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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Midnight MC Alpha, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Midnight MC Alpha

    Midnight MC Alpha Moon Candelabra Alpha Member

    Local Time:
    12:29 PM
    Hello! I am very new to this site, but I already love it. It's honestly a bit better than others I've been on and I absolutely love how welcoming the community is. This is my first real post though, so I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself!

    First of all, my nicknames are nearly limitless. I'm fine with just about anything.
    More common nicknames from most common to least:

    • Midnight
    • Mid
    • Night
    • Alpha
    • MC
    Other things you can call me are:
    • Dude
    • Man
    • Bro
    • Girl
    • (And just about anything else of this sort)
    • And my real name is Iris, so you can call me that if you wish.
    The one thing you can NOT call me is Night-chan, that is reserved for my very best friend (who will hopefully be making an appearance onsite soon).

    Other things about me:

    • I'm okay with being picked on and downgraded in a teasing manner, my family IRL does it all the time.
    • I'm female, but as said above, I'm fine with masculine nicknames.
    • Nineteen years old, born June 6th 2000.
    • I will occasionally speak of my younger siblings.
    • I am extremely empathetic. That being said, if you have something you'd like to or need to vent about, you can shoot me a PM.
    • Also, I'm dyslexic and type quickly. So sometimes letters may be reversed and I've even caught myself typing words backwards without even thinking about it. If there ever comes a time you can't read something I type, let me know.
    Some roleplaying information:
    • I usually only give one-liners, but depending on muse, my max can be around 70-80 words. If my replies start out long, then get shorter, I promise it's not because I'm losing interest. As I relax around a new roleplaying partner, my replies get shorter. I don't know why.
    • I usually only so supernatural and magic RP's.
    • My characters range from 18 to early twenties.
    • I'm pretty comfortable playing either gender.
    • I can play Female x Male or Male x Male, but I struggle with Female x Female.
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  2. PhoenixFaery

    PhoenixFaery Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:29 AM
    Nice intro Dude, Man, Bro, Girl :) Hi, Hey, Hello!
  3. Midnight MC Alpha

    Midnight MC Alpha Moon Candelabra Alpha Member

    Local Time:
    12:29 PM
    Thank you! :blush:
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  4. Ashryn

    Ashryn MxM Writer Community Helpers

    Local Time:
    1:29 PM
    Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve decided to become a part of our community. There are so many fantastic writers here with a wide variety of interests. You should have no trouble finding RP partners. Even if you’re not new to RP, take a moment to read the New User Guide. It has lots of great tips. I’d recommend creating a Request Thread so other like-minded writers can find you. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff or Community Helpers. I look forward to seeing you on the forums!
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  5. Dianemu

    Dianemu dark magic Member

    Local Time:
    10:29 AM
    Hiiii ♡ *laughs*
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