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 Open Gallery of Faces

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Masquerade, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Masquerade

    Masquerade Lets make magic Member

    Local Time:
    9:22 PM
    Hello Im Masquerade the creature of many faces This Forum will be more so about the personas you can pick from that are premade and a bit about them. if one peeks your interest i am willing to fit them in any setting youd like im a selfless lover ;) I love working with people and control should be shared or given to you it helps my gears run better. Short or long term is fine prefer forums now but i have been doing PM so no issues im a whore 90% of the time so any amount of sex is welcomed. I do try to post as often as i can especially since i work from home. Im normally in the first person but can change it up if needed
    And to be honest im not making an FList cause im game for anything except vore and sometimes very very rarly is that is lifted

    I also understand entire pages dont always come easy so small replys are okay sometimes as long as your giving it your all i understand and ill do the same. Thou heres a secret i am always willing to create a persona to fill your needs if you give me outlines and i can find the magic id have your ideal character within the day.
    Without further ado here they are some of my current personas

    Malo the cursed warrior

    He has a black tattoo of a demon(sometimes dragon) on his right are which allows him to weird a large sword known as the god slayer. hes the only one capable of doing so due to his curse the sword would flatten a normal human. hes solem and calm very to him self he loves fighting but longs for peace and to find out what happened to his village he has very little memories of the sitution and doesnt actually know his real name.

    Lao and Bain the twin dragons. Celestial dragons borrowing human forms Lao controls wind while Bain commands the earth. Bain is queit and stoic often the rock to his brothers crazy antics . Lao is as wild as the wind always trying to stir chaos and excitment be has a problem with getting dirty though watch out if you dare ruin his kimono .

    Vesper the Blind oracle. Vesper has been blinded since birth a curse the males in his family bare every 50 years. but he can sense better then most can see. he uses the aura of life to guide him, he became the first warrior oracle thanks to this extra gift . he is determined to protect and get stronger and promised his late love that any foe in his path shall be cut down.

    Kaishiba the dual rose. Kaishiba Rose was curse with the powers of hell and heaven at the same time splitting his body into 2. his mind and choices often conflicting with one another . the torn man searches the world for a way to balence the good and evil in him. though i have many different versions of Kaishiba so this was just my first ever.

    the 7 sins: not going to write them all seperate but these are the living form of the sins themselves they are normally used for action or sex they have been known to change depending on the partner but ultimatly have deeper threads if people can handle them.

    Alistair the red lightning: Alistair is a man cursed with the demon kings right arm which makes him the target of many good and evil alike. luckly he commands red lightning a special gift from his ancestors, he is hot tempered and naive but has a good heart . he is hard to be trusting but longs for friends and family.

    Ren the son of the sin of lust and a demon of wrath. hes strong willed and feirce in his convictions he tries to protect everyone often falling into his fathers sin or his mothers. has tried to live a normal life but the princes of hell want his power to rise above the sins that have become too complacent in their mortal lives

    Overall im very flexable and have even enjoyed a slice of life RP recently with no magic and ive played many females as well these are just my reaccuring characters i have a literal book on unused characters so i can promise i can find something to fit your needs I am just here to hopfully offer every persona a world they can enjoy and live in. I cant wait till you pick a mask thank you for your business


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