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 Fandom Request Thread Rules and Creation Guide

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Nevermind, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Fandom Request Thread Rules
    1 Thread Per Fandom
    You can post 1 thread per fandom. For example, if you have three Marvel Universe plots and two Harry Potter plots, you may have one thread for each fandom. Please do not spam the section. You do not need to create a new request thread each time you want to add new plots or ideas, you can simply edit the request thread you have already created.

    You can edit the entire thread by using the edit button at the bottom right of your thread, and you can edit the title by using the edit thread option in the Thread Tools menu on the top right above your thread. Please check out the spoiler below for screenshot examples of where to click.



    2 Bumps Per Week
    You can “bump” your request thread twice during any given week, unless you’ve made major edits to your thread, then you may bump an additional time. A “bump” will put your RT at the top of the request section, add all you have to do to bump is comment your thread.

    Please don’t abuse your ability to bump, or we reserve the right to restrict it.

    Thread Moving or Archiving
    If you would like your thread deleted, moved or archived, please contact a moderator or admin, and they can help you.

    A Guide To Creating Your Request Thread:
    Start with determining where your RT should go:
    • If you plan to RP from a Male perspective (regardless of your RL gender preference), your RT for those stories would go in the Male Request section.
    • If you plan to RP from a Female perspective, your RT for those stories would go in the Female Request section.
    • Any other gender perspectives or non-gendered characters would go in the Others Request section.
    • Requests that require more than 2 writers go in the Group Request section.
    • Fandom plots may go in the Fandom Match & Catalogue section.
    Next, write your request thread:
    Most important tip: You want your RT to be easy to read. It’s great to use bold colors and fancy fonts to highlight a few things, but try not to go overboard. The easier it is to read, the more partners are likely to contact you.

    What to include in your request thread?
    All of these suggestions are optional, but they can be helpful.

    An Introduction
    Including a brief introduction may help you share a little more information about yourself, your RP experience, and what you like.

    Any basic guidelines you want to set for those looking to RP with you. This can include things like: The length of replies (one-line, paragraphs, multiple paragraphs), spelling and grammar expectations, etc. This area can also include likes and dislikes.

    Pairing Preferences
    This can be just about anything. Usually, people list different kinds of characters or beings they like to pair together. For example: Batman/Catwoman, Black Widow/Bruce Banner, Eric Northman/OC. List what you like, and it makes it easy to for partners to have a starting point with you.

    Plot Ideas/Cravings
    If you have a specific idea or a bunch of ideas for stories, sharing them in your RT is a great way to get the ball rolling with partners! It can be as simple as “I really want a story where Batman and Harley Quinn are star-crossed lovers.” Or you can get more elaborate and add paragraphs of story description. If you are craving a specific pairing or story, you can include that too, or just note which stories you are currently craving the most.

    Kink and Sexual Preferences
    If you plan to have smut in your stories, including a list of your kinks and sexual preferences will help you find the right kind of partners. If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can use something like f-list (https://www.f-list.net/) to map out and link your preferences in your RT.
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