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 Male x Male  Any  Open Dipping My Toes in the Water

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Kada Zephyr, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Kada Zephyr

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    Looking for one or two more stories to explore

    About Me

    Hey, hi, hello. My names is [REDACTED], but you can call me Kada for the time being. That's what my best friend calls me and that's what I give out on sites such as these until I'm comfortable enough with my partner(s) to give them my real name. I'm a 20 year old bisexual female who loves to write when she's not slaving away at work.

    Anywho. I'm new to Black Dahlia, but by no means am I new to roleplaying. I think it's been around six and a half years for me? Though I have been on something of a lengthy hiatus and I'm trying to dip my toes back into the water (hence the thread title).

    I mostly do MxM pairings, but I also enjoy FxF and have been known to do MxF with the right partner, but it is rare. I like to think of myself as pretty chill, and that applies in most places of my writing and roleplaying.

    Feel free to skim everything below. If you just wanna look at my pairings/tropes and the like and then message me, that's totally fine. I'm a friendly person and would love to chat, whether we end up actually roleplaying together or not. I do recommend reading that What I Expect From You section, though. It will probably be what decides whether or not you message me!

    Writing Styles -
    I'm generally pretty relaxed when it comes to my writing style. I can write in first person or third person, past tense or present tense, and any combination of the aforementioned. I'm also not extremely strict on the length of responses. I personally try to write between three and six paragraphs. But, like I said, I'm not super strict about this.

    It just depends on what the situation calls for. I don't want to force a longer response and get repetitive, ya know?

    Character development is my k i n k. Because of this, I like for my rps to take their time. I'm not a huge fan of just rushing head-long into the romance/smut (unless I'm doing an rp for the sole purpose of writing smut, which I'm totally down to do). So unless that's the entire reason we started the roleplay, plot and character development are pretty important to me.

    That being said, I almost always include smut in my rps and prefer to have at least some. But, hey, if you're a really good writer with some bombass characters, then I can work around a request for no smut.

    Another thing that's important to know, my schedule is pretty hectic. I work at a froyo shop which you read and think, "how busy could she be?" The answer is, very. Because it's so small, we have an equally as small staff and over half of them are useless, so I work a lot of hours. Sometimes I go weeks without having a day off. My shift may be listed as 10-5, but sometimes I end up coming in thirty minutes early and staying an hour or so later. Sometimes I work for six and a half hours, go home for a bit, and then come back for another three hours. Sometimes I work open to close.

    The point is, my schedule is sporadic and so my responses will be the same. My goal is to have AT LEAST two responses a week, but my preference is to respond at least once a day. The truth of the matter is that sometimes I'm just too brain-dead to respond after work and there will be days when I just don't have the muse for it.

    All that being said, sometimes I open messages to read them when I don't really have time to reply, start planning how I'm going to respond in my head, and then later think that I actually responded. Without the notification symbol to remind me that I didn't actually respond, I will totally forget about it. So do not hesitate to double message me or send me a PM if I'm taking a little longer than usual to respond to you.

    If it's going to be more than a few days without a response, however, I will be courteous enough to let you know. Communication is my thing, man. I will always keep you up to date with what's going on.

    Genres -
    Slice of life tends to be hard for me, because it doesn't hold my interest as well, but with the right characters and the right partner, anything can work. Like I said, I consider myself to be a chill and relaxed individual, so there's not a lot I'll put a hard-stop on or that I'll insist on having.

    That being said, here's what I generally prefer:

    • Supernatural -
      • By supernatural, I mean supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves, sirens, mermaids, the fae, etc. etc. I'm a huge mythology/urban legend/cryptid fan and have done a lot of reading on the topic. This doesn't mean I've got a stick up my ass and won't accept new interpretations of the creatures. In fact, I encourage them. It's probably my favorite thing to do, taking my favorite lore and putting my own spin on it.
      • That being said, I do want you to be respectful of the cultures some of this lore may come from.
    • Fantasy -
      • I do high fantasy (fantasy set in another world/universe/realm) and low fantasy (fantasy set in the "real" world). This includes fandom high and low fantasy. I have a post in the Fandom Catalogue if you're interested in what fandoms I dabble in.
    • Sci-Fi -
      • This includes futuristic, dystopian, aliens, space travel, time travel, interdimensional travel, and so on and so on.
    • Historical -
      • I'm no history buff, so it doesn't have to be super accurate. However, I do enjoy reading about history/ancient cultures and the like, so if accuracy is important to you, I can do that too!
      • This includes Greek/Roman cultures, WWI and WWII, the Old West, and so on.
    The only further note I have is that with these genres comes my one weakness: world-building. I tend to go a little bit overboard. When I was in school, one of the things I considered was dual majoring in anthropology and linguistics. So I get really into creating the cultures/languages of any fictional peoples/places that we come up with. So, just...be warned.

    Pairings I Enjoy -
    Like I said before, I mostly do MxM and that's what I'm currently looking for. But I am also open to FxF, so don't hesitate to hit me up for that. Anyway, everything listed below is under the assumption of MxM. Anything bolded means that I prefer to play that role, but I'm a super flexible person so this isn't set in stone.

    • Brooding alpha male type x happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine (this is honestly my fuckin' jam)
      • I am not huge on stereotypes, so I like when the one you expect to be on top is on bottom and visa versa. But it honestly just depends on what makes sense for the character. Keep this in mind for the rest of these as well.
    • Captain/General/Authority figure x subordinate
    • Alien/Monster/Deity x mortal/human
    • Magic person x non-magic person
    • Royal/Nobel x servant
    Tropes I enjoy -
    Sometimes I like to posture like I'm some sort of serious writer, but honestly I am a sucker for cliches and tropes. I am a sap - a hopeless romantic, if you will - at heart and it tends to show in my writing. This isn't to say I never have original ideas or that there aren't tropes/cliches that I dislike. But anyway, here are the ones that I do enjoy.

    • Forbidden love
    • Enemies to friends to lovers
    • Over-protective characters
    • Soulmates
    • Instant connections (not the same as love at first sight, which is a trope I'm not super into)
    • Thinking one half of the pair has to die to save the world/resolve the plot (or the character actually dying *single man tear*)
    This is, of course, not a comprehensive list. Just the ones that I'm super attached to.

    Kinks/Fetishes/Triggers/Anti-Kinks -
    Listen. I have little to no control over my characters, okay? If they have a kink that I'm not personally that interested in, I'll still roleplay it because that's what the character needs to be thorough and complete. There is very little that I'll put a hard stop on. And I don't necessarily have a preference or favorites either. For starters, I'm a pretty fuckin' kinky son of a bitch so I can enjoy most anything.

    That being said, I'm gonna be straight up with you. I was molested when I was seven and raped when I was thirteen. I don't necessarily have triggers, but I will not glorify or justify or defend non-con rape. If a character is morally fucked up and they rape another, my morally sound characters will respond accordingly. And if I'm roleplaying a character that was raped, then they will suffer from the subsequent mental/emotional handicaps that it causes.

    I don't mind doing toxic relationships where you know the characters aren't good for each other and one of them is clearly brainwashed, but it will be painted in the horrific light that it deserves. This is the one thing I'm strict on.

    That and I don't do scat, water play, or vore. Sorry, it just grosses me out too much and throws me out of the narrative. It's impossible for me to get into those headspaces. If that's your thing, sorry!

    I'm personally a switch, so I can comfortably roleplay any role in the bed.

    ((Note: I may create an F-List later which the link to will go here, but I don't find it super relevant since I'll do just about anything if my characters/yours demand it.))

    What I Expect From You
    Shit happens, man. Life smacks you in the face, your muse withers and dies, your laptop craps out. Shit happens. I don't need a response every day. I'd prefer once every two days or so, definitely at least once a week. If it's gonna be longer, just let me know. If you haven't gathered from all the above drivel, I'm a chill person. I'm not gonna make you feel bad or be an ass if you tell me you're not going to be able to respond.

    If you're bored with the rp or don't like the direction it's going, just let me know. I'm not easy to offend, so I won't be butthurt about it. All I'll do is try to work with you to improve it so that we're both passionate about it again. And, if at the end of our talks, we decide it's best to put it on hiatus or drop it altogether, that's perfectly fine. We'll part amicably and move on with our lives, maybe try a new plot later on.

    If you ghost on me, I won't rp with you again. I don't trust people easily and starting an rp with someone is a form of trust for me. If you disappear without warning for two weeks or more and then randomly pop back up with a half-assed excuse, it's unlikely that I'll pick back up where we left off or even start a new plot with you. But if you let me know beforehand, I'll be more than willing to pick back up whenever you return.

    As far as responses themselves go, I'm not anal about the length or anything. I prefer at least a paragraph or two, but I understand that sometimes the scene doesn't always give you a lot to work with or the dialogue between our characters needs to be quick and succinct. I'm also not a grammar nazi, but excessive grammar mistakes, incoherent sentences, horrendous punctuation use, and other things like that will throw me out of the narrative and make it hard for me to stay engaged. Spelling is not a huge deal for me really at all, because I am a shite speller (thanks, autocorrect and spell-check). As long as I can tell what you're trying to say, we're good.

    Wrap It Up
    Okay, that's pretty much all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I will of course add it later. But if you're interested in roleplaying, hit me up. Or if you just want to message me like, "this bitch at work" I will gladly listen and shit talk with you. I'm friendly and I only bite if you want me to, so come say hi.

    Thanks for reading all of my rambling. I'm a long winded person, so sorry for the time it probably took if you read all of it. You're a brave soul.
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  2. Ryuna

    Ryuna Wiggly Pit Community Helpers

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    Honestly there isn't much you have listed here that I wouldn't be game for! Let me know if you are available to roleplay and we can set something up either in form or though PM. I also very much agree with you out look on common roleplay ethics. While I do have a busy schedule most days I can give you at least a post a day. Perhaps more if I have spare time. It would make my day enjoyable!

    :3 Ryuna
  3. Kada Zephyr

    Kada Zephyr Well-Known Member Member

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  4. CanIPleaseGetAWaffle??

    CanIPleaseGetAWaffle?? Well-Known Member Member

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    I have a m x m plot that I think you may enjoy. :) I suck at summarizing, though, so I’m going to try my best to explain.

    So I would play three princes and you could either play one person or three people. Your choice. Each prince would be front separate kingdoms, each prince being a different species (you can pick the species, whether it be vampire, kitsune, neko, avian, etc.). They are all of age to ascend their separate thrones, but each needs a partner to rule alongside them. Upon realizing that all three princes need the same thing, court officials decide to hold one large banquet for all who wishes to attend as a possible suitor. The princes would have the right to choose who they wish to marry. Each prince would be given five roses: a red one, a pink one, a blue one, a white one, and a yellow one. Each prince would give one rose to each person they would choose at some point in the banquet to get to know better. Of the five people, by the end of the year each prince is to choose one person to wed if both they and the person wish to marry. During that year, all three princes along with the fifteen people they chose would live in the large palace owned by the over all ruling king.
  5. Kada Zephyr

    Kada Zephyr Well-Known Member Member

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