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 December Events, Charity and Theme!

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by LeStrange, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. LeStrange

    LeStrange ☽ His Queen ☾ Administrator

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    4:54 PM

    December is a very busy time of year for most of us as we all try to spend some time with family and friends. But that does not mean that we cannot spend some time here in our own community and spend time with our friends online. As such, the staff and community helpers have prepared a few activities and for you to enjoy! This including new events, our charity of the month and even a winter themed style to help you get into the spirit of the holidays should you celebrate any!

    Some events are not yet posted, a link will be added once they are!​
    [​IMG]Event: Not So Secret Santa (Dec 1st - 31th)
    Description: Gift your friends here on BD medals for the Christmas season!
    Host: @Riddle

    [​IMG]Event: Holiday Spirit Carols and Stories (Dec 1st - 31st)
    Description: Write your own holiday carol or cutesy story!
    Host: @LeStrange

    [​IMG]Event: Holiday Postcard Showcase (Dec 1st - 31th)
    Description: Create a postcard of your own to send to your friends here on BD!
    Host: @LeStrange

    [​IMG]Event: Deck The Halls (Dec 1st - 31th)
    Description: Decorate your profile for the holidays or just winter in general!
    Host: @VacantlyHopeful

    [​IMG]Event: Holiday Riddle Maze and Discussion (Discord) (Dec 1st - 31th)
    Description: Answer a series of questions and see if you can reach the end for a new color on discord.
    Host: @Ruin & @LeStrange

    Give back to your community in a number of ways and let us know how you helped during the holiday season! Click the link below for more details.

    ["Giving Back" Charity Event]

    For the month of December & January, we shall be re-releasing our "Winter Wonderland - A Seasonal Winter Style" for all of our members on BDRP. For a preview of the style, you can check the image below. If you would like to change to this style you can do so by [CLICKING HERE].
    For a complete list of all of our styles, you can also change your by checking the bottom banner of your page and click the text on the left-hand side.​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.