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 Fantasy  Science Fiction/Futuristic  Desperately Craving a Fandom Rp

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Pustoy Vikhr’, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Pustoy Vikhr’

    Pustoy Vikhr’ Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:37 AM
    Heyo! ^^ I’m Pustoy Vikhr’, which means Empty Vortex in Russian. I have been looking for some fandom rps lately but have come up empty so here are mine! I do m x m, m x f, and f x f. In oc x canon, I more often than not play the oc. I will put this: • beside fandoms I’d be willing to play the canon in oc x canon. I will put this: * next to fandoms that I’d be willing to do canon x canon in. The only fandom that I’d be willing to do oc x oc in is Mlp.

    Attack on Titan
    Miraculous Ladybug
    Steven Universe • *
    Maze Runner
    Twilight • *
    Adventure Time • *
    Horseland (an old kids cartoon I used to love watching) *
    Kiss Him, Not Me
    Girl Beats Boys
    Black Butler (Not really feeling this one atm)

    I request a two plus paragraph response minimum. I will more often than not post much more than this. Pm me it post here if you are interested.
  2. Liz

    Liz Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:37 AM
    Hello! May I ask if you know Bungou stray dogs?
    If not, I'll probably ask for another fandom on your list~
  3. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:37 AM
    I noticed OC in MLP. Would that be Equestria Girls (human versions) as well?

    Also, noticed Miraculous Ladybug... Can you PM me more about that, as I'm looking for partner to agree to what if Chloe was Cat Noir, and play her to my Marinette... Although I'm looking for more adventure and the sexual tension... Just like the series has... Only FxF

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