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 Female x Male FULL.

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Iniquity, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Iniquity

    Iniquity I'm already dead. Community Helpers

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    Hi there!

    I’m going to try and keep this as to the point and as straightforward as possible. Before role playing with me, you should know I’m quite blunt at times. I don’t mean to offend, of course. I am polite, but if something isn’t working, I’ll tell you. Honesty is key with me; if you can’t be honest about the role play, or about what you really want, I’m sorry but we won’t work out as partners. I want to make some awesome stories with people, I don’t want one of us not enjoying it and then feeling pressured to continue, that’s not what role playing is about to me. :)

    I'm only looking for plots I'm genuinely craving / aching to get into (THE TABBED WRITTEN OUT PLOTS). Please don't contact me if you're not serious, especially when it comes to our writing. I need to find someone I thrive with, please check the samples below for that.

    Requirements & what to expect:

    Passion for reading / writing;
    I know, I know. It sounds lame, considering we’re on a writing site. HOWEVER. I’ve noticed over the years that some people don’t like longer posts, which I can understand. My focus is on bringing a story to life; I want to make you gasp, cry and cheer at our story. I’d appreciate the same level of focus from you. After all, we’re writing together, for one another. For creativity, I’m referring to leaving enough for each other to work with. I find this is very important to keep the fuel on the fire. This can be via NPCs or other characters, either way, it’s only fair to the other person to give them some juicy posts. A good deal of detail, a nice pace of action and violence, some sensual sprinklings… It’s just the best. <3 If you leave me to do all of the plot progression / leaving action points for you... I will LOSE my motivation completely. If you give me enough to work with, I'll be a happy little puppy. If you're used to just replying and not adding more for your partner, please don't contact me. I only want role plays we're both hungry for. One post a week is what I'm looking for, AT LEAST - more would be amazing. I understand RL comes first, just TALK TO me. :) I'm just looking for a more active RP.

    To be honest, I have little preference if we talk a lot or a little. What I do want is that we can chat if need be, and for plot / character progression. I understand people have stuff to do, and real life always comes first. A drop in every now and then would be grand, just so we can figure out what to do, where to go. If you feel bored or that our story is lacking, please tell me! If I don’t know, I can’t work to fix it. Also, if you want to just drop our role play instead, just let me know. I won’t argue, I won’t disrespect you. I understand and appreciate anyone who takes the time to let me know it’s not for them. So don’t fear, I’m an adult and I act it when it comes to issues such as this. Just to note, if your posting schedule changes, it’d be nice to have a message about it. I will do the same!

    Twists and turns:
    I’m not expecting this, but it’d be great if we get to know each other well enough to begin throwing a few unknown treats for one another. I love surprising my partner with sudden turns or some random situation. Humour seems to be one of those majorly used surprises for me. Drama is also fantastic.

    Work with me:
    There have been MANY times, countless in fact, where someone will message me and only add.. “I want to RP, are you interested?” - No. Point blank. NO. I know this sounds harsh, but if you want to role play with me, I need to KNOW you have some umph with it. Even just asking how it’s going, and if I’m into some themes. I want to know you’ve read my thread and that you actually are somewhat invested in starting a story together. If I message a partner, I tend to put effort into reading all of their search and then throwing together some possible ideas for plots. It doesn’t have to be much at all, I just need to know you’re game to work with me on this, and not just drop it at my feet. Trust me, if I get PMs like this, I will not be responding. I know, it sounds horrible, but it feels like more of a drain than anything.

    Dark themes:
    Mm. I’m all over this. Violence, gore, murder, mass murder, serial killers, humour, thrillers, horrors, sensual romance, sensual violence, you name it. I prefer supernatural plots, but I will occasionally do something human / real life. If you want to know more, please check my F list link in my signature. The main thing you need to know is I LOVE dark, violent plots. Sexual scenes are a huge bonus. It needs to function within the plot, to some degree. And I certainly don’t want a role play focused on sexual scenes. I adore the build up and teasing, along with a tense / violent plot. You know? Can’t be giving it all up front on a silver platter. Some plots will vary with interactions, but you know, we can make it work. <3 A juicy story is worth it!

    Basic pairings (Just pairings to consider in a plot):
    My favoured roles will be in bold.

    Werewolf x Witch
    Agent x Target

    Demon OR Lucifer x Angel / Fallen Angel
    Demon x Witch

    Mermaid / Siren x Supernatural being
    Medical Staff x Alien (Sci fi - think 'Alien') - Sci Fi
    Medical Staff x Weapons Expert (Experiments?) - Sci Fi

    YOUR IDEAS! I adore hearing someone else's ideas.

    Basic plots (Please note I'm writing from my characters side, I don't wish to tell you what or how to play the plot):

    • Werewolves and witches live in modern times, they appear human and for the most part, they can blend in just fine. However, over the years, some humans have noticed the differences. Hunters. They are dangerous, driven humans with technology and gear on their side. The delve into the supernatural world to kill them. As if that isn't enough of an issue... Most races hate each other. There is an almost primal need to be the best.. And this is where we pick up.

      MC is a witch, she's being prepared to take over her coven, a full group of twenty strong witches. It may seem like a small amount, but twenty living together in a grand home can cause some.. suspicions. They simply pass it off as family. Some of them are blood related, MC has an aunt, who is the current leader. Everything about MC is being assessed, analysed. MC is loving, caring to some extent about her kind; however, she is strict and she is fierce. Anyone who even resembles a threat to her or her kind will be eliminated on sight... until...

      In her past, she encountered YC. Before she had been primed for leader, before she cared about titles. She was... warmer, fun, lively. FREE. She met him when the Werewolves had an issue that her coven chose to break their code to help, in return for their aid in battle with another coven (they were wiped out with the combination of witches and werewolves working together - they have a synergy, witches can empower werewolves, they can make them... monsters). YC and MC ended up having something of a relationship, heavy or simply sexual. Soon after, the Witches moved away OR the pack did (we can decide which!)

      Ten years on, the coven and pack leaders decide it is time to reunite for one last mission. Vampires. They are growing in numbers swiftly, and all they can do is hope that them uniting will inspire more witches and werewolves to unite long enough to kill the savages. The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of deal. Using one another to get what they both want; a vampire and demon free life. If the vampires were to expand, they could build a force to override humans. Why don't the others want that? For their own morals and because the vampires will only grow stronger, and in greater numbers. Soon, they'll be another target.

      So, we could start when they meet again. I see this being a tense, conflict filled RP.
      We can definitely play around and see what fits it best for us!

    • (This plot is for my character Natalia Shonski - She is a bitten werewolf, and a handful. She's a real bitch, pun intended. I'm game to play more than one character with this, main characters that is. I'm up for building a whole pack for them, a coven who they may have links with.)

      Werewolves have been around since the dawn of time, as have most supernatural beings. Werewolves, however, lack females. Witches have a similar condition. Werewolves only produce male offspring, and witches only produce females. This means it's essential for them to mate / breed with humans. Werewolves had been trying to change women for centuries. Mostly, they would die during the change, or their mind would slip into madness once they had made the change. Having a female werewolf is a great card to have.

      Humans had taken note of beings, and there had been many groups over the many centuries to bring them down. Natalia was one of them. She was brought up in a hunter's family, and she followed her father's training. In fact, she excelled just to earn his affection, which never worked. One fateful night, she heard them coming. Howls, growling, fierce paws thundering against the ground. Her father left her mother along with her sister and her before pride took over. He thought he could kill a pack of wolves. Natalia, being the woman she was, armed up and left the home to protect her mother and younger sister. The woman rushed out to see her father being killed, and not just by any wolf. An Alpha. Alphas had more power; and they looked far more dangerous than any wolf. Her father told her stories about them, and they were not to be taken on.

      In a rage, Natalia used all she had. Their fight was impressive, Natalia held out more than most hunters. Unfortunately, she was only human. Eventually, she was tossed around like a ragdoll and forced to lay with the dying and deceased towns people that had been rounded up into a macabre pile. What she didn't expected was the searing pain of a bite... from an alpha. The only thing that could transform a human. It was a death sentence, and a painful one at that. There was no way anyone could assume she would live.

      Later that night, Natalia broke her way free from the corpses that had piled up. The woman dragged herself from the above ground grave, clawing until she could smell fresh air. Somehow, she had started to change without falling to her death. The next few days she spent in the forest, crawling further from her home as pain dominated her. Over and over again she perished, collapsing and unable to move. Natalia was sure she would be crippled, unable to move until death found her...

      (Sorry, I get all hyped to write about her)

      So I was thinking YC could be the one who bit her, and she will have recovered and would be killing werewolves in order to find him. There is no sire / created link so far, but we could add it if you wanted. Her scent would be different, they would be able to tell she's female, and a werewolf. This serves well in luring in victims and for getting some attention that she can manipulate into her own use.

      PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT THIS PLOT IF YOU DON'T WANT DRAMA - CONFLICT - ROUGH MATURE SCENES - and a bunch of other crap. xD Natalia is NOT for the faint of heart. I can't stress this enough. She may be infuriating and childish to some, so yeah. :p

    Dracula Untold (to continue after the movie)
    The Punisher x OC (or a variation on how his wife and children survived)
    Bitten: Elena x Clay - Craving
    Dark Series by Christine Feehan - OCs - Craving


    [ Unconditional ]


    If you wish to chat and see if we can start a role play, please PM me! Do make sure you've read my whole thread first. :) I only role play over threads, so please keep that in mind before contacting me!
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  2. Iniquity

    Iniquity I'm already dead. Community Helpers

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    3:49 AM
    I have an addiction.
  3. Iniquity

    Iniquity I'm already dead. Community Helpers

    Local Time:
    3:49 AM
    Just looking for stories I'm really craving right now. The pair in tabs are ones I have played before and desperately would love to have again.

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