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 Female x Male  Dom x Sub  Modern  Erotica  Romance  One x One He Has a WHAT?!

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Kailiah Luche, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Kailiah Luche

    Kailiah Luche Roleplayer with a romantic look on life Member

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    7:09 PM
    Nikhail was born as a male and raised as a male except for the fact that he wasn't a male. He was born with a penis and vagina and his parents made a choice to raise him as a male, but his mind and body developed as a female.

    in fear of distorting the family name, Nikhails parents forced him to continue identifying as a male until he meets a thief on the street that tries to steal Nikhails suitcase but didn't except nikhail to chase after him and get hurt. So after waking up in the thief's apartment, he decides to get to know the man a little more personally.
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  2. footslavemale

    footslavemale Wild Member Member

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    I'm intrested!

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