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 Female x Male  Male x Male  One x One Roleplay Jinx's Fandom Search

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by NECJinx, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. NECJinx

    NECJinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:38 AM
    Hello. I am very pleased to see that I have some visitors. Please. Make yourselves comfortable. And listen in. For I have some important requests to make. That is if you are interested. If not, please leave through the door from which you came. The rest of you who choose to stay may welcome themselves to some cookies and tea. For this may take awhile...

    I guess Introduces are in Order...
    I am NECJinx, but call me Jinx. Role playing is a passion of mine. More or less it has become a bit like a hobby. I have been apart of this site for a short while, and I am trying to be more active within the community. My other interest check didn't catch much attention. So I figured to try a more familiar one. Fandoms have a great foundation. Information is just a click away, also it is fun to create our own story involving our favorite characters, book series, movies and so forth.

    I have been role playing for many years now. I lost count, though it's been around 9 to 10 years. Even though I love writing I do make some errors. Everyone does. But the more I work at it the better quality it seems to get. So, you won't be entirely disappointed.

    Coming up with ideas comes naturally. Those around me call be the "The Walking Idea Box" for I truly can come up with something on a whim.

    I am also very open minded. And willing to try out new things. But I won't guarantee I will end up liking or disliking it right away. So, I willing to give something a few tries. If I say something about... then we most likely would have to pick a different topic. If I don't question it then it's all good.​

    Online Availability
    Everyday. I like to check in on things throughout the day. Does this mean I can reply everyday or every waking hour... No. Sometimes... depending how busy my real life gets. But you can expect a reply almost everyday to a few times a week. Also, if something does come up, I won't leave you guessing. Ghosting isn't my thing. Unless something happens to me...​

    My Writing Style
    I try to write anywhere from 3 to 5 paragraphs at a time. Though I prefer to write 5 or more paragraphs, but I limit myself for those who prefer shorter replies. The thesaurus is my best friend. For I do catch myself using the same words repeatedly... and sorry if I do. Also, I do reread and edit my work. It is only polite. ​

    I personally like OC's. Creating your character is a fun part of role playing. Though this time around I don't mind playing a few canons. But only a certain selected few. Also, I don't mind playing either a male or female character. Especially, if I haven't already claimed a particular role. ​

    I am okay with Male x Female/ Female x Male pairings. Like I mentioned before I can play either the male or female role as long as I haven't claimed a particular role. Lately, I have more and more into Male x Male pairings. Though there is a catch. I play the sub/bottom male. Rarely have I ever played the dom/top male role. I can do switch, but you would have to persuade me.​


    Some Exceptions
    Try to be Open Minded
    I love fandoms just as much as the next person, but I am one who prefers to move around freely not on strict scene by scene bases. The story is ours to command. We're just borrowing the concepts/ideas, so why not have fun with them.
    When it comes to Writing
    Please be able to write 3 or more paragraphs at time. It is easier on me to come up with things to write if there is more to work with. Also, please do use spell check and/or edit your work.

    One liners are not acceptable. * * Marks aren't to be used for action/motions. This isn't a script play. Full sentences are required. Use detail! Other than that everything should be alright.

    Mistakes do happen, don't worry about it. I am not of the perky role play partners that stresses over other people's grammar. use of words, and/or spelling mistakes. If it happens way too often I might be like "Hey, I noticed a few errors. Could please recheck your work." And I will leave it at that. Unless you ask for my help.

    The Importance of Plot Building

    There needs to be a plot. At least some form of one. If we have a good start up of an idea I don't mind rolling with it. But a plot does need to be created in order for the role play to survive. If the plot fails... so does the RP. So, let's not have that... Sometimes random add on's will boost the role play's potential. Which is totally fine with me. As long as we talk about that add on's first.


    OOC is a must in order for us to keep in touch. If you can't reply for any reason just give me a brief explanation. There is no need for detail, your personal life is none of my business. Unless you are in need of someone to talk too. Then I am all ears.

    Sharing ideas is also important. If you have an idea or want to change something I am open to opinions.

    *Clears throat, then sips some tea*

    Well, I didn't expect this to be so long winded. My apologies. Especially, if you had gotten bored at some point and time. I figured this is a good spot to change the topic. For I am sure if I keep rambling nonsense you might begin to doze off or even wander off to another's interest check. And yes many of them do have a very interesting requests, so please do check out their's as well. But do stick around a bit longer. If you do, I will have my request options available momentarily.
  2. NECJinx

    NECJinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:38 AM
    Underlined = Means I have claimed that particular role.
    Strike Through = Means it is taken, so please pick something else.
    ★ = Means I am eager to role play *blank* topic/pairing choice/option etc! The more "★'s" the higher the interest.

    Odd Requests
    Dragon Ball Z
    I have been binge watching the entire dragon ball series. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Kai and GT. This would be my second time watching the whole thing through... so I am pretty updated on the need to knows. So, I figured why not write a fanfic or turn it into a role play.

    Vegeta has always been a favorite character of mine. I don't know why, but between him, Piccolo and Gohan... Vegeta is number one. And I am hoping for someone who would be willing to take on the Vegeta role!!

    Pairing Choices

    Vegeta x Bulma
    Vegeta x OC Female Human/Half Saiyan
    Plot Options
    Option #One
    This idea involves us being on planet Namek. Vegeta is wanting the dragon balls in order to become immortal, same goes for the ever so dangerous Frieza. Vegeta planned on betraying Frieza soon he accomplished making his wish. But little does Vegeta and Frieza know, they aren't the only ones after the dragon balls.

    My character (Bulma or OC) has a few wishes of her own. One for selfish reasons, of course. The other is to destroy Frieza. And the last wish is bring back Piccolo from the dead so Kami can be revived, because of this the Earth Dragon Balls can also be revived. Which then can be used to bring back those who fell victim to Frieza's way of fun. (aka killing people just because one gets bored or just at random to prove a point.)

    Vegeta and my character eventually cross paths. Their meeting doesn't start out peacefully, as one would guess. Can they learn to trust one another? And with Frieza closing in they would have to put their differences aside in order to finally to put an end to Frieza's rein.

    Note: Other characters will be presented from the Dragon Ball Z series. In order to make things more interesting. Young Gohan, Goku, Krillin, Dande and so on!

    Feel free to give any suggestions!

    Genres Involved
    Action/Fight Scenes
    Some Swearing
    Adult/Mature Themes (optional)
    Near Death Experiences (during/ambush scenes etc)
    Outer Space
    Amazing Power Ups
    Trust and Betrayal

    More genres can be added in.​

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018

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