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 Deal with the Devil

Discussion in 'Roleplay Area Archive' started by Styx, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Styx

    Styx Seduce and Destroy Member

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    8:16 PM
    The long, burgundy tinted nails tapped delicately on the arm of the chair, extending up a caramel skinned arm, up the exposed shoulder to a neck draped in amethyst gems and to the face of a somber looking woman. Her facial expression showed no amusement as she gazed at the sight in front of her. This was the tenth audition of the day. Nothing seemed to keep her attention. She cleared her throat stopping the act from continuing with their set.

    She clasped her hands tapping her nails together. "That will be all. Thank you," her silky voice flowed into the darkened room.

    The men on stage gulped, nervous by her reaction and quickly disappeared off the stage. It was known how picky Madam Beauchamp could be, especially when it came to her nightclub, The Lair. She wanted nothing but the best. She brought her fingers up to pinch the bridge of her nose, ceasing the pain of the migraine brewing. With a hiss, she stood up and walked over to the bar. A glass of wine was procured in front of her and she sipped it silently. A young woman dressed in all black from head to toe walked over to her timidly. She was carrying a garment bag and a folder full of documents.

    "Madam?" she squeaked.

    "What is it?"

    "I've brought your outfit for this evening and the contract for your new band."

    "Very well. You may leave them here. I must feed before tonight's activities. Be sure to find something suitable for me."

    The young woman crept away, avoiding her mistress's gaze. Madam Beauchamp sighed wearily and took another sip of her drink. "The greats have certainly fallen," a voice spoke out into the shadows of the lounge. The woman instantly stood up, her fangs elongated as her eyes began to glow. A large snake appeared hissing on the bar.

    "Whose there? Show yourself at once!"

    An impish man smirked as he emerged by the baby grand piano near the stage. His nimble fingers stroked the ivory keys as he played a tune humming it's lyrics. Her eyes narrowed and she stalked over to him. "Puck, I should have known."

    A toothy grin appeared on his face as he stopped his song. "You're looking well Lilith."

    "I go by Lily now," she snapped.

    He chuckled getting up from the bench. "Ah yes, I've been made aware. Trying to hide among the cattle. Opening this club for a safe haven for demons and humans alike."

    "Is there a point to this visit?" Lilith growled.

    Puck gave a feint sigh and nodded eagerly. "You'll be expecting a visitor tonight. A human no doubt."

    "And I care because..."

    "He uh...suffers from a particular aliment and is coming to seek your advice and assistance in ceasing the problem."

    Lilith rolled her eyes as she grabbed her wine glass. "Whatever, I'll meet him tonight I suppose. Leave me. I, unlike some people have things to do."

    Puck giggled as he gestured in a deep bow. "As you wish Madam. I'll be here tonight to see the show. Good day to you."

    He disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving Lilith in a sour mood. She stomped to her office to see her outfit laid out. She fingered the material lovingly. At least something was going right. She heard the sounds of struggle in the next room, and smiled. Her pet had come through for her. A man sat on her bed, wrists tied at the bed post. She eyed him hungrily as she removed her dress, only stripping down to her lingerie.

    "Mmm, you smell delicious," she hissed licking her lips. She crawled up into the bed running her fingers down his bare chest. "You're lucky to be here. I've been starving," she explained grazing her nails down his arms. He let out muffled screams against the cloth tied around his mouth.

    Lilith snarled as she grabbed his manhood stroking it to get him aroused. "Hurry up, I need to feed!"

    It didn't take him long to harden and she quickly mounted him, riding him hard and fast. As a Succubus, she fed off sexual energies. If she was going to be around humans for the majority of the night, she had to be full.

    The man's eyes rolled back as he moaned, enjoying the feel of her wrapped around him. The joy was cut short as his body started to break down. He gurgled, blood spilled from his lips as she ingested his soul. Lilith chuckled evilly as her body glowed taking in all the man had to give.

    Hours later, Lilith entered the lounge of the nightclub, dressed in her blood red dress, she was star of the night. She mingled among the patrons. Her Succubus energy drawing in men and women alike. She waved them away and walked over to her favorite booth and sat down to enjoy the festivities of the night.
  2. Plutia

    Plutia Wild Member Member

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    8:16 AM
    If there was anything Red loved more than hunting wifeys, it would be sustaining a harem. That's going to be the hard part if she thought about it. However, she'll just cross the bridge when she gets there. Right now there was a stunning woman that would be a perfect candidate for her wifey squad. All she had to do was woo her heart and she'll be hers.

    "Hey, there! Wanna be my wifey?" The red-haired girl asked as she sat next to the woman. Even though she's aiming for a harem so far she hasn't gotten one girl to join. But she's really feeling it now, this woman is definitely the one that'll change her luck around.

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