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 Gemini's Book of Inspirations

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Gemini, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Gemini

    Gemini The Twin Fox Member

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    5:36 PM
    Hello everyone!

    So I'm hoping to find some long-term partners and friends to write with but I should probably say a few things first.

    • I'm twenty two
    • I love becoming friends with my partners and talking outside of our roleplays!
    • Doubling is a must, if only to make things fair. If I'm playing a canon for you, please be willing to play one for me.
    • I do help care for my grandmother and we've been through a rough patch recently so I have been known to vanish at odd times. However, I will let you know and all I ask is for a bit of patience please.
    • I love AU's and crossover ideas, so please feel free to offer an idea if you have one!
    • I do admit that I prefer more plot than smut, but I am willing to write it if the story naturally runs that way.
    • OC's are welcome though a bit of discussion is needed if you're searching for an OC/OC plot!
    • I do have triggers, so please tell me your's as well. I don't want to accidentally cause problems for someone by bringing up a possible trigger.
    • Any fandoms with underage kids...they're going to be aged up. No question about it, everything is 18+ because it freaks me out to play anyone younger than like...20.
    • If you find something you would like to roleplay, please send me a PM!
    • Speaking of those, I can roleplay on pretty much any medium except email. Though Discord does get irritating with the character limit.
    Okay I think that's about it for basic stuff that you need to know! Now on to the possible fandoms I would like to roleplay. The more stars next to a fandom, the more I would like to roleplay that particular fandom! In all of these fandoms I have a relatively good grasp on other characters so I should be able to play them for you. However, for Marvel, I do struggle a bit with the X-Men group. Sorry >-<

    • Detroit: Become Human ★★★
      • Connor x OC

    • The Maze Runner ★★
      • Thomas x OC
      • Minho x OC

    • Teen Wolf ★★★★
      • Derek x OC
      • Stiles x OC
      • Peter x OC

    • Supernatural ★★
      • Dean x OC
      • Castiel x OC

    • Marvel ★★
      • Bucky x OC
      • Wade x OC
      • Bruce x OC
      • Clint x OC
      • Pietro x OC

    • Harry Potter ★★★
      • Draco x OC
      • Cedric x OC
      • Harry x OC

    • One Piece ★★
      • Law x OC
      • Zoro x OC
      • Eustass x OC

    • Blue Exorcist★
      • Ryuji x OC ★
      • Yukio x OC

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