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 Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by Wanette, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Wanette

    Wanette Typo Queen Member

    Local Time:
    10:17 AM
    You find yourself in the midst of cold hallways, and empty expressions. These make up Southern Brine rehabilitation center. Your reasons for being here at this moment are irrelevant. The air stands thick. It carries through it the sound of artificial beeps, dry coughs forced through blackened lungs, and impatient sighs that always seem to drift in the ears of those about to break.

    If you were to wander, because you're allowed to wander, you'd eventually find a hallway whose's plaque has no marking numbers. The lights here seem to flicker lazily. Long florescent bulbs stretch at least 6 feet long, alternating left to right on the ceiling.
    Down this hall is silence.
    No robotic sirens, no over worked nurses, and no reminders of human weakness... This is the closed ward. Either by bored negligence on your part, or the establishment wishing to keep you ignorant, the reason for its emptiness slips your mind.
    You probably would venture forth into the peaceful quiet that is the closed ward. Seeking the momentary pleasure of a solitary facade, when suddenly darkness befalls you.

    A presence would invade your space, before dropping something at your feet. A sound would break, echoing laughter, and then silence. A moment later the bulbs would flicker and glow finally consistently. Glancing down you'd notice a slip of paper and a pen.

    "Want to know a secret?"


    It's been a while since I've written anything. This story can be paired with anyone, anything.
    Be creative and do your best.
    Message me if you have any questions. If you're brave, just reply.
    Thank you, and I love you my pretties!​
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