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 Open  NSFW/Explicit  Female x Male  Erotica Delightfully dirty and smutty RP ideas!

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by SultrySuccubus, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. SultrySuccubus

    SultrySuccubus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:34 AM

    Hello there, welcome to my request thread. I'm so glad you're here! I'm looking for exceptional new partners to write smut with and you know what? I think you might be one of them! To make sure though, I'd like you to read this request thread from start to finish just to be on the safe side? I know it'll be a bit of reading work but if you do that and meet the requirements and message me then you won't regret it.....

    Below you'll find the rules and requirements. It's quite a list but they're to make sure neither of us waste time. Please don't let them scare you, okay?!

    Rules & Requirements

    - Kinks and fetishes are the core of any smut RP and ours would be no different. My list of kinks and fetishes are below along with my much shorter list of limitations. If something is not on either list then it's a maybe. Every maybe can be discussed and can result into anything from a hard-no to an eager-yes so please don't be afraid to ask!

    - Activity for me varies. I tend to be fairly active though it can vary from me being online all day to me not being online at all for several days. If I can't post for longer than a week I will let you know. I expect a minimum of one post a week unless you inform me ahead of time that you can't. If I don't receive a message or post within 10 days I will consider our RP over. I also enjoy back-and-forthing, aka both of us being online at the same time and replying to each other as soon as we receive the other person's post. I am more than happy to make appointments for this, but I do expect you to live up to those. If something happens I understand, obviously real life is more important than RPs, but do try to make the appointments, I treat them as seriously as I do my real life appointments.

    - Quantity is not as relevant as quality but I still feel a certain minimum needs to be enforced to maintain the quality of the RP. While I won't enforce a hard rule I do expect something like two paragraphs per post with each paragraph consisting of at least 5 long sentences or 10 short ones. Naturally I will live up to this criteria myself and if I don't please feel free to point it out!

    - Quality is obviously key. This extends both to the writing itself and to things like grammar and spelling. Neither of mine are flawless and I do not expect the same of yours either. But try to pay attention or run your message through spellcheck. And do your best to be detailed, both about YC's actions and YC's thoughts.

    - Original ideas are fine but try to stay with the list of kinks and fetishes and remember I might say no. I don't mean to stifle your creativity, never that! But it's a bit of a turn-off if I get an idea that's not appealing at all as the only option for RPing with you.

    - Worldbuilding is a personal favorite of mine. I can go into as much detail as you like so don't hold back, drown me in details! If we decide to worldbuild together we'll use a veto system, where if I propose something and you don't like it you can veto it. And vice-versa. If you want to make an original idea, by all means worldbuild it with me!

    - Psychological elements are a favorite of mine. Don't just fuck, use and abuse my characters, unravel them! Verbally tear them apart, make them feel small and worthless or horny and needy or warp their perspective. Take a catholic schoolgirl and convince her sex is wonderful and she needs to have as much of it as she can! I love RPs where YC and MC spend time having a heavy, deep, loaded conversation. Ask MC Armor-Piercing Questions and dig deep into their psyche and either tear it apart or take control of it. Find out what makes them tick and then manipulate the psychological gears and cogs!

    - Opening messages are how I get a first impression of you and like with any application that first impression is key. If your first message basically amounts to: "Hey wanna RP?" and nothing else then that doesn't leave a good impression now does it? When you give me your first message, impress me! Make me want you and need you! If you're struggling a bit, here's a few tips. Tell me which idea(s) you like(d), why you like them, how you'd want to write them, what your activity looks like, which kinks and fetishes we share, etc.

    - Guidance is available if any part of this confuses you or makes you feel nervous. I understand I am asking a lot. Feel free to message me with anything containing the word guidance and I'll know that you want some help with that particular topic. I'm always willing to have patience for people who ask for patience.

    - Questions are not just wanted but loved! Both in OOC and in the RP itself. If you want to ask me anything then go for it! If you want to ask my character something, anything, please do! I enjoy curious people more than anything! Hell if you want to score easy points with me, ask lots and lots of questions, the more interesting or in-depth the better! And don't be shy about anything, if you want to ask me how big my tits are go ahead and give it a shot!

    Kinks & fetishes

    If you have any questions about a particular kink or fetish, just ask! There's nothing wrong with asking.

    Kink list




    Alpha Males




    Beta males



    Body modding (please discuss)

    Body worship

    Body writing



    Breast abuse

    Breast fixation

    Breast growth





    Cock worship










    Group sex



    Huge tits (G-cup or way bigger)





    Instant hookups


    Large tits (E or F-cup)



    Male supremacy

    Male worship



    Mind control





    Psychological abuse

    Psychological elements

    Public sex

    Public humiliation




    Racism (as a fetish)


    Rough sex

    Sex training (please inquire!)


    Slut training















    Non-humans (exotic humans with, for example, blue skin are fine)


    The Ideas

    All of the ideas below have 1-3 asterisks at the end of their title. This indicates how badly I want to do that particular idea. One asterisk means the idea is open. Two asterisks means the idea is open and I want it. Three asterisks means the idea is open and I want it badly. Don't let the asterisks decide which idea you go for, they are meant to help guide you in case you happen to like multiple ideas! Some ideas have multiple versions, feel free to combine elements from the versions as desired!

    The Adventures of X (***)

    For this plot, we build a character complete with appearance, age, personality, mindset, libido, kinks, etc etc. We then get that character into as many kinds of sexual adventures as possible. A college girl becomes a member of a fucked frat, a woman with a career fucks at work and so on. We can steer the plot as we see fit, getting her involved in situations we find appealing.

    The sky is the limit on this one!

    The Elven Village (***)

    An ancient hidden village populated by elves is visited by human men for the first time in thousands of years. Perhaps it's a band of invading barbarians, perhaps a group of adventurers or just a group of travelers. Either way, the elven women take an immediate interest in the human men, much to the displeasure of the elven men and the more traditional women. These elven women haven't seen men this manly for millenia and they find themselves irresistibly drawn to the men. The elven men, for a reason we can decide upon together, aren't able to sate their women's needs or their women have been weaned off sex over the course of innumerable generations perhaps because they procreate magically and forbid sex.

    It starts out innocent, with some flirting and playful banter, then some teasing, leading into kissing and groping. The more the elves come into contact with the men the more they want and they can't seem enough, they become increasingly infatuated and obsessed, neglecting their duties to spend more time with the men. This eventually leads to the human men taking over the village.

    The Rehabilitation Center (***)

    In the future, a feministic regime has set up a rehabilition center for men who refuse to be docile and servantile to their female masters. One of it's programs allows men to fuck as many women as they want in order to get them to be sick and tired of sex. The male resistance movement has used genetic manipulation to produce an exceptional alpha male with limitless stamina and enhanced sexual prowess and entered him into the rehabilitation center, to take it over.

    You can either comply with the rehabilition or seduce and break the women with your sexual prowess and work with the rebellion or....break the women AND the men and conquer them both and lead a revolution of your own, opposing the male resistance movement and the feministic regime.

    The Cult (***)

    A cult has arisen in our modern times that has been gaining more and more popularity. It espouses the view that sex is the closest one can come to bliss and the members are shameless hedonists, pursuing ever greater pleasures. It's precise views is something we'll decide together. Perhaps they have strict roles for men and women, perhaps they believe in enhancing the women, perhaps some members live in service of others, it's all up to us!

    Our characters would be new to the cult or vested members who embraced the ways of the cult a long time ago. While our characters pursue their interests in the cult, the cult also works to spread itself, making itself more and more popular.

    The Predator

    A certain man uses a combination of psychoanalysis and the internet to find women with extreme kinks and appetites, approaches them, practically forces himself on them and seduces them, enjoying them for a period of time until he tires of them and throws them away. His 'hunts' can end in a variety of ways, some dark and some not so dark. Regardless this is a man who views women as little more than 'prey' and who seeks to conquer them completely.

    The Empire (***)

    A powerful Empire attacks a small nation divided into numerous provinces. The Emperor (YC) conquers a few provinces but finds himself facing an alliance of the others, which he would not rather fight when they are all united. In order to dissolve their union he reaches out to the female nobility (MCs) and invites them to the castle he has conquered. Using a variety of methods he then gradually seduces them and convinces them to side with him. Perhaps he turns them against each other so he can conquer them all more easily, perhaps he fucks them into total submission or perhaps he offers them positions in the Empire and has them compete over it, both in council rooms and in his bedroom.

    Either way, the result is a whole host of beautiful female aristocrats fighting tooth and nail for the Emperor's approval.....

    The Adulterer

    A woman has a deep and irresistible urge to betray her partner and cheat on him, non-stop, with as many men as she can get her hands. She drifts from relationship to relationship always with the same goal, to get to her marriage and betray him on the wedding day and ideally after that as well. This RP could involve multiple shorter relationships or one long relationship leading up to the marriage. There's also the possibility of the husband finding out and either accepting it or not accepting it but finding himself unable to ask for a divorce.

    Sex academy (***)

    In a setting where wild, promiscuous sex has become normal an 18+ college campus has arisen called the Academy of Sexual Arts. Men and women alike go there to master the art of sex for various reasons ranging from professional interest to personal interest to an unending hunger for sex. The RP would follow the wild day to day life of the students and staff as they get into all kinds of adventures and follow the curriculum.

    Their classes would include things like one on one psychological training, group and individual performance training, working on their appearance, their technique, their presentation, et cetera. The story can be as simple or as involved as you like!

    Venus (***)

    The story takes place in a contemporary, present day setting. For whatever reason, YC comes into contact with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Lust (MC). Picture a regal, refined, classy and sophisticated woman who exudes sensuality and allure at every turn, along with an overwhelming confidence and depth of spirit. This is an ancient being who is older than the country and culture you were born to and who has witnessed most of human history.

    But this long life has left her rather bored and aloof. As such she's looking to be entertained, to be offered something she hasn't seen before or experienced before. How you handle that and her is up to you, this is very much an open world where you can do as you please, though naturally all actions have consequences....

    There is the possibility of worldbuilding this to include other supernatural beings, other worlds, etc.

    The Therapist (***)

    This plot would follow the life of a male or female therapist who works with sex addicts and encourages them to become even more addicted and then he/she uses this to benefit. Possibly just for him/herself, possibly for a club or group of people. This would involve psychological manipulation of his/her clients and gradually leading them to become more and more caught up in their addicted mentality.

    Each client is of course addicted for a different reason, some want approval, others want the pleasure of sex, still others want attention, positive or otherwise.

    Fan Club (**)

    An existing or rising model or internet personality finds out she has a dedicated fan club. Her first response is to be amused, there likely not the only fan club in existence. But this fan club is different in that they glorify and practically worship her.

    Unable to resist, she initially lurks on there site and visiting to see the latest glorifying content soon becomes a regular activity. One day, when she finds herself down on her luck and depressed and in need of a pick-me-up, she reaches out to the site's members and reveals herself to them. To her delight, they are overjoyed to be in contact with her and almost literally or perhaps literally worship her and begin to pressure her into flying out.

    The leader of the fan club offers that if all the members pool there wealth, they can provide her with a house where she can live and they can all visit her or live in with her. Once the fans have such easy access for her, they lavish her with attention that quickly turns sexual and they are more then eager to live out all there fantasies with her. What happens next is up to us. Perhaps they keep glorifying and worshipping her, doing as she says. Or perhaps they end up dominating, exploiting, using and abusing the object of there affection to there heart's content.

    Bimbo Factory (***)

    A small town called Ellisburg is at risk at of drying up and blowing away, until a large corporation suddenly settles in the town, offering work to almost half the residents and singlehandedly saving the city. After establishing their reputation, the corporation starts a new program for younger women, who work as 'coffee girls,' essentially skimpily dressed servers who bring the male employees coffee and snacks with a smile. Gradually, the corporation encourages the women to dress even skimpier and flirt with the employees to win popularity contents that offer them massive bonuses and approval. This competition becomes more and more fierce, encouraging the girls to go further and further in order to win, bimbofying themselves, spreading their legs and fucking, anything to win.

    We would follow a series of characters who undergo this process, one at a time. These can be coffee girls but also women already working in the corporation as secretaries, managers, assistant, receptionists, negotiators, etc. We could also expand the story to where the corporation starts to reach out to local schools and colleges for recruitment and ends up corrupting them. Perhaps the mayor's office does an outreach program and the mayor and her staff end up bimbofied.

    Perhaps the entire town is taken over.

    Sexual Society (***)

    Imagine a society where casual sex is the norm, women are hornier than men and kinks and fetishes are seen as perfectly normal and natural and to be indulged in, with people having said kinks and fetishes seen as far more interesting than those who don't. How depraved and kinky this society is up to us. The RP can start out in the present day and follow it on it's journey of decadence and corruption. Perhaps it's already corrupt and decadent and we come up with a story within that setting. Perhaps it's fairly corrupt and decadent and we follow the story of how it becomes even moreso?

    All up to us.

    World Conqueror (***)

    A man discovers he has some ability to easily seduce and control women with. He uses this to create a cult centered around worshipping him and sets out to conquer the world. This would be played out in a realistic and involved way, so please ask me for details and I'll share my thoughts on the matter!

    Harem competition (***)

    An extremely wealthy man brings a group of extraordinarily hot women together to compete for the right to be his personal trophy wife and live a life of opulence and wealth. The RP would start with an elaborate selection process that we can choose to skip or add to the story. In the selection process you can pick from a list of profiles I'll make for each candidate. After the selection process he then pits them in competition to earn points and after certain periods the girl with the least points is eliminated.

    He also bimbofies them and warps their mind into becoming completely and utterly obedient to him.

    Custom Kink Plot (***)

    Pick a kink or a small group of kinks that you are obsessed with and I'll come up with an (extreme) story that features those kinks as the main elements.


    The ideas below can serve as a setting for an idea of your own or can even be used as a setting for one of the ideas you saw above, be creative and let me know what you're thinking!


    The Illuminati are real and have been real for quite a while now. However they aren't trying to create a New World Order, they are perfectly content to manipulate the world order that is already there. They rule the world from the shadows, completely unseen yet in total control of everything. All the while they live a life of decadent depravity and luxurious opulence.

    This means they keep slaves, hold parties where they engage in taboo sexual practices, claim women who they want at will and essentially do as they will to whom they will.


    There is a dimension where fictional characters from all walks of life meet up between games, episodes and what have you to talk to each other and engage in other practices. Ordinary human beings can, using a mental technique, find their way to this dimension and....interact with these characters


    At a certain point in the future humanity started exploring the galaxy and discovered nothing, there were no other races. They were alone in the universe. Undeterred, they started terraforming and colonizing planets. These planets eventually declared independence and slowly, over time, the populations of different planets started to change. The different planets and different cultures produced genetic differences that resulted in different "sub-races" of humanity.

    Most of these subraces subsequently entered into wars and conflicts with each other, except for one "race" called the Solomonari. The Solomonari instead waited in the shadows, claiming to be neutral and growing strong through trade with the other planets.

    The Solomonari hold themselves to exceptionally high standards and over the course of generations practiced a eugenics program that gradually transformed them into a superior breed of humanity. Taller, stronger, smarter, faster, tougher and so on. They can live up to a 150 years in much better health, their average height is between 6-7 feet and they are all at least moderately attractive.

    When the time was right and all other planets were weakened, they emerged from the shadows and conquered the other planets one by one and established the Hegemony of Man. The Hegemony is ruled by the Solomonari, who assign roles to the other planets and shape that planet's population to that role.

    One of the planets could be a pleasure planet, created for the sole purpose of sexual and non-sexual entertainment for the superior race.

    Red Temple

    This one can be done in one of two ways.

    The first version is a fantasy setting where polytheism is practiced. The Gods actually exist and are simply extraordinarily powerful immortals, each with a particular domain where their powers and interests are focused. Here the Red Temple is a religion dedicated to sex. From there we'll have to worldbuild it and then we can come up with a story for it.

    The second version has a modern-day version of it without a Goddess. Just a modern cult basically but one that gains popular acceptance and actually starts to dominate life a bit. We'd design the structure, beliefs, history and inner workings of the cult together.

    Gene World

    In the near-future, humanity gains the ability to modify it's own genome and this leads to a complete overhaul of society. Essentially, it becomes possible to change a human's genes to an extreme extent. Things like libido, appearance, physical features and mentality can all be engineered and even something like literaly bunny girls and other such things are all possible. You can also create women who are literally born as bimbos, braindead, always horny and with an incredible body.

    We'd have to worldbuild the society, perhaps there are genetic castes like Alphas and Betas or it's more of a free society where people constantly modify themselves, that's up to us.

    Great Plague

    This setting basically features a modern-day society or a futuristic society where a sex plague has broken out. It can either be a post-apocalyptic society or one that becomes post-apocalyptic over the course of the RP. Perhaps our characters try to find the source of the plague and end up having to deal with the infected.

    Black Tower

    The black tower is a mysterious tower, utterly impervious to harm. The tower challenges those who enter it, challenging them psychologically and physically and attempting to break them as they gradually try to climb to the top.

    Fallen World

    Can be either a fantasy setting or a modern setting but either way the idea is the same. Demons came to our world, embedded themselves in our society and took over. They now rule most of the world, with a handful of remote groups managing to avoid their tyranny. They mainly rule via "bread and circuses" while they engage in depravity and opulence.

    The Demons themselves could be anything, they could be parasitic spirits who possess their hosts, they could be balrog-style demons, they could be strange humanoids, anything really. We'll have to design them and their powers and capabilities and biology, etc.


    Thanks for reading this far, I really appreciate it! I hope we talk soon!

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  2. SultrySuccubus

    SultrySuccubus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:34 AM
  3. SultrySuccubus

    SultrySuccubus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:34 AM