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 Hiso's Fandoms

Discussion in 'Fandom Catalogue & Request Threads' started by HisokaAyase, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. HisokaAyase

    HisokaAyase Submissive Lover Member

    Local Time:
    2:59 AM
    I have a small set of lists I am interested in for doing Fandom Rps.
    I play submissive characters.
    I like the idea of my partner being Canon.
    I play MxM and FxM.
    My Character is the First one in the Gendered Pairing.
    My Character is first listed on the Fandom listings.
    I am an advanced Literate Rper.
    Detroit Become Human
    - OCxMarkus
    - GavinxNines
    - ConnorxHank
    - OCxConnor
    - SimonxMarkus

    Kingdom Hearts
    - OCxSora
    - KairixSora
    - KairixRiku
    - OCxRiku
    - KairixAnsem (First Game)

    - OCxProfessor Willow

    Soul eater
    - OCxProfessor Stein
    - OCxAsura

    Grey's Anatomy
    - OCxJackson Avery (don't judge me)

    American Horror Story
    - OCxOpen For Discussion

    - OCxOC

    - OCxArt The Clown

    The Walking Dead
    - OCxShane

    - OCxFrank Castle

    Harry Potter
    - OCxOpen For Discussion

    Dead By Daylight
    - OCxKiller

    Dynasty Warriors
    - XiaoQiaoxZhou Yu
    - Xiao Qiaox Cao Pi (Kidnapped storyline)

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