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 In Search of Some New Roleplay Partners!

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Dreygur, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Dreygur

    Dreygur If you want blood, you got it Member

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    12:13 AM

    • Hi there! Wow, my first search thread on here! My first, like, real post, out in the community, I guess?? Other than my introduction post and character thread, that is. But that's beside the pint! So, thanks for clicking on my humble little search thread! I hope you find something that interests you, but if not, thanks for checking it out anyway! First and foremost, before we get into things, there are the two important notes you need to keep in mind if you're interested in roleplaying with me!

      - I am 25, and I expect my partners to be at the very least least 18. Please respect that.

      - I am in school - most of the time I can post once a night/once every other night or two, depending on how many roleplays I'm working on. But don't be alarmed if I suddenly disappear for, like, 1-2 weeks. Sometimes my school work load gets to be a lot, and I'm either too pooped or too swamped with work to want to, or to be able to reply. So, if you message me, I'm assuming you're going to be cool with my disappearances from time to time. More often than not I will try to let people know when I'm going to poof, but sometimes things sneak up on me and I'm not able to. Such is life.

      Now, if that jives with you, then please, continue reading!

    • I know reading through someone else's 'rules' can be annoying and nit picky, but please, please do! It's super important for me, because I do have some guidelines and such that are important for my own comfort level. Thanks in advance, and onto my rules!

      - I'm happy with both MxM and FxM

      - Now for the rule that gets on everyone's nerves - I'm looking for dominant characters (tops, I guess, or whatever you want to call them), both male and female. I want dominant characters in (and out of, maybe??) bed. I've been playing dominant characters in roleplays for so long, I'm tired of it. I'd like to use some of my more submissive characters, and enjoy playing that part. I'm also very much looking to use my character Wendell, a sweet pushover, especially with a dominant lady.

      - I'm easing my way into writing smut. I'm finding that I enjoy it, though I can still be shy about it at times, and question my writing. So, if you're cool with going slow at first, and dealing with some shaky writing sometimes, let's give it a whirl! Also, I don't want all smut all the time, I like story with some sex peppered in, you dig? ;)

      - All of that said, I love me some sexual tension. I love taboo. I love drama. Grit. Sleaze. Trash. It's all A+. The build-up, the tease, the tension, is, let's be honest, often times better than the act itself. And of course, I want there to be a good plot, too! I don't want all sex all the time, cause I can imagine that'd actually get boring.

      - I cannot/will not do gore. I like to read gore/horror comics and stuff, but I cannot write it and I just don't like to read and take part in it in a roleplay setting.

      - Violence I can do. Fighting? Cool. Gun/knife use? Fine, just as long as it's not excessive gore.

      - Curse words/slurs - some of my characters are assholes, and most of them curse. There won't be any racial slurs thrown around, but perhaps some homophobic ones (when partaking in mxm roleplays), cause, well, they're assholes. That said, I don't mind coarse language thrown at my characters, so please let me know if you do, or if there are any triggering terms that you don't want me to use!!!

      Other information:
      - Private Messages here work for me, but as for threads, I don’t think I’m quite comfortable with them yet as I’m not super confident in my smut writing yet. However, if you're a strictly thread writer, just let me know, we can work it out.

      - I usually write 2-4 paragraphs. It's not super important how long posts are, as long as we both have something to respond to! I just hate taking like an hour from my day to write one post, lol. I know some people like long posts, but writing a huge amount every time doesn't motivate me that much.

      - I also don't super care about whether or not you're lit, or advanced lit, or whatever. What I do care about is having an RP partner with a general understanding of spelling and grammar, and I just like being able to understand what you're writing!

    • Themes and Ideas:
      (The bolded ones are the ones I’m craving, and underlined roles are roles I'd like to play, but this is not set in stone of course. I'll also make note of the ones that I'd be down for doing a hetero pair with. Just assume I'm down to do a M// pairing with all of these haha)

      • Different decades (50s to 80's/90's)
      • Trailer trash
      • Opposites Attract
      • Furries
      • Prison/Juvenile Detention Center
      • Catfishing
      • Power play (M/F!!)
      • Blackmail/manipulation

      • High school reunion
      • Multi-character roleplays
      • Single parents
      • Height differences
      • Abuse/bullying
      • Stalking
      • Zombie apocalypse?? (TWD-esque, but with OCs!)
      • Your theme ideas

      Genres and Pairings:
      • Teacher x Student (college obvi)**
      • Bully x Bullied (M/F w/ female bully)**
      • Father x Daughter's friend/boyfriend (Father x Son's (Girl)friend)
      • Werewolf x human
      • Vampire x human

      • Step-father x Step-son
      • Mother's new boyfriend x Son
      • Druggy x Dealer
      • Obsessed x Object of obsession (famous internet personality, youtube oc? x3)

      Sugar baby x sugar daddy**
      Rich/Famous x Servant/butler (M/F)**
      • Person x Boyfriend/Girlfriend for hire (M/F)
      • Blind x Seeing
      • Band member x Groupie (80's/90's)
      Prisoner x Guard (M/F)*****
      • Prisoner x Prisoner
      • Head chef/Sous chef x Dish washer (M/F)
      Intern x Boss (M/F)**
      Secretary x Boss(M/F)**

    • Plots!
      Some plots that I have so far... I've got more knockin' around in my noggin, but haven't had the time to organize and write them.

      • High School Reunion:

      (Bully x Bullied, Power Play, Possible Blackmail)
      A had been a really asshole in high school. But it was because he'd been an angry, confused young man going through some shit. But he wasn't that way anymore. Well... He wasn't trying to be. A wanted to make things better. Wanted to make his life and relationships better. And with the help of therapy and anger management, that was happening. He was going slow - going easy on himself. But when an invite came around for his 10 year high school reunion, his therapist wanted him to take a big step. Part of the healing process was apologizing to those he'd wronged. Going to the high school reunion was perfect to start apologizing to those who deserved it. Whilst at the reunion, he runs into the man he used to bully the worst - relentlessly, horribly. Apologizing to him would be hardest - what would he have to do for this guy to accept his apology? What would this guy /make/ him do?

      • Preacher x Church Goer:
      (Younger x Older or around the same age, Forbidden love, Cheating, Blackmail, etc)
      Living in a small town isn't easy. Especially if it's a deeply religious town. And.. You're gay. The preacher of this one church town had always known he was gay. But he never told anyone. Nor did he ever act on such feelings. He was the preacher for God's sake. Being gay... It was the demon living within him, so to speak, that he had to fight on a daily basis. That was just how it was.

      A.) Until someone new came to town. He was a big city fella who for some reason 'wanted a change of pace. A change of scenery.' No one in town really understood that. No one ever left. For a lot of people, this two horse town was their entire life. But big city fella? He'd been all over the place. And now he was here. Shaking things up. And people didn't like that. And the preacher was skeptical, too. But the guy came to church... So he couldn't be that bad, right? Heck, he even helped out every Sunday - with bible camps, food drives, car washes, rummage sales... Everything. The preacher was impressed, and his opinion was starting to change, until this big city fella revealed why he was doing all this; to get closer to the preacher.

      B.) A family the Preacher had known for a long time was having some trouble. Their son, who was now older and more independent, was having some trouble. With school, and with the police. He was going down a dark road, and without knowing what else to do or where else to turn, they ask the Preacher for help. The Preacher agrees, wanting to make the families lives for the better. The Preacher asks the young man to help with bible school, bible camp, with charity events and so on, and they grow close. Maybe.. Just a little too close...

      C.) It's rare when a new family moves into town. Rarely people leave. But people moving /in/? That's even more rare. Why anyone would want to move to this town is a mystery. But apparently it happens. It's a young couple (possibly with children, depending). Unbeknownst to everyone else, their marriage is on the rocks. They'd gotten married at a young age and now they're trying to save what little is left. They thought a move would make things better. Make life more interesting and exciting again... And this mid-western town was as good as they could do, finance-wise. They go to church to keep some normalcy, and meet the Preacher, and decide to help out around town, and around the church, which of course, is appreciated. Though, little does this young wife know that her husband has the hots for the Preacher, and is willing to commit adultery for some new excitement and fun.

      • Drug dealer x addict:
      The drug dealer is new to the game, and he's trying his best to make as much money as he can while staying out of trouble. So far, he's been doing a good job of both, and his boss is taking notice. This means he's slowly been getting more product, and he's been selling more, which means he's been having to interact with more customers, and getting to know more of the regulars. Most of the customers are the usual sad cases, or the rich kids with too much time and money, but there's one person in particular that's been pulling at his heart strings - a guy who used to look like an upstanding fellow, but looks less and less so every time they meet to make a deal. It's not easy for the dealer to allow himself to be a part of this newer client's bad habit, but his job needs to be done, so he sells to the guy every time. One fateful day, however, the now addicted buyer comes to the dealer and admits to him that... he doesn't have the money to spend on drugs anymore. However, he's willing to do favors for the stuff - anything. A date for the evening, a partner in crime, hell, even a house maid for the day. Anything to get the drugs the addict thinks he needs. Foolishly, the dealer agrees, and their new deal is in place. And things work out for a while. But eventually, the dealer's boss finds out that he's selling more than he's making.

      • Drug dealer x undercover cop:
      In an area where drugs are running rampant, cops are trying harder than ever to crack down on it and get their city back. This is why more cops are taking the risk and going undercover to pretend to be buyers to get as much information as they can on the illegal world of drugs and try to stop it. One in particular is a newer guy to join the force, and, in hopes of helping his city, volunteered to be one of these undercover cops. His job is to buy from a few different dealers a few different times and try to get as much information as he can while trying to seem 'natural'. While the first few weeks seem to go fairly smoothly, the cop finds himself being drawn to one dealer in particular. Against the wishes of his higher ups, he starts buying from the dealer of interest exclusively, just so they can interact and so the cop can get closer to the dealer - or so he thinks.

    • Here is a link to my character thread, which I hope to update often and add to! (also please note that not everything is proof read, yet! So I apologize for errors!)

      Word Bank
      Coffee shops, rain, umbrellas, comfy spaces, cloudy days, vulnerable, tenderness, bruises, cooking, boots, scarves, haircuts, love notes, reunions, messy hair, fall, winter, walks, hot showers, gardening, cigarette smoke, sleep, travel, bittersweet, angst, disorders, forbidden, sneaking, biting, tangled up, vacations, roof tops, dirty fingernails, smeared makeup, road trip, vintage stores, abandoned places, old houses, confusion, anger, dirt, wilderness, thunderstorms, pride parades, new cities, busy streets, getting lost, breaking and entering, bloody knuckles, bandages, black eyes, sexual frustration, coming home, beach houses, private property, broken glass, switch blade, bloody nose, teeth, scraped knees, adams apple, grand theft auto, cheap food, calloused hands, walks through the park, pent houses, fancy hotels, night life, bloody tools, hard night, pulling hair, museum visits, cabins, lake-houses,

      Song Inspirations
      Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield

      Your Love - The Outfield

      Don't Stand so Close to Me - The Police

      Jack and Diane - John Mellencamp

      Hurts so Good - John Mellencamp

      Fever - Adam Lambert

      Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

      Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung

      Maneater - Hall and Oates

      Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat

      Family Man - Hall and Oates

    • Wow so like I'm shy even about putting this up here lol! It's also true that I'm still pretty new to writing smut! So... I don't really know what I like to write yet, and what really interests me?? That said, there are quite a few things that I would like to try, though I would like to test the waters first, before going whole hog please understand that I'm pretty dang new to kinks and what not, too, and I'm still learning and shit, so I might be a little slow on the uptake, and I might get some things wrong. Let's just go easy at first, or throw a little in here and there with the vanilla stuff!

      Interests include: vanilla! (lol), praise, degradation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, (slight) humiliation, pleasure control/denial, more to be added later!

    • It had been a long time since Jackson had gone on a date. Probably since high school. And those hadn’t even really been dates. More mistakes than anything else. After the military, Jack didn’t do much of anything, honestly. Didn’t date, didn’t go out, didn’t really see friends, hardly even worked. This was probably why one of his buddies from work set up this whole blind date scenario in the first place. Jack found the idea stupid. He didn’t know why he’d said yes. Maybe he was just desperate to leave the house and, hopefully, get some excitement back in his life, even just for one night. He’d probably been making it pretty obvious that he’d been missing more human interaction and contact in his life, so instead of continuing to listen to his complaining, someone finally did something about it. Hence the date. What a stupid idea… Why couldn’t his friends and coworkers just continue putting up with his moping and complaining??

      Although the date wasn’t until that night, Jackson had started getting ready at noon. He wasn’t nervous, per se… Just hesitant about the whole thing. He was feeling a lot of pressure in terms of wanting to look nice and presentable to a stranger who was also friends with one of his own. It took him a long time to choose an outfit that was nice, but still casual – a pair of dark jeans with minimal holes, dark work boots that still looked semi-new, and a somewhat over-sized flannel, the right arm hole folded and pinned up to the shoulder, with a plain white t-shirt just peeking through at the collar. Was this nice? Or was it just casual? Jackson didn’t know. It would have to do. This was his fourth time getting redressed, and it was the best he could do with what he had. Who even had nice clothes anymore?? He’d also taken entirely too long to fiddle with his hair, deciding to leave it as it was – a black, tousled mess that had thankfully grown out just enough to make it hard to tell that he had shaved it himself (which had also been a mistake). He’d decided upon leaving the scruff on his chin, too, as one could never go wrong with five o’clock shadow.

      By the time Jack was actually showered, dressed, and ready to go, he still had a few hours to kill. Rather than spending them at home, he figured he should just start the trek down to their designated location. It wasn’t too far from his home, but a little too far to walk. Which meant he’d have to take… the bus. Cars and buses wigged him out. He preferred to walk somewhere, or hitch a ride with someone he trusted to not drive like a maniac, but this time around, he’d have to go the bus route. Sure, his dear old pal would be more than willing to set up an entire date for him, but wouldn’t offer to drive! He knew how much Jack hated public transportation, and that he couldn’t drive anymore, but that wasn’t his problem! Grumbling, Jackson exited his room and made his way to the small front walkway of his apartment. He scooped up his keys, wallet, cigarettes and lighter, and phone, and all slipped them into their respective pockets. Before leaving, he took one more glance at himself in the mirror that hung above the little table by the door where he kept everything he needed in order to leave the house. His tired green eyes stared back at him, studying his pale complexion, the dark circles around his eyes, the hair falling over his once overly-plucked eyebrows, and the absence of all of the metal that used to be in his face and ears marking his rebellious phase. He hadn’t really looked at himself like that in a while. Why now of all times? Was it because he was going on a date? Because there was the possibility of intimacy there, and the interest of someone? The possibility of someone being interested in him? Would someone be interested in him? Jack hadn’t realized that his expression had gone hard. He turned away and sighed heavily before locking up and leaving the apartment. He found the question still nagging at him. Would someone be interested in him?

      After the usual bout of hesitation and internal goading, Jack forced himself onto the bus. With a slightly shaky hand, he slid his bus pass through the payment box, and once it had gone through, sat down at one of the seats nearest the door. He closed his eyes and started to do some of his deep breathing exercises, trying desperately to ignore the jostling of the bus, the other traffic noises, and the idle chatter of some of the other passengers. He hadn’t realized it until his stop came up, but he’d been clinging to the seat in front of him with a white-knuckled grip. Thank God it wasn’t a long drive. Jack muttered to himself as he scrambled off of the bus, still irritated that he had to take the damn thing. God he fuckin’ hated taking the bus.

      Once at his destination, he realized he had about an hour to kill before having to make his way to the date meeting spot, so he took the time to wander around, forcing himself to enjoy being out and about with other people. It was a pretty nice area, honestly, and he did actually find enjoyment in sitting in the small park that was near the bar and grill he was supposed to go to in a short while. It was nice to just… sit and relax and watch people as he had a smoke. As usual, forcing himself to leave the house always ended up being a good thing. Always felt good. It was just that initial push from the nest, so to speak, that was the worst. It was even picking up his mood. Maybe this date would go alright! He could still be worth something to someone. He still had value. He could still be a cool and confident dude – who wouldn’t want to go out with him?? Jack didn’t know how long this confidence boost could last, but hopefully through the date, at least.

      Speaking of which. Jack pulled his phone from his pocket and checked the time. He had fifteen minutes. Might as well get there early. Slowly the dark-haired male heaved himself from the seat he’d found on one of the park benches, and slipped his phone back into his pocket. With his hand now free, he took one last drag from his cigarette before flicking it onto the ground and snuffing it out with his heel. Before he could get cold feet or let the second-guesses creep into his mind, Jackson walked out of the park, across the street, and approached the bar and grill. The hesitation only seemed to swell when he put his hand on the door. This was his last chance to flee. But Jack wasn’t going to do that. Not tonight. Gathering up his courage through a deep breath, he entered the restaurant and asked for a table, figuring the guy he was meeting wouldn’t be here quite this early. Before the waitress who led him to his table left, he told her that his name was Jackson, and that someone by the name of (other character's name) was going to be meeting him here. She nodded and took her leave, leaving Jack, once again, alone with his thoughts. But this time he had a glass of water instead of a cigarette to busy himself with. Cigarette was better. He looked around the restaurant, finally noticing the atmosphere and the people around him. It was a fairly busy night. A lot of people – loud chatter, loud TV’s on playing sports, and noises coming from the kitchen. Usually this sort of stimulation didn’t bother him, but with the added nerves, he was feeling a little sensitive. Jack quickly took a swig from his water, hoping it would drown his growing anxieties. Where had that confidence gone already??

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  2. Dreygur

    Dreygur If you want blood, you got it Member

    Local Time:
    12:13 AM

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