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 Hard Girl, Strange City (Wendium x Jennaguitar16)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Wendium, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Wendium

    Wendium Builder of Worlds Member

    Local Time:
    6:00 PM
    Presented here for posterity and reference, the original 200+post story thread between myself and @Jennaguitar16. It wiil be continued below...


    Jason Raines’ morning routine had just been interrupted. He’d just finished getting his morning coffee from a vendor at “W” Ring and 29th when a radio call summoned him far off his Northwest G-H sector beat and all the way to Pacifica City Police Headquarters in the inner “A” Ring a stones’ throw away from the 400-floor spire that was the capitol building. The cold, dispassionate voice of Dispatch gave him no other explanation other than “The Chief wants you in his office.”

    Catching a ride on one of the inbound streetcars prowling 29th avenue he took a moment to take in the sights. The City had just celebrated its 20th anniversary and banners of royal blue and silver hung from every light pole still. He’d been in town for 15 of those years and a cop for 10. Before that, he’d been a homeless urchin on the streets of New York who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, saw too much and narrowly evaded death itself. He’d woken up a few weeks later in the then-new city with a new identity, and an entirely new body waiting for him. He went back to school and became a city cop.

    Not that PCPD had much to do compared to the average 10-million-soul city. Petty theft, a few drunk and disorderlies, and the usual black market of contraband that was, thanks to a vigilant citizenry that gave a damn about its people and a heaping of advanced technology was never more than a minor nuisance. What he really had to worry about were misused or misfiring serums.

    When 40% of the population is an all-female, borderline nymphomaniacal race whose ancestor’s creator once tried to wipe men, and every normal woman, out of existence, 50% have ready access to liquids that can turn a 90-pound waif into an eight-foot Amazon at the drop of a hat and the other 10% may as well be demigods, life is never really dull.

    20 years earlier, Kianna Moore, one of the city’s founders had accepted ultimate responsibility for the botched mutation that led to the creation of the Dryad race. When Kianna defeated her self-made nemesis, she gave those surviving Dryads a chance at redemption. Ever since, the sprawling, circular jewel of the city they now stood on, built on the rubble of a tiny Kansas town whose only map-worthy feature were its aging missile silos, was second only to New York and L.A. in population, and eclipsed either in global influence. It did it by giving people like his younger self a second chance.

    He rode the lift into headquarters and was routed not to the Chief’s office, but a conference room. There, the 6’3”, bronzed-and-bald, cleanshaven cop met three of the most statuesque women the city had to offer, dressed in elegant toga-like robes, and the comparatively plain, middle-aged black man in Police Dress that was The Chief.

    “Ah, good,” the chief said, gesturing to him, “Councilors, this is Sargent Jason Raines, the man I told you about.” The Chief’s voice was clear and resonant, he’s clearly spent enough time with the three women, one pale as snow, another dark as night and the third somewhere in between, to be immune to their stunning, eternally-youthful beauty.

    A great many feelings ran through him. Confusion, awe, shock, arousal, confusion again and finally embarrassment at feeling completely underdressed. His walking-beat uniform was entirely utilitarian.

    “Councilors,” he said with a bow, “what can I do for you?”

    “It’s more what you can do for us, Jason,” the ebony woman with a warrior’s build hidden beneath her robes said, eschewing formality, “we’ve just been sent someone from United States Witness Protection.”

    His stomach dropped the 20 floors to street level. The Pacifican government had a perpetual tit-for-tat relationship with the country it had annexed territory from, one where Uncle Sam called in few markers, but the ones they did call in may as well have been nuclear warheads. This was one of them, especially if he was here. There was only one reason.

    “We’ve selected you to be her guide,” the woman continued.

    It took him half a minute to recover the ability to speak; he felt drool run down his chin. “I, ah,”

    “Why you?” she continued, “like you, she witnessed a crime by the Giovanni Syndicate, in Brooklyn. She was, until two weeks ago, the consort of its 2nd in command,” the woman’s voice lowered two octaves. “She saw something she shouldn’t have, then took photographic evidence to the police. INTERPOL and the F.B.I. has the entire syndicate dead to rights if she makes it to the trial. Given the headaches their drug runners and traffickers have caused every law enforcement agency from L.A. to London, and since she passed our tests, we’re setting her up with a new body and identity in the city, and since you two are from adjacent neighborhoods…” her voice trailed off.

    Jason raised his eyebrows, “Gotcha,” he said, deadpan. “Where do you want me?” he’d been on the new girl’s side once. He knew the drill. The difference was she grew up in a world that knew all about Pacifica and its myriad creatures, and the sexually liberal morals and education they insisted would-be allies adopt.

    The Chief handed him a tablet. “It’s all there,” he said, “you’re on full paid leave effective immediately, congratulations,” his voice was as if he’d just killed Jason’s cat. “Or should I say, ‘good luck’.”

    Identity Crisis:

    The directions took him to an apartment building in the middle of the Northeast quadrant at “J” ring, and 45th directly adjacent to the parkland occupying the entire sector between “I” and “J” rings. Most of the building here were rented by out-of-state corporations and well past his usual paygrade. He met a pair of medics tending an empty gurney and a small green-skinned, Dryad dressed all in black in the corridor leading to an apartment on the 15th floor.

    “She’s sedated, should be waking up in an hour or so,” the lead tech said, “the transition went off without a hitch. Her memory will be a bit fuzzy at first, so be careful,” the unassuming man laid a hand on the curvaceous, green girl. “Elsa here will see to you both.”

    Jason grunted in amusement at Elsa, then smiled. He’d long ago accepted the existence of ‘parahuman’ creatures like her. They were born adults with a fusion of their parent’s memories, had a natural pheromone that, depending on exposure could either calm or arouse, once a month went into an insatiable heat, had an innate ability to read people’s emotions, had an aversion to conflict and a natural need to make others happy. They could also die of loneliness and rarely lived past 15 or 20, and so nearly every household in the city had one. Housekeeper, companion, consort, steward, or as most people called them, their ‘keepers’.

    He’s known far too many to not smile at her and take her hand. “Shall we?” he asked her. She nodded.

    Almost an hour later he’d changed into jeans and a T-shirt and sat at the bedside of his new roommate, whose dossier identified her as Alyssa Carter. The girl’s original identity had been a 5’6” brunette who blended right in in New York. Her new figure was a statuesque, and considerably bustier 5’9”, with an exotically beautiful face and naturally pink-violet hair and, if the dossier was to be believed, shimmering eyes to match. Even her fingerprints were different. He only hoped the medics could put her back for the trial—whenever that would happen. The bedroom looked mundane enough, save for the park out the window.

    Jenna wakes up, groaning as she clutches her head. Oh god it hurt. Did her boyfriend hit her again? He would always make it up to her and swear he didn't mean it. And like a moron she always stayed. He probably hit her because she wanted to leave him. She had just gotten a gorgeous coat, with his ex-wife's name on the inside. He was too cheap to buy her her own. She had had enough, and went to tell him.

    And she walked in on the worst thing in history. Her boyfriend, killing a guy in front of her. She had been wearing one of those fancy button cam's couldn't remember why now. And so when he set his thugs on her, she ran like hell to the police. They were beyond happy to see her and listen to her tale. They took the button cam and decided to set her up in a new life with a crazy new look. She didn't remember much then, it was all a blur.

    Jason looked at the vleary-eyed girl on the bed in front of him. "are you all right?" he asked calmly. She was dazed, for sure, but alive.
    He remembered his own first few days, still blurry, and the first face he'd seen, before remembering the 'present day' him wasn't exactly bad looking, either.

    "Wh..who are you? And where am I?" She asks whe she focuses on the person speaking to her. Why couldn't she remember anything? Her brain was all fuzzy and hurt. She just remembered being told she'd be safe where she went. She focuses on the face in front of her, clinging onto whatever he'd decide to tell her.

    Jason took her hand in his gently. "I'm Jason. you're safe, you've been placed in protective relocation by the F.B.I. You're in Pacifica City, and," he took a slow breath, "you're not exactly you anymore, not physically anyway. Your memories will clear up in an hour or so."
    He coudn't do much but wait for her to regain her cognition. And, he hoped, she didn't catch sight of her new complexion, or hair, or figure and freak out.

    Jenna nods and squeezes his hand. It was comforting to have someone there to tell her what was going on. "How do I look?" She didn't want to embarrass herself by admitting she didn't know much about Pacifica. She never got a high school diploma.

    She starts to study the face of the man in front of her. He was older than her, but handsome. "How did you get stuck on babysitting duty?" She knew that that was his job. Babysit the girl until the trial. He probably had a great life and wife he was missing out on for her. She felt sorry him. It was her fault for getting in with her ex anyways.

    Jason grabbed a small, silver hand mirror from the night stand and held it up for her, somewhat surprise she hadn't already been tipped off by the change in her voice. "Pretty, if I say so, myself. They did a great job on your eyes." he found himself staring into their shimmering depths for a bit longer than necessary.
    "As for me, I'm a cop, but 15 years ago I was right where you are, 18 and scared shitless right off the streets of Brooklyn. I'd caught one of the Giovanni brothers offing a diner owner and his wife. They almost killed me. A week later I woke up as Captain America here."

    Jenna looks in the mirror he holds up and touches her face. "This is me? Really me?" She didn't know what to say. She was in shock and awe. She looked, so pretty.... wow. How did they do this? And her eyes were so lovely.

    She glances at him but can't stop staring in the mirror. "They figure you can help me out the best. And they let you stay after the trial?" She but her lip as she waited for the answer, because she was desperate for a chance to start completely over. To do better than some crime boss's squeeze and be shot at.

    Jason chuckled. "It took the Bureau three years to put their case together, they took out half the Giovanni's with it. By then I'd started a new life. I suspect you will be in for it, they haven't gotten any faster in 20 years, trust me." He sat up on the edge of the bed. "They have wonders here. People that--" he held out his hands in a failed gesture, "well,"
    He gestured and whistled, "Elsa, would you mind introducing yourself?"

    A pair of emerald green eyes set in a leaf-green face peered around the corner for an instant, and then the five-foot tall, broad-shouldered and broader-hipped girl with a flat stomach, toned arms and legs and breasts bigger than her head sidled up to the bed, smiling a brilliant smile that lit up the room. "You're awake!" she chirped. The room's scent went from neutral to that of wildflowers as she approached.

    Jason gestured to the diminutive girl, "This is Elsa, she's one of the natives here, she's you--- our, roommate."

    Jenna nods along as he tells her about his life as it related to her duration of stay. "Good, I was hoping I could get a chance to start over, try again. It's a good thing they didn't kick you out afterwards." She smiles a little. She had hope now.

    She sees the girl and can't help from stare, though she does lean back as the girl approches. "Uh native? Roommate? OUR roommate?" Now she was lost, and he'd see how stupid she really was. This was why she had stayed with that jerk until he tried to kill her. She looks between the girl, Elsa and wjat was his name? Did she ask? Did he tell her and she forgot already? Oh boy.

    Jason shook his head and chuckled. "Well I can't have expected the Feds to have told you where you were going, now could I. Things are different here then they are," he gestured to the air, "out there," He returns his hands to her legs. " the three of us will be roommates for a while, until you get acclimated, and finish your education," he sais, remembering her lack of even a basic diploma-- nothing they couldn't fix.

    Elsa grabbed a glass of water from the nightstand and held it out for her without so much as a word-- she'd seen Jenna/Alyssa lick her lips unconsciously with thirst.
    "I'm Jason Raines," he said after a moment, repeating himself, "you're in Pacifica City, and you'll be here for as long as you need to. They can't find you here."

    Jenna gratefully takes the glass of water and soon has drunk all the water, a bonehead move. She hands the glass back and watches Jason. "Um, I was rubbish at geography, and I'm not sure what or where is Pacifica city." She mumbles in embarrassment.

    She studies Elsa curiously before she had doomed herself by exposing her stupidity. She just stares down at her hands in her lap as she fiddles with them. She didn't even know what she might want to do, she was used to just using her looks to get a guy who would give her whatever she wanted in return for sex.

    "Central Kansas, inside a 50-mile-square territory that isn't part of the U.S. anymore, it's, ah," Jason winced, "complicated."
    That was putting it mildly. The city had not one but two full perimeter walls at 5 and 15 mile distances from the Capitol and two perimeter fences flanking a 200-foot artificial river encircled the territory with very through checkpoints at all eight land entrances. He'd spent a year working the border and pitied the shanty towns of protestors outside who, even after 20 years had let to let the issue go. The hyper-religious nuts demanded the Dryads be freed from slavery, the gays burn in hell and contraception and abortions be outlawed and, to top it all off, the godless heathens repent.

    It turned his stomach at times. There wasn't a convoy or train that didn't need a heavy escort from the National Guard to get past them without risking a riot. Passengers had to go in and out by air, or one of the few alternative means available to the local residents.

    "Yeah, we'll go with that, suffice to say this city is about the safest place on the planet," he continued.

    Elsa came to sit on the bed beside Jenna, leaving the girl between them, and began running her hands down Jenna's back in a gentle, comforting caress without saying anything.

    Jenna relaxes as Elsa caresses her back. It was very comforting and it made her feel better. She looks up at Jason as he talks. "So we're not in Kansas anymore."She jokes, smiling a little hoping he'd get it. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Oh, Elsa was so nice. She smelled wonderful and her touch was intoxicating.

    "So what is expected of me? What do i have to do?" She asks seriously. She was curious as to what hoops she had to jump through to stare here in Pacifica and under the protection of the city. Plus she kind of liked her new look and didn't want it to be taken away.

    The 'Kansas' joke fell flat, having been beaten to death 19 years and 11 months earlier.

    Elsa, sensing Jenna's approval, slid onto her knees behind the girl to both prop her up and allow nimble fingers to knead tense shoulders as Jason continued.

    "Anything at all," he said, clearing his throat after un-contorting his face from utter confusion. "Your basic living needs, that is, this apartment, food, water, and a living stipend, are provided by the state. What you do with the rest of your time is up to you, after, of course, you finish your schooling."

    The apartment around them was in a building nearly as old as the city itself but looked as if it was built yesterday, clean, well-kept and, based on the cushions, bedding and quality of what furnishing that could be seen in the living area out the door, well above 'basic' by most standards.

    "Finish your diploma and either get a job or find something constructive to do, that's the only conditions."

    "Okay, so back to high school? Or are there online courses?" She hoped there were online courses so she could do things on her own time and didn't have to be stuck with kids. "What is considered constructive? Just keeping out of trouble?" She asks so she would be prepared.

    Jenna moans as Elsa starts to massage her shoulders. "What is Elsa's role?" She asks as she enjoys the massage. She wasn't sure where the girl fit in but she enjoyed her presence right now. She seemed to know what was needed before it was mentioned.

    Jason relaxed, realizing Jenna was opening up. "There are students your own age, but there are online courses to take if you wish, I don't blame you, incidentally," he said, getting up to retrieve a tablet from a briefcase on the floor. He activated it and showed it to her "PCUSD Online - Pacifica ministry of Education" the screen read. "As for what's considered constructive," his eyes darted around the room, ignoring her third question for the moment. "What was it you wanted to do when you grew up, when you were a kid?" he knew from her file she'd been in an unbroken home -- until she was eight or so.

    Jenna takes the tablet, looking over the home page. "Online please. My own pace, where I want, no one laughing at me." She stops to think about his question. "I wanted to dance, be a singer, an actor. I could do it all if I did musicals." She smiles to herself, staring past him into the past. "Oh how I loved taking the dance classes after school, even if they were to keep me out of the way. But those jobs don't pay, you end up starving to death. I was told to get my head out of the cloud and be practical.'' She focuses on him with a sad smile. "So yeah. I'm not a kid."

    Jason blinked for a moment. "Don't pay, maybe in New York, but here, well, we've got a better Broadway than Broadway, we call it Echo North, and one of the best teachers on the planet, or so I hear. It's been a while since I've been down there, I'm sure we could find you something to do." He looked her figure over with an analytical eye, "and tweak that figure if we need to, I'm not sure what sort of kinesthetics profile they used on you, but that's a quick fix."

    "Wait what?" Jenna was surprised with what he was saying. She could actually be an actor?! That was great! "Uh tweak my figure? Kinawhat profile?" She was confused by the words he was saying now. It had started out so simple. And what about Elsa? She didn't know what the girl did and Jason didn't tell her. Her memory was slowly coming back, as was the fact that she was hungry as her stomach loudly rumbles.

    Jason winced and Elsa jumped. "I, um, information overload," he said, "I guess you'd better take a closer look at yourself," he stood up and held out a hand and pointed to the private bathroom with the other, "we changed more than just your hair and eyes, but I'm not surprised it hasn't caught up with you yet. Go take a look."
    'Mirror shock' was a thing and the new Jenna, or rather the one the medics had called 'Alyssa', was taller and bustier than Jenna had been originally, in addition to the small facial changes and skintone tweaks. the shorter, less curvy figure Jenna had would, ironically, stick out like a sore thumb here as easily as"Alyssa" stood out back home. And she was supposed to blend in.

    Jenna walks to the bathroom, confused by their reactions. She sees herself in the mirror and lets out a scream. What did they do to her?! Though, when she looked again she didn't look to bad. She was taller, prettier. Her breasts were too large though. She had been happy with her nice C cup breasts, that fit perfectly in a man's hand. Now her breasts were large and would constantly require a bra. Ugh. She turns to check out her ass, which still looked perfect, and her stomach was flatter and thighs thinner. All in all she liked her look, except her boobs. They would just get in the way and cause trouble.

    Elsa took point for him this time, moving in to the bathroom behind Jenna and running a under the plain white shirt she was dressed in to press a hand between Jenna's shoulder blades. "You asked what my role is here, I am here to serve you, my people want nothing more than for those not like us to be happy." Her touch was warm and soothing for a reason few could put their finger on.

    Most attributed it to 'Dryad Magic' some, like Jason knew better, but wasn't about to try to explain their biochemistry to a high school dropout. Her kind were both a cop's best friend and worst nightmare, depending on her state of mind. Relaxed, their sweat and tears had a calming effect on most people, intensifying when they were anxious. When sexually aroused it became a powerful aphrodisiac. Terror, on the other hand, released a flood of something like LSD that disoriented anyone nearby. It was the sole reason no Dryad had been sexually assaulted; either she turned the tables on her attackers or left them in a useless stupor, sometimes both.

    Right now, Elsa was Jason's best asset and both of them knew it.

    "I think you're beautiful," the girl continued in a soft wispy voice, her free hand sliding around Jenna's torso to cup a breast gently beneath her shirt, eventually placing her palm flat between Jenna's breasts, holding the new girl's heart between her open hands.


    Elsa took point for him this time, moving in to the bathroom behind Jenna and running a under the plain white shirt she was dressed in to press a hand between Jenna's shoulder blades. "You asked what my role is here, I am here to serve you, my people want nothing more than for those not like us to be happy." Her touch was warm and soothing for a reason few could put their finger on.

    Most attributed it to 'Dryad Magic' some, like Jason knew better, but wasn't about to try to explain their biochemistry to a high school dropout. Her kind were both a cop's best friend and worst nightmare, depending on her state of mind. Relaxed, their sweat and tears had a calming effect on most people, intensifying when they were anxious. When sexually aroused it became a powerful aphrodisiac. Terror, on the other hand, released a flood of something like LSD that disoriented anyone nearby. It was the sole reason no Dryad had been sexually assaulted; either she turned the tables on her attackers or left them in a useless stupor, sometimes both.

    Right now, Elsa was Jason's best asset and both of them knew it.

    "I think you're beautiful," the girl continued in a soft wispy voice, her free hand sliding around Jenna's torso to cup a breast gently beneath her shirt, eventually placing her palm flat between Jenna's breasts, holding the new girl's heart between her open hands.

    Jenna felt so confused when Elsa walked in and put her hand under her shirt. But she relaxed under her touch. "To serve me?" She didn't want a servant. But if it made the girl happy she would let her. She looks at herself in the mirror as Elsa calls her beautiful. She gasps when her breast is cupped, unsure how she feels about it, then looks at the hand that is between her breasts. She just stands there, not removing it.

    It was a wordless, sensual moment. Elsa could feel Jenna's initially rapid heartbeat slow as the moment passed. As Elsa slid her hand from between Jenna's breasts and out of the new girl's shirt she said, "you're safe here. Whoever they are, they can't find you here, they do not know the face, the body, in the mirror."

    Her other hand kept its place as the once-heart hand moved up to caress her neck. In moments, both hands were back on Jenna's shoulders, massaging again.

    Jenna closes her eyes and lets Elsa massage her shoulders. She was feeling better and more reassured about everything. Her stomach growls again and she opens her eyes again. "Sorry about that. Guess I am hungry." She gives a small chuckle. She felt safe, a rare feeling for her. She waits for Elsa to finish, not wanting to insult her.

    A handful of kneads and tugs after the word 'Hungry' hits Elsa's ears, she stops for an instant. "Food!" the girl chirps with delight, "good," before going right back to massaging Jenna, hands sliding under her shirt to work her upper back, then grazing down her sides.

    Jason took the cue to go to the kitchen and, upon discovering the fridge and cabinets fully-stocked, proceeded to make what was for him, comfort food from back in Brooklyn: a warm roast beef sandwich, with cheese melting on top, with chips and a bottle of coca-cola. He brought the lunch to the bedroom on a bed-friendly tray, resting it on the bed.
    "It's not much," he said after a moment, "but I like to think I can make a decent roast beef melt on a kaiser."

    By that point Elsa had been working on the tops of Jenna's thighs for about a minute, easily kneading through the soft cotton of too-short shorts.

    "Oh yummy!" Jenna digs in, taking a huge bite and chewing it quickly before swallowing. "Elsa, what are you doing?" She tries to stop the girl, feeling super embarrassed right now. She loved the food, it was something that was comforting to her as well. She smiled at Jason and waits for him to help her get Elsa to stop. The girl probably meant no harm, but she was starting to freak Jenna out.

    Elsa had clearly gotten carried away and stopped, pulling her hands way. "I'm sorry, mistress," she said meekly, folding her hands behind her and rounding Jenna to face her, "I got distracted by your body, I am sorry, Mistress," her tone was apologetic, even meek as her eyes moved to Jenna's feet for a few seconds. Jason cleared his throat and Elsa looked upagain, relaxing, throwing him an apologetic look before moving to a chair, out of direct line of sight of them both.

    "You'll have to forgive Elsa, her people can get a little, shall we say, distracted by things they find attractive. I can't say I know her, but I'd say she's got a thing for fit girls, judging by how she got lost working the kinks out of your hindquarters," Jason said.

    "It's okay. I'm not hurt." She assured the very saddened girl. Crap, now who knew what Elsa would do, since Jenna hadn't liked her grtting do handy and she said her job was to make her happy. Luckily Jason stopped her from starting her massage again and the girl moved to a chair.

    Jenna had just taken another bite of sandwich when she hears Jason, and chokes. She coughs until she swallows the bite in her mouth and follows it up with a sip of Coke. "Excuse me, what?" Elsa was attracted to her? But that made no sense! Her body was a sham! And well, she didn't think that way.

    He nodded. "Dryads are omnisexual, if it or its ancestors were born human, it's alive and has a working sex drive, they want it, it's that simple, though they do have varying tastes. My girl, Oni, will jump my bones if I've had an afternoon at the gym and pumped up too much, but any other day," he waved a hand dismissively, "eh, I have to ask her first."

    He hoped, and silently prayed that somebody, somewhere had tried to explain to Jenna just how casually sex was treated in these parts.

    "Woah, wait a second. She's mine? Like for anything at all? I thought... well that she was yours really." She had been eating, because she was starving. But this was a lot to wrap her brain around. She was pretty much as dumb as he was about the going ons of Pacifica as he was when he arrived. "Are they all female?"

    He was just so damn casual about this stuff. It blew her mind to think thst she'd have a servant that would have sex with her or do absolutely anything to make her happy. Maybe Jason had forgotten what it was like to be in her shoes, not knowing anything about the place he was now.

    Jason winced at the harsh tone of Jenna's voice. It...
    was a little familiar.
    Before he could speak, Elsa came out of her trance and moved over to stand in front of Jenna as tall as she could. "I am no one's pet," she growled proudly, "I am neither his, nor yours. I, and my sisters, serve whom we choose at our pleasure," she took a breath, then another and visibly relaxed, slumping onto the edge of the bed. "You should be happy I wan--" she stopped midword, her eyes flitting about, "like, you," ehs still averted her eyes, visibly still distrought, though she was clearly getting over it as the seconds ticked by.

    Jason smiled and spoke after an awkward silence. "There, ya see? The sisterhood hath spoken," he said. "They are why this city exists, and why it still stands. And yes, they're all female, though that doesn't mean some very smart people haven't tried to fix it. Without much luck, I'm afraid."

    Jenna shrinks back as Elsa scolds her. "I'm sorry. I misunderstood Jason." She didn't know how to make it right. She stares down at the food in the tray over her lap. She felt horrible for how she had spoke about Elsa. She should have been happy that someone wanted to spend time with her and make her happy, and instead she was cruel.

    She wanted to know how they reproduced if they were all female. Surely even if they got pregnant from a normal human make, they'd be half-bloods, and then diluted down further as they reproduced. She didn't dare ask though, for fear if upsetting Elsa with her insensitive questions.

    Jason cleared his throat. "No harm done. Every rose has her thorns. Just be glad she doesn't get the literal kind when she gets angry, hm?"

    Elsa snorted in amusement.

    Jason came over after a moment and patted Elsa on the shoulder. "When you're done I've got a few things to show you, we have to get you a proper wardrobe, for one thing."

    Jenna looks down at what she was wearing and then nods. "Yes, that would probably be a good idea." She was happy/sad that there wasn't a prechosen wardrobe for her. She quickly finishes her food and looks around for shoes.

    She was somewhat happy to be going shopping, but also nervous that she'd stick out liek a sore thumb. "Elsa, would you come too? I'm not sure what to choose and I'd appreciate your help." She figured best to play it safe and to be polite with Elsa. And really, she didn't trust Jason to have a high fashion sense.

    Elsa beamed, "I'd be happy to help!" she said, excitedly, "but you have to get your stones first," she gestured to the living room.
    Jason had disappeared out of the room and was tending to a wooden box the size of four shoeboxes stacked in a square on the coffee table. "Now then, these," he opened the box's hinged lid and pulled out two hand-sized flat-bottomed riverstones. "Are your wardrobe." He held them out for Jenna, "I'll explain in a second while Elsa demonstrates."

    Elsa's eyes were alight now, she knew what was coming and she took center stage, or as 'center' as the living room could muster and spread her arms out. In the space of a few seconds, the girl's outfit melted into shimmering silver-gray goo that clung to her skin and flowed into two pieces, one going to her left hand, the other her right. Each was much smaller than the ones in Jason's hand. Her naked figure was the same flawless green as her face and her bare breasts still had the shape of something confined by a bra, yet they clearly weren't. "Ta-da!" she chirped.

    Jenna just stares, totally confused. Stones were her wardrobe? And now Elsa was naked? This wasn't making a bit of sense at all. Where were the stores with the clothes hanging on racks and folded on shelves? With all the purses and shoes and jewelry?

    If she had to be responsible for making her own clothes, she was doomed to her current outfit, or she'd be naked. "Okay, what? How is that possible? Why aren't we going to a store? I can't do that."

    Jason smiled. "Oh, but you can. I've yet to meet a girl born outside the city walls who didn't think this was the best invention of all time." He nudged them toward her, "take it, I can't show you with my hands full, now can I?"
    He all set them on the tabletop and picked up a phone-sized tablet from inside the box. "The wardrobe has an advanced mode, you can get an augmented reality implant," he gestured with his free hand to one eye, "but the tablet works just as well." He handed her the tablet. It showed a model of Shay, or rather, it was a doll with her measurements and skin tone, and no clothing, arms outstretched. "Tap on each body part to get a list of options, there's about a dozen designs in there, workout and plain professional attire, mostly." He finger-gestured over the tablet, "just push 'ready' when you're done and when it says 'waiting to render' pick up the stones and they'll put it on you, properly tailored and everything."

    Elsa squeezed her stones once more and they liquefied, creating a bra and panty set in black lace. At the same moment, Jason's T-shirt morphed away, revealing his muscled chest, and his jeans and shoes morphed into sandals and swim trunks in red.

    Okay, that was making musch more sense then her brain having to do all the work. She took the tablet and played with it, scowling when things didn't work out right. She wasn't thrilled with the option choices available to her.
    "Can I order more clothes? Cause these aren't that great for anything besides working out and being serious. And I'm doing neither."Sure, she was botching already, but come on. This was completely ridiculous.

    They both waited, watching Jenna peck at her tablet.
    Both Jason and Elsa smiled. "That's why we're going shopping. While there are some stores that specialize in bespoke woven clothing, formal wear, lingerie and some specialty stuff like armor and big winter coats, most sell patterns and allow you to model them, and their artists are much more fashion-sensable than I am."
    He was already making a mental list of where he could take her. "Just render a pair of yoga pants, a tank and some flip-flops, we'll fix you up later," he snarked impatiently after waiting what he felt like was too long.

    Jenna taps at the screen, except she put some sneakers on her feet. She then hits the ready screen, making sure she had applied the underwear and bra too and then grabs the stones, gripping them tightly as she the clothes changed. She peeks over Elsa for approval since Jason was mad at her already. She hadn't meant to upset him. She was hust overwhelmed by everything that was going on right now.

    Elsa gave a small look of shock as she saw the underwear render but relaxed a second later and gave a thumbs-up. She, like most Dryads, didn't understand the whole 'underwear' thing. Then again, even clothing itself was, for most of those like Elsa, a foreign concept.

    "Ready?" Jason asked, gesturing for Jenna to pocket the tablet, "just hang on to that thing. There are a few details to go over," he grabbed a tablet from the table by the door-- her file, and read it over. "You're new name is 'Alyssa Carter', you're from Yonkers, New York and..." he scowled. "21." He looked at her in confusion, not sure if that was right or not, "you're here because of a hospital scholarship, which would explain the unfamiliar-body away, and..." he thumbed at the tablet, "I'm supposed to get you down to see one of the MD's, they have some details to go over with you that are a wee bit out of my wheelhouse," he gestured with the other hand, "seeing as I have the wrong set of chromosomes."
    He gestured at the door. "Still want me along?" he mused.

    "Yes of course I do." Jenna says as she walks along. She heads out the door. "22, actually but that's not bad. At least I can still drink. Hmm. Alyssa Carter from Yonkers. At least they left me in New York. Great, must have been a burn victim if I got a hospital scholarship." Jenna wasn't a complete idiot. "And I'm not embarrassed that you'll learn things you didn't know. Unless there is embarrassing details shared. Then that would not be good, but I trust you more than the strangers that will be talking to me."

    Jason smirked and shifted from a soft, midwestern-ish accent to a Brooklyn one, something he'd shaken by pure exposure here. "you can take 'em out of Brooklyn, but ya can't take Brooklyn out of 'em," he said with a grin. "And for the record, the age for any and all vices here is somewhere between 16 and 19, depending on the individual. Anyone who's hit 18 stateside though, is grandfathered in.

    He looked at the tablet more closely. "Huh, how bout that, apartment fire," he mused at the 'official' cause of her regenerative migration. He tossed it aside as Elsa ran ahead and opened the door for the both of them. Before leaving he grabbed another tablet, this one a dedicated city guide with a map. He handed it to her as they walked to the elevator. "Here ya go, we're... here."

    The city was a perfect circle 20 miles in diameter. The "Core" consisted of a ten mile circle with 26 concentric "ring" avenues spaced 1000 feet apart and 36 streets numbered for their degrees (from 36th at due north, 90th to the west, 18th due south and 27th to the west), at the outer edges, falling to only the four 'cardinal' streets in the center. The "A" ring surrounded a park which in turn surrounded an enormous skyscraper, 400 floors tall. Every 4th ring from there on was either park or farms. Just beyond "Z" was a wall, and gates at the 8 principle directions leading to the outer areas. The second five-mile section was newer, with the rings named for people and places instead of phonetics.

    "...Juliet 46, the best shopping district for you is..." he pointed to a spot near '10 o'clock further in, "Golf 30, that's my usual, beat, too, so I might be a little biased," he gestured with his fingers at that as the lift arrived.

    Seconds later they'd passed street level in the elevator and arrived in a tunnel, the maze-like passages were empty in the mid afternoon, the unmistakable sounds of foot traffic and the noise of a subway came from below. "Just so you know, I still think New York's subway is better for going places, but this one's much nicer," he said with a chuckle.

    They reached the platform for The 'Juliett Ring subway without even a turnstyle to slow them down. There waited a dozen people, half of them looked 'normal, like they did, though the men were all various degrees of either buff or 'ruggedly handsome', if not both and the girls 'buxom', their outfits almost uniformly 'professional'. The few that didn't look normal were a handful of Dryads, in a small group, tending pushcarts of goods, a seven-foot tall woman built like a tank, and a small man who resembled a hobbit in a business suit. All of them looked like any New Yorker waiting for the subway did, as if their minds were elsewhere and the particular tableau was the most normal thing in the world.

    Jenna looks over the tablet with a scowl. How was one to remember all this jumble? New York was super easy to navigate. But this? Rings and Letters and numbers and walls. All the freaking walls. Who needed that many walls? And a square city is much smarter than a round one. She just hated the math that had to be done with circles. She follows after Jason as he keeps spouting facts, quickly growing bored and tuning him out. Of course it was an apartment fire. She was happy to hear how things were legal from a much younger age, and wondered what all was legal. She focused on Elsa and how dhe walked, then looked over the people waiting for the subway. You never knew who you'd meet, but you never had to see them again, unless of course it was part of their daily routine. She took a breath of air, disappointed that it didn't smell at all like the New York underground.

    The train arrived soon enough, mundane in appearence, if a little taller than most deep-run trains to accommodate taller-than-normal people.
    The ride was brisk, and the subsequent transfer to another shorter line was just as fast. The people didn't change much; the same exotic faces and figures going about mundane urban lives.

    When they arrived at their destination and took an escalator to street level, the nearly-noon sun overhead shined down on an intersection of asphalt bisected by streetcar tracks runnin four directions. the same people from the subway, this time more numerous, walked the sidewalks or plied the streets on bikes, rollerblades or small electric carts.

    On eack side of the streets, stores announced their wares. Most her were clothing stores, though the corner was home to an apothecary with, among other things, a familiar green cross and flanked by a soda shop/bakery and a diner. Across on their side of the street was a bodega, which Jason led her past, away from the bustle of the intersection and to a small dress shop, its sign in elegant script reading, "Ria's of Rivendell."

    he held the door for the two of them.

    Inside, the small shop ha foors of wood and paneling to evoke an elven village. Numerous dresses were on display, ranging from elegant medieval-inspired gowns to more casual nightwear. The soft bell as they entered summoned the proprietress out of her back room.

    A very tall, very slender blonde woman of indeterminate, if youthful age glided towards them, her soft-soed feel making no noise across the floor. Long slender legs and a longer torso were wrapped in a soft, silken dress and shimmering golden hair tamed in a large braid was draped over one shoulder. Sapphire-blue eyes beamed as she saw him. If the eyes weren't otherworldly, the elven ears were. "Jase!" she chirped, arms outstretched for a hug. Her Boston accent quite prominent.

    The two embraced and she got a look at Jenna, "who's the new girl?" she asked, "Right off the boat?"

    Jason nodded. "Alyssa carter, out of Sister Mary Clarance's Hospital," he said, bending the truth of her record. Ria quirked an eyebrow. "I see," she looked Jenna over with an inquisitive, professional eye, "well let's see what we can do about little miss hard luck's look, hm?" she gestured to Jenna to join her, "come on back, sweetie."

    Jenna looks around as they travel, trying not to stare. Wow, the people were very impressive and so was the shops. There were sooo many shops. And they were pretty shops too. She was wanting to visit all of the different shops there was.

    She follows Jason into the shop and is touching fabrics by the time Ria came out to great Jason. She was curious how they knew each other, but it wasn't her business. She follows after Ria into the back, expecting Elsa and Jason to follow as well. Ria was a very beautiful elf and rather intimidating in her beauty. But she did seem to be very friendly.

    The back room of her shop had a 3 way mirror platform in one corner, dressmaker dummies and several sewing machines, as well as a rack of quietly humming computers.

    Ria closed the door to her back room and smiled. "So, you're from witness protection," she said; a statement, not a question.

    She motioned to the platform flanked by three mirrors, "let's see what we can do for you, shall we?"

    She grabbed a tablet and lights around the alcove came to life.

    Jenna steps onto the platform. "How do you know? And where is Jason and Elsa?" She expected them to follow her into the back, and was surprised they didn't. Sure, it was a dress fitting but still. She didn't know this Ria all that well.

    She takes in the mirrors, lights, sewing machines and computers. Ria obviously did well to have all this equipment. And how did Ria know she was a witness? Did she look that dumb? That shocked and awed?

    Ria's smile broadened as she realized she was dealing with a girl who was either very sheltered, or who grew up in an entirely different world. "There's no such place as Sister Mary Clarance's Hospital, but there was a movie where a singer goes into witness protection and ends up in a Catholic Convent with the name Sister Mary Clarance. He can't say anything, but he didn't have to. It's a little in-joke we have, you see, when he first came to town, I was what he's doing for you. We bonded over a mutual love of quirky movies and no love for the DamnYankees," she said, her Boston accent coming out. She shook her head as she recalled. "We've shared a bed twice a month for the last seven years but never could make it work, hmm," she mused aloud.

    She further poked at her tablet and something over Jenna's head hummed to life. "Now then," she stood off to one side of the platform. "Jace brought you to me because he knows I have a better fashion sense than he does and he trusts me, implicitly."Her studious eyes roamed Jenna's figure carefully as she cross-checked her tablet. "Just hold still and spread your arms like so," she held her arms out from her body at a 45 degree angle with her legs doing the same thing. "It's so the computer will get your measurements, then we can play with dolls, okay, sweetie?"

    Jenna listens to everything that Ria tells her. And inside joke, hmm. Okay. "Hey! Actually, I hate baseball." She chuckles. And her and Jason have been sleeping together? Wowzers. There went any tiny subconscious plan to try to hook up with him. She was nowhere near the beauty of Ria.

    Jenna stands as Ria orders, arms and legs out as she tries to identify the source of the humming. At least she didn't hsve to suffer from the perfect Ria putting her hands all over her own unperfect body as measurements were taken .

    For an instant, the mirrors, and the light sources around them went blindingly-white as the hum turned to a shrill whine of a camera flash. "Okay, you can step down, sweetie," Ria said, the room's lighting starting to dim as she continued to fiddle with her tablet. "Let's see what they thought is 'average' these days..."
    Even before Jenna could step down, a ghostly image appeared over her, getting more solid by the second. It was her, or rather, a hologram of her, dressed as she was at that moment and in the same pose, though her face was more neutral. The image slowly rotated clockwise, hovering a few inches off the platform. As it rendered, measurements and vital statistics and wireframe drawings appeared over Holo-Jenna's body as the clothing vanished and Ria worked the tablet.

    After a moment she looked up from the tablet, folded her arms under her chest and hummed in professional scrutiny, pointing with her free hand. "Five-nine and a quarter, 155 pounds," she muttered under her breath before taking a breath, "36F, hmm," she said, her hands circling Holo-Jenna's ass now, "a little top-heavy but we can work with that, it's about what you'd expect these days. Workaday fashion's running topheavy this year, all those new Hollywood starlets going enhancer-happy when they come through," she mused, returning to peck at her tablet. "Now then, since someone went to all that trouble to give you those eyes..."

    The display changed. Clothes appeared and the figure took on a neutral pose with a wry smile. The hologram wore a pair of black hip-hugging leather-looking pants, leather boots with a short heel and a dark purple halter top that wrapped its straps around her neck, the silken fabric clinging to breasts that were pushed up just-so by an unseen something, leaving her back bare save for a few criss-crossing straps of fabric and a hint of her midriff showing.

    "He'd like this on you, I think, he's got a thing for leather and silk," she said with a small wink. "And..." she paused, remembering where er new charge was from, "forget everything you knew about clothes, they won't have the drawbacks of real leather, they move much better."

    Jenna blinks from the unexpected flash. She scurries off the podium fast as she can as the hologram came up. That was unexpected. She listens to her height and weight, nothing bad, then hears her breast size. "36F?! No! That's way too big!" She hadn't been able to tell when looking in a mirror. "How do I shrink those?"

    She did like the outfit that was on her hologram self, it looked sharp. She blushed when it was hinted that Jason would like it, and then she listens in confusion as she's told the clothing is different. Really, she should have expected it, but she was still a bit slow with what was what now.

    Ria looked puzzled. "Too big?" she asked, as if she was hearing an alien phrase, "you..." she blinked, then rose her eyebrows in comprehension, "you didn't get the talk, did you?" she asked herself more than anything. Of course this is why he came here. "your body as you are now is what we call your natural self, it might not be the one you were born with, but it's the one you return to after all the little potions an serums and charms around here wear off. If you want to change it you'll have to make an appointment with one of the med clinics. Now," she walked over to the bank of computers and grabbed a small vial from a shelf nearby, "one of the things I do is make prescription serum formulas," she held up a vial with her name on it. "changing organs and bone around is something the medics need to do, but just about anything with muscle," she grabbed at her own right upper arm to illustrate, "or flesh, " she hefted a breast, "or anything water-weight-y we can change with a serum that lasts 52 hours. You take it on a friday and it wears off sunday evening. So I don't just make dresses to fit your figure, I can tailor your figure to the outfit. My prescriptions are precision-crafted to put the right curves in the right places, get your skin tone that perfect complexion, even do your hair up."

    She set the vial down, "you see, Alyssa," she put a hand on Jenna's shoulder. "your sense of self is in here," she said, gently tapping the side of Jenna's head with her other hand, "the body is merely an extension of your mind's desires." She backed away and looked at her up and down again, then at the hologram, "personally, I think that body of yours is a bombshell, and were I that type of girl I'd be all over you," she clucked her tongue, "but I don't like girls like that."

    Jason said they would be going to the medics after tbis, so she'd being it up with them then. She listened as it was explained to her about all the changes she could make. It was interesting. Everything except height could be changed with a little potion. That was magical. She was more than happy to try the potion made for her.

    "That's all I've heard, others like my body. I just don't." She shrugs. "I'd rather have the body I like than the one others want me to have." Jenna explains softly. "Though I am interested in the potions you make." She smiles at Ria. "Shall I try it?"

    Ria ignored Jenna's last question, having been distracted by her first.
    She punched a few keys on her tablet and the display changed, listing a handful of items. "According to this," she said pointing, "your body hasn't been altered except to correct a congenital predisposition to cancer, a couple of allergies and to give you the eyes and hair coloring. It does mention also they fixed a whole mess of organ damage and burns, but since you came in on a medical that's expected." Though she clearly knew the records were a fib, she wasn't about to say anything. After a moment she dismissed the history. "You're new here, you have what we call morph shock, you want your old body back. I've been there. When I came in I was a teenage drug addict living on the streets of Boston. I'd made a couple whopper mistake in High School and came this," she gestured with two fingers close together, "...close to being swept up in a trafficking ring. One day I was a fragile, weak, and broken, desperately wanting my next fix, and the next I had my health back. It took me a year of counseling to get over it all," she sighed, remembering how hard her own first days were.

    "You've got a first-year's lock anyway, until you graduate from the right classes and the medics are going to tell you as much. All I can tell you is you'll just have to make the most of the 'new you'," she gestured to the holographic figure as she looked Jenna in the eyes and gently grasped her hands, "look, I know you're scared and confused right now, just give it some time, okay? I'll see to it you have a half dozen outfits and the tits, ass, abs and legs to rock 'em, but," she ran her hands down jenna's sides, pressing in at her waist to emphasize it, "this is the real you now, anything we do to it is just a small change."

    Jenna groans as she is told that she is stuck in this body for a while year. But Ria was right. This was all a huge shock and she'd have to get used to this. How her body was now. "Okay. Let's get me some outfits." She says with a small smile. Her head was spinning from all the information, and maybe she'd have to see a counselor too. This was a new body, a new life. She'd have to figure things out. But she would have plenty of time for that, until her trial. And then she'd probably get kicked out of this great city.

    Ria grinned and looked back up at the silk and leather ensemble, "so, this is you as-is..." she pecked at the tablet and a duplicate appeared next to her, their posture changing so they'd both fit on the platform. "And this one," the second had a smaller bust and a plumper ass, "is you with a little rebalancing. That I can get you right away-- I'll give you the pattern and the 'script to get the serum so you can use it if you want, just remember it's meant to last a weekend."

    She side-eyed Jenna for a moment and smirked. "I know for a fact you wouldn't have been paired up with him if someone didn't think you two'd wind up in bed together more than once; they match on temperament and personality more than looks, because we can change them. How's about we stack the deck in your favor? I can tell you when he's feeling sexiest and what he looks for at the moment, for one thing." she said it so casually. Of course, she had to. For her it was the most natural thing in the world to help another girl get in with a friend of hers. Isn't that what friends did, after all? "I can already guess you have a little thing for the athletic and at least a little muscular sort, even if you won't admit it, given how he usually looks."

    She flipped the images again and the 'twin' Jennas changed outfits. They both now wore a sheer black nightie that hung loosely from her shoulders and barely covered her breasts. Both were molded and pushed up by something, but it clearly wasn't the fabric, nor a bra underneath. Both figure had a matching pair of panties visible beneath the sheer hem of the 'garment'. That said, the 'altered Jenna's' breasts were bigger and the muscles of her legs and abs considerably more defined.

    "Now if you want to be taken, this little number will do the trick, with or without the extra up top, but that's if you want to be taken. So I suppose now's a good time to ask, would you rather be taken, or take him?" her mischievous grin broadened at the idea of either.

    Jenna nods when there is talk about the alterations and that they lasted a weekend only. The talk of her and Jason hooking up had her blushing like crazy. "He is good looking..." she admits to Ria. The nightie barely covered anything at all but it did look pretty good on her.

    "Uh taken? Take him?" Was that who made the moves that got them in bed? Because she never did the work. She wasn't even sure Jason would want to get in bed with her. "Are you sure he's even into me? I'm nowhere near as pretty as you are." She says honestly.

    Ria's smile broadened as she thought through Jenna's first question while answering her second, "guys aren't just attracted to one kind of beauty, sweetie," she said, pulling the girl in a little closer, "they have moods and tastes that ebb and flow."

    She broke away, walking to a shelf and retrieving a couple of thumb-sided pebbles. "And besides, he and I never got along well enough to make what you'd call a," she emphasized in air quotes, "'real relationship' work. Most of the people here are friend with benefits with at least part of their circles, and he and I are no exception to that rule. We talk, we have dinner or drinks and fuck each other senseless every few weeks that's all," she said as she returned and held out the pebbles. "Now then, as for taking him, I imagine where you come from all you think you need is a pair of tits and a working cunt, hm? It's a bit more complicated here. There are two girls for every guy here and half those girls are content to fuck anything with a pulse. If every non-Dryadi girl in this city sat back and expected the men to do all the work they'd never get anywhere. Of course they still have to work for it, too, and they do in their own ways, because although there may be more of us than them, a guy can still be choosy."

    She gestured again with the pebbles. "Take these, each has a pattern on it, just hold it with a stone and the tablet will do the rest." She clucked her tongue, "now as for teaching you to take him, forget about what you think he wants, do you," she poked Jenna in the chest, "want him? Be selfish! What is it about his looks that's keeping him from being the guy who you just want to fuck all night?"

    She was almost giddy with excitement as she returned to the tablet, restoring the 'altered' hologram to normal and flicking through a series of semi-formal dresses and swimwear side by side.

    Jenna takes the pebbles as she keeps learning more and more. Girls outnumbered guys, guys tastes changed. And she'd have to work to get Jason or anyone else in bed. That was a change of pace. She struggles to come up with valid reasons for wanting Jason, something more concrete than he was her first new fuck or just because. Be selfish. She looks at the clothing as it flashes by, not paying attention as she thinks about Jason and bessing him. She would love to hear all of Ria's tips and tricks on what it was he liked and when maybe to try versus when to let him come to her. This was complicated business. She would definitely keep coming back to Ria for advice and clothes and everything else.

    Ria kept flipping through options and stopped the 'dress' display and made it return to full size, solo-prominence. It showed Jenna in a mid-thigh, silken black dress with a plunging neckline and a hair-matching ribbon cinching her waist, her breasts pushed up enticingly. Her hair was longer, too, coming down to her mid-back and a pair of 3-inch heels grace her feet.
    "Ahh... just what the tailor ordered, a little black dress," she said, motioning to it, "strictly speaking, the heels aren't in vogue around here, but in my opinion some old fashioned ways are just better, and this little number is one of them," her eyes were alight as she turned to Jenna, "whatcha think, sweetie? wanna try it on for him?"

    Jenna looks at the dress that is put on display for her. It looked sexy, but not slutty, and the heels were doable, hopefully. "Okay. I'll try it on." She was more than happy to see what Jason thought of it, if he'd like it or not. That would tell her if she should go for getting him in bed or if she should hold off, maybe go after another guy.

    Ria giggled slightly, poked at her tablet, then pulled a pea-sized pebble from a slot in the device. "Do you have your tablet handy?" she asked, not bothering to see if she had it slid into her waistband or a hidden pocket on her simple workout getup, "just hold this and you'll be able to render," she offered it for Jenna, "I'd say these things take all the fun out of getting ready for a date, but I don't miss it all the time," she said, "I do make the real things, after all, but I do wonder how we ever got along without it."

    "Oh, real clothes?!" Jenna grabs ahold of the word and doesn't let go. She pulls out her tablet and fiddles with it as she chatters. "I was wondering about how you'd get these off, like especially for sex. I mean there is nothing better than the two of you going at it, ripping off clothes, and then spending 20 minutes cursing at a stuck zipper. In my experience, makes the sex waaayyy better." She fumbles with the tablet, trying to figure it out. "Besides, getting ready is so much fun, though there are times I have wished for something kinda like this. Like when my eyeliner is lopsided, or my hair decides not to do what I want."

    Ria smirked. "Oh, they'll come off just like normal clothes. Zippers, strings, buttons and all. That is part of the fun, after all," she motioned to her dressmaking studio, "and some people do like the real thing, I charge about twice as much for it as a pattern, but hey pay it," she shrugged with a wry smirk, "I'd just make them once, scan the pattern and let the stones figure out the tailoring, but people still want them done the old fashioned way. Though for you, I don't think you could afford my wares just now, but I'm happy to be a consultant," she grinned and leaned forward and finished in a whisper, "especially when you're dressing for him."

    Jenna finally gets everything as it should be and gets into the dress. "Crap, I can't even pay you now! I have no money..." she looks down at the dress sadly, frowning as she thinks about being able to walk in the heels and look semi-sexy, not like a newborn giraffe. "But I will go to no one else for clothes related to him, and for advice." She couldn't say she wouldn't shop elsewhere, because of course she would. She was a woman after all.

    Ria put a hand on jenna's shoulder. "If you can bed him wearing something I gave you, consider that my payment, hmm?" she said, giving her a push toward the door, "now go show off, sweetie," she chirped happily.

    Out in the rest of the shop, Elsa had disappeared and Jason, ever the dutiful man, was passing the time on bis phone, immersed in something or another when he heard the door to the back room creak open. He'd long ago figured out that when a girl takes you shopping, sit quietly nearby until she calls for you. But Ria being Ria, he knew deep down that the wait would be worth it.

    Jenna takes a deep breath and manages to not fall once she gets where Jason can see her. She stands in front of him and does a little twirl for him. "Well? What do you think?" She was beyond excited that she hasn't fallen on her face yet, in front of Jason at least. She had looked in the mirrors before coming out here and definitely liked to look on herself. She didn't even think about Elsa being gone, she was waiting for Jason to pass the verdict. Obviously it wasn't for wear all the time, but she had the other outfit, plus whatever else they bought. The dress was so soft against her skin, and had her feeling covered and exposed at the same time, with the design of the fabric.

    His jaw hung open as he saw her for the first time in that dress. To his eyes her figure had been 'average' (or as average a thing as someone could get used to around the city, anyway). But as usual, Ria worked her magic and his eyes were transfixed, particularly where her breasts were concerned, being teased by the tips of her much longer wavy hair.

    He whistled in approval. "Wow," he managed to blurt out after a moment as he scrambled to his feet and fumbled his phone to the floor. He closed the distance to her and hovered his hands over her shoulders, not quite touching her. "Elf magic to the rescue," he said with a laugh, getting a good look down her cleavage from his vantage point. The 'weightless' look of her breasts was, as he knew, one of those tricks the 'stones' could do that ordinary fabric had no hope to duplicate that he never bothered to figure out (and few, save Ria, even bothered to ask). "I..." he groped for more adjectives but was utterly stunned, completely ignoring the fact she was as tall as he was now.

    Oh, Ria was right! He was just staring at her with his mouth open! She'd have to thank her later. When he stood and looked down her cleavage, she was embarrassed and proud at the same time. "Oh, this old thing?" She is barely able to sound like she couldn't care less about the dress. "Yeah, I guess it's nice." Inside, she was squealing with joy that she had his attention and that he was speechless. It was nice, however, to be as tall as he was, it boosted her confidence even more. So she was stuck in a strange new body. Jenna was still able to hold a man's attention. She couldn't wait to wear the other clothes from Ria, and see the effect they had on Jason. Maybe she could get him in bed after all.

    Jason could scarcely believe this was the girl he'd brought in here, and still struggled to find words. He stared, shamelessly at the plunging neck line of her dress, the way just a little bit of flesh bulged over the top in just the right places as she breathed.

    "My compliments to your tailor," he said after making himself take a half step back, his hands still hovering an inch away from her arms as he 'held' her in his sight. "You look incredible. How does it feel?" He asked, his breath quickening a little.

    Jenna was bursting with happiness as he just stares. She notices he manages a step back, and it wasn't easy for him. "Actually, I love it! It foes feel different from fabrics I am used to, but in a good way. Weightless, really. And Ria is making me a few more designs." She informs him. She takes a step closer to him, heart still beating faster than normal. She presses herself up against him, feigning innocence. "Thank you for bringing me here to her. I get pretty clothes and a new friend!" She chirps. Her breasts press into his chest as she places a kiss on his cheek, before turning and walking back to Ria, who she expected to have been spying on them. She wanted feedback on how she did.

    Ria had been spying on them, using the surveillence system in the shop and the holoprojector in her office to watch the whole exchange up close and personal. She watched Jason blush brilliantly as Jenna kissed him and then backed away.
    By the time Jenna returned to the back room she was jumping up and down, or nearly so, bouncing on her toes like and excited school girl, hands in the air, using every last shred of composure to keep from squealing in delight as her face beamed.

    She turned around as Jason walked out of the field of view of the holo-cam and looked at Jenna, beaming. "You did it," she squeaked, her attempt at keeping her excitement from carrying came out mangled.

    She took a few quick breaths and regained her composure, clearing her throat. "well, then, looks like he'll be yours in short order. I, ah, have a thought on how we can manage that," she said with a wink. "His trainer owes me a favor," she finished with a grin, "I can see to it he's just tired enough to be clay in your hands." She walked over to Jenna and gave her a triumphant hug. Then she reared back in thought, biting her lip in fond rememberance, "Just one question... how much muscle do you like on your guys? Or how much a size queen? If I don't tell the trainer exactly which of his two or three figures to condition, he might come home looking like he could go toe to toe with the Hulk and win."
    She blushed at the thought of their last night together and purred slightly, her knees wobbled enough she forced herself to sit on a stool lest she fall over. "That was a fun night," she blinked herself back to the present, "but, ah, might be a bit much for a first timer. Unless you have a fantasy like that rolling around in your head."

    Jenna squeals with Ria about Jason and hos reaction. She couldn't believe she pulled it off! She changes into the purple top and leather pants as they speak. Oh, she couldn't wait for tonight! "No hulk, please." She wrinkles her nose. "There is such a thing as overly muscled. Like that Schwarzenegger guy, waaayyyy too muscular." Really, who thought that was attractive? "But I would appreciate any and all help that I can get from you. Like sending him home just tired enough that fe falls for me, not too tired that he can't do anything. That would be so sad." Jenna puts prettily. "So, tips, tricks, advice? You know what he likes and dislikes." Jenna sits on another stool, waiting for all the info that Ria would give her. It was nice to have a girlfriend. Especially one as invested as Ria was in her getting some. This place would be fantastic after all.

    Ria nodded at Jenna's rant, making an appropriate mental note. "Oh, I dismissed that look in the beginning, too. They do it better here, and besides, eventually you'll spend a day in a pumped-up body and feel the rush of it all," she shrugged, "nice to visit, though. Besides, once you realize the Dryadi don't have a size limit and," she gestured to the front of her shop, "that apothecary across the street sells serums that will let you take any..." she leaned forward and emphasized every syllable, "...thing," you can more adventurous than you'd ever thought," she said.

    She paused, poking at the tablet and bringing up another day outfit, a flowing purple floral-print sundress and sandals, and smirked. "And as for Jace, what kind of confidante would I be if I gave away all his secrets? I will tell you this: when you start going at it, your Dryad is going to come to you and ask if you want her help. Not him," she pointed to her, "you, they defer to women. She has some..." her eyes hit the ceiling as she thought of the words, "some magic that will help you two. It's what they live for, after all."

    Jenna's eyes widen as she hears about the apothecary across the street. Maybe when she got more used to this place she'd be more adventurous. She didn't understand the thing about the rush of bodybuilding, but she might eventually. It was something to keep in mind.

    Jenna pouts when Ria says she won't tell her all the secrets of Jason and sex, but it did make sense. "Okay, so let Elsa help. Uhm, how exactly will she be doing that? I mean what exactly is she helping with?" Jenna didn't understand what Ria was saying about her Dryad helping. Like she'd join in or...? And they deffered to women... huh.

    Ria nodded. "Yes, she will help. She will help you two get comfortable with each other, if you like. If not, she will keep her distance, but I do encourage it," she said with a grin, sliding herself closer to Jenna. "You see, among this abilities is to bridge what we call the arousal gap between men and women. You know how men can get it up like that!" she snapped a finger, "but go off just as fast? Well they can fix that. A man under a Dryadi spell can go all night. Not just three or four times, mind you. Dozens, each as powerful as the first. Likewise, they can make sure you get wet and stay wet to keep things going."

    Ria didn't tell her the dark truth behind the now-benign creature's origins. How their ancestors 'gift' to men ramped up their virility levels to the exculusion of all else, giving the men what those that had seen it and live to tell the tale, 'death by a thousand orgasms'. Or that the same female-centric aphrodisiac was used to turn an ordinary woman into a nearly-mindless mutant with the ability to give birth to offspring, who's quantity by the end days of the second 'war' were limited only by the resources nearby all of whom emerged fully grown ready to repeat the cycle anew.
    "And..." Ria continued, "they'll look to you because their creator was a woman who thought men were only good for making babies," she twitched a little. "Let's just say you'll hear all about their origins eventually. Whether you come to fear them, or pity them, just know that years ago, someone was faced with the decision to destroy three million lives after their queen was killed. She didn't, and today they are over five million, almost four in this city alone."

    Jenna is spellbound by the picture that Ria was painting. Sex, all night long. All might, nonstop. That sounded glorious. And satisfying. She would accept Elsa's reauest if it was made. She starts to daydream about her and Jason in bed, going at it, several different positions, each better than the last. The possibilities were endless!

    She focuses again when Ria talks about their past, and how there were 5 million Dryads around. 4 million lived in the city! And she was lucky enough to have one! She was curious about the origins of the Dryads, but that could wait. She just wanted to get to this evening and the night of passionate sex. "Err, I do have a question, about safe sex and..." Jenna trails off, hoping Ria understood and can figure it out.

    Ria's eyes widened for a moment and then laughed. "I suppose, if your origin is as rough and tumble as I think it is that I should be impressed, and I am," she said with a smirk. "Everyone here is entitled to free healthcare, what's more, everyone gets immunized and treated for a host of problems, from the flu, to diabetes, cancer and every form of sexually transmittable disease known to the outside world. And =..." she smirks. "not only are your baby-making abilities put on hold until you want them to be, but you'll never have another monthly bout of cramps, mood swings or," she cleared her throat, " a bloody mess, again."
    She crossed her legs. "you'll get that whole public health lecture from the medics your first time, and they have ways of tracking your 'who's' and 'what's' and 'whens' if something does go sideways. It's worth never having to put up with Aunt Flo ever again, trust me," she joked, hopping off her stool and gesturing to the sundress. "Something for the road today?" she asked.

    Jenna was relieved to hear about the stds and pregnancy news. The other was actually good too. Sure, the medics would cover it, but she felt more comfortable asking her new friend Ria. The idea of people knowing who she was doing was a hit scary, but no period and cramps was an amazing trade off. Especially as she had been one of the unlucky ones who got hit the hardest and that the doctors could barely do anything for. She ended up wearing dipers at all times during her period, changing them frequently and taking several medications to try to dull the pain and reduce the flow. Birth control had only made it worse.

    She looks at the dress and then down at what she is wearing. "That over this? You sure?" She was quite happy in what she was wearing now. Not that she didn't like the dress, she just felt her current outfit was sexier than the dress. Especially as she was planning in getting laid tonight. She was growing giddy thinking about it. And maybe she should get that tablet contact, it would make things a bit faster and sexier. That would have to be something the medics educated her about. Plus she still had to worry about the stones and how to keep them on her at all times. "Oh, Ria, how about a purse? So I have something to keep the tablet and stones in?"

    Ria blinked, then hemmed and hawed for a moment and gestured at the tablet. The image of the leather and silk-clad Jenna returned, this time augmented with a black leather messenger bag. "That is definitely you, and I can make that bag for you real quick, the stones don't do accessories like that."

    She pecked at the tablet again and a machine embedded in one wall sprang to life and began doing something. "It'll only take a few minutes, canvas is easy to print up."

    She smirked and guided back out the door, holding it open for her. "Lets go see him, shall we?"

    Jenna nods as Ria makes a bag for her. "Bag looks great." So some things did have to be made. Good to know. "Want to see his reacyion in person?" She was a lot more confident in ths outfit, and still felt sexy. She was excited to face Jason in this outfit. She would visit Ria tomorrow to give her all the dirty details of the night.

    Jason was waiting for them as Ria led her out and again his jaw dropped, but this time he was ready for it. "Whoa," he said as he saw the outfit, his eye drawn to the sway of her hips by the hint of skin right after her breasts, the way the were pushed up by another of Ria's little tricks, this one emphasizing their roundness beneath the halter rather than trying to escape a dress. They bounced ever so slightly as she walked. "Ria," he said, looking up at the taller elven woman, "you're amazing, as always," he looked back at Jenna, "are you all set?" he asked.

    "Just need my bag that Ria is making." Jenna smiles. "She is amazing, thank you for introducing us!" Jenna is pleased that Jason likes this outfit too. This was a great day so far. She was happy, learning and liked. Nithing more could be asked for.

    Jason nodded. "Well you're welcome, my dear," he said, moving over to give Ria a hug, which turned quickly into a kiss, clearly initiated by her before she whispered something in his ear that made him grin, and then blush with obvious embarrassment as she told him she'd told Jenna everything about him, even though she'd left plenty out.

    He broke the embrace after a moment and turned to Jenna, drawing her in for a similar, though more platonic, hug. This was just the first stop of the day and now that she looked like a local, she could steadily become one.

    Jenna watches Ria and Jason with a small bit of jealousy. Ria may be helping her out, but it was still hard to see them like they were. She sees Jason blush and wonders what it was that Ria told him. She fiddles with her bag as she waits for Jason to come back to her.

    Jenna was confused when Jason decided to hug her, but hugged him back. She figured they would go to some more shops and the medics before they found some dinner. And then it was off to their apartment, and hopefully the best sex of her life.

    Jason had plans for them. A quick run to the apothecary, a stop at a clinic, then back home. He'd sent Elsa on ahead to get food for dinner, deciding to cook for the newcomer for her first evening.

    He didn't notice that Ria had other plans for him. For them.

    Ria went to retrieve the bag and while she was away his phone rang. He excused himself and stepped to the far corner of the shop to answer it.
    He smiled at the familiar voice. "Hey Z," he said, "what's up?"
    after a moment he scowled. "sparring..." his voice trailed off, "damn, I forgot. Had a big mixup this morning, I totally forgot and--"
    he stopped, the mumbling voice cut him off, "I can do that, where do you want to meet?"
    Another scowl after a second. "Okay. Give me 30. Bye."

    He hung up and turned to Jenna and by now, Ria, "change of plans," he looked at Ria first, "my sparring partner reminded me of my other duty," he said, "if I don't go today my Captain won't be too happy with me, I'm behind on my fitness quals as it is."
    He was in a bind. Jenna didn't have a comm yet, no phone or implant, so she had to be escorted. Besides himself there were only two who could do this: Elsa and his designated second, which in this case was his own escort. Ria.

    "Ria, can you ah, take Alyssa home for me," he pulled a keycard from his pocket."
    He rattled off the address, then sighed. "I'll be a few hours, I gotta swing by Z's place and get some things for him, then have to get a few things from my place." He scowled at the clock. "I'll won't be home for dinner, can you..."

    Ria, still holding Jenna's new bag, put an arm around the woman. "Keep her company and order some chinese food while you take care of the life stuff the Ministry forgot you had? sure," she said with a smile.

    He moved in and kissed her again before excusing himself.


    Ria escorted Jenna back to her new home. The pair whiled away the afternoon with more gossip, mostly about childhood experiences back home and, at Ria's suggestion, watched Sister Act and its sequel before ordering chinese from a restaurant on the corner for the three of them, as Elsa had gotten in on the impromptu 'girls' day in'. Ria knew his schedule, however, and made a convincing argument for needing to tend to her shop just before dinner, leaving Jenna and Elsa alone.

    Jason, meanwhile, ran clear across town and back to rescue his friend, Z, who'd forgotten a gift for a girlfriend at home. Their sparring match stuck to his usual body, rather than one of the two larger 'hazard' bodies he could summon with short notice (and, he mused, be on the hook for paperwork explaining why he used a Force-issue serum implant. At least they let him use them recreationally every now and then).

    He ate dinner on that side of town, caught in the late afternoon commuter rush that played hell with the subways and streetcars. It was eight before he got home, tired, a little sore and rather road-weary. But at least he'd showered and dressed in clean clothes for the trip home.

    He rubbed one shoulder absentmindedly as he knocked on his own new door, making a mental note to get a second key at one point. His entire body ached, his muscles visibly swollen from the strain of a hard workout.

    Jenna had a feeling that Ria was behind the sudden schedule change, but she couldn't complain. Having a girl's day was nice. She loved The Sister Act and it's sequel finding it even more hilarious because of how much she could relate to it. Being in hiding, trying to fit in someplace you didn't feel like you belong. It was only thanks to Jason and Ria that she made it through the day. She sighs and thinks about home, what she would be doing, what she would be wearing. How many bruises she would have to hide.

    Jenna focuses back on the present, and eats the chinese food ordered. She laughs and jokes and gossips and nods when Ria leaves. She clears everything away, and then goes to her room where she changes into the black nightie and waits for Jason to come home. She gets the door when he comes knocking about 8 o'clock, happy that they only had the one key. She does her best to look sexy as she opens the door, and smiles as she sees Jason. "Hey handsome. Long day?" She wasn't confident in her abilities anymore, and desperately wished that Ria was still around to help her out. She bit her lip as she waited for a response from Jason. She shouldn't have done this so soon. He was probably going to just brush past her, and then she'd go cry in her room.

    Jason's shoulders slumped as he waited for the door.
    As it opened his eyes went wide at the sight of Jenna, or more to the point, her chest.

    If Ria knew one thing shout him, it was that he was a 'breast man' first, and the shape hers took under the sheer nightie made it look like they were trying to ooze out the absurdly low neckline.

    He made a mental note to thank Ria for her mammary molding magic. It was the only thing he could think of for the better part of the first ten seconds.

    "Whoa," he said a breathy voice, clearly fatigued and flustered. His sex drive was less flummoxed and his workout shorts, already clingy, showed all almost-8 inches of his arousal in short order.

    "Hi...uh, have a good afternoon?" He asked. His mind still stunned, it was the best he could do. She learned fast.

    Jenna was surprised that she did get his attention after all. And his cock wasn't shy.
    "It was pretty good, though I was hoping to have a wonderful evening." She purrs.

    Jenna pulls him inside and shuts the door, pressing up against him. Her hand wanders down between him as her breasts smoosh against his hard chest. He confidence was returning, and she feels sexy. After rubbing him for a bit, she tugs them to his room, as hers still wasn't set up to her needs. She lays back on the bed, pulling him on top of her before she gives him a long, slow, passionate kiss.

    She may have been moving a bit fast, but she needed to take advantage of his confusion. Or else she might start overthinking everything again. Tomorrow she would be thanking Ria for everything. Tonight, she would be enjoying herself.

    She pulled him in and shut the door so quickly he was left in a haze. He had just enough time to register her touch and lean in close enough to get a wiff of her hair before she pushed and pulled him to his bedroom. He'd not even set for in it yet and it was an otherwise hotel-perfect queen bed with modern plastic-and-metal furnishings and a firm memory-foam mattress with dark, solid-color bedding (taken from his preference file). It looked just familiar enough to his old quarters to make him think he was home as she pulled him down atop her.

    Whether it was the instincts of martial arts training, years of being in this situation or both, he reacted with automatic, reflexive action. His hands hit the firm mattress with a thud on either side of her head and his knees hit the bed flanking her hips. Her kiss hit him like a train, his arms, already fatigued from his workout trembled and buckled. He dropped a few inches, pressing his torso to her breasts. As the kiss wore on he sunk lower and lower. By the time she broke the kiss it was then, and only then some part of him realized that he might hurt her if his arms gave out (or at the least ruin the moment). With what would be the last of his whole body strength for a while, he momentarily balanced himself on one side and grabbed her lower ribs on the opposite side, pushing his hand into the mattress to grip her body firmly.

    He rolled her over, himself onto his back in the middle of the bed, and her atop him.. The last ounces of bulk strength in his upper body had his two hands holding her body tightly, allowing her own legs to straddle his torso, leaving her sitting on his hips and the shaft of his erect cock pressing against her ass.

    He groaned in painful relief as muscles finally relaxed. With his arms no longer needing to hold his weight, they wrapped around her and pulled her in, squashing her sift, silken breasts against his chest as he kissed her.

    The he said something with a weak grin. "I think we will," his voice somewhere between strained, relieved and excited, depending on the syllable he was trying to make. "You'll need to lead for a while, Z kinda beat me up."

    It was then that a soft, feminine coo came from out in the living room. Elsa gingerly peeked her head around the corner of the door, her hair more wavy than normal and her green eyes alight with anticipation, "Mistress?" She breathed, "may I assist you?"

    Jason tried to sit up but his abs screamed a fiery protest loud enough for him to wince and give up. He half nodded in reassurance to Jenna.

    His room may not have been set up by him, but Jenna didn’t know that. It looked like it was set up by him. The mattress was a bit firmer than she expected, but she didn’t complain. Jason was smelling of arousal and was brimming with power. He landed well considering she had yanked him down with no warning, and he straddled her thighs so well. It didn’t bother her when his chest pressed into her breasts, his weight was comforting and wanted.

    She smiles up at him when the kiss gets broken, seeing he enjoyed it too. It was a bit of a surprise when he flipped her over, but she doesn’t fuss as she settles on top of him, feeling his cock against her ass. She wiggles some so her pussy was over him and starts to grind on him. Her panties were soaked in no time.

    She could lead, she hoped. It shouldn’t be too hard. The good thing was that he was too tired to stop her, his warm hands resting on her hips. “Mm, well I shall thank Z later.” She runs her hands over his chest, thinking of what to do first.

    She was about to get started when Elsa poked her head in, looking a little different and asking if she could assist. Jenna pushes Jason back down as he tries to sit up. “Relax. I can handle this.” She sees him nodding that Elsa can help so she turns to the Dryad. “Yes please, Elsa. You may assist me. She was excited to see what would be happening next once the girl started her magic.

    Elsa glided in, revealing the fact she was wearing a simple white nightgown draped loosely about her shoulders and obscuring most of her small, curvy figure. Her eyes shone brightly in the room's low light as she moved to the side of the bed, eyes fixed on Jenna. She was all-smiles.
    "Yes, Mistress Alyssa?" she asked. She trembled with anticipation, breathing deeply. The sweet scent of tropical orchids seemed to emanate from her. Jason inhaled deeply and sighed contentedly, knowing relief for his aches would come. "Tell her she can trust my word," he said softly, "it'll make things faster."
    He didn't want to try to relay complex instructions through someone as inexperienced as Jenna. He knew he could handle himself in an hyper-aroused state and still be coherent, but that was thanks to years of practice.

    Jenna looks over Elsa, who was looking rather attractive. Damn, maybe she would go for girls. First Ria, now Elsa. Jenna was about to speak when she hears Jason telling her to tell Elsa to trust him. Good, she didn't know enough to ask for help properly. "Elsa, trust Jason. He knows what he is talking about and will not hurt me. Please.'' Jenna adds that as an afterthought, she didn't want to anger her dryad. The room smelled lovelier by the second as Elsa stood there, and to Jenna's surprise, the scent did not become cloying.

    Jason smiled at Elsa, "okay, sweetie, kiss me," he whispered."
    Elsa's eyes lit up and she leaned over and kissed him. As she did so t looked as if she was breathing life back into him, he inhaled through his nose, taking up her pheromones as he went and the pain in his muscles disappeared, though it would take several moments for his strength to come back. What did get a boost was his erection; it got at hard as it could, filling out to full rigidity as if it were ready to pop. He groaned with delight at the feeling, beckoned her close whispered something in her ear.
    She furrowed her brow in confusion, "but Master, I'll need to be touching you if--"
    He hushed her, "I know, he said in a stage whisper so Jenna could hear, "you won't be going far. now kiss her," he gestured to Jenna, "undressm then come up here," he padded the bed beside him, "take pleasure yourself, I'll let you know when. Then..." he beckoned her close and whispered something so profound Elsa squealed and jumped with delight, then kissed him again."

    She straightened up and knelt on the bed next to Jenna, "may i kiss you?" she asked, her body jittering from the excitement.

    Jenna watches in amazement as Elsa kisses Jason and he seems to recover from his sparring. She shifts as his cock stands up even higher. She is jealous when Jason whispers to elsa, she can't hear anything except for Elsa's response to him.

    She listens as Jason orders Elsa to kiss her, and afterwards to undress and sit on the bed beside them and pleasure herself until Jason said it was time for...something. Jenna didn't like being left out, but she was trusting Jason to know what he was doing.

    She is startled when Elsa squeals in delight after Jason says something to her. Elsa then kneels beside her and asks to kiss her. Jenna had no choice, really, not if she didn't want to mess up Jason's plans. "Yes, you may kiss me." She grants permission to the Dryad.

    Elsa gently grabs the back of Jenna's head and plants a long, slow kiss on her plump lips, the heat growing more intense between them.
    The rush that follows is electric. Like the best coffee buzz combined with the best news ever heard. The total euphoria quickly concentrates in Jenna's pussy, her arousal building to near orgasm but never quite going over the edge, for the duration of their kiss and a little while longer.
    The Dryad broke the kiss and inhaled slightly before pulling away to sit back on her heels. "Master Jason has told me to tell you that you may control when he cums. And as long as I am touching any part of you, I can keep you on the edge for as long as you wish, Mistress," she said with a light of excitement in her eyes. "As the evening progresses, my nectar may prove exciting for the both of you, if you so choose, Mistress."

    Jason was all-smiles during this. He knew what was coming, or what could, at any rate.

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    Jenna doesn't expect the intensity of the kiss from Elsa. She closes her eyes and kisses back anyways, though they fly open as she feels an electric shock travel through her to her pussy, where it sits, quivering as it waits for instructions.

    Jenna grinds on Jason as she is informed by Elsa of what Jason told her. She couldn't quite grasp what she was being tild, but nodded anyways. She eould learn tonight through trial and error and hopefully Jason himself. She moves his hands up, under her nightie to her breasts and then her own hands slip under his shirt and across his chest.

    What did Ria tell her? Her Dryad was a useful tool if she accepted. And Elsa mentioned nectar and excitement for both of them. That was good enough for Jenna. She didn't even think about Elsa having to touch them at all times. It would all work out.

    Elsa crossed her arms as she grabbed the hem of her nightie and pulled it off in one fluid motion. The scent of tropical flora surged for a moment as she lay down next to Jason, her head on a pillow, her arm pressed to his side, making sure she wasn't in Jenna's way, then bent her outer leg and let it fall outward before the hand on the same side started playing with her clit.

    As the musical moans of his companion rang through his ears, he felt his cock re-harden fully and bucked his hips reflexively as he ached to be inside either, no, both of them.

    "One thing," he panted, "her nectar comes from both her breasts and pussy. One changes you a little where they touch, the other a lot. Drink from her breast and your next orgasm won't end for six hours. Eat her out and you'll end up like her, powers and all, until sometime tomorrow. You can imagine what it'd do to me. I'm only warning you because it's very intense for a first timer."

    He reached up and slid his hands under her nightie and gently caressed both of Jenna's breasts with a feather-like touch.

    Jenna thrusts her breasts into his hands, her own pulling his shirt off. She could feel the effect of Elsa's presence on Jason, and a little to herself. She grinds against his needy cock as he bucks up against her.

    "I don't think I will partake in her nectar so soon, but you may." Jenna tells Jason. That was just too much for her to have to handle so soon. Maybe later on, as she got more and more used to the effects of Elsa on them, she would try it. But she was happy enough to just go with the normal effects of the Dryad's presence.

    Jason lifts his torso and contorts his arms enough to help Jenna get his shirt completely off.
    He lazily returns his hands to her chest, sliding down the silken fabric to slid his hands up under her nightie.

    He pulls her to him until the backs of his hands are against his chest and her weight pushes her further in. A moment later he bucks his hips upwards in anticipation, lifting her.

    Jenna kisses him as she is pressed against his chest. She presses her hips down and against his as he presses up against her. She was eagerly waiting for him to enter her, but he seemed to be wanting to take things extremely sloooowwww.

    Her hands run across his bare chest as her kiss turns hungry and needy.

    He wasn't slow, per se, but giving her everything she wanted, when she wanted it, would hardly goad her into taking what she was after. After all, he'd quite literally handed himself to her.
    He growls feverishly back at her, his hands moving to alternately dig fingertips into her back and pull on the fabric of her nightie from underneath before a tear developed.
    He grinned, summoning a bit more strength to rip the garment up the back from hem to neckline and taking the shoulder straps with it and Elsa purred in approval of Jenna's bare chest.
    A triumphant growl underscored what he said next between her showers of kisses: "Quit waiting for it and take what you need!" he bucked his hips for emphasis, hands gliding over bare skin to grip at her panties and pull at the delicate fabric. whilst fingertips pressed into her ass.
    His cock was aching, still rubbing against her ass, writhing atop him. He could feel the 'wall' imposed by Elsa's presence, every so often his arousal would peak, plateau and then recede from his, never giving him a 'proper' climax, not that he minded.

    Jenna is surprised when he rips her nightie and panties off, and then tells her to take what she needed. Sh wasn't used to that at all.
    She slides his shorts and underwear down until his cock springs free. She licks the head a few times before moving so she can ride him.

    Jenna impales herself on his large cock, and settles before she starts to bounce up and down on him, breasts bouncing just as hard. Her leg is now against Elsa's not that she noticed. She was taking what she wanted like Jason urged her to do. She bit her lip as she tried to think of what else to do, how to be more sexy. Doing the work was hard, and fuck she was out of shape. Ugh she would have to work out so next time the sex would be better.

    Jason bucked his hips in time with her, but the effect of Elsa's kiss was clearly wearing off on the both of them. Elsa stopped her idle pleasuring and lifted herself. She kept in skin-to-skin contact with Jason by way of her ankles as she straddled his torso, facing the encumbered and stressed Jenna. She leaned back slightly and squeezed her right breast near the nipple. It produced not milk, but a smooth, sticky substance that may as well have been honey and hefted it toward Jenna's lips. "Drink," she urged softly. "and you will remember this night forever."

    Jason, realizing what was about to happen, stopped his motion and waited his turn, all but holding his breath in anticipation of what she was about to do, and what he was about to experience. The "Lesser Nectar" she offered would keep them awake, energized and horny well into the morning. As he waited, he made a mental note to ask Elsa to do something in the morning: order a very, very large breakfast.

    Jenna glances down at Jason, who seemed excited about what was to come. So she leaned forward and drank some of the nectar that Elsa was offering. It was sweet, and better than any sort of energy drink. She felt awake and super horny, though she still lacked ideas. She wishes Jason would just take over for now, she'd have to do research to know what else she could do to spice things up.

    One drinking the nectar was itself impressive, at least in the sense that one got a boost to all the physical needs. Inspiration, imagination, initiative, that took a mind, specifically one who thought not in words or images, but in raw emotions and sensation.
    Jason felt the energy surge from Jenna as her pussy both tightened around, and soaked his cock, the rippling waves of what would've been a huge orgasm if not for Elsa's helpful interference evident in how her body reacted. He, too, was drained, mentally, but knew that was about to change.
    He wouldn't be leading her. Nor would she be leading him. Elsa would lead for them both. She turned around, never breaking contact with either of them to keep the connection as she leaned over to give him a taste.

    He reached his head up, wrapped his lips around one thick nipple and suckled down as much as he could, feeling the initial surge of physical clarity and undeniable sexual arousal. He inhaled sharply.
    Elsa came to sit on his hips, just in front of Jenna such that the taller girl's breasts were grazing her shoulders. She cooed in enjoyment of being between two people and, in a display of double-jointedness, wrapped her arms around Jenna from in front and held her tight. Once she was in strong contact with the both of them and her nectar infused them both, she closed her eyes in concentration and hummed, cooed and purred in time with her motions, using her vocal patterns to set a rhythm.

    The images came first, of Jenna riding Jason hard and fast, with a boundless, endless energy, each downstroke an orgasm unto itself. The image projected into their minds became clearer by the second. Elsa began to rock upwards and down, back and forth as jenna had tried to do before running out of steam, cueing the less-experienced girl to move with her though a surge of mental energy and the pleasure that came with it, compelling Jenna to squeeze with her pussy in time to her larger motions. The rhythm started slow, favoring long, sensual strokes and broad motions, less the 'firecracker' she felt the girl had expected, and more something with the power and inevitability of a runaway freight train that first had to beat inertia.

    As the time between strokes began to decrease, Jason's cock surged in girth a half inch and curved slightly as it found Jenna's G-spot. He let out a guttural roar, arching his back as the sensations pushed him over an edge, only for Elsa to grab him at the last moment. He looked up, past Elsa to Jenna with a visceral fire in his eyes and his hands reached out, grabbing the girl's hips and digging his fingers in as an orgasm slammed through him, but its usual results weren't felt.

    They 'danced' for several long, sensual minutes, The Dryad using Jason's cock, held perpetually at the very peak of an orgasm, throbbing with each heartbeat and twitching in time with her own movements to properly stimulate Jenna,

    Elsa, herself wasn't escaping unaffected either. The longer they went, the slicker her body became and the sweeter the air got as she lost herself in their combined emotions.

    Only once had her movement gotten Jenna to the same edge as she'd held Jason on did she let go of them both., a tidal wave of raw sexual energy bottled up inside of her was released to both of them, freeing them from her edging 'prison'.

    Jason had spent those minutes breathing sharply, holding on to as much of Jenna as he could and then...

    Then his mind went blank as a tsunami erupted from his balls and traveled up his shaft into Jenna.

    Jenna watches him suckle from Elsa’s breasts, jealous as she wanted to be the one to feel that sensation. He seems filled with energy just as she had been, and she can’t be too mad now. She sees Elsa press into her front and hold her, than hears the melody the Dryad was making.

    Jenna doesn’t even question the images that fill her mind, but just starts following them. She becomes grateful as she is shown what to do and helped to do it properly. The rhythm was set by Elsa, but Jenna happily went with it, determined to make Jason feel the same pleasure she was feeling.
    The pace was slow to begin with, but very much enjoyable.

    Jenna moans as she feels Jason’s cock start to hit just the right spot inside of her. She grabs his arms as he holds her hips, watching as an orgasm hits, though isn’t allowed to complete itself. He thrusts up as she comes down, competing against each other as Elsa makes sure they both get to experience an orgasm at the same time.

    Jenna feels the effect they have on the Dryad, and is happy to have been a cause for her to be feeling so good. She momentarily wonders what it would be like if Jason’s dryad was here helping out as well.

    Jenna feels the release from Elsa holding them back, and oh was her orgasm intense. Her pussy throbbed and clenched around Jason’s cock as he gets his release and fills her up. Her head is thrown back as she moans with pleasure, lost in the moment of the best sex she has had in her life.
    Nothing else mattered, nothing except for her, and Jason, and Elsa, who helped them reach this high.

    Her initial task finished, Elsa guided Jenna to a gentle stop as her orgasm faded. Far from satiety, the feelings remaining in Jenna and Jason were of total and complete need for each other.

    Elsa side-stepped to the left, keeping herself in contact with them as she moved behind Jenna, straddling Jason's legs. Her warm hands grasped Jenna's hips and pushed up and away from her as Jason, having caught his breath by now, reached up, abs tightening, to grab Jenna's breasts, covered in a thin, salted-sugary layer of her and Elsa's combined sweat, to his mouth as the Dryad nudged her forward. He kissed and licked her left breast, moaning with delight as his mouth watered in response to the candy-like essence before finding her nipple and gently alternating between gently sucking and nibbling around it.

    Jenna leans down with the guidance of Elsa and Jason, moaning happily as Jason gives her breast the attention she desired. She runs her hands through his hear to encourage him to continue to kiss and suck on her breast. She was still horny as hell, but right now this wasn't too bad.

    Elsa's gentle guidance of Jenna's movements did have one side effect after a few moments: Jason's cock slipped loose from Jenna's pussy. Whatever sound it might have made on its own was buried behind Elsa's purr of delight at it's much-wider girth.

    She lowered her head, all but pushing the top of her head between Jenna's legs to get to his cock, excitedly lapping up the liquid proof of their pleasure like a hungry cat presented with cream.

    With a few extra inches to work with Jason more fully relaxed, one hand roughly kneading Jenna's unoccupied nipple, the other pressing between her shoulder blades as he suckled with a practiced motion that said he'd done it before.

    Once Elsa announced her first task complete with a satisfied giggle she proceeded to slide his entire oversized head effortlessly between her lips, licking at it's underside and intent on causing another simultaneous orgasm, this time for herself.

    It was moments after the enthusiastic slurping sounds filled the air that two of Elsa's nimble fingers slid into the hungry void that was Jenna's pussy, her thumb playing with the girl's clit.

    She balanced well enough that her other hand reached down to finger herself and the shadow of a very long, very powerful orgasm soon lit up both Jenna and Jason's mind's eyes, cascading over them like a waterfall.

    It had been perhaps two minutes since they'd first orgasmed as warm, thick ropes of cum again erupted from Jason and the bed shuddered madly as what was once a couple aided by a supernatural girl was, for that brief instant, one orgasming organism

    Jenna had leaned forward and after a few moments felt Jason's cock slip out of her. Sad, but it happened. She is surprised by Elsa's eagerness to get to it, and where exactly her head is placed.

    Her attention goes back to Jason as he suckles and kneads her breast, obviously talented in the skills. She moans in enjoyment and encouragement.

    She vaguely hears Elsa start to suck in Jason's cock, before she feels the intrusion to her pussy. She squeals and wiggles before settling down to let the Dryad do as she wished, as it felt oh so good.

    Everything was going good, until they all orgasmed at the same time, a heavenly accomplishment. Jenna shudders as waves of pleasure rupple through her, and she can feel the effect on the other two as well.

    Jason drifted down from the latest orgasm and smiled to himself. He was still horny, and he could tell by the look in Jenna's eyes, so was she, even as Elsa continued to work her digital magic and the effects bled through to her own mind.
    "I take it, Elsa that you'll need no further coaxing to use some of your essense on both of us, hm? Just a touch for her, though."

    Elsa needed no encouragement as she lifted her head off his cock at last and licked her lips. "Of course," she purred. She gasped an instant later as the hand that was pleasuring herself plunged deep for a moment before pulling away coated in something akin to thick honey. She repositioned herself just enough to rub most of it on his cock and balls, before sliding the hand up into Jenna as it traded places with her other hand in a smooth motion such that nothing would be missed.

    Jason felt a rush of energy, but not one tinged with pleasure. Need was one word, hunger, another. His balls warmed under Elsa's touch and began to swell, and his cock did the same, lengthening and thickening beyond what even the most genetically-gifted male could hope to have as her free hand and lips went back to work on it. The tingling sensation didn't do anything to slake Jason's hunger. His breath quickened and his heart raced. In his head he knew this was going to be fulfilled soon, but he had to, no, Needed. to take the girl whose eyes he was staring into at this moment. She was going to be his.
    A leg twitched as he tried to move, but Elsa's shifting told him she wasn't done working her magic yet. He needed to mount her. Use her.

    At the same moment Elsa's two fingers inside Jenna became three, then four, the girl's pussy stretching inside her, making itself more elastic. And the need. the all-consuming void that was already there intensified by the moment to the point of distraction that even Jason could feel a shadow of. He knew, and Elsa knew, that where her magic would stop making tehir physical bodies reflect the growing needs inside them, would be the point their collective frustrations threw Elsa off the bed.

    Jenna was very horny still, and was wanting so much more. She listens as Jason makes a comment about just a little of Elsa's essence for her.Good idea in her opinion.

    She couldn't see what it was that Elsa was doing, but could feel it. A small change of hands, two finger back inside her, with some sort of thick fluid. It was a strange feeling, but not unpleasant. It fired up her needs, wants and desires, ramping up her energy level even higher. She could feel Jason below her breathing heavier, then she felt Elsa's fingers start to stretch her pussy, something she didn't think was possible.

    Jenna stares down into James' eyes, wanting to fuck so badly. Amy position at all, all of them.
    She just wanted to feel him inside her, filling her with his cock, and with his seed.

    Jason bucked his hips again, a groan escaping his lips as he felt himself swell beyond the limits of what was possible for a mere mortal like him. He took in several large breaths, trying to contain himself, letting Elsa's magic work through him. The need intensified from a primitive need, to an all-encompassing fire before too long and, in a bout of frustration and a burst of strength his normal self would find intimidating... he sat up, grabbed Jenna, lifted her clear off of him, shoving Elsa unceremoniously tumbling off the edge of the bed as he stood, man-handling Jenna like a sack of flour, his hands moving from holding her ribs to her hips such that her ass was thrust high in the air for him, her arms splayed out in front of her cradling her chest against the bed.

    He needed no additional leverage or gui, and rammed a cock as thick and as long as his forearm slid balls-deep in a single smooth motion into Jenna's newly-elasticized pussy whist stretched and rebounded around it as he bottomed out, his enormous balls slapping between her legs.
    His breathing was ragged, but steady as he got lost in the sensations. He needed her. Needed to fill her. He bend his legs, arching his hips away from her for an instant as the head of his member almost slipped free before another fast twitch of his arms and legs again slammed their hips together in another powerful thrust. It was only after the third mega-thrust that he changed his hand position, bending slightly over her to put his hands on her shoulders, hands dangerously close to choking her as he pulled her down, his thrusts trading stroke length for speed and depth.

    Jenna wasn't feeling the effects like Jason was, and was surprised when Jason lifts her up and tosses Elsa on the floor. She was worried about the girl, but didn't have any time to process the thought. She was unceremoniously dropped on the bed, her ass in the air and her chest and face against the bed. Hell Jason was getting rough. She moves onto her forearms so she can breath.

    Just as she got settled, Jason's huge cock rammed into her. She let's out a moan as it fills her stretching her pussy as it entered her, his balls hitting her thighs. Oh fuck, that felt so good..... She was soon moaning louder as she wanted more, moving one of his hands around to play with her massive breasts. She forgot all about Elsa being thrown off the bed, or anything else that had happened. Her focus was her needy and throbbing pussy that was being stretched by Jason's massive cock that drilled into her relentlessly.

    As she moved his hands to her breasts he needed no further prompting to lift her body clear off the bed, wedging her torso between his elbows and roughly grabbing her breasts to move her up and down the length of his cock with an animalistic aggression he'd be surprised at if he could think. Nothing mattered except filling her. It took only a few minutes for the first orgasm to credendo over him, a pint's worth of hot seed surging into Jenna's stretched pussy. he didn't even slow down, he merely roared in triumph as his cock got even harder as round two wore on.
    More minutes passed and his relentless fury slowed. He spun her around, Elsa stepping in to move her legs about as he turned her around in the span of three long, slow strokes until Jenna's back was cradled in his hands. He pushed her to his own chest, bouncing her with his hips and hands.

    Elsa, meanwhile, was observant more than anything. One hand was perpetually pleasuring herself, the other caressing his body, or Jenna's here and there as they went.

    Jenna is surprised to be lifted off the bed, she was horny, but not as much as Jason was. She feels him using his hold on her breasts to thrust her up and down on his cock.
    And then he was cumming in her, and she feels him fill her up with his seed. But it doesn't stop there. He keeps going, thrusting into her again and again. Elsa helps her as he spins here while they fuck, until they are chest to chest. She leans in and kisses him as he kkeeps pounding into her, feeling the occasional brush of Elsa's hand across her body.

    Jenna is surprised to be lifted off the bed, she was horny, but not as much as Jason was. She feels him using his hold on her breasts to thrust her up and down on his cock.
    And then he was cumming in her, and she feels him fill her up with his seed. But it doesn't stop there. He keeps going, thrusting into her again and again. Elsa helps her as he spins here while they fuck, until they are chest to chest. She leans in and kisses him as he kkeeps pounding into her, feeling the occasional brush of Elsa's hand across her body.

    Jenna didn't cum anymore, but that was okay. Twice in one night was a surprise itself. She curls up and sleeps as she is moved and bathed, full of memories, cum and maybe even ideas. She would not be too terribly surprised to find them in her own bed in the morning, she was learning things could be very weird, but very much normal.

    Jenna stirs in the morning, body aching like she got ran over by a truck. She doesn't want to move, but she has to because her throat feels like sandpaper. She sits up, rubbing her eyes and taking the cup gratefully before she starts to drain it of it's contents. She had sat up to be facing Jason, not that she even was looking his way. She stumbles out of bed when the cup was empty, needing the bathroom.

    Jason sat up, drank up, staggered his way to his own bathroom and took a long, much-needed shower. Elsa tended to Jenna and encouraged the girl to do the same before disappearing.

    By the time both of them were out of the shower Elsa had conjured up a breakfast fit for royalty: piles of pancakes, eggs, bacon and steaming hot carafes of coffee. Jason wandered to the kitchen, attracted by the odor of food, with only a bathrobe about himself. Elsa was already at the table, wearing an apron and little else, eating her way through a stack of pancakes taller than her head. "Good morning, Master Jason," she said between bites. "As promised, breakfast!"

    Jason smiled, accepting a plate piled high with bacon, sat down and eyed the door to Jenna's room, already having planned their first real day out.

    Jenna takes her own steaming shower with little encouragement. Oh, was she sore all over. Now all she could think about was a nice massage.

    Her shower lasted quite a bit longer, they didn't seem to run out of hot water, so she basked in it. She finally forces herself out of the bliss and finds a bathrobe to pull on. She then makes her way to the table where she begins feasting on bacon, bacon and more bacon, occasionally adding a pancake in the mix. She drinks water, not really caring for the taste of coffee. She didn't notice anyone else at the table or greet them, she was focused on shoveling food in her mouth.

    II: Freya's Tavern

    The morning past. While Jason was technically on leave he was never one to take it well. He'd decided he'd take her out for the evening once the later afternoon rolled around. He'd told her to dress to 'go out' and otherwise left Jenna and Elsa alone, returning to his old quarters to retrieve his personal effects. In their haste to set the two of them up, they'd not scheduled for a move, nor was he really prepared for one. It took him the better half of the day, even after such a massive breakfast, to haul even a bedroom's worth of personal items across town given he had to get creative and borrow the pallet-sized cart Ria used to move bulk materials in and out of her shop. It also gave him ample opportunity to arrange their evening away from prying eyes.
    It gave the two women time to get to know each other and Elsa took the opportunity to show off her skills at various board games whilst deflecting any questions asked about where they were going or what, exactly they'd be doing.
    'He has a good plan' was all she'd admit to with a mischievous smile.

    It was three before Jason returned with the last of three loads of stuff, the last pile of boxes containing old movies, books, and his wall decor, some of which had clearly not been packed properly. He rolled it into his room, already packed with more boxes he'd need to unpack (he hated unpacking!), wiped the sweat from his brow and smiled at the two girls on the couch. Elsa hadn't bothered getting out of the apron all day, and had a map of the city on the table in front of them. Even this many years on, he still didn't know why they went the sensible route and laid the city out like New York. But, he had to admit, the ring of nearly-unbroken parkland that made it so everywhere you went you were no more than three blocks from some park or another was certainly a nicety.

    "So," he said, leaning against the doorframe. "We," he gestured to Jenna," have a date tonight. I managed to get us a table at Freya's. It's, ah..." his voice trailed off for a moment, "it's, well," his voice trailed off, "it's one of the more upscale establishments here, but it'll give you a good idea what we're all about. It's the kind of place you dress up to go to."

    Jenna hadn't understood what took him so long with moving things around, and why she couldn't be told what is was that they would be doing. She lost almost every board game, which she soon got bored of. She wanders around their apartment, bored out of her mind.
    When Elsa wasn't looking, she slipped out the door and down the stairs, escaping to the nearest park. Which luckily wasn't all that far away. She laid back in the grass, enjoying the warmth of the sun as she slowly dozed off. Elsa found her and dragged her back to the apartment, ignoring her protests. Which was where Jason found them at 3.

    Elsa was showing her the map of the city, and she was looking at all of the parks that were available, oh she couldn't wait to go see them! She looks up at a sweaty but still hot James as he starts to speak. A date was nice, at Freya's? Nice name, but the place sounded more and more suspicious as he described it. She only had the one fancy dress, so of course she would be wearing it. Was this really a good idea?

    Elsa scowled in near-disapproval at Jenna's lack of response, then stood and smiled at Jason. "She'd love to go out, she already took it upon herself to visit the park," her toine was full of disapproval, but she wasstill grinning as if she unofficially approved.
    Jason quirked an eyebrow at Jenna, then managed a smile. "Really. Hm, well we'll forgo formal charges this time," he said with a chuckle, "no paperwork before dinner. Let's say we head out in 20? We'll take a walk through the park on the way."

    "Formal charges?" Jenna looks scared when that is mentioned. She didn't think heading out to the park was that big of a deal... but apparently it was. FUCK! She slouches down on the couch, ignoring the rest of what he said in favor of seeing what exactly she did wrong.

    Jason winced and all but ran over to her. "Oh! Shit," he knelt beside her, "sweetie, I... it was just a bit of cop humor, I..." he grumbled as Elsa beat him to her side and locked her in a protective embrace. "I forgot that you..." His voice trailed off and he sat on the floor, defeated. "That it might strike a nerve," he said flatly to his knees.

    Jenna watches how Jason reacts, how he looks as panicked as she felt, and as he tried to explain what he meant. Else hugs her, leaving him on the floor. She wasn't really in trouble, he looked so sad that he made her feel that way. She reaches out and strokes his hair. "i'm not in trouble." She says slowly, tasting the words in her mouth.
    She pets his hair. "I will have to get used to the way things are now." She says softly. Jenna felt bad for making Jason feel bad.

    Jason rsted a hand on her shoulder, which is all the twitchy Elsa would let him do as she hugged Jenna protectively. "We both will," he sais softly, internally slapping himself for making such an off the cuff and very inappropriate, for the company, remark. "I should have known better. Do you forgive me?"

    Jenna untangles herself from Elsa and slides into his lap. "Of course i forgive you. It's not your fault." She kisses him tenderly. "Now, shall we get ready for a fun night out?" She asks with a smile, waiting for him to reply. She hoped she didn't upset him too much.

    His reply was to reach out and gently cup her face bfeore pulling her in for a wordless, apologetic kiss. He broke it after a moment and Elsa stood down the planet-busting death glare she'd been throwing at him.

    Jenna smiles and kisses back happily, pleased that things were back to normal. She springs up and heads to her room to get ready, dragging Elsa along by the arm.

    Elsa gasped as she was carried away, or nearly so, and Jason disappeared into his room to finish getting ready.
    When they reached her room Elsa finally spoke. "He... he's really sorry," she whispered.

    "Yes he is." Jenna is grinning and hums softly as she messes with the tablet and stones, trying to remember how to work everything. Really, you think there would be an easier way to go about it than this.

    Elsa grabbed the tablet and placed the stones firmly in Jenna's hands. "We need to get you an AURA," she said, tapping the side of her head near one eye. "augmented reality, it's all up here," she flew through the prompts and options and set the little black dress to render on Jenna's body and let out a soft 'hmmph' as the goo did its thing, giving the girl both the dress and the red lips and eyeshadow to go with it in the span of a few seconds.
    "THere, who needs 20 minutes?" Elsa chirped.

    "Me, still have to do my hair." Jenna says. She wasn't thrilled about the idea of something in her eye. She starts on her hair. Elsa was nice at times, but seemed too comfortable with the technology.

    Elsa blinked in confusion, having forgotten such a thing. The girl's shimmering purple locks were, in Elsa's opinion, already quite nice. Then again, most dryads like her had naturally-wavy, wild hair that needed little tending and that's how they liked it.
    She let Jenna to her own devices and returned to the living room where Jason waited, dressed in pressed dress slacks and a dark red dress shirt, his black shoes polished to a mirror finish. Elsa stopped in her tracks as she admired how his form filled out the well-tailored outfit and smiled at him.
    "Have fun tonight," she mused, going back to her usual housework. "Will you be bringing someone new home?"
    Jason gave her a wicked grin, "Oh, perhaps," he said, looking out the window at the streets below. "you'll have to ask Alyssa," he said as he waited for his date to be ready.

    Jenna spends 20 minutes being frustrated. She comes out to the living room, hair so not how she wanted it. Elsa would be happy with how it was, but Jenna had tried to put it up. Every time she tried, it failed epically. So here she was, in the living room, fuming. She didn't even look at the one person who would make her feel better. She slouches down on the couch. If she looked up at Jason, she would have felt better just by how good he looks.

    Jason saw Jenna pace in and outof her room and on the third time finally intercepted the poor girl after she slouched on the couch. He knelt in front of her, looked her in the eyes, brushed a strand of vibrantly-colored hair from her face and said. "you look fantastic," and gently gripped a hand before standing back up to beckon her to her feet.

    Jenna looks up and into his eyes as he says she looks fantastic. She didn't think so, but he looked very nice. She nods and stands when he gently tugs her to her feet. "You look wonderful." She tells him, letting him lead her out the door and down to the front of the building. As they walked, she felt better.

    It took a brief hop on a stretcar to get where they were going, but the place was easy to see coming. Freyas was for all intents and purposes, a major landmark at a major intersection with brightly-lit signs proclaiming live music was afoot. A velvet rope snaked out an 'in' door and along the building with a very large, very attentive, very sharply-dressed man standing guard as if the place was soon to be expecting a crowd.

    Jason stepped up. "Jason Rsines," he said to the bouncer, who stepped aside wordlessly and opened the door.
    Jason ushered Jenna inside ahead of him.

    Past a small vestibule guarded by a dryad at a hostess' stand was the restaurant. The main level ended abruptly in a horshshoe balcony lined with tables and looked out 20 feet below to a dance floor spanning the width of the lower level with a stage at the open end of the balcony, a jazz quartet playing a cover of a mid-2000's alt-rock song led by a crooning redhead in a slinky dress to a few dozen onlookers standing with cocktails on the dance floor. The whole place was decked out in rustic wood and looked much older than it was. Opposite the stage above where they stood was a balcony, the steps leading up to it guarded by another man in black. Jason stepped up to him and again said his name. The second man stepped aside and again Jason beckoned Jenna up the stairs. "Shall we?" he asked.

    The restaurant wasn't full by any means, the low din of conversations muffling the music slightly. Most of the patrons were pairs of men and women, but there were a few solo people, mostly women, making the rounds at either of the lower level's bars. Most of them had a glowing wristband showing a handful of colors and strategically placed unobtrusive signs showed the keys to the colors.

    The upper level had larger tables, its own, smaller bar, couches and more comfortable places to sit and was definitely the 'VIP' area. A uniformed dryad, dressed in a white dress with a royal-purple satin sash about her waist, the whole thing looking rather medieval, save for the tablet in her hand, greeted Jenna first. "Welcome, Miss Alyssa, to Freya's," she motioned to a couch, "may I get you or your companion anything?

    Jenna follows Jason, looking around at the scenery. Their destination was nothing she expected, a large, brightly lit place that looked like should have had a huge crowd in front of it. There was even a velvet rope and a guard. She winks at the man as she passes, he was nice looking. Jenna walked ahead of Jason, swaying her ass as she did so.
    Her jaw drops as she sees the whole restaurant. It was incredible! it looked old, it had a band and a dance floor, and places to eat and watch the dancers below. She was suddenly nervous about the cost.

    Jenna head up the stairs at Jason's request. She looks down over the restaurant, figuring it was early, and later on everything would pick up to full swing. She tries to read one of the signs that explained the bracelets she spotted on some women's arms, but she was ushered along and didn't get the chance. Well, that just meant Jason would have to explain them to her.

    She sees the upper level and she stops breathing. This was crazy expensive, and she looks back at Jason, panicking. "We can't afford this!" She hisses in his ear, oblivious to the pretty dryad who was asking her about their drinks. She starts to head back the way they had come, wanting to at least get down a level, if not find a whole new place to eat at.

    Jason cleared his throat discreetly. "One," he pointed at the stage, Haley owed me a favor for setting her up with Ria, two, I've been waiting for an excuse to come here for a very long time, and three, they've got the best fondue in the city, or so the chief keeps telling me," he said in a stage whisper at her, all but stopping her by force.

    "Oh..." Jenna blushes and comes back to his side. "I'm sorry Jason. Overreacted..." She sits where she had been instructed to and waits for Jason to order the drinks. She was very embarrassed about what had happened, but she had been in a situation before where they went out somewhere nice, and then they hadn't been able to pay for the meal. It was an unpleasant experience.

    He could guess her reasons given her former life, and this was certainly an upscale establishment.
    A few moments after he settled back into the comfortable couch next to her a waitress appeared, a short, round blonde in a black dress and a waist apron. She held out two wrist bands, each straight, two-inch band had a mirrored-black finish like a screen that was off. Jason took one without thinking and passed the other to Jenna.
    "Can I get you anything?" the girl with the nametag 'Moira' said, leaning in, her low neckline giving both of them a nice eyeful of her deep, soft cleavage.
    Jason slipped the wristband over his left wrist and slapped it. The band made a small pop and slipped around his wrist, fitting snugly before lighting up. A sequential pattern of color swatches glowed: black, pink, emerald, lime, the colors circling his wrist every 30 seconds or so. "She," he gestured to Jenna, "is new in town, no preferences set, would you mind?"
    THe girl smiled and rounded the table to perch herself of the edge of the sofa-like seat opposite them. She pulled a small tablet from a pocket and started tapping. Jenna's bracelet lit up and ran through a test cycle. "We use the standard color codes," she showed Jenna the key as she spoke, "they indicate what you like, what you are and if you're available, and tell us if you're too out of it to consent to something," she said in a practiced delivery, "pink for girls, blue for boys, purple for anything between," she said, "white means you're submissive, black, dominant and checkerboard, switchy." she took a quick breath and tapped the tablet again, "yellow means you're new in town, lime is a wildcard that says anything goes, burgundy means you're taken or not interested, and emerald and silver mean you are, are open to or after dryads or cybernetics, respectively. The bracelet will also flash orange when you've gotten too drunk, stoned or otherwise enebriated to consent." She leaned back, "cool, huh?"

    Jason leaned over. "It's so you know what someone's into before you say hello, saves a lot of time," he said.

    Jenna takes the bracelet, confused. She watches as Jason slaps his on and it starts to light up. She listens as the colors are described, watching Jason's bracelet and matching the color to what is stands for. Black - Dominant. Pink - Girls. Emerald - Dryads. And Lime for anything goes.

    "How many colors can we have? And is there one that means I just don't know?" Those were the important questions. She'd pick white for submissive, because she didn't think she was anything else. And then blue for boys and yellow for new in town. It was certainly a cool system, though she'd have difficulty remembering all the color codes at first. She hoped there was a color that meant "I don't know what the hell I am doing or what I like."

    Moira shrugged. "all of them, i suppose," she said, "but that's what the lime is for, if its by itself anyway. With others it assumes you're open to anything other suggest. if you're as new as i think you are," she glanced at Jason and poked at her tablet. Jenna's band lit up glowing white, blue, emerald, and yellow. "there," she said, "I hope I got it right, you can always change it later, just remember to turn in your bands when you leave." She stood up and flipped her tablet to a new page. "now then, what can I get you?" she asked.

    Jason smirked. "An old fashioned, and," he mused for a moment, "something to go with them," he said, not noticing the menu the waitress had dropped on the table. e was too busy distracted by the view down her dress. She clearly wasn't fazed.

    Jenna watches her bracelet flip to the appropriate colors. "Those are correct." She listens to Jason order, he would know what to get. She didn't know what it was, but she trusted he did. She smacks him as he oogles the waitresses breasts. "Hey!"

    Jason flinched, then leaned over to wrap an arm around her shoulders apologetically. He looked at her in apology for an instant, "do you drink?" he asked. back home she was barely 'of age' here, nobody cared so long as the band wasn't orange.
    Moira just giggled as she waited for the order, her slightly impatient posture and twisting lips making it clear she had something she wanted to say but was too polite to do so.

    Jenna relaxes into his arm once it was around her. "Sure I do." It didn't matter her age, there had always been a way to get alcohol back home. She focuses on the man beside her, not the waitress who wants to say something.

    He made a 'go on' gesture at her before pointing his nose at the drink menu. He gave up waiting after another second or two, locking eyes with the waitress. "your house brew, then," he said with a shrug before turning to look at Jenna, "I assume, just a beer for now?" he asked, clearly sounding as if he didn't want to step on any toes.

    Jenna shrugs. "I trust you to decide what's good here." She hadn't been drinking enough to develop a preference yet. Though for the most part she wasn't a fan of beer. She remained possessive, dropping a hand onto his thigh.

    "Ah, the house red, then," he said to moira, picking the safest bet for the girl he didn't know that well yet.
    Moira nodded. "I'll have it up in just a moment," she said, turning on one heel and leaving the table.
    Jason leaned forward and pointed down at the stage at the redhead. "She's the one who got me in here," he said, pointing out the tall, curvaceous redhead.

    Jenna studies the woman on stage. "You must have had a hell of a night together." Was her comment.
    The woman was stunning, and her voice hypnotic. She listened to her sing her song, drawn in by her voice.

    "Three wonderful weeks, actually," he said, " a few years ago. She tours a lot and needed a place to stay while she was working on an album. I introduced her to Ria and, well..." he gestured to the singer again, "the dress is hers."

    She could never compete with that woman. "well she looks lovely and sings so well too. So why did she help you get in?" She was dying of curiosity. Had the sex been that good? Was it as simple the woman getting one of Ria's dresses? She gets possessive of Jason when she sees Moria coming back.

    Jason leaned into Jenna as the waitress deposited a carafe of red wine and a glass, and a round cocktail glass with something golden-brown in it. She took her leave without a word.
    "I told you, I introduced her to Ria. Ria gave her a dress and in return got some scars down her back thanks to Hayley's nails from one hell of an orgasm. She came to me the next day and told me if I ever wanted to come see her sing, wherever, whenever, that I could. I just hadn't taken her up on it until now."

    She watches the waitress leave quietly. Good. She frowns but nods as Jason speaks. "Oh. OOOOHHH!" Her eye widen as she understands what happened.
    Holy cow, that was a huge offer for a little introduction. But that sex must have been mind-blowing. She pours herself some wine and sips it.

    She watches the waitress leave quietly. Good. She frowns but nods as Jason speaks. "Oh. OOOOHHH!" Her eye widen as she understands what happened.
    Holy cow, that was a huge offer for a little introduction. But that sex must have been mind-blowing. She pours herself some wine and sips it.

    The wine was surprising, but overall, it was good.
    "To introductions." She clinks her glass to his. "So what is an old-timey?" She asks, remembering him order that.

    "Old Fashioned," he corrected, "bourbon, a little bitters and orange with a touch of sugar," he said, taking another sip and licking his lips, "Pegasus Reserve, I believe" he said, recognizing the flavor. "He blinked at her for a second, "they distill it in town. I, ah, have a thing for whisky," he said, blushing slightly.
    The singer finished her set and disappeared after a round of applause from the crowd. The band played on and Jason turned his attention back to his date. "Have you figured out what you might want to do here?" he asked, not expecting an answer, but it did get her mind off his past. He'd certainly have to ease her into 'normal'.

    "Old Fashioned," he corrected, "bourbon, a little bitters and orange with a touch of sugar," he said, taking another sip and licking his lips, "Pegasus Reserve, I believe" he said, recognizing the flavor. "He blinked at her for a second, "they distill it in town. I, ah, have a thing for whisky," he said, blushing slightly.
    The singer finished her set and disappeared after a round of applause from the crowd. The band played on and Jason turned his attention back to his date. "Have you figured out what you might want to do here?" he asked, not expecting an answer, but it did get her mind off his past. He'd certainly have to ease her into 'normal'.

    He hummed in the affirmative. "Right, he said, his free hand gesturing alongside his head. "dryad haze," he mused, "I may just see if I can make an introduction, I'll bet Haley knows someone," he looked around their loft as more well-dressed figures ascended the stairs, mostly alone, though none were the redhead. "Or there's someone here. you never know."
    He rested the arm with his wristband on the back of his chair, as it showing off a little. "As for the drink, bourbon is a type of whisky, from corn, though, strictly speaking, this isn't bourbon because it's not from the right place in Kentucky. Don't ask me why, them's the rules, I guess."

    Jenna nods as he explains. That made sense. He had gotten a full dose last night. She Looks around, seeing who all made their way up here. She didn't notice him showing off his bracelet. The redhead never appeared, but she studied the bracelets of those who passed. Oh! Handsome man, his bracelet was purple, checkered, emerald and lime.
    She focused on him, and didn't hear a word Jason said about bourbon and whiskey and what was what. He had a nice ass. Wait! She couldn't think like that! She had a date, sitting next to her. She tries to focus on him, especially as remembers how she had been mad at him earlier.

    The man with the bracelet barely noticed her, his eyes focused on someone else at the bar, another man, it looked like, and the two well-dressed figures embraced a few moments later before sitting down at their own table to talk.
    Another man passed them by in a suit and tie, his bracelet checkered, pink and silver. He had striking square jaw and silvered hair, looking older but distinguished and stood out in a sea of young faces. He made eye contact with Jenna and smiled.
    The moment was interrupted when Jason's phone rang. He pulled the device, looked at the display and frowned in confusion., "Max?" he muttered before looking up, "excuse me, someone from work." he stood up and hovered a few feet from the table, pressing his other hand to his ear. "What's up, Max?"
    Jason's face frowned as Max told him a tale of a dinner party gone wrong due to three of the four guests being pulled away by a crisis at their office, and the fact they needed a huge favor.
    "I can't, I just got Aly--" he was cut off and clucked his tongue. "that bad? Well, I wouldn't want to run afoul of the ministry. We're at Freya's, VIP lounge, I'll tell them you're coming. How soon?"
    Another pregnant pause as he waited for the other man to fill in the details. "Ten minutes? Got it. Okay," another pause, "I'll have Elsa run over there, then. See ya." He hung up the phone and sat back down.

    Jason leaned over his phone and fired off a text before looking up at Jenna. "There's been a complication," he said, his brow furrowing in concentration before he hit 'send' and slipped the phone back in a pocket. "A friend from work just texted, seems one of his friends was playing host to--" He paused, trying to explain it. How to explain an objectification kink taken to a logical extreme. "There's a department around here job is to make fantasies come true. Don't ask me how, but they managed to put a girl's mind in some of that grey goo we use for clothes for a few days or a week and well, the couple she was paired up with just got called into work for who knows how long. The ministry has contingencies for situations like this and, well, I guess I'm on a backup list somewhere." He fibbed a little, reminding himself to not let Max live this city-sized favor down. He was on a backup list, it was one of those things someone in his profession was expected to do in a pinch.

    He leaned back. "Well, I wanted to show you just how things worked around here, and it seems the city's penchant for the bizzarre is coming to be a houseguest for a little bit," he mused, polishing off his drink and flagging down the waitress.
    Moira came over and they exchanged a few nods. She touched his arm and smiled. "You got it, sir," she said, buzzing away a moment later.

    Another round of drinks came in a few moments and a few moments after that a stocky black man in a suit ascended the stairs, a small statue in his hand. He stopped at the table and set the figurine on the table. By all appearances, a 6-inch or so Geisha doll. Jason got up and exchanged words with the man for a moment, who pulled a wand from a pocket. Jason took the short wooden device and examined it for a moment, finding a few trigger buttons on it with his fingers. "Think and click huh?" he mused, "shouldn't be hard." He silently cursed the thing, shook hands with Max, and sat down. The newcomer smiled warmly at Jenna and sat down across from them.

    Down on the stage, the redhead singer returned and the band struck up another jazz cover of an old rock song as Jason waved the wand and reanimated Lilly.
    Max took the lead and gestured at the tiny girl not much taller than the Jenna's wine glass. "Alyssa, hm?" he made eye contact with Jenna, then looked at the statue, "Lilly. She wants to be treated as a toy, so indulge her, and she'll indulge you," he said.

    Jenna sighs as the man embraces another man and they sit down to talk. Looks like that was going nowhere. She looks around the room and makes eye contact with a striking older looking man. She smiles in response to his, and sees his bracelet. She casually flashes hers, then hears Jason's phone ring. She looks at him as he answers the phone, the man forgotten.

    She tries to make out what he was saying, the words she caught didn't help at all. Max, ministry, Max coming here. As if she didn't have enough on her plate! She was still getting used to this world, and here someone was, complicating shit! Max was the one doing this to her. She decided to hate him. He would be here in 10 minutes, and for some reason Elsa would be going somewhere.

    She looks at Jason expectantly when he sits, wanting an answer. A complication? No shit! She had wanted a night out with Jason, quietly figuring things out. Now that was ruined. Wait what? Was she hearing this right?! She doesn't speak, trying to wrap her head around the idea. A girl's mind was melded with goo.... the same goo she was wearing?! And back-up list? Oh no, he was about to tell her they were getting that weird... well whatever it was. And there it was. He just said that they would be getting it. "So we are getting a girl that turns into a blob?" She finally asks.

    She finishes the rest of her wine quickly, she needed time to process all of this. She watches Moira come and go, unsure of what went on between the two. She takes the next drink set in front of her, drinking it as she glances around the room once more. She doesn't pay attention to who she sees. She stares at the black man who set a figurine on the table, then bends to examine it closer, picking it up and turning it around.

    Oh, how cute! A little Geisha doll! She wonders where the girl is. She glances up to see Jason take the wand, wondering what it did. She saw the men shake hands and then sit down. The man smiled at Jenna, but she didn't smile back. This must be Max, and she hated him. She yelps and drops the girl in her hand when she wiggles, staring down at her as Max introduces her as Lilly. She barely hears him tell her how to treat her, she gingerly pokes the girl/doll/toy/goo with a finger.

    Lilly heavily blushed as now she was faced with a new friend. She was not too sure about how she ended up here or what happened to her old mistress, but she was happy to see the new face. In all honestly her memory was fairly limited, time seeming to fly while she spent time transformed. One moment she was wrapped around someone's waist and now she was sitting on a table, being poked like the Pillsbury doughboy. It was a ticklish experience though, causing the small woman to chuckle as she approached the new woman.

    Waving upwards, she would flash a large smile. A mixture of bliss and excitement crossed her face while words flowed from her lips. "A-am I free to speak to her? She looks really pretty..." This was the first time that the woman broke her orders to remain silent...and she couldn't help but continue to break rule after rule. Jumping off of the table to land in the woman's lap with a soft thud, the woman would be met with Lilly firsthand. She seemed lovable enough, cuddling up between the woman's legs while not bothering to look up to gauge her reaction.

    She was like a pet and she certainly had found her new home. "Hello, I am...well I am Lilly! I am not sure why master or mistress took me here but...I mean I am happy to see you!" She knew that a punishment was looming overhead...and unless fate had saved her in one way or another it was going to be a big one. "W-well...before master punishes me I might as well enjoy myself." That was when she wiggled herself into a lovely positon on the woman's thighs and yawned, seeming to somehow take a nap on the unknown woman!

    Flustered, Jason looked at the faux-napping Lilly.
    "Um, your Mistress is unavilable and has placed you in my care, you may speak freely," he said, trying not to lose his composure over the absurdity of the moment. He was more worried about Jenna's inevitable freakout.

    Jenna almost faints as Lilly speaks to her, then apparently falls asleep on her thighs. She chugs the drinks on the table as she tries to cope with the mini-human and not embarrass Jason by making a scene. She finished the last drink and then pokes the shape on top of her thighs, before gingerly setting it atop the table to sleep. "where is the rest of her?" She asks, thinking there was no way she was actually that small, and that the rest of her had to be somewhere. She didn't think that the goo could shrink that small, and a full sized human would be very.....gooey.

    Max smirked. "The rest of her is elsewhere, but that's not the part that matters. She is all there, believe me," he said, getting up. He exchanged a knowing look with Jason, who tried his best not to wince at having this dumped in his lap, or rather, Jenna's.

    Jason leaned in to get a closer look at the tiny girl 'asleep' on the table. "Wake up," he commanded softly.

    “Mm?” The small girl’s eyes fluttered open, searching her surroundings while a yawn oozed from her mouth. It was a short nap yet considering how little sleep she had gotten so far, it was nice. With those curious eyes back on Jenna, she would continue.

    “Please tell me that she is my new mistress! She looks so amazing and she’s so soft and warm!”

    Jaason blinked in confusion for a second and then shrugged. "I dunno, Alyssa," he said, using her new identity name in public. "It might be those wonderful eyes of yours but I think the doll wants you to adopt her." Nevermind that he still had the wand. It was a minor issue in the long run. He did know what Max's friends had in mind for her, and what the 'Doll' was here for.

    He sat back and grinned wickedly, knowing he was going to break Jenna's sense of reality even more.

    "Uh sure?" Jenna was so perplexed and wasn't sure how to react. And they were stuck with her anyways. She snags a drink off a passing tray and drinks it as well. She didn't even look to see what color her bracelet was now.

    “Yay!” The small woman cheered, walking over to Jenna again. Her small footsteps patterned and as squeaked with excitement, the woman fully engulfed in her lovely vacation. “I promise to serve you as best as I can! What can I be for you first?” Leaning over the table, she would sue the woman over again. At this point she was accepting her nudity, finding it to be the least odd thing at the moment.

    Jason scowled a little and waved the wand, producing a suitable kimono for the now very animated, and very naked miniature girl. A dress code was a dress code, no matter how small the customer, after all.

    He looked at Jenna, then the doll and smirked. "I think you could use a new pair of shoes, Jenna," he said, taking the initiative. He waved the wand again and restored Lilly's original footwear persona. In the span of a few seconds the Geisha melted away and was replaced by a pair of four-inch stiletto heels trimmed in silver and purple gems that matched Jenna's eyes quite well.

    Jenna somehow hadn't noticed the nakedness of the woman until she was clothed. She watches the woman profess her desire to serve, and she wad clueless when it came to what she wanted. Though one second she was looking at a doll, the next a pair of shoes. No matter how much she had drunk, that was too much for her to handle and she promptly fainted.

    Jason shot up from his seat as Jenna's bracelet went from her glowing color pallette to a strobing blue. In a matter of seconds a uniformed paramedia was bounding up the stairs with a first aid kit and knelt by her side.
    "Too much to drink?" the woman asked.
    Jason stared at Jenna's unconscious figure."Um, shock, she's new in town and I think she just overloaded."

    The medic glared at him. "Raines, right?" she recognized him, but he didn't know her.
    "Yeah," he said, confirming his identity.
    The woman clucked her tongue, "right then," she said, pulling a vial from her pack and waving its open end around Jenna's nose. "Alyssa," she said over the din of the music. "Wake up."

    Jenna hadn't been out that long, and had already been coming to. The drinks may have helped a bit, she hadn't eaten since lunch, but she mainly fainted due to shock. Seeing a person that looked like a doll, and then watching them turn into shoes in front of you, well that would do it.
    She stares at the woman in front of her, trying to push the vial out from under her nose. She was fine now, a little dizzy but otherwise fine. She'd just eat, and try to get things back to normal.

    The medic pressed a scanning device to Jenna's arm and her frown deepened before she started packing up and touched Jennas wristband with a stylus, dismissing the flashing blue. "Eat something, and try to go easy on the wine for a little," she intoned in that commanding-yet-soothing tone a good nurse has.
    By this time Moira had come over, out of concern for one of her customers if nothing else, and a quick exchange between her and Jason sent her heading away to summon real food. She return moments later with a basket of warm rolls and butter, placing it on the table next to the pair of shoes.
    "Thanks," Jason said to her," before Moira could say anything about the need for plates, he waved the wand again at the pair of shoes, turning it into an appropriate plate and butter knife for the pieces of warm, crusty bread.
    The waitress just looked at him with curious eyes, "nevermind," she said in a curious but somewhat dismissive voice. She'd clearly seen stranger.

    "Yes ma'am." Jenna tells her. She digs into the bread without a second thought, she hadn't even been aware of what Jason did as her focus had been on the medic. Only after she was beginning to feel better did she look for the shoes that he had made of the girl, only to find them missing.
    "Hey Jay, where did the shoes go?" She asks as she munches more slowly on the bread. That was her fault for drinking so much, but she hoped they would eat more than just bread, and soon. She sips on a water she was brought, heading the paramedic's advice.

    Jason put the wand down and picked up the butter knife, dipping the head in the soft, half-melted herb-infused spread before slathering a slice of bread with it and putting it back on the plate. "The shoes? they're gone, for now," he said. nevermind he said nothing about where the doll was. A part of him wondered what 'Lilly' was going through about now, where her sense were. Not that he was particularly curious on more than an intellectual level; as far as he was concerned it was the perfect way to recalibrate Jenna's sense of normal.

    Jenna eats the bread he prepares for her, or she assumes he prepared it for her as he set it on the plate in front of her. She didn't ask anymore about Lilly, she just focused on taking care of herself. She doesn't look up at Matt, though she does watch Jason. She wanted to make sure he approved of her actions, especially after her little breakdown.

    Before Jason had a chance to reach to much of anything, another commotion down the stairs got his attention. A japanese woman had pushed her way through two bouncers, apparently an unstoppable juggernaut that was bounding up the stairs with purpose. Yet not one of them took any actual action.
    She stopped at their table. She was, for all intents and purposes, Lilly, though full-sized and so angry steam may as well have been shooting from her ears.
    "Where is she?" she asked Jason, scanning the table.

    It took Jason all of five seconds to figure out who she was. "you're the real one, aren't you?" he asked. He was unfazed by the woman's rage and waved the wand. The plate and knife turned back into the geisha statue. "I'm sorry but Max--"

    "Max nothing," the woman spat, "What Silvia did would have been perfectly fine if Lilly still had her own body," she snatched up the doll and pulled the wand from his hand. He didn't protest. "But she borrowed mine and wasn't authorized to take it off-plan." She sighed and calmed down slightly, looking at the bewildered Jenna. "I'm sorry about this, love, it isn't your fault, neither of you. I'll straighten this out with the ministry."

    And with that she turned on one heel and left the way she'd come.

    Jason blinked in bewilderment before downing what was left of his drink. "Well, I guess things are back to normal, huh?" he asked Jenna.

    Jenna is staryled when the angry woman comes up. Making demands and her bread plate turned back to the statue. Well, that was unexpected. She listens to her rant and nods ahen adressed, and watches the woman leave. "Uh...yeah. That's a relief." She manages to say. She reaches for her water and finishes it.

    Jason breaths as he watched the woman leave the establishment outright. "Indeed. Sometimes things around here are strange. Other times they're just outright bizarre. Like that," he mused. "Anyway, where were we before this whole mess started?"
    His train of thought has been permanently derailed. Moira arrived and began setting up a fondue pot, populating the soon-to-be-simmering pot with cheese and wine.

    "Uh, we were talking about finding me a mentor." She sips another glass of water and watches Moira start to get them more food. "Oh, this looks yummy! " She comments.
    She was happy she didn't have to think about the doll anymore. That was just too much for her to handle this early.

    Moira disappeared and returned with two trays of cheeses, sausages, fruits, veggies and more varieties of bread and four long skewer-like forks. "Enjoy," she said with a smile.
    Jason picked up a fork, stabbed an apple slice and dipped it into the molten cheese. "Right, a mentor," he looked around, "I'm sure we can find someone who can help you, especially around here."

    He started glancing around, but didn't see anyone outright familiar. though a few did look their way. The extra forks were essentially an open invitation for company, after all. Most made eye contact with jenna and flashed their bracelets in her direction. some were women, others men.

    Jenna has some bread and dips it in the cheese. "Mm, well that would be nice.'' She states before she eats the bite. "Oh, delicious!"

    She didn't see most of the people flashing at her, though when she did and flashed back they seemed disappointed. Oh well. She sees the silver-haired man again, and waits to see if he'd look her way.

    The silver-haired man nodded her way and walked over. He looked slightly older than Jason, 40 at least, especially with his hair looking like it did. His steely-gray eyes shimmered in the light, a crisp compliment to a black and white suit. He bowed and extended a hand to Jenna. Not to shake, but to take hers in hand. "may I join you, mademoiselle?" he asked.

    Jenna is surprised as he comes over, and she extends her hand out to him. "I would love it if you did." She stammers surprised she sounded, well better than normal. He did look a bit old, but still was very handsome.

    "Chase," he said calmly as he kissed the back of Jenna's hand. He let go before he sat down across the table from her and nodded to Jason. He looked at the fondue set, grabbed a fork and poked at a piece of meat. "Enjoying your stay in town?" he asked her.

    "Je...Alyssa, and this is Jason." She catches herself. "It has been an interesting time so far...." she watches as he sits and eats. She had been surprised by the kiss, but doesn't show it. She sips on her water again, nervous.

    Chase munched a cheese-coated sausage. "I see," he said after swallowing, "have you met anyone besides me who you find interesting," he case a glance at Jason. "Aside from your escort, of course."

    "Well I haven't been out much." She admits. "And I'm still learning the ways of this town." She says honestly. He didn't seem to hostile towards Jason, but she couldn't tell how Jason felt towards Chase.

    and now...
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    Jason relaxed, crossing his legs to let the man do more of the talking.

    Chase leaned in. "Oh? Well I'm sure you'll fit right in eventually. Is this your first real night on the town?" he asked, one hand signaling for the waitress.

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    "Uh yes sir." She confirms. Okay, Jason was cool with him. Good to know. She eats a little more as they sit and talk. She couldn't ask him outright his interest with her.
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    Chase smirked. "Please, don't 'sir' me," he said with a smile, "I get enough of that in my day job. I'm just Chase," he said. He motioned to her wrist, "your eyes caught my attention. It's not everyday you see someone with eyes like yours. Such a vibrant violet color is actually one of the more unusual things around here," his own steely-gray eyes peered at her as he smirked, the weathered lines on his face smiling as much as the rest of him was. "There's an old saying that says the eyes are the window to the soul. Here, there's a sort of window to a person's true identity, in more ways than one."
    He took a sip of the drink he'd brought with him, a foamy, amber substance that looked like a brew of some sort.
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    Jenna listens as he talks about her eyes, blushing the whole time and looking down. She wasn't used to the compliments, and he kept talking about her eyes. They were unusual, but she hadn't seen how unusual they were, figured different colored eyes were the norm around here.
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  7. Wendium

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    6:00 PM
    He continues and reassures her. "It's true. Mine," he pointed to his own, "silver, means I'm a little more cybernetic than organic." He leaned back as if to give her space. "But don't let that scare you," he continued, "I'm as normal as the next guy, mostly."
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  8. Jennaguitar16

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    3:00 PM
    "Wait, so what does purple mean? And cyberwhatic?" Jenna is clearly on the prowl for more information. She wanted to know more about this guy, what he was like.
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  9. Wendium

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    6:00 PM
    Chase blinked. "Purple?" he furrowed his brow in confusion. "Nope, doesn't mean a thing. Now the emerald eyes of the Dryads, that's a tell. Same thing with metallic silver and gold for cybers. See," he gave his legs a tap with one finger, "I lost my legs in Afghanistan some years back, the locals rebuilt me."
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  10. Jennaguitar16

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    3:00 PM
    "Oh, you had called them unusual so I thought..." She trails off and listens as he explains. Emerald for the dryads, mhm, cause nature and whatnot. Silver and gold for cybers? Oh, legs rebuilt. So their eyes reflected that they had metal in some form on their body. She didn't know why it was important, but she'd ask Jason later. She didn't want Chase to see how little she knew. "Thank you for serving our country, uh sorry you lost your legs, but yay, they were rebuilt?" She wasn't sure what the proper thing to say was, though it was probably not what she did say. Well, tok late to take it back now.
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  11. Wendium

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    Chase managed a weak chuckle and sipped his drink. "Our country," he barely suppressed a curse, it came out as a grunt. "The VA doctors couldn't do a thing for me. I spent three years in a chair and wasted most of it waiting for them to even find me a peg leg. he city was young in those days and they needed people with military experience and offered to give me proper legs."

    Hh took another sip of his drink. "Just finished fifteen years as head of the defense forces, actually, that plus 20 in the U.S. Marines and I'm ready to retire in style. I'd say I'm enjoying things."

    He leaned in again, putting his elbows on his thighs. "As for you, I did call your eyes unusual, they're just not a color reserved for anything. Except perhaps, spectacular, mysterious girls like yourself."
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  12. Jennaguitar16

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    She murmurs sympathetically, as far as she had ever heard the VA wasn't given proper funding, so it was no surprise they couldn't do much for him. She hears the bitterness in his voice as he speaks, and gasps as she realizes he is quite old... uh let's see, joining at 18, add 35 to that... hmm, 53? Well yeah, if it was rounded up to 20, that would be 55, take off the 2 years she added, he would be about 53. And she was only in her twenties.... She pays attention when he mentions her eyes, blushing as he calls her spectacular and mysterious. "Oh, i am none of those things...."
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  13. Wendium

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    Chase never wavered. "Well you are mysterious. I've been here long enough to know the locals. Your generation is new to me," he said smoothly. He sat back and gestured around him, "you grew up out there in the shadows of this city, but not within its walls. Thus, you are mysterious just because of the world you come from."

    Jason just smirked. "He has a point,you know," he said, "I can certainly relate to that bit about you."
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  14. Jennaguitar16

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    Jenna blushes as she gets double-teamed. "Well the same can be said of you. They keep the secrets of this city under so many layers no one knows what is fact and what is fiction."
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  15. Wendium

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    Chase chuckled knowingly. "Well, we try to keep the record straight, but people have a way of distorting the truth to the point that it sounds even more incredible than it really is. Then again, even the most mundane things we deal with on a daily basis were the stuff of fairy tales to outworlders 30 years ago. Case in point," he mused, pointing to his legs. The tailored trousers melted away in silver goo to reveal legs of titanium and plastic with synthetic muscle to go with it, meshing seamlessly with flesh and blood thighs.
    "If the me from when I went off to Annapolis saw me today he'd think I was Robocop."
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  16. Jennaguitar16

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    She nods and listens, and watches him show her his metal legs. Ugh... okay, not something she was comfortable with. But she wasn't sure how to tell him without hurting his feelings. She knew he loved them, because he could walk and do normal things. But they just creeped her out if she thought of them touching her as they were doing it.
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  17. Wendium

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    It didn't take an empath to detect Jenna's uncomfortable reaction to Chase's revelation. ven Jason noticed it and sat up in shock, blinking for several seconds until he realized what he was dealing with. Chase winces lightly and quickly restores his 'proper' image. "I'm sorry," he said, getting to his feet, "I do sometimes forget myself, I-- you're new," he half stammered at Jenna, forgive me, I'll leave you to your evening." he said, giving a courteous bow before taking an awkward second to compose himself before stepping away.

    Jason watched him, then looked back at Jenna, "Perhaps," he said, leaning toward her a little, "perhaps we've had enough excitement for one evening," he said, recalling the ruckus from earlier.
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  18. Jennaguitar16

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    Jenna watches him go before she can get out an apology. Shit, she fucked up. He was just trying to be nice, and somehow she made him run away.

    She turns to Jason, and then nods when he mentions the excitement factor. Yup, definitely had enough for one evening. "I didn't mean to scare him away..." She looks like she is begging for Jason to believe her.
  19. Wendium

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    6:00 PM
    Jason adjusted his own posture and narrowed his eyes, "no," he said reassuringly as his eyes watched the man leave, "I'm pretty sure he picked up on the fact his legs were wigging you out," he said, his eyes moving back to meet hers, "there's no sense in blaming yourself, that's a horrid mindset to get into anyway. Here, everyone learns either from a young age or by sheer cultural inertia that everyone has to be graceful at taking a rejection, and by extension, realize that it's not themselves. Chemistry isn't perfect, you know, it takes two to.." he bit his tongue as he found himself reciting a very old cliche.
    He gave her thigh a reassuring squeeze. "You didn't scare him away, it wasn't anything you did, it was just an incompatibility, that's all."

    he sighed, his eyes moving back to the fondue for a moment. He scowled for a second then grabbed a piece of plain bread, desperate for something, anything, to break the tension of the moment.

    "The hardest skill to learn here is how to bounce back, it's a close second to gracefully handling rejection."
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  20. Jennaguitar16

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    Jenna just felt horrible the whole time Jason was explaining everything. "I hadn't realized it was that obvious...." she murmurs. She thought she had been very good at keeping her feelings a secret but obviously not. She would have a lot to work on the longer she stayed here. Jenna follows Jason's example and wats some more fondue before it grows cold.

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