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 Female x Male Fandom, Fantasy & Vampires- Seeking Fandoms or a Vlad

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by GenaWindstarr, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. GenaWindstarr

    GenaWindstarr Wild Member Member

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    Right now what i am after is specifically my fandoms or the Vlad idea, with that being said...

    Hello everyone, i`m hoping to find some good rp that i can really get into and get excited about. I`ve been RPing since 2003. Not a grammar nazi, we all make mistakes so as long as i can understand whats going on im not gonna jump on your butt for a typo lol.

    Please, no one liners [ at least not every single post ]. I usually do multi small paragraphs, i try and give at least a couple, maybe more depending on whats going on. You are free to do the same, write what you feel be it a good decent paragraph or a novel. Just give me something i can work with please. OOC i am a female, my character is a female, we are both straight. OOC i dont care what you are, but i seek to pair my character with MALE characters. OOC i am also over 18, i hope you are too due to mature content, language, romance, possible blood n guts and such like.

    I like my RPs to contain romance, mystery, fantasy, magic, vampires, adventure ,comic moments. Any or all of these make a good RP. I do not object to " adult content" i even like it but it is not the sole focus of the story. I do have limits so feel free to ask.

    Prefer to RP in pms, prefer one on one. Might consider a small group if it really interests me but it will take a lot to get me to say yes, i kinda get shy around a bunch of strangers plus one group i was in years ago kinda fell apart because of some ooc bs drama so.. i really prefer one on one. I do have a detailed character website with pics, sl ideas, info on the different versions of Gena that i play in different settings. Not sure if posting the link is allowed here so just ask and i will pm it to you.

    Now, on to what i`m particularly looking for. I will edit as needed to add new ideas or remove old ones.

    My fandoms, i know these are older but they are why i ever first started to RP. I will always love them.

    Final Fantasy 7 - Vincent, Sephiroth,Reno,Rufus,Rude or oc wanted

    Hellsing. - Alucard wanted. We might could do an alternate or future type setting with an Alucard like character if you think you could pull it off but i really love me some Alucard. Really, really, really love him...

    Vampire Hunter D - D wanted

    Chrono Cross - orKarsh , Guile , Magus or oc wanted. Will do Chrono Cross / Chrono Trigger crossovers.

    A note on playing canons. I know some don`t like to, and some may but fear they won`t do it well. Maybe some do not want to go so far outside of game or anime events with a sl that is set after them or involves OC x Canon or OC x OC. I do not mind if you want to add more depth or personality to a canon beyond what the game or anime shows us, its rp, its supposed to be fun, to be a fantasy. So if it bugs you too much to do it, or to see others doing it then just call it a fan fic or alternate universe setting and have fun. I feel the need to add this because some folks do get picky or get worried about it so.. Just have fun. If you wanna play canon then go for it.


    Medieval, Modern or maybe a Victorian Fantasy setting.

    For these i need fantasy, i do not like strictly realiastic RP. Give me the supernatural, give me magic, Give me vampires, i do love vampires. Elves are great, maybe even a Lycan. Give me mystery, adventure, maybe a crime drama type story and i definitely want romance.

    Help me create ideas, i have a few on my character website, we can try those or mix n match or think of something new but i want my partners help and input in keeping the story going.

    Some ideas i am open to are..... mystery/ crime type storys.. arranged marriages where romance does bloom... stories that could include time travel.. other ideas too, just pm and we can kick some ideas and thoughts around.

    No underage characters.... I`m not into Anthros or incest sorry... I`m all for chatting and making friends but OOC i`m married so please respect those boundaries.. I do have other limits so just ask.

    New Idea

    New plot idea, kinda. Its something that`s only an inkling of an idea thats been floating round in my head. It`s not too fleshed out and some folks are gonna see this and think i`m a certifide nut case. It`s not based off any of the animes or games i mentioned above, though i still hope to get lucky and find some rp involving those. However this does involve vampires, fantasy, romance, a real live [ or real dead as the case may be ] historical personage. and some creative freedom to add your own flair to said personage.

    Ok, here`s the part where some of you guys may start to question my sanity lol.

    Vlad Tepes [ The Impaler ] Dracula. I`m sure most of youve heard of him, if not hes easy to find all over the web or in libraries and book stores across the planet. I am something of a Vlad fangirl. What can i say, i`m weird sometimes. There is a lot of fiction, film, book, anime that ties him into the vampire mythos.

    So, i`m looking for an rp in which someone can play him, a descendant of his or a sort of reincarnation of him.

    Some ideas might be that a researcher [ my character ] finds him in a sort of suspended animation / vampiric sleep and wakes him, accidentally or on purpose.

    Maybe my chara is descended from a family that loyally served him centuries ago and on and she goes back to romania to look into her family tree and stays at his castle but don`t know who / what he really is at first

    A friend or co worker of my chara could be having weird thoughts/ strange vivid horrifying dreams that could be his ancestor kinda reaching out through the centuries trying to kinda take him over so he could live again.

    Again, i don`t have a lot of full blown point by point ideas, i`d need someone to help me flesh this out.

    Romance, adventure, mystery, danger, all that could and should be involved

    If anything interests you please send me a pm, thanks :)
    ~ Gena Windstarr ~

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