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 Fanfics with a healthy dose of fanservice

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by InfernoLucien, May 12, 2018.

  1. InfernoLucien

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    Greetings and salutations, fellow wordsmiths!

    The iron's hot and my juices are flowing, so it's time to throw up my fandom favs and see what bites. I've a staunch adoration for lore building and a healthy respect for creative license when it comes to canon characters (we're not the creators, after all), so I'm not gonna be overly critical when it comes to how you choose to play any canons who come about. OCs can also be excellent ways to branch out in the different universes, so don't be afraid to tell me all about them (I totes won't be shy about mine. ;D ). Also, I fucking adore fanservice, so if you want to heap on the smut, just let me know your preference and any particulars you'd like to see focused on. I'm pretty open-minded and my only real limit is bathroom stuff and non-con/rape. Nothing wrong with some darker themes, but I prefer everyone to be enjoying themselves. For anyone who's willing to indulge me, I've been hoping to find someone who's willing to do MxFxF pairings. Trust me, I'm worth the effort. ;)

    Alright, now that all the introductions are out of the way, how's about we get to what everyone's most likely skimming to?

    Assassin's Creed
    -OC's Only. Plot idea set in the American West, also willing to play modern day setting.

    Legend of Zelda
    ~Twilight Princess- Post game events story
    I have a Sheikah OC, but I'll also happily play Link and revived Ganondorf. Looking for Zelda and True-form Midna
    ~Breath of the Wild- Pre-100 Years story (Super hardcore craving!)
    -Again Sheikah OC and Link as well as Champions. Looking for Zelda and Urbosa most of all. Seriously, please play Urbosa for me, even if it takes a while to introduce her. >_<
    ~AU 'Hero is Defeated' Timeline
    -Sheikah OC, Link, and Ganondorf. Looking for Zelda. Plot synopsis below, but I'm excited to flesh it out more.

    - I'd love to play Corvo and Daud for an AU story following the High Chaos ending from the first game. No partner preference, OC away.

    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    -No real character ideas, I just love this game and would be happy to roleplay in the world.

    Witcher Universe
    -Played through Witcher 3 and started reading the books. OC's would be preferred for this one.

    Final Fantasy VII
    -I'd like to do an AU version of this. Keep the same antagonists, just replace canons with OCs and see what happens. Possibly more focus on ShinRa.

    God of War
    - Currently playing the newest game and finally starting to like Kratos again. May need to wait until I finish for the sake of spoilers, but this seems like it would be fun to do.

    Ah, but don't think I'm just some layabout with cravings and no ideas to back them up! Here's a few plot ideas I've had percolating around the ol' noodle that are just ripe for expansion!

    Assassin's Creed: Southern Pride-
    Following the assassination of President Lincoln by the Templar Knight John Wilkes Booth, the Templar Order seeks to reinstate slavery in the frontier, even expand it to include the rapidly decreasing Native American tribes and the near endless swarm of Chinese immigrating to work on the budding railroad projects. The Assassin Brotherhood learns of a Templar named Edward Sparrow in possession of a Piece of Eden, confirming as much after planting an Assassin spy within Sparrow's operation. However, a far darker plot appears to be brewing within the mine and another agent (YC) is sent in to assist in infiltrating and discovering exactly what. At the same time, a former Confederate soldier (MC) is hired on as an overseer to the mine and gets mixed up in the centuries old conflict, learning a valuable lesson about freedom in the process.

    Dishonored: Gangs of Dunwall-
    Dunwall has all but fallen following the death of Lord Regent Havlock and the other loyalist conspirators. In-fighting among the nobility has split Gristol's government into factions, all vying for control of the throne even as the rat plague continues its onslaught against the populous. The only ones who appear to be enjoying any prosperity are the gangs who have taken control of the streets. The City Watch appear none too concerned as long as they receive their bribes for looking the other way. One gang in particular has begun a rapid climb in prominence, its members donning crude masks similar to the one worn by the mysterious criminal suspected of eliminating Lord Regent Hiram Burrows' regime. (Not entirely thought out, but I kind of like the idea of Corvo leading a gang in High Chaos post-story Dunwall. Perhaps some kind of redemption storyline involving another Marked individual or witch. It'd be awesome if we could bring Daud back for this.)

    Legend of Zelda: Darkness Reigns-
    In every timeline, three absolutes are constantly maintained. The Evil King steals away the Princess of Destiny, whom is then rescued by the Hero of Time. The cycle continues, unbroken even as events split and continue along different paths. One path, however, diverts far more drastically than the others. The land of Ganon is ruled by its namesake with a firm hand, the great king having long ago taken control of the kingdom once known as Hyrule. None remember the days of old when Hyrule's Royal Family ruled with justice and benevolence. None except the Sheikah. In a hidden village deep within Faron Woods, these legendary servants of the Royal Family keep the last remaining descendant of the goddess Hylia safe, teaching her their ways until she can one day have her true identity revealed to her and take her rightful place on the throne.

    More to come (hopefully), so check back often and start hitting that "contact" button. Quickly! I'm so bored and full of ideas!!

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