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 Male x Male Interested in a Story?

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Mr/Ms.Not.Interested, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Mr/Ms.Not.Interested

    Mr/Ms.Not.Interested Eyeless Jack needs snacks! Member

    Local Time:
    2:19 AM
    Greetings everyone and welcome to my thread! I'm Not Interested. Great name I know, I came up with it to let people know a bit about myself without even getting to know me. I'm an asexual genderfluid being, I'll leave that to the imagination but I'm wierd in the way I roleplay "normal" people that isn't well...me. I've been role-playing for awhile since the good old MySpace years, so by no means do I never wish to see texting words and oneliners ever again!

    My grammar
    is fine with a couple misspellings at times but it's readable, I won't be strict with you if you're okay with me. 3-5 paragraphs is my preferred length maybe even longer if I'm in a good mood, that also goes for replies! Due to school I'm limited to replies but if I'm excited about the roleplay I'll be naughty and reply, it tends to happen a lot so you're in luck!

    My characters are all sekes or switches if you prefer that terminology, I like that me and my partners share the payload so we are both happy and get what we want. Which is to bang and get banged, lol. I also enjoy including a bunch of Npcs into the roleplay to help the story along so the plot has life outside of our character's love den. I prefer story over a lot of smut though, there is no amuzement in sex if there is nothing to fall back on I will get bored of the roleplay and drop it if this happens.

    You may contact me in the PMs if you are interested in a plot or have an idea of your own that you may want to try out, I'm more than to help you all out. So now onto what you came here to see!


    Doll x Creator/Buyer
    Guitarist x Lead Singer
    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Human
    Apprentice x Mentor
    Mythical Creature x Hunter/Collector
    Experiment x Scientist/Doctor
    More later...


    Post Apocalyptic
    Superhuman powers
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Corrupted City/World
    More later...


    The sacrificial lamb and adventurer plot:
    Basis of this roleplay is that your character is exploring and studying a new unknown civilization known to the world, when the adventurer ultimately stumbles across evidence he also falls into a trap. Tribe's people come and inspect the catch only to find the wierd looking man whether he is seen as a God or witch is up to you, regardless they bring him back to the tribe. My sacrificial lamb looks on from a distance in curiosity never having seen a man like this before, being an important sacrifice in a week's time he isn't allowed to do anything dangerous like meet the new person. As curiosity gets worse he goes and meets him in the night, love may bloom and adventure may start to save the lamb's life so it doesn't end in blood shed. (We can tweak stuff if you choose to do so)

    (More plots later...)

    Thank you guys for checking out my thread, if you have any plots of your own that you would love to discuss I would love to hear them so don't be shy I really flexible when it comes to stories. I look forward to meeting and discussing plots with many of you so until then bye bye! :skull:
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  2. Mr/Ms.Not.Interested

    Mr/Ms.Not.Interested Eyeless Jack needs snacks! Member

    Local Time:
    2:19 AM

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