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 I Will Never Love You (Snowey Owl x Libra)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by astral, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. astral

    astral starry-eyed lover Member

    Local Time:
    5:19 PM
    Delicate, spindly fingers skimmed the white dress. Her bay orbs gazed at her appearance in the mirror. A numbness had set over the young woman, a feeling for which she was grateful. If it weren't for that numbness, she was sure she'd be a mess. Bea had always been a tender soul, quiet and sensitive. But it was easier to ignore the feeling and get it over with. She examined the white material, the dress that spelled her impending doom.


    The day had been a blur. Bea had barely been able to keep up. That morning she'd awoken, she rose and showered, and dressed herself by 7 AM, and car pulled by around 7:30. On their way to the mystery destination, she'd questioned the driver, who offered her nothing. They'd arrived at a grandious mansion around 9 AM. She'd never seen or heard of the place before. She was escorted inside, and preparations began. First, it was hair. The stylist had spent an hour or so perfecting the details of her updo, endlessly pinning and spraying, trying to achieve excellence. Next came makeup, a commodity which the modest barista rarely indulged in. But that day was different. She hardly felt herself with the flawless job the artist had done. Finishing touches were made throughout the day, all with the end to make her look like the image of the perfect bride.

    For Bea, however, it was done with one goal in mind. To hopefully appease the man who would be waiting at the end of the aisle. The man with whom her fate would shortly be sealed.

    She hadn't a clue whom she was about to be wed to. That thought alone scared her more than the wedding. Who waited on the other side of those doors? Nobody would tell her anything, no matter how she pleaded. She hated the thought of what he must be thinking.

    All of this was to be blamed on one man. Bea couldn't say she hated her father. But this was the last nail in the coffin of their relationship. She wasn't even sure she could look him in the face. He was the reason she was in this predicament. His habits, his debts were the reason she was about to be sold off. And for that reason, she was finished with him. Too many years had been spent fixing his mistakes, righting his wrongs. This was the last straw.

    Her thoughts were all cut short as she heard a voice. "Bea, It's time."

    She turned around to face a kindly looking woman, perhaps in her mid 50's. She had soft blonde hair that was cut into a long bob that came to rest at her shoulders. Bea only nodded. The woman approached her with a veil delicately pinning it into Bea's brown mane. Bea smiled in gratitude as she came to stand in front of the solid doors, grasping the bouquet of wild flowers.

    The woman must've sensed Bea's inner unrest, as she rested a hand on her shoulder. "It'll be alright dear. My son is a kind man. You will be okay." Bea frowned, opening her mouth to speak, but as she did, the doors opened. She shut her mouth, adjusting to the light that had poured in. The woman gave her shoulder one last sqeeze before Bea was sent down the aisle.

    The walk seemed to last an eternity. The room was brightly lit with many windows allowing light to stream in. It was a small group that had assemled, seated on other side of the aisle. She spotted her father, her only living parent. The rest were people she didn't recognize. Every step was more difficult to take than the last. But at long last, she came to stand at the end. A minister stood before her and to her right was the man.

    She dared not look at him until the minister spoke.

    "We are gathered her together today..."

    His words blurred in her head as she caught a glimpse of the man beside her. In his hands was her future.

    @Snowey Owl
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  2. Snowey Owl

    Snowey Owl Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:19 PM
    It was over as of today. The cherished lifestyle that had built for himself, his random getaways halfway around the world, no warning, no asking just booking the ticket, a first class one of course, and then gone. One night... Two nights, week, Month even, before returning after sowing whatever needs he had in that location. His penthouse apartment in the middle of the city, home to many a party no will be theirs. The life he had built and was enjoying was going to be gone, and he was far from pleased with that fact.

    His hands clasped together as he waits for his future wife to walk down the aisle. No sign of nerves or worries upon his face, or trimers on his body. After all, it was not someone who he had ever loved, or even meet, after all. However, one thing that he was showing sign of was depression and sadness. Sad for the life he was enjoying being stripped away from him. No chance to even appeal the decision, or real choice in the matter. The only way out of this for Alistair was to give up the money his parents let him use... no more credit card, no more debit card. Nothing, forcing the male into getting a real job, and live like a normal person. And getting a job, moving away from his million plush dollar home in the city, losing everything was not worth it. Marrying this woman, and playing a lie for a little while before they can be divorced, and pretend it had not worked out, was more than worth it to avoid living like the average man, or the below average man depending on who would hire him.

    His morning, not the as he would typically enjoy them. On a normal day of his life the morning never happens, he would usually be asleep in bed, normally next to a beautiful woman, before kicking her to the curb when he awake, that is if she had not snuck out before that point. But today, today he would see the rising sun, feeling the chilly morning air upon his flesh... however much he was not happy to do so. The alarm on his phone ringing at seven in the morning, the sun still sunk below the horizon. The temptation to close his weary eyes overwhelming his mind, but he knew that there was no point in doing so. His parents had already told him that they would come in and awaken him their selves if it was needed. Reluctantly swinging his legs out of the warm covers into the cold bedroom. His naked form slowly walking to the closed curtains, his hand drawing them open only to be greeted by raindrop on the glass. A fitting weather for such a gloomy day.

    His legs shifting side to side as his patents starting to wear thin, it was like he was at the dentist awaiting the appointment, he knew he had no say on how long the doctor would take, but he just wanted it to be over. Every few seconds his head twisting to look over his shoulder in the hops to get a look at his bride, but with each peek leaving with no further information than a better idea of the detailing that was put into the decoration for the seating, and walls.

    The wait seeing to the last forever, each second feeling like a minute, until the music finally began to play, but no matter how many times his head spun around to see if she was around, it didn't turn this time. Remaining facing forward, his eyes onto the floor of the altar. His breathing beginning to quicken as it all started to become real before now it seemed to be one large joke, but now he was stood at the altar, wearing a new tallied suite, his shoe shinner then a gold neckless. He was getting married to a stranger... how did this ever happen.

    When she got to his side not turning to look, the music stopped.

    "We are gathered here together today..."

    His words hit him like a ton of bricks, his ears trying to tune him out, but to no prevail. His voice too loud,

    "To join this man and this woman in holy matrimony."

    A large lounge gulp coming from Alistair, making it the first time he had felt nervous about the arrangement. Not knowing her name, not know what she looked like. His eyes having a quick glance to the side, but not being able to take much from the glance. All he was able to gather was that she was slim. At least her build was of his interest rather than a larger woman.

    The priest turning to him, and smile on his face, only been meet with one of dried from him.

    "Repeat after me..." His eyes glancing down upon a few notes in front of him. "I Alistair Ashworth, do take this woman to be my lawfully wedded wife. To live together in holy matrimony"

    "I Alistair Ashworth..." His voice clearly scared as he spoke, letting it stop for a few moments as more thoughts about how crazy this was once again begun."Do take this woman to be my lawfully wedded wife. To live together in holy matrimony"

    "To love her, to honour her, to comfort her, and to keep her in sickness and in health."

    Once again gulping as he was asked to speak more words he truly didn't believe himself. "To love her, to honour her, to comfort her, and to keep her in sickness and in health." His eyes unable to look anywhere but his shoes, knowing his eyes would only show sadness within them.

    "forsaking all others, for as long as we both shell live."

    "forsaking all others, for as long as we both shell live." Finally looking up aware from the floor, however reluctent he was.

    The priest now turning to his wife to be.
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  3. astral

    astral starry-eyed lover Member

    Local Time:
    5:19 PM
    As the Minister lead in the vows, her heart tumbled. For the first time in the entire ordeal, Bea was convinced she couldn't go through with this. She felt as though her knees would give way, and the need to abandon all of this innundated her. She took a small step back, but paused when he began to repeat the words the minister spoke. She wasn't the only one being hurt by the arrangement, nor was she the only one loosing her freedom. She was reminded of it when she heard the sorrow that lingered in his voice. If she left the alter, it would only add insult to injury, and that was something she knew she couldn't do to him.

    She hated the shake in his voice, and the idea that she was the reason for it. She lowered a hand, wrapping it around his, and gave it a small squeeze. She pulled away quickly, unsure of why she felt the need to reassure him. She'd never met the man before. For all she knew, the small act could've only made things worse for him. But she had guilt eating at her. It was her own father who'd put them in their current circumstance. Her family was the cause of of his angst.

    The words he repeated all blurred in her mind. None of it was true. The words held no substance for either of them. How could they truly have any meaning if neither had any place for the other in their heart. They were strangers, suddenly thrown into each other with very little warning.

    After what felt to her like an eternity, he had completed his vows, and the attention was turned on her. It was her turn to utter the words that had no meaning to either one.

    "And Bea..." The Minister began. "Repeat after me." She found particular interest in the grains of the wood flooring.

    "I, Bea Anderson, do take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband." He began.

    "I, Bea Anderson, do take this man-" She paused, feeling the room spin. She was lightheaded, and her stomach churned. Bea swallowed the growing lump in her throat. "To be my lawfully wedded husband. To live together in holy matrimony." She closed her eyes.

    The minister continued. "To love him, to honour him, to comfort him, and to keep him in sickness and in health."

    "To love him, to honour him, to comfort him, and to keep him in sickness and in health." How could she promise such things to a man whom she'd never met? She'd been uprooted from her life and placed here with no concern for her thoughts or feelings. Yet she still said the words, knowing there were greater consequences if she didn't.

    "Forsaking all others, for as long as we both shall live." He concluded.

    "Forsaking all others, for as long as we both shall live." It was sealed. The quiver in her voice conveyed her own angst. Her teeth clamped down on her lip, trying to reel in the tears that threatened to fall.
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  4. Snowey Owl

    Snowey Owl Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:19 PM
    The ceremony gave neither any chance to truly think, to speak, to do anything but lie. To lie to the priest, lie to their families, lie to god. Admittedly Alistair was not a religious man, a trait he would admit to if ever asked, however, he even knew that this is a step too far. This wedding a sham, a toss of dirt into the eyes, and foul swears to the ears of those who truly believed in a god. His eyes almost glazing over, his ears tried to block out her words, her lies. Not that he could really say anything about them after all, his words had been the same as hers. All lies. The male's eyes closing for the briefest of moments, his heat filling his ears as it pounded inside his chest. Some say to truly know you are alive was to risk death. But to Alistair right now committing to a lifetime with another was giving him the same feeling, His feet wanting to turn and run, however, no strength could be brought to them to do such a task. This was his fate now... he would just have to hope the pair could find some common ground... Well apart from being forced into this.

    The priest started to speak, about love, about God, about sharing. Even going as far as feeling the love within the room that the pair before him feel. It was clear that he had no idea of the arrangement. Once his speak stopped, his ring bearer brought forwards the two sold gold rings. The outside empty with nothing, just the gold band, however, the inside is engraved. The engravement reading. 'For the love that we will share. Alistair and Bea. 24/10/2018' Only more lies being shoved into the faces of those around them, and god. Slowly turning his body, to face Bea. Her face still covered by the vail. But at least he could begin to lay his eyes upon his wife. Even if it was only to work out her body. Truthfully just thankful that her form was his type, slender, and clearly shorter than himself, both being large aspects that always took his fancy.

    Signing as his hands reached out to take the ring between his Middle and Index finger. His eyes, blank, neutral. Showing no emotion. Almost like a psychopath as they murder their victim. Reaching out his left hand, his fingers gently siping under her left hand, placing his palm against hers, as fingers lightly grip upon her wrist, then guided her hand up, as his other hand held the ring, it feels almost like handcuffs between his fingers. Tears wanting to fall not that he was going to let them make a fool out of himself in front of the attending... but did it matter, most had been business partners of his father, hardly being allowed any of his friends to attend. Gulping as his head peeled away from hers, looking for his father only to be greeted with a smile and a nod as if he wanted them to hurry up. Clearly, he was not going to give mercy to his son, to this young woman who always was being forced into this union... it might as well have been at gunpoint.

    Forcing his eyes back to her, his lips curling at the side even so slightly trying to force a smile, not that it was convincing, or lasted long before returning to blankness.

    The ring is held against the tip of her finger, waiting for the priest to speak for his to repeat.

    "This ring is my sacred gift, with my promise that I will always love you" The priests, eyes on his waiting for the male to speak the words.

    "This ring is my sacred g... gift, with my promise that I will always... L... L..." The words not being possible to say, as his eyes forced closed, and a tear rolled down his cheek finally breaking, a sniffle from his nose. "Love you" The words tearing at his heart.

    "Cherish you and honour you all the days of my life."

    Forcing the tears to stop, his hands moving to whip them away before carrying on. "Cherish you and honour you all the days of my life." His words bull, and bland, showing not attempt to make them mean anything.

    Not waiting for the priest to speak again before saying the final few words. "And with this ring, I thee wed" Pushing the small gold handcuff onto her slender finger, not waiting another second before letting go of her hand, and waiting for her to carry on, complete her side of the arrangement.

    Then it was the final part... the first kiss, both as a married couple, and the real first kiss the pair would share.
  5. astral

    astral starry-eyed lover Member

    Local Time:
    5:19 PM
    She watched as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

    "And with this ring, I thee wed."

    It was overwhelming. He'd said the words, and it was sealed. Now it was her turn to complete her side.

    "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry" she chanted the words over, and over again in her mind. The words were meant for him, she tried to mentally communicate them. Though she doubted he had a single clue what was running through her head. How could he?

    She took the golden band from the ring bearer, turning it over in her fingers. Her eyes slid across the inscription. 'For the love that we share.' She was sick to her stomach. It was all so wrong. There was no ounce of truth to the union. The two were being dragged along by their fathers, helpless in it all, thrown together by fate. There was no love to speak of. The inscription was just the cherry on top of the pile of deceit.

    "This ring is my sacred gift, with my promise that I will always love you." It was her turn once more. Her turn to lie. Bea detested lies, yet that was all this was. A bundle of lies, a complete sham.

    She reached for his hand, hesitating momentarily. But her cold fingers grasped it gently, pulling it closer to her. Her eyes darted up to his momentarily, before focusing on her task again. "This ring is my sacred gift, with my promise that I will always love you." She wondered if the words had the same stabbing affect on him, as they did on her.

    The priest was speaking again. "Cherish you and honour you all the days of my life." Bea nodded, her throat stinging with the tears that still threatened to fall. If there was one thing she was grateful for, it was the veil. At least her pride was partially salvaged with the ability to hide her tears. One slipped down her cheek, leaving a hot trail.

    "And with this ring, I thee wed." Were the last words. She glanced at the priest, and he nodded for her to continue. But the words felt impossible. Yet, there was no way around them.

    "And with this ring," Her voice cracked as another tear fell. She was unable to stop them now. Her vision blurred with tears. She was anxious to be away from the altar, away from the sight of the strangers that surrounded her. The last three words were spoken. "I thee wed."

    Bea slipped the band on to his finger, quickly pulling away from him. She attempted to blink away the tears that filled her eyes, but only caused several more to slide down her cheeks. The Priest's words blurred in her head. She knew what he was saying.

    "By the power vested in me by God I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." She turned her head downwards. This was the part she was least prepared for, and she doubted he was ready either.

    Bea kept her yes focused on the ground until she felt her veil lifted up to reveal the girl underneath, and the tears that she'd desperately tried to keep at bay. Her eyes met his immediately. She searched them, unsure of what she was looking for, and unsure of what she saw in them.
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  6. Snowey Owl

    Snowey Owl Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:19 PM
    He felt helpless, as she heard her words being forced from her lips, and ring in his ears. With each passing second this who arrangement starting to feel more real and more binding... and less of a chance that someone would step in to stop this crime against free will. Trying to tune them out, not that he was able. His hands reluctantly doing as it was needed, parting his fingers to allow space for the ring to slip upon them, the small cold golden handcuff. He swore that he could feel the engraving inside the ring, almost like braille, But with sharp serrated edged just digging into the soft flesh... however this was just his mind playing tricks on him... as in reality, the engraving was smooth and masterfully, almost as if it was not there.

    Her words finally ceasing and then it was time to share the pairs first kill as a married couple, and of course their first kiss at all. First kisses with another were far from new to Alistair, having spent many of night sleep within random woman during his travels around the globe. But what was new was the setting and that this kiss was meant to have a meaning. To share an intimate moment with loved ones, only to try and further show the bond, not that this would show anything of this. As this whole wedding, the kiss was a shame. A crime against anyone who believes in god.

    "You may not kiss the bride." The prests voice boom out into the mansion's hall.

    Letting out a soft but deep sigh as his eyes looked onto her dropped head. The left hand moving under her chin to gently guide her face up, as his right hand lifting up the vail, to show the face of the woman that he was to marry. At least she was pretty, well as pretty as she would be in this ordeal. and it was lucky that she had been given waterproof makeup or she would have large black marks under her eyes, and streaks of foundation, blush whatever else had been plastered onto her. Her eyes almost a glaze due to the tears that had been falling, however, it was easy to tell that if they had not been tearful they would be like little brown gems. Something that looking away from would be close to impossible. His own ears tearful as he looked down into her, unsure what he was looking for. Maybe comfort? but he was not able to find anything, then again he was unsure what signs he would need to look for within her eyes.

    "Sorry." he mouthed to her, having nothing more he would be able to say apart from those words.

    He knew this would not move on until they had shared this kiss, so he and she had to proceed with it. They had stalled long enough at this point, and he was sure that people would start to ask questions if they wait any longer.

    Tilling her head up slightly higher so he doesn't need to bend his own or his back as much, then finally moving his head and lips towards hers.

    His jaw clenched to not allow the use of tongues, not that he really expected her to use her own. His eyes closing due to his natural response. His left hand moving down and gently lingering on her collarbone, and his left moving around the caresses the back of her neck. Wanting to try and make this exchange someone convincing.

    His experienced lips softly kissing hers, trying to show some passion within them, but he had to assume that none of the guests would be able to tell what type of kiss, however, he was wanting o to be safe rather than sorry. As he heard hears a clap from the crowd at the pair tieing the knot. The only thing left was to sign the paperwork and they were Mr and Mrs Ashworth

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