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 Female x Female Lancer's Request

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Scarlet Lancer, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Scarlet Lancer

    Scarlet Lancer Wild Member Member

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    12:01 AM
    Welcome to my Request thread.

    My Rules...Don't like them, well your S.O.L then

    - Minimal Post Limit- 2 Paragraphs...Maximum Post Limit- Go Nuts
    - If you do not like something in the roleplay, Tell me and we can fix it...Do not just drop on me, It will only happen once.
    - The biggest rule of all, Just have fun.
    - All Characters must be at least 18 years old.

    Fantasy Pairings

    - White Witch X Apprentice
    - Black Witch X Princess
    - White Witch X Black Witch
    - Krusnik X Vampire
    - Vampire Countess X Werewolf
    - ShapeShifter X Monster Hunter
    - Healer X Monster Girl
    - Monster Girl X Monster Girl
    - Amazon X Explorer
    - Demoness x Priestess
    - Werewolf x Vampire
    - Vampire x Slayer
    - Dragoness x Knight
    - Dragon x Rider
    - Angel x Human
    - Angel x Demoness
    - Human x Monster Girl
    - Alpha Werewolf x Freshly Turned Werewolf
    - Necromancer x Paladin
    - Succubus x Roommate
    - Succubus x College Teacher
    - Succubus x Stripper

    Modern Parings

    - Soccer Player x Coach
    - Street Fighter x Rival Fighter
    - Street Racer x Police Officer
    - Army Officer x NCO
    - Pilot x Soldier
    - Hacker x Ex-Soldier
    - Assassin x Target
    - Assassin x Apprentice
    - Hacker x FBI Agent
    - Wounded Soldier x Nurse
    - S.W.A.T Member x Hostage
    - Rescue Swimmer x Lost Woman
    - Roommates
    - Boxer x Street Fighter
    - Boxer x Trainer
    - Boxer x Rival
    - Stepsisters
    - Stepmother x Stepdaughter
    - Hacker Girlfriend x CIA Agent
    - Street Racer x Rival Racer
    - Cafe Waitress x Actress
    - Lead Singer x Manager
    - Lead Singer x Band Member
    - Pilot x Soldier
    - Rebel x Soldier
    - Trainer x Fighter
    - Air Marshall x Passenger
    - Commanding Officer x Heartbroken Soldier


    - Dead or Alive
    - Street Fighter
    - Pokemon
    - Soul Calibur
    - Mass Effect 1-3
    - Dragon Age
    - League of Legends
    - Final Fantasy

    Fandoms (Prefer OC's)

    - RWBY
    - Harry Potter
    - Naruto
    - Bleach

    More to come later...

    PM or Post here.

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