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 One x One Roleplay Fandom Wish List

Discussion in 'Fandom Catalogue & Request Threads' started by pandemonium, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. pandemonium

    pandemonium Cruel Chaos Member

    Local Time:
    4:18 AM
    So if you read this, welcome. Happy to see you on here. So what I am looking for is going to be fairly straightforward. I have several RP options. Below you will see a few ground rules that have came up a few times.

    1. If you are going to leave, just let me know. I really hate having to wonder.

    2. Please at least give me something to work with in the posts. I do like having a couple paragraphs to work with. It's really not that hard to do. I get that some days the muse is drained but I have seen several occasions where people respond to three paragraphs with three sentences.

    3. I am only interested in playing guys. I can occasionally do a female side character for a small bit for the sake of plot moving but my character will be a guy.

    4. All my plots are of the non-con element.

    Some fandoms I am interested in, listed alphabetically. Mostly dark/non-con. I will be playing the male.

    Note: Do not ask me to play canon to your OC. The answer is no. Canon x Canon we can work out but not interested at all in playing Canon to someone’s OC.

    Final Fantasy IX, X
    Garnet x Forbidden Forest monsters
    Garnet x monsters outside Dali
    Garnet x a thief in South Gate. The thief will use a spell to render Steiner useless and enjoy Garnet while she is changing.
    Yuna or Rikku x concert goer
    Yuna or Rikku x monsters
    Yuna or Rikku x abductor

    Pretty Little Liars
    Hanna x Zack
    Hanna x Mike
    Emily x Ben
    Emily x Zack
    Aria x Zack
    Aria x Mike
    Aria x Connor
    Liars x CeCe and Jason A bit an alternate plan as well. Jason and the actual A capture the liars and are a team in the dollhouse. She handles the usual torment, he violates them sexually.
    Hanna x OC
    Aria x OC
    Emily x OC
    Mona x OC

    Pretty much open to most "villain wins" roleplays. Or any sort of OC sequel of sorts.
    Disney character winds up in our world. She convinces MC to believe her. Realizing nobody would know she is here, he decides to turn into his personal sex slave instead of helping her.

    Claire x OC

    Disney's Descendants
    Up for ideas. I do ask the female be either Evie, Mal, or Audrey.

    Scooby Doo
    Daphne getting raped by whoever is trying to scare people.

    Power Rangers
    I will be honest, loved this series as a kid. You can either use a canon ranger if you wish or you can use an original or based on. Either way I would be happy to be a villain on this.

    Sailor Moon/Magical Girl game
    Pretty similar to above with Power Rangers, except in the Sailor Moon case I would rather not have it be the canon characters because frankly Usagi/Serena annoyed me a lot.

    Cheryl Blossom x OC
    Veronica Lodge x OC

    Harry Potter:
    Fleur x OC
    Hermione x OC

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    Cordelia x OC
    Dawn x OC
    Buffy x OC

    Vampire Diaries:
    Caroline x OC

    Emma x OC
    Jessie x OC

    Wizards of Waverly Place:
    Alex x OC
    Juliet x OC

    Phoebe x OC
    Paige x OC

    Boy/Girl Meets World:
    Topanga x OC
    Maya x OC

    Modern Family:
    Haley x OC
    Alex x OC
  2. pandemonium

    pandemonium Cruel Chaos Member

    Local Time:
    4:18 AM
    Bump! Really craving PLL or Riverdale.
  3. pandemonium

    pandemonium Cruel Chaos Member

    Local Time:
    4:18 AM
  4. pandemonium

    pandemonium Cruel Chaos Member

    Local Time:
    4:18 AM
  5. pandemonium

    pandemonium Cruel Chaos Member

    Local Time:
    4:18 AM

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