of the corn, mc is an unfortunate traveler that happens to break down in the middle of stretches of cornfield.

    The apocalypse is in full swing, the world is in basic ruin and the walking dead roam the streets. Mc is a carrier meaning she carries the zombie virus but it doesn't affect her, it does, however, affect anyone who comes in contact with her, she's a patient zero of sorts. The only known one at least, doomed to have watched everyone she loves die and having to put them down she's sworn off human contact, she's been alone longer than she remembers. Yc is immune to the virus, they aren't a carrier they just can't catch it. What happens when these two meet? What happens when yc is determined to stick around?

    Yc is the Queen of monsters or the crown heir of monsters, mc is a human girl somehow brought into the strange world of monsters and their royalty.

    Newest current craving:

    Not sure how long this will last or how many partners I will accept for this so get it while it's hot.

    The craving is this, established partners, totally in love, both female or a female and a futa. In this case however, the futa would be unable to get her girlfriend pregnant. Yc would be the futa if that's something you choose, I will only play females. Mc doesn't want kids, doesn't want to be pregnant, wants nothing to do with the entire reproductive cycle, even has plans to get sterilized. Yc wants kids, very badly, has brought it up multiple times even begged, they desperately want to see their girlfriend or wife, depending on what we chose, knocked up, even if it wouldn't be her child her partner was carrying.

    With the deadline of mc's sterilization fast approaching yc gets desperate, perhaps starting to inseminate mc in her sleep or otherwise trick her into getting pregnant. If female perhaps she uses a hollow dildo which she can use to inject sperm into mc. Maybe it escalates until yc is pinning mine down and breeding them or tying them up and inseminating them. Drama and betrayal ensue when mc catches yours or becomes pregnant. Yc would then have to make sure mc doesn't force herself to miscarry or escape perhaps even keeping her captive in their own home and protecting her or continuing to breed her all while trying to win back mc's heart and trust.

    *side note: someone do a modern apocalyptic prompt with me so I can use this character:
    Elyza Lex


    Name: Elyza Lex

    Nicknames: use them at your own caution, known as Wanheada 'bringer of death' in some circles

    Age: 22 years old

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 123 lbs

    Eye color: blue

    Hair color: blonde

    Looks: | x | x | x |

    Weapon of choice: dual sawed-off shotguns, butterfly knife, bowie knife, aluminum baseball bat

    Transport: Black Harley Davidson Motorcycle with custom Add ons including a holster for each shotgun and ample storage space

    Defining characteristics/scars/markings: a sleeve of tattoos up her left arm, a human bite mark scar on her right forearm, a scar from a cut over her left eyebrow, a deep fresh cut running up the length of her left side from just below her breast continuing over the jut of her hip, ambidextrous favoring left hand

    If you think we might be compatible and you have a prompt I might like, send it to me! I love playing in other people's worlds
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  2. NefariousAllure

    NefariousAllure Bisexual Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    12:38 AM
    Bump, current craving, hmu
  3. NefariousAllure

    NefariousAllure Bisexual Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    12:38 AM
    Bump, added a new character I'd love to play with
  4. NefariousAllure

    NefariousAllure Bisexual Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    12:38 AM

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