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 NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  BDSM  Historical/Historical Fiction Daddy's Experiment

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Tanakalian, Feb 14, 2019 at 2:46 AM.

  1. Tanakalian

    Tanakalian Dreamwalker Member

    Local Time:
    9:21 AM
    @Kitara Dietrich
    Robert John Derby, Viscount Chichester, or Lord Robert as he was usually called, walked out of the House of Lords, passing Big Ben, the clock tower that had been standing at the corner of Westminster for five years now, on his way to opening of the International Exhibition next to the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society. It was a beautiful day, this first of May, in the year of our Lord 1862 and Lord Robert was walking home to his house at Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, to meet his only child, Lady Alexandria, or Alex as he would call her. But always muttered to himself and never to her face.

    Ever since her birth, now 18 years ago, it had been the two of them, as his beloved wife had unfortunately passed away after birth, having lost too much blood. The first couple of years had been difficult for Lord Robert, but with the help of his sister and his staff, he had managed. He had taken some time off of his work as member of the House of Lords, retreating to his estate Goodwood House, for the first six years of his daughter’s life, only occasionally travelling from West Sussex to London, if his presence was required for important votes.

    From the age of seven, tutors lived at Goodwood, giving his daughter the necessary education, but more often than not he kept her with him, either at Goodwood or at his residence in the capital. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his daughter, but he never came to trust any other man around her. Not when she had been a child and most certainly not when she had entered her teenage years. He knew that he might be a little over-protective over her, but she was the only real family he had left and he didn’t plan on losing her any time soon.

    But for all the time she spent in his presence, he hadn’t taken her to his second residence in the capital, a house located in a much more obscure location. He had bought the house at the edge of the East End almost a decade after his wife’s premature death, when he finally had managed to snap out of a prolonged mourning period. One of his peers had taken him to a more private party and after an initial shock of seeing what he saw, he rather got into it all quicker than he had held possible.

    As the oldest son, Lord Robert was the heir to the estate at Goodwood, East-Sussex, his father the second Viscount Chicester. His grandfather had made a name for himself in several wars, most noticeable the battle at Waterloo, whereupon King George III had granted him the estate and a more than a decent yearly income. His grandfather had turned out to be an even better businessman than he had been a soldier and the family fortune had risen more than a hundred-fold. Lord Robert’s father had sought his fortunes in India, but had returned when the first Viscount Chichester had died, to take over the estate.

    It was a beautiful first of May and instead of taking a carriage Lord Robert walked as he did so often, he was a man taller than most of his peers, with an athletic figure. He had served a couple of years in the Royal Hussars, just like his father and grandfather for him, but was spared a war and upon his father’s death, he too returned home to Goodwood to take over the estate. And just like his grandfather, Lord Robert had a knack for business, making him one of the wealthiest men of Britain. He had married late, out of love, instead of anything else, there was no girl that could add enough to his fortune to take up such offers. He thought he would have a long and prosperous marriage, with many children, but Alexandria would always and ever be his only one. And he doted on the girl for many reasons.

    Lord Robert had the look of a man at least a decade younger than his age, not having the burden of hard life, eating as healthy as could be and not drinking too much. When he was not obliged to wear the tunics of the Lords, he wore his dark hair loose, often uncombed, but he kept it reasonably short. He had dark-green eyes. His late wife had often called them cat’s eyes, the eyes of a hunter. He had reached the age of 50 only a few months earlier and with that passing his father in age. But, especially these days, many a girl or woman he met, mistook him for a man in his early 40s, at most. But, for all the advantage his looks had, he was fully aware that it was mainly his fortune that attracted any female. Lord Robert however, had vowed never to marry again.

    His house at East End was the one he would go to for his pleasure, for the young girls that were brought there, for his pleasure and that of his peers. The girls, all of the age of 18 or over, were more than willing to offer themselves to the nobility, no matter their looks, yet Lord Robert always got the prettiest ones. He thrived on getting his hands on any 18yo girl, brought through the door, to experiment with them, to always and ever push their boundaries, to make them do things their mothers had warned them for, no matter the class they were born into.

    Since he had discovered the hidden world of pleasure, he had been thinking of how it would be to take his daughter there, in the year she had turned 18, to use her for his own pleasure, to push her own boundaries, to perform all his experiments on her. And in the few weeks since her birthday, he had been starting to form a plan. Them going to the International Exhibition the starting point of that plan. After going there, he would take her out dining at one of the best restaurants in the city, where after he would take her to a theater in the West End. But instead of going back to their house near Westminster, he would take her to East End, to show her, as he would call it, an opportunity for future life.

    As a member in the House of Lords, Robert was aware of all future plans for the city, the first underground line would be opened next year and there were extended plans for the Docks at East End. To make the city a major port. And with that poverty would disappear from East End, pushing the poorer classes up north and making the area around his house a sought-after living area. The fact that such plans only had been discussed by a few members of Parliament, a conversation that Lord Robert only accidentally had overheard, was not the point.

    The walk from the Houses of Parliament and the Lords to the house his daughter was waiting for him took him roughly half an hour, as he had been walking in a leisurely pace, musing over the events of the day and night ahead. A carriage would be waiting to take him and his daughter to Imperial College Road, where the Exhibition’s entrance was. He whistled a soft tune as he was approaching Grosvenor Square, immensely looking forward to what would be coming the day and night ahead.
  2. Kitara Dietrich

    Kitara Dietrich ♥ƑαιяутαƖє Ƥяιηcєѕѕ♥ Member

    Local Time:
    3:21 AM
    The first of May might not officially be the first day of spring, but it often felt that way for Lady Alexandria. Her day of birth heralded many firsts for her and she had no doubt that her eighteenth, her coming of age, would be any different. In fact, she could not help but hope that it would be even more significant. She was a woman today.

    That fact in and of itself was paramount. She was now old enough to marry and old enough to bear children. Certainly her father would now consider eligible suitors for her. While most women her age had already seen a suitor or two—or were already promised to someone for the day they turned eighteen—Alexandria had yet to meet a gentleman interested in her hand in marriage. She had ventured to broach her father once or twice, but the subject always placed him in a strange mood and Alexa eventually dropped it.

    It could not have been because her father was ashamed of her—on the contrary, he often told her how beautiful she was. How much like her mother she looked and what a charming young lady she was growing up to be. Her maids complimented her beauty to no end and if she understood reactions properly, the male servants of the house also found her appealing. Of course they never said a word, but a look could sometimes be enough to convey a thought or desire and as sheltered as she might have been, Lexy had a sharp wit and keen intelligence, both traits she had inherited from her father. The answer to her conundrum therefore, remained elusive.

    Another issue that strained on her mind relating to the same subject was the fact that her mind and body was… changing. Well, that was incorrect. They had changed. Alexandria could not pinpoint the exact date and time, of course, but around the time she had begun her cycles, all she could think about was men. Men fascinated her and made her… feel things she’d never felt before. The mere thought of one, especially a handsome one, would set her heart racing. Her cheeks would flush and she would feel faint. Her skin would tingle and her womanhood would… grow uncomfortable. She did not completely understand why she reacted in such a way for no book in the library explained such a phenomenon (and she had looked extensively), but she could not deny the physical reactions that took place. She also had a sneaking suspicion that these mysteries would only be answered once she was married. And so Alexandria was determined to speak to her father today about her future. She was growing impatient and she wanted to start living her adult life without further delay. One might have laughed at the impetuosity of the young lady, but she had been born fortunate and was therefore used to getting her way. This desire was to be treated no differently in her mind.

    Seated at a cushioned alcove of one of many large windows, Alexandria kept her pale green eyes (the color was her father’s and the shade her mother’s) peered on the pathway that led to the front doors. Whether Papa chose to walk or take the carriage, he’d ascend Grosvenor Square from the same path and she was ready to greet him.

    Her wavy ashen blonde hair had been coiffed up, exposing her long, slender neck, almost as pale as the white lace dress she wore. Pale green thread had been embroidered into the gown and a pale green gemstone hung from her neck on a white gold chain, designed to accentuate the color of her eyes. Her lashes and brows were brown, appearing darker due to the rest of her coloring and her lips were like a ripened peach, supple, full and juicy. She was of average height and slender build, with round breasts, long limbs and smooth skin. She was of aristocratic blood and her physique showed the evidence. Her teeth were straight and her hair shiny. In a word, she was beautiful. What man would not want her as a wife?

    Her eye caught movement and she smiled. Father was home.

    Rising from her seat, she ran to the front door, her skirt held up with her small hands, already being pulled open by the butler. Alexandria whizzed past him, her camel colored kid boots daintily hitting the marble floor before she descended the stairs. “Papa!” the young lady called, her face radiant with joy as she ran to greet her only parent. Her day was finally about to begin.

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  3. Tanakalian

    Tanakalian Dreamwalker Member

    Local Time:
    9:21 AM
    ‘Good day, my dear, as ever you look stunning, but even more so today, for it is your birthday. Congratulations, my beautiful girl, 18 today!’ He looked at her, how she reminded him of her mother, but a version that was even more gorgeous. His late wife had everything riding for her, she could have picked many a suitor, yet always told him she had been waiting for him, that one man that could sweep her off her feet. His girl, Alexandria, she was a perfect combination of his own features and those of his late wife. And in the back of his mind a feeling popped up how it would be to see her naked, tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross, either with her back to it, her round breasts inviting or the other way around, her firm, yet slender bottom ready to take his hand.

    He smiled at her, pushing the image away, and taking her soft hands in his, ‘how has your morrow faired, my dear. I do apologise for my absence, but I had to be in the House for an important vote. I shall not bother you with the details, today is your birthday and I have the perfect day and night planned for you’. Once again he smiled at her, then gave her a fatherly kiss on her forehead. ‘First, of course, as I said earlier this week, we go to the opening of the Exhibition. And after that, dearest’, he laughed softly, ‘after that I have planned some surprises, but I am not revealing those yet.

    But, my beloved daughter, we must rush, as the opening of the Exhibition will take place within the next hour. Unfortunately our Queen shall not be there, for she is still mourning the loss of her Prince. I have heard the Duke of Cambridge will be taking the honours instead. You do remember the Duke, don’t you? I introduced him to you at the fete when he was granted the title of field marshal. Now then, off we go’.

    Lightly holding his daughter’s hand in his, he signaled for a carriage, a couple were always lined up at the corner of Grosvenor Square and the driver made his way over to their place of standing. He opened the carriage door for her, waiting patiently for her to get in and be seated. ‘Cromwell Road, good man, and an extra shilling for you if you can make it there quickly’. Lord Robert then got into the carriage, sitting opposite to his daughter, quietly admiring her. With her 18 now, he did not have to look at her solely as a father, but could let his thoughts travel to how a suitor might be looking at her.

    The first thing any able man would be seeing, should be seeing, were her full lips, lips that were extremely kissable. Besides everything the girl had riding for her, it would be those lips that any a man, young or old, would be noticing. His loins stirred slightly, as if they were asking him to think how those full and juicy lips would fit around his manhood. It was a good thing his Queen would never be able to hear such thoughts, despite the fact she had given birth to nine children, the woman was as prude as a rock. She could not stand to see a new-born, looked at breast-feeding with disgust and dressed herself as covered as possible.

    No, the thoughts of Lord Robert, looking at his daughter, would not meet the approval of his Queen, yet they were the musings of a normal man, being able to lay eyes on a stunning young woman. ‘Your necklace looks amazing on you, dear, it really brings out your beauty. Mayhap us going to the opening isn’t such a good idea, with all those young men walking about, perhaps we should be returning home, so I can lock you up in your room’. But he spoke with a big smile on his face, teasing Alexandria.

    The driver called the street name out, they had arrived. It had been a much quicker drive than Lord Robert had expected and he took two extra shillings out of his pocket as a tip for the driver. He got up, opening the carriage-door and stepping out, holding his arm for his daughter to lean on, while she made her way out of the carriage as well. Here’s two extra shilling for you, good man. If you can be here for 5 o’clock, I can offer you some more extra money to drive us around. It is my daughter’s birthday today and I have some surprises for her’. The carriage-driver tipped his hat, and spoke a congratulations to Alexandria, before setting off for his next ride.

    ‘Come dear, there is one thing I really want to show to you, after the boring opening speeches, it is a large piece of machinery, an analytical engine, fabricated by Charles Babbage, the mathematician and inventor. He claims it will be the future for counting and accounting’. Lord Robert held his arm out once more for his daughter, so they could make their way into the Exhibition.

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