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 Ile's Fandoms

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Ile Coma, May 4, 2018.

  1. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    8:18 PM
    About Me
    Hi! I'm Ile. I'm looking to get back into small scale roleplay (one-on-one or small groups) and fandom roleplay in general after not doing it for a few years.

    I'm an experienced writer and roleplayer (about 10 years experience off and on). I can play both OCs and canon characters in fandom roleplay, and I'm okay playing as and with characters of any gender, though I like LGBTQ characters and pairings best. I like AUs, especially ones that focus on minor or neglected characters from canon. I'm fine writing smut, though I like having at least some minor plot or buildup even if erp is the main goal. My F-list is here and can also be found on my profile here on the site. My fandoms can be found in the catalogue, and they'll also be listed below, along with my preferences for each.

    A quick elaboration on kinks, plot, and whatnot:
    • My "no"column on F-list is non-negotiable in a kink context. Some of it is okay outside of that; if you want a character death to happen for the plot, we can work it out and it'll be fine.
    • A lot of things in my "maybe" column is stuff I haven't really considered or been interested in before, or stuff I'm okay with only in certain contexts. It largely depends on plot and my partner if I'll be willing to do it. If you want to include something there, ask!
    • If you want a romantic or sexual rp with a furry/monster character, they need to be recognizably humanoid for me in both appearance and intelligence. Animal or creature features (ears, tails, horns, wings, etc.) are good and I won't hesitate; an animal that is bipedal and talks but is still an animal with no other human characteristics isn't what I'm looking for. Fantasy creatures like mermaids, naga, etc. are fine, but if you want to start putting things like very non-human genitalia in the mix we're going to have to talk that out.
    • I can play dom, sub, or switch, I'm not picky.
    Things that I'm not looking for in or outside of erp:
    • Rape/sexual assault. Even if we're doing a plot with no smut between characters, I don't want to play with a rapist character or play a story where rape is a major plot point. Dub-con situations may be negotiable, but it's probably best if you don't open with that if we've never written together before.
    • Abusive relationships. Same as the above.
    • Incest. The only exception I'd make is for characters who are relatives through marriage but not blood.
    • Fetishizing of trans or nonbinary characters. I enjoy playing as and with trans and nonbinary characters, but please be respectful, and be aware that I will point it out if your character's portrayal makes me uncomfortable.
    Things that I AM looking for:
    • AU plots! I like all kinds of AUs, as stated above. Canon setting but certain characters live/die that didn't in canon, modern AU, fantasy/sci-fi AU, pitch me whatever.
    • Love and attention given to minor characters or those who get ignored in canon, as they tend to be more interesting for me to explore.
    • For pairings, OC/OC, Canon/OC, and Canon/Canon are all fine, but which I prefer varies by fandom.
    • OOC communication. I prefer to only roleplay in the forums, but approaching me in PM to talk worldbuilding, plot, character development, whatever is welcomed.
    • I like at least one paragraph of reply so my character has plenty to react to, and I try to do the same. Occasional posts with just a couple of lines to move a scene along or for effect are fine, but I lean on the side of more description.
    My Fandoms
    • Setting: I prefer the games to the anime and am more familiar with the canon characters there. I'm very familiar with all of the main series games (besides X/Y), the first two Mystery Dungeon games, and a little bit of the Pokemon Ranger games. (Note: if we're doing Mystery Dungeon, there will be no smut. See my policy on furry characters.)

      Plot Preferences:
      • Canon/Canon friendship and romance plots as long as everyone involved is aged up appropriately
      • Childhood friends who took different paths on their Pokemon journey (ie Villain Team vs Elite Four/Gym Leader/Captain)
      • Plots exploring the lore of the Pokemon universe
      • Gijinka Pokemon characters are okay as long as they're mostly human-seeming
    • Setting: Most likely to be AU because almost everyone that I love is dead in canon.

      Plot Preferences:
      • Modern setting AU
      • Fantasy/sci-fi AU
      • Canon setting but different origins/teams AU
      • We'll be here all week if I try to list every individual pairing I'm willing to do, just ask.

      Characters I'd love to play as/with:
      • Sound Five squad
      • Haku
      • The jinchuuriki besides Naruto
      • Akatsuki (besides Zetsu)
      • Konoha Founders
      • Team Taka
    • Setting: I'm familiar with canon up until the end of the Deicide arc. AUs are also good, as always. I'm eternally bitter about Ichigo/Orihime and Rukia/Renji being made canon.

      Plot Preferences:
      • Arrancar/Shinigami (OC or canon for both)
      • Canon setting but characters are put in different companies AU
      • I'm always going to be weak for Yumichika/Ikkaku and Ulquiorra/Orihime
    • Setting: Technically any combination of characters can be played in the same setting. This one lends itself more to joint worldbuilding before launching the plot. Changeling: The Lost, Vampire: The Requiem, and Geist: The Sin-Eaters are what I know best, and Changeling is my favorite.

      Plot Preferences:
      • Changeling/Fae Keeper
      • A meeting between a changeling who became a True Fae and one who hasn't
      • Honestly just anything to do with changeling characters, I love them
      • Characters of different supernatural build meeting and trying to figure out each other's respective weirdness
      • Sin-Eaters being edgy Ghostbusters together
    • Setting: Canon or AU is fine here, though I get the feeling I'll definitely be in for some AU/fix-it after Battle for Azeroth. Canon characters or OCs welcome. I'd like to explore some of the parts of WoW lore that haven't been delved into so much in canon (in-game at least, I haven't really read any supplemental material, nor have I played the original Warcraft games). I'm also down for adventurers just having misadventures together, with or without romantic/sexual plots.

      Plot Preferences:
      • Cross-faction shenanigans with canon characters or OCs
      • Same-faction but interspecies shenanigans (friendship, romantic, whatever), also with canon or OCs
      • AUs where insert-character-here didn't die and everything is fine
      • AUs where insert-character-here didn't go completely insane or off the rails
      • Stop killing and/or ruining my favorite characters, Blizzard

    This is in-progress, I'll be adding more fandoms as time goes on.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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  2. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    8:18 PM
  3. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    8:18 PM
    Forgot about this for a while, bump!
  4. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    8:18 PM
    Bump! Finally got around to adding some World of Warcraft details, which incidentally I'm very down for right now.
  5. Deadly Nightshade

    Deadly Nightshade Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:18 PM
    Naruto Shippuden.

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