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 Female x Male  Fantasy  Erotica  Romance Let’s have some fun~

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Deleted at User Request, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Deleted at User Request

    Deleted at User Request Guest

    Local Time:
    2:08 AM
    Hello, and welcome to my request thread. I'll try to be as brief as possible with this. Here we go!

    I've been RPing for about 4ish years now, and I've been able to pick up a thing or two in that time. In terms of length, I usually match whatever my partner writes. But the more I get into an RP, the more I find myself writing, easily able to get out paragraphs of descriptive writing. I can respond rather quickly as well, and expect my partners to respond at least once a day, it more is definitely welcomed and very much appreciated <3. All I ask from you is good grammar and punctuation. Mistakes are alright, we are human after all, and so long as I can understand it, I'm good with it. :)

    Now for what I'd like to RP. This'll probably get updated based on how my interests change from time to time. Bear in mind, I'm open to any ideas you guys send me. I'm more than happy to brainstorm some ideas with you and come up with great ideas. :)

    I'm quite into sci-fi and fantasy settings right now, and would love to set something up there. It could be anywhere from superheroes and villains to mages and magical races in a medieval setting. Or perhaps the latter could be done in a modern setting? I can suggest some pairings when we discuss the specifics.

    I quite enjoy action weaved into some stories as well. It's always nice to be able to break into a brawl and try and knock each other out. No? Just me? Anyway, an action RP would be really cool to do.

    I also like simple romance plots, slice of life stuff. It's nice to be able to relax and just write about a feel-good love story, complete with drama and nice twists as well. If you have any good plots in this respect, feel free to PM me! And I feel you don't, not to worry! We can come up with something together.

    Now for the 'taboo' part of the request thread. I enjoy doing smut RPs from time to time. It's just a nice release for me, and it's always nice to see what kinky thoughts people can conjure in their heads. I also like smut weaved into my usual RPs, but obviously in less frequency than in these sorts of pairings (or an equal amount, whatever floats your goat). If you wish to do an RP of this nature, don't hesitate to hit me up~

    Phew, that wasn't so bad was it? That's everything I have to say currently. As I stated earlier, this thread I should subject to change, so if none of this suits your fancy, in time I'll probably have something that does. ^^

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you all. My PMs are always open. Be seeing you~
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  2. Deleted at User Request

    Deleted at User Request Guest

    Local Time:
    2:08 AM

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