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 December Charity Event: Giving Back

Discussion in 'The Medal Boutique' started by Riddle, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Riddle

    Riddle Resident Ace Administrator

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    12:30 AM
    "Giving Back" Charity Event
    December 2019

    We here at Black Dahlia strive to make this a true community, and in doing so we typically have special edition medals available for purchase via a donation to a charity. However, we're going to change things up a bit this month:

    During the month of December, find a way to "give back" to your community and tell us about it! Whether it is volunteering at a local soup kitchen or donating to a food bank, we want to hear about how you do good in your local communities. In return, we will award you and one friend with the medal(s) of your choice.

    How To Participate
    1. Do something good in your community!
    2. Comment on this thread telling us about what you did and which medal you would like.
    3. Optional: tag one (1) friend using the @ function and let us know which medal you would like sent to them.
    Ideas For "Giving Back"
    • Volunteer at a local non-profit, school, or animal shelter.
    • Participate in a charity event at your workplace or university.
    • Arrange to visit your local senior center.
    • Collect donations for a canned food drive.
    • Help someone in your neighborhood by offering to shovel snow or rake leaves.

    You can find all of our available medals by clicking here. While we will try to award whichever medal(s) you request, please understand that a few (such as Warrior's Wings for those who have or are serving in the military) may not be available for this event.
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