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 One x One Roleplay Here goes nothin'!

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Battlecry Samurai, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Battlecry Samurai

    Battlecry Samurai Space Cowboy/Gangster of Love Member

    Local Time:
    10:49 PM
    Hello! BS here. Not bullshit, just initials. ;) I'm new to BDRP, but not to roleplaying. It has been a long time since I've written anything, though, even on my own. While I'm not acting (pretending to like the general public in my customer service job), hanging with my favorite peeps, and looking up weird/random stuff online, I super dig writing and I'd like to get back into it.

    If you can handle a little bit of weird and a lot of swearing, without further ado, allow me to get to what I'm looking for in roleplay and a partner, then I'll bore you to tears with the plot I'd like to play and probably just a lot of rambling... If you're no up for reading my rambles, I totally get it. Feel free to scroll down a bit to the good stuff.

    'Yes, please' -
    Be courteous. It's totally cool if you're not keen on an idea or if we've started writing and you have a change of heart. It happens. I've plotted for over a month with someone before and even began what we thought would be a super epic story. Didn't turn out as such, but we talked about it and decided to part ways on a happy note. No need for people to be butts or get butt hurt (I'm on about butts, not sure why).
    Use your words. Life doesn't revolve around writing. At least mine doesn't. I have a kiddo, friends, work, and me time. Sometimes I just want to be an anti-social hermit and sit in front of the boob tube (What is it with me and body parts today?). Sometimes I like to get the fuck out of town for a bit and I'm gone for days. Sometimes my kid is with me and I love spending time with just him. Sometimes the shit hits the fan. It happens to us all. I make my best effort to keep people informed when I can and hope that others won't get super pissed if I can't. Same goes the other way; I hope that others will make their best effort to let me know when they're not going to be around and I will understand when they can't.
    Plot with me. It's not just my story, even if I have a particular idea in mind and I'm like a kid in a candy store about it. This is about mutual enjoyment and a partnership in writing. Throw in your two cents, let's work together to create something fun that we can both look forward to. Let's build shit so we can tear it down together!
    Won't you be my neighbor? I really would like to replace my actual neighbors with decent, considerate people, but I am also down for some personal interaction online. I am here to roleplay and in all the years I've spent on this little hobby, I've rarely come to know people on a personal level. To be honest and vulnerable, I have a lot of social anxiety and have a hell of a time making actual friends in even in person. But who doesn't have anxiety/depression/issues of some kind, am I right? I've only been on this site for a few days, but I already feel like there are people here with whom I can relate. People who are genuinely nice and actually invest in other people. Making friends for me is like being able to find one's ass with both hands for other people. You know the people I'm talking about. In other words, it's tough, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
    Our ABC's. I try really hard not to be a stickler about this, but I love me some good spelling and grammar. Nobody needs to be an English professor, but if there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors, I am forced by mysterious energies to correct that shit before I can even get to writing my post. I just want to read yours and write my own.

    'No, thanks.' -
    Ghosting. I ain't afraid of no ghosts, but I don't like ghosting. If you're not digging the story or if you have a problem with me personally, it's not going to kill me if you tell me so. In fact, I'd rather hear something I don't like than nothing at all. And no bullshit about how someone's not a real person because we're talking online or some crap like that. We're all living, breathing, feeling folks. The golden rule. Etc. Etc.
    What happens in the toilet stays in the toilet. It's like Vegas; gross, smelly, and makes me want to take my brain out and scrub it. All kidding aside, I'm not going to judge you if it's your thing. It's just not my thing. To each their own.
    Hello, god? It's me, Margaret. PLEASE don't god-mode. Nobody likes that. I super-heart building words, developing characters, and cooking up some bitchin' plots with a million facets, twists, and turns. But for the love of crap, if one person is trying to run the whole show, they might as well be writing by themselves. Why isn't it 'themself'? Anyway, you catch my drift.

    And now for something completely different. (Tons of brownie points if you can tell me what this is from.) The seedling of a plot that I would love to play and build on with someone.

    So this story takes place in the near future, maybe 50 years or so from now. Magic has reawakened in the world; people have discovered 'magical' abilities and some children began being born with very obvious physical differences. Think X-Men. And yes, I shamelessly borrow ideas from all sorts of shit. You'll see... Also, dragons came out of hibernation from deep in mountains all over the world. While their number isn't even close to the population of humans, some of them have integrated into human society in different ways. Though several decades has passed, bias and discrimination toward 'Awakened' people becomes a bigger issue every day. So that's the backdrop and there are some ideas about that which could help fuel a story (one idea in particular is the Night of Rage...I can get to that later).

    To draw in a little more focus, the story would center around a Yakuza organization, which is run by the great dragon Ryumyo. He is in charge of the largest Yakuza family in Japan. There's a lot of history with this guy, which involves an ages-old rivalry with another great dragon, Lung (who is leader of the largest Chinese Triad faction), and I can get into more of that later as well. The character that I would absolutely love to play is a freelance mercenary who is frequently contracted by Ryumyo. Here's where I kinda hesitate, because he's kinda sorta based on Deadpool and kinda not. I've borrowed some stuff from the Marvel character, but put a lot of my own spin on it. I just like the abilities and a lot of the personality, not to mention the suit. So I guess I would just say take the DP mention with a grain of salt?

    If any of this floats your fancy, let me know! I'm a little out there, but I'm kinda nice and would like to find out if we can create an awesome story together. :)
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  2. Battlecry Samurai

    Battlecry Samurai Space Cowboy/Gangster of Love Member

    Local Time:
    10:49 PM
    I probably should've added that I'm opening to hearing your ideas if mine doesn't spark interest, though I'd like to stick with my character. :)

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