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 Female x Female Let's create something beautiful

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by TheLyth, May 19, 2018.

  1. TheLyth

    TheLyth Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:05 PM
    Hello there!
    I hope you are having just a marvelous day. You may refer to me as Lyth, a sucker for writing. To make things easier on you, dear reader, in your quest to find a suitable partner I shall answer the most frequently asked questions beforehand.

    -Experience. This I would say, I have accumulated a decent amount of. I have been roleplaying since I was 9, a decade now, started out with Dungeons and Dragons and slowly branched out into different sites over the years. I would say that I know what I’m doing when it comes to roleplaying.
    -Reply length. It depends on the situation, but I need to be having a really bad day to dip down below a paragraph. Depending on how much I have to go with I can go as high as a novella, but that’s not a consistent thing, we all run out of things to write eventually.
    -Activity. With classes being out during the summer, I will be on here daily, but I need time to write, I am kind of critical about my own writing and want it to be the best it can, a 48 hour period sounds reasonable to me.
    -Plotting. The actual coming up with the story and the intricate world, no matter how normal it may seem at first, is half of the fun for me. I can’t just sit still and wait for someone else to write the story for me.
    -Literacy. Even tho English is my third language, I think that my writing is legible, most of the time.
    -Settings/Genre. I would say that I can do all except Horror and a full on Erotic one. My favorite setting is a fantasy one, but that won’t stop me from doing something with no dragons. When it comes to character relationships I want them to come naturally to them, I'm a sucker for building things like that up.

    I would say that this is all the relevant information that I can give you at the top of my head. If you are in fact pleased with what you just read, I may be your girl. To speed things even more, I have some basic plots and character archetypes that you can go through and if someone grabs your attention we can build from there or come up with something of our own.



    A. Witches
    a. We have muse A and muse B. This story takes place in a small village where A has moved to recently wanting desperately to escape the busy city life and return to her family’s roots. She is still a bit at odds with the citizens, they are extremely kind and willing to help, but one can tell that she is thought of as an outsider. Many weird things keep happening during the night, weird noises can be heard, animals and people go missing for days at a time only to return like nothing happened. In reality the village is situated on the ground between two world, magical creatures can freely roam it’s streets, but they appear as simple humans to the rest. Muse B is what is known as a guardian, for centuries her family has taken care of the residents of the town and not allowed the creatures to pass beyond because of the mass hysteria something like this can bring, but when plot convenience does it’s job and A learns on complete pure accident I swear, the secret of the town B has one more thing on her hands to take care of.

    b. A is a powerful witch that has isolated herself from the world, betrayed by those she once loved, she is left bitter and her temper only gets worse as centuries pass. However one day as she is gathering herbs in the wilderness, she hears a child’s scream, rushing to investigate, she finds a young kid being attacked by some wild animal. Managing to chase the beast away she takes the child in, seeing her own past. A few days of bonding with the child, she manages to learn when it lives and safely return it to it’s village only to disappear again, but she has not been forgotten. Years later her own life ends up being saved by the same kid, now an adult and nursed back to health. It turns out that witchcraft is now illegal and all who perform it will be killed on sight when caught.

    c. A is still young and inexperienced witch, having disregarded her family’s wishes of taking over the family business and turning towards the dark crafts, wanting to be something more than her family. She manages to summon a being that on paper should grand her immense power, but something goes wrong and instead she wrongfully just teleports someone from the other side of the world to her. This is muse B, led a perfectly normal life, soon to be married when one day just Poof, now they have to go on an adventure to return B to their family because of A’s mistake and the unwillingness of B to have magic used on them again.

    B. Shapeshifters
    a. Humans are the dominant species on the planet, their empires span thousands of miles, but our story takes place in a relatively small kingdom where humans are still the dominant race, but also extremely racist towards everyone else that is not quite like them. However, their queen, stern and fair, allows shapeshifters, not quite human and yet not purely animalistic, to live in her lands in exchange for one of their children. That child is raised up together with the queen’s own child, serving as their bodyguard. The two grow up to be really good friends, almost inseparable, always sneaking out in the middle of the night on marvelous adventures around the town, but what would happen if the small kingdom was attacked and the royal family was forced to go into hiding?

    b. A human is brought up into a tribe of shapeshifters, tho being treated as one of them, never quite manages to fit in and in it’s desire to be among normal humans leaves the small tribe, but is followed by one of the members, maybe they are friends or the shapeshifter was given the task by the elders, but they both have to find a way through the forest and then deal with civilization, that has advanced beyond what they are familiar with.

    c. Gotta have one of those into the mix. Warring tribes. One member is captured and forms a weird relationship with it’s captor, classic tale, we all know how that goes, well guess again. For this specifically I want to play the prisoner and believe me when I say this I will not make the job of your character easy. My character will not magically change their personality and become besties just like that, while this principal is true for all of my characters I’m just tired of the whole “I’m best friends with the person who killed my fiends and keeps me locked up in a span of a day”.

    C. Monster hunting.
    Each decade a hunting competition is being held to help control the population of monstrous beasts that roam the land. Hunters from all over the world enter either to prove themselves or accumulate a handsome reward for their participation. Every hunter is given a partner due to safety reasons, no matter if they like it or not and together they must roam the land, gathering information about the beasts and finding ways to bring them down, because slapping them with a giant sword over and over turned to be quite inefficient.

    D. When women were warriors.
    The story will center around a group of warriors, protecting a province from a foreign attack. A warrior is assigned an apprentice that sticks by their side practically all of the time and is to be taught how to fight, but also tends to the warrior’s needs, but their ultimate goal is to protect the land at all cost.

    More rough drafts shall be added later.

    Character ideas

    The raven queen
    Those who worship the raven queen shall not know defeat.

    But what happens when that goddess is nothing, but a fraud?

    The raven queen as many came to call her, the goddess among men. It was nothing, but a lie, one of the greatest lies ever told and the queen knew it. Oh she knew, it was mortals who gave her this title, mere humans. They couldn’t comprehend the idea that some of the elves, which they believed to be extinct could still survive in the depths of the Ancient forest.

    The raven queen was a mere elf, by her people’s standards, but humans were never as bright. She was a druid, not a very experienced one, being able to transform herself in a mere raven. However this, oh this is how she found success. All it took was one arrival at a battle, one simple spell to disorientate the enemy troops for people to start believing that they have been blessed with the presence of a goddess.

    She was young back then, barely two hundred years old, still learning about the world, the temptation was too big, having people crawling at your feet, worshiping you, so she kept it up. Another 3 generations passed, they grew up to fear and respect her, no one dared question her, it had turned into a tabboo in their culture. The raven grew as well, but non the wiser. Her abilities became stronger, she gained control over nature, but once deprived from that she was no better than a suckling.

    With the years came boredom, she became too full of herself, thought herself too good for everything, but then the time to prove herself came.

    The dancer

    Sometimes words hurt a lot more than the worst wound a sword can cause you.

    The Graceful Esmeralda. Who hasn’t heard about the dancer from Grasmere? The young woman that managed to woo even the king himself with the swaying of her body? The one who could even capture the gaze of a dragon in it’s wrath?

    The traveling dancer never stood at one place for too long, she was coming and going, appearing like a gentle, cool summer breeze that left you wanting more, needing more in your life. It seemed like everyone could talk her, she didn’t discriminate against anyone, but each time next to nothing was uncovered about her. They simply knew her name and the town she was born, but that was the only hard facts that reached the ears of the common folk. Everything else was shrouded in legends and mystery.

    Some had some truth to them, she could captivate every mortal with the way her body swayed, but a dragon would probably be too big of a spoon for her mouth.

    “Quite the character” described her people “Always smiling, beaming with energy, would stop mid dance to get just any loser to dance with her. Always bringing a warm feeling in the souls of onlookers, but always leaving broken hearts everywhere that she went”

    The blind one
    In darkness I saw the truth.

    Born to be nothing, but a street rat. Oh she had embraced that fully. The first born of an elf and a human, never quite able to fit in. Seen as a magnificent creature by humans and a mutt by those she resembled more. Despite that she had everything, but when one can afford all there is that money can buy, life loses it’s meaning.

    For her it was no different, she couldn’t quite pinpoint out the reason why she left, what drove her to run away? But it all lost it’s meaning as she stalked her next prey. Drunkards were always the easiest ones, you could go through their pockets while striking up a conversation with them about their little daughter or son who recently joined the army.

    She was close with everyone in her community, there is honor among those thieves. An average person would just consider them to be a group of friends gathered for a round of drinking, while they could be plotting their next big hit, but she never took part in it. She shied away from the big fishes, targeting mostly low to middle class. However despite this unusual behavior she was accepted with open hands by everyone.

    No one knew her real name, she wasn’t much of a talked herself, only opened her mouth when need be, everyone simply referred to her a the blind one, having lost her sight long ago, but they could only guess what happened by the gashes that disfigured her face for this was another secret that she kept.

    If you are interested please PM me. I look forward to creating something beautiful with you.
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  2. TheLyth

    TheLyth Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:05 PM

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