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 EDW’s Fandom Requests MxF

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Eternaldemonwolf, May 14, 2018.

  1. Eternaldemonwolf

    Eternaldemonwolf Wild Member Member

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    Hello all, welcome and hope you are having a fabulous day! This is my first time actually Roleplaying here on BD but I’ve previously used Bluemoon and discord/yahoo IM, I don’t use Yahoo anymore sadly since my phone hates it. Hopefully I can give you some themes you might want to play with me and we can craft a fun adventure together. I do write OC and canon characters but I prefer altering canon, either changing how the character grew up, an event changing them or just a change of attitude that will play out a story different. Also I do prefer my partner is a female but I will keep an open mind about either way as long as nothing gets brought up.

    Fandoms I’m looking for actively:
    Naruto, everything up to Boruto I know and it is by far my most known world.

    RWBY, up to date on the series, while I love the girls I don’t care for many males in this series.

    Starcraft, A bit of an oddball on this list because I’m not huge into Sci-fi I do love the military aspect of this and a fight for survival as a Terran. Could have an interesting adventure with a mission gone wrong or a world suddenly overrun.

    World of Warcraft, long time gamer and fan of WoW the fantasy element really holds a soft spot in my heart as well as the lore.

    Other Fandoms I could be talked into with ideas:

    Game of thrones, Mostly watched the show and have that as a reference.

    Inuyasha, been years since I saw it but I saw most of the episodes

    Tokyo Ghoul: My knowledge is to the anime and that includes current Tokyo Ghoul Re.

    Okay that’s about it for the series, as for other information about me. I enjoy both smut and story and can lean which ever way my partner prefers. My kinks are very open as my real No’s come down to Mutilation, scat and death. If you have kink ideas suggest away and I will happily answer them.

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