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 Get to Know Your Community Helpers!

Discussion in 'General Information & Site Guides' started by Nepenthe, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe Silence after the rain. Administrator

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    10:18 AM
    Meet Black Dahlia’s Community Helpers!

    The Community Helpers are volunteers dedicated to assisting the Black Dahlia Staff with maintaining and bettering the site. They are often the first stepping stone to becoming a staff member. (Fun fact: Seven out of our eleven staff members began as CHs!) There are a variety of positions within the Community Helper teams, but they all assist the Staff with maintaining a positive environment for our members. Our Community Helpers welcome new members (either on their profiles, in introduction threads, or both!), wish members a happy birthday, and participate in our community events. The Community Helpers are designated as green on site, have their own forum and Discord server to work in, and have a special medal to celebrate their contributions to Black Dahlia Roleplaying.

    Below is a little about who’s who in the Community Helpers, as well as more information on the teams!

    The Event Team

    The Event Team is focused on creating creative, fun and interactive content for the member base on BD while also keeping to the vision of BD and focusing on inclusion and fun instead of competition and contests.

    The Event Team is led by LeStrange and includes Alchemy, Blaize, Le Petit Prince, Maple Lumberjack, Permafrost, Riddle, and SpiritBurn.

    The Images Team

    The Images Team work to collect or create images that are used various ways on site, as well as for posting on social media, and assist the Event Team with any images they might need.

    The Images Team is led by serendipity and includes Alchemy, Meliel, Permafrost, and Villains.

    The Matchmaking Team

    The Matchmaking Team aims to find potential writing partners for members. They care deeply about helping members refine their searches and finding partners.

    The Matchmaking team is led by Iniquity and includes Roth, serendipity, Riddle, and WickedlyLurking.

    The Medal Helpers

    The Medal Helpers are Community Helpers that have the ability to award members with medals to assist staff. The Medal Helpers are currently Maple Lumberjack, Permafrost, and Villains.

    The Social Media Team

    The Social Media team is at the forefront of our attempt to recruit new members and showcase current members. Each member of the team has a social media account they curate.

    The Social Media Team is led by Nepenthe and includes Alchemy, LeStrange, Le Petit Prince, Permafrost, serendipity, and Villains.

    The Writing Support Team

    The Writing Support Team helps to curate The Writer’s Workshop. They also work together to create 1-2 new guides every couple months.

    The Writing Support Team is led by Le Petit Prince and includes Alchemy, Ashryn, Fyrangel, Gold Dust Woman, Iniquity, and Nepenthe.

    If you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the Community Helpers, please contact the Community Helper Coordinator, @Nepenthe!

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  2. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe Silence after the rain. Administrator

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    10:18 AM
    We are currently searching for new Community Helpers! Please check the tabbed sections below if you are interested in joining our wonderful Community Helpers team. Applications will remain open until the positions needed are filled. Please see the application tabs in each area for more information on where you should submit your applications. Thanks!

    Seeking Community Helpers!
    • Q: Who are the Community Helpers?
      Community Helpers are volunteers who assist the staff with a wide range of tasks. Some help run our social media, help with events and matchmaking, create guides, or create site graphics. They also help foster a fun, welcoming place for all members to enjoy. All Community Helpers are members who simply want to give back to our community. In addition to having their own color on site to honor them, the Community Helpers have an extra forum on the site for their work.

      Q: How involved should the Community Helpers be?
      It depends on the position of the Community Helper. Those helping with social media are expected to be active on their respective site every three to five days. Those assisting with Writing Support work together to post a guide about once a month and are active at least once a week on the Writer's Workshop forum. Matchmakers need to be active on-site at least every couple days for matchmaking. The Images Team works closely with the events and showcases, so their activity level varies.

      Q: What else will I be expected to do in addition to my Community Helper position?
      We often ask our Community Helpers to assist us with welcoming new members, participating in site events, and searching for art and writing showcases to display on various social media. They should also be active in the discussions that take place in our Community Helper forum.
    • Open Positions
      • Community Helpers to join the following Team:
        • Writing Support, where the team works together to create guides to be used by the community, as well as foster a positive, supportive environment within our Writer's Workshop forum.
        • Social media, where the team keeps our social media accounts up-to-date. Please have one in mind when you apply.
    • Please send your Community Helper application to Nepenthe.

      Time Zone:
      Signup Date:

      What Community Helper position are you interested in filling?

      How active are you on the forum?

      Are you able to commit to the time involvement required of your Community Helper position? Assisting with social media accounts requires actively posting content every three to five days.

      ** To apply for the Writing Support team, please include a writing sample of your choice in a spoiler.

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  3. Nepenthe

    Nepenthe Silence after the rain. Administrator

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    10:18 AM
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