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 Female x Male Even Angels Have a Wicked Scheme

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by C.Harlot, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. C.Harlot

    C.Harlot Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:24 PM
    Hey everyone! So, you’ll see that this RT isn’t dressed up and stuffed with bountiful information. I am going to keep this as quick and painless as possible. Matter of fact? I’ll get right down to it;
    I’m a female in the U.S., 30ish years old, who has been role playing for well over 15 years and I like to think I'm a pretty damned good writer.
    If you’re looking for (or are down with) 1v1 writing (preferably in PM, Discord would rock too but I'll write on any platform) and can give me a book of a reply when necessary or two fat paragraphs when it isn’t? Let’s talk. No shame when I say a few sentences won't cut it for me, I'm pretty picky in this area. Yes, quality over quantity but IMHO ya just can't have a quality reply in two or three lines. I need to FEEL all the things when I read your words, ok? Also, if the dark and twisty modern genre isn’t one you’d shy away from, we can definitely be friends. I'm pretty burn-out on fantasy and historical. Still with me? Good. I’ll go ahead and throw out the specifics of what I’m after and please, keep in mind that while it may sound like I know exactly what I’m after and there’s no room for discussion, that’s wrong. There’s always room for discussion! I love it, I prefer it, and I always wanna know what my partner wants so please, add your own spin or throw me a counter offer. I’m truly not a selfish writer and aim to please. Once you’ve read it, and if I haven’t lost you at that point, then fan-fucking-tastic! Let’s do this.

    The basics:
    Taboo, mature, toxic, dark, angsty.
    Deviant, heart wrenching, soul rotting, dramafied, twisty.
    Violence, crime, manipulation, co dependency.
    Just a few of my favorite themes. Admittedly, I really am starving to dip my toes in the abusive waters. It's not a fetish or a kink. It's getting in to that mentality of an abused that is thrilling to me, and my favorite thing to do is write my characters in their absolute worst state of mind. My kicks are definitely not for the faint of heart.
    The plot:
    It will center around half-siblings, so yea, incest will be the main forbidden factor here but it’s not all about the kink. The idea is that these two siblings, who’ve grown up looking out for each other in the real shit hand of life they were dealt, eventually allowed their poisonous bond to blossom in to one that’s crossed all the lines. But where we’ll start is at a point where said lines have been long since crossed, and the brother (older of the two) is grown. He’s made something of himself (to be decided, but I’m really shooting for the criminal underworld under the guise of something else; career fighter maybe? Give me all the grit) while the sister has remained a train wreck. (This can also be spun where the roles are reversed so long as he remains the eldest)

    He knows that their magnetism is wrong, that something is broken in them, and has tried with all his might to create very clear boundaries between them, maybe even cut ties, however she crosses them every chance she gets. Goes out of her way to trample all over them actually, even through manipulative and outright mentally disturbing means.... calls him up with a sob story that pulls at his heart strings. Threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t come running. Runs a razor over her wrist in front of him JUST to see if he will let her bleed out.

    Sub plots that don’t even have anything to do with their toxic dynamic can be in abundance, which is where I’d like the crime element to come in. I’d prefer the female role in this but I’m not shabby at all with writing men, so I wouldn’t mind taking his reins either. BUT, I do take on sub characters, and you should too. I don’t believe a story can thrive or even survive if we don’t branch out with the main characters friends, family, enemies, etc. Nothing sucks worse than a good plot going stale because a writer hangs up on the relationship aspec only.

    So! There you have the bare bones.
    Let’s flesh it out?
    Discord provided on request.

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