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 Male x Male  Horror Death Is Coming

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Cameron Felix Caine, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Cameron Felix Caine

    Cameron Felix Caine Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:13 AM
    Welcome To My Twisted Playground

    HeyHi, I'm wanting to look for some neato partners to hash out my Horror/Gory ideas. So to be fair, my Rating is a 3-3-3. I'm not afraid to go that extra step. However I do have some 'rules'.

    Literacy is a MUST. I have to know what you're saying in order to respond corectly. Spelling a word incorrectly is completely different than mistaking intimately for immediately. However, grammar is also necessary.

    ★ Length-wise. at least a paragraph. I'm not too picky, so long as you give me enough information to give you a chunky reply. Three paragraphs about you in the kitchen sure is an applause for detail but I'm left with nothing to work on. Which brings me to the next thing.

    Contribute to the story. It may be my initial idea, but I want you to incorporate your ideas into the story as well, that way I'm not making the story completely and you're just playing your role.

    Try and respond at least some time in the week. I'd like for the story to grow, but I understand that we all have lives outside of this.

    My limits for kinks are no toilet play. That's about it.

    Fair warning, I'm perfectly fine with vore and death (should the story permit it). Torture, Blood, etc is all fine with me. 95% of the time my stories will consist of some type of killing unless I'm no feeling very spooky and do a light hearted rp -- but then again theres a good chance that I'll incorporate some type of blood in there.


    Demon x OC
    Vampire x OC
    Wolf x OC
    Serial Killer x Victim
    Cultist x OC
    Ghost x OC
    Right Now I'm working on an rp that consists of the antichrist x Cultist (shoutout to AHS)

    If any of this peaks your interest please let me know c: I look forward to finding new partners.

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