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 Open  Male x Male  Female x Female  Action / Adventure -- hunting for partners

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by shego, Oct 20, 2018.


pizza crust?

  1. i eat that shit up!

  2. i leave the entire crust untouched bc i'm uncultured

  1. shego

    shego chaotic neutral Member

    Local Time:
    10:05 AM
    hello all! thank you for taking a gander at my request thread. hopefully, you'll see something you like. if you do, please send me a pm. do not post on this thread. please and thanks! anyway, now onto the good stuff.

    the basics
    • obviously, me and my characters will be over the age of eighteen. eighteen is the minimum age i will go, but i prefer low/mid-twenties.
    • i only do fxf and mxm pairings. this is what i'm used to and enjoy roleplaying.
    • i'll be 100% honest: i am not as active as i was before. i used to be able to get out a response every day. i am a full time college student and i have two part-time jobs. my life comes first. BUT i still have free time and want to roleplay! i can get out responses a few times a week and if something comes up (exams, heavy work schedule), i will give you a head's up.
    • i write in 3rd person, multi-paragraphs (never one liners or one paragraph) with proper grammar.
    • playing solely dominant or submissive characters bores me to pieces. i like a mix of both so please don't make me do one or the other only.
    • i prefer to make character sheets (at least name, age and appearance) with real life images, though i can use realistic drawings.
    • i have a preference for roleplaying over PM threads but can do forum threads too!
    partner basics
    obviously, you and your characters need to be at least eighteen. non-negotiable.
    • communicate!! with!! me!! story and character ideas, if you'll be busy, what you like, if you don't like the story anymore, ect.
    • be able to play dynamic characters and npc's if needed. please don't have doormats that can be walked over or brick walls my characters will never be able to get through.
    • write in 3rd person, multi-paragraphs in past tense. i want to be able to understand your writing.
    • basically, communicate and have respect and i'll give the same to you!

    general story notes
    • my f-list is here. note that different kinks can apply to different stories and not everything on this list is needed!
    • when it comes to plot and smut, i love having some good romance and smut scenes in my stories! i'm comfortable with a 60/40 plot-to-smut ratio for a story but can lean more in either direction.
    • again, no solely dominant or submissive characters.
    • my NO kinks/story details
    -- characters under 18/pedophilia, foot play, tentacles, extremely unrealistic or perfect characters, blood play, gore/violence as a kink, rape (non-con depends on story), pregnancy (male and female), incest, bathroom stuff
    -- note that i can add more to this list!​
    • and of course, here are some of my favorite things
    -- romance, comedy, adventures, spanking, exhibition/voyeurism, role-switching, teasing, kissing, hair pulling, choking
    -- pretty much anything in the "fave" and "yes" column on the f-list​
    • i don't do fandom roleplays, sorry.​

    plot ideas
    note that these are all open for discussion and that what's written here isn't 100% concrete! unless stated, i'm open to playing either role and have the pairing be either mxm or fxf.

    a clerical error leads a human to get assigned a guardian demon (demon/succubus/incubus/ect.) by accident instead of a guardian angel. how will this work out? does the demon want to honestly help or corrupt the human?
    -- possible idea: now that the demon is back on earth, maybe something is after them and the human has to help.​

    vampires, along with other supernatural creatures, live among the humans, often with varying ideologies. there are the dragomen, who believe that humans and vampires can peacefully coexist. dragomen are leaders of a group of vampires that have set up a home within a city. they regulate feeding, help vampires find jobs and overall make life for vampires normal. then there are the wild vampires, who are not necessarily blood-crazed feral creatures, but live on their own and do as they please. maybe they want to live among humans or maybe they just see them as food. an infamous, blood-thirsty vampire comes into the town where a prominent dragomen has set up a home.
    -- possible idea a: does the dragomen want to run the murderer out of town or recruit them?
    -- possible idea b: the murderer has led a trail of dead bodies for vampire hunters to follow and now the dragomen fears for their people. one event leads to another and the dragomen is forced to flee the city with the murderer, lest they reveal their fellow vampires to the hunters and kill them all.​

    the seething politics of two bordering countries (in either a modern or medieval period) have come to a head. war has been officially announced and several battles have been fought by drafted soldiers. while each side struggles to fortify their borders, neighborhoods near the epicenter of the fight are abandoned by civilians and families fleeing from battles.
    -- muse a is a drafted soldier who was wounded in one of their first battles, only to wake up in a town on the other side of the border after scavengers mistook them for one of their own. in order to survive they must begin a subterfuge, masquerading as a soldier from the other side, and somehow manage to fool muse b, the person who’s been caring for them since they were saved. when the town is invaded by their own side, muse a is faced with a decision: protect their saviors or rejoin their country. possible idea: muse b found an I.D. on muse a and knew the entire time. i would also prefer this pairing to be mxm.
    -- a newly-built barracks placed for border defense is faced with a unique challenge that has nothing to do with the other side: its soldiers are reporting sightings of a mysterious cryptid with red eyes that flies over them at night. when a member of the patrol disappears, rumors start that he was taken while officers claim that he deserted. in the end, orders are issued to hunt and capture the creature terrorizing the barracks, and muse a, a reluctant researcher brought in by the military, is forced to try to track it down. muse b, one of the soldiers that lives in the barracks, is tasked with protecting and helping the researcher. together, they make a quirky monster-hunting team.​

    muse a is a werewolf, whether recently turned or older, who has isolated themselves from society for whatever they reason. they now live in yellowstone national park, a huge place where they can isolate themselves and live in peace. muse b is a park ranger who loves every aspect of their job and wouldn't change it for the world. there's been rumors among the rangers of a beast that lives in the rarely-frequented parts of the park, but it's thought of nothing more than that: a rumor. one winter day, muse b sets out to canvas a distant part of the park to make sure that no camper has gotten themselves lost. while hiking, a sudden storm blows in and the ranger either gets trapped or gets injured and is unable to get or call for help. thinking that this is the end, help comes in a very large, strange, and hairy form.
    -- whether the werewolf decides to reveal himself right away or later is up for discussion
    -- i would prefer this pairing to be mxm​

    general ideas
    • twisted!! disney!! (gender-bend, make it gritty, not just solely sexual)
    -- some ideas: mulan, tangled, tarzan (!!), frozen​
    • a western-themed!!
    -- like, a badass female outlaw? a hot-ass cowboy in leather chaps? amazing.​
    • something with ancient rome??
    -- gladiators, emperors, gods, ect.​
    • also in the mood for a good apocalypse-set roleplay!
    -- zombies, mysterious illness, environmental, ect. ideally have some world-building!

    thanks again for checking out my thread! if something catches your eye, don't forget to send me a PM with what caught your eye. tell me why, what ideas you have, ect. i love me some communication and plot-building.​
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  2. shego

    shego chaotic neutral Member

    Local Time:
    10:05 AM
    oops, forgot to add some things, so just giving this a bump. x

    (i promise i'm not as mean as this makes me seem lmao.)
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  3. shego

    shego chaotic neutral Member

    Local Time:
    10:05 AM
    wee bump. x
  4. erzila packs

    erzila packs Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:05 AM

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