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 Open  Female x Male  Action / Adventure  Fantasy  One x One Roleplay  Post Apocalyptic  Romance  Science Fiction/Futuristic let's make some worlds

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Sachihiiro, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Sachihiiro

    Sachihiiro Fool Member

    Local Time:
    11:48 PM

    my name is sachihiiro, and fate has led you here to my thread! i'm new to this site, but not to role-playing and certainly not to writing. i've never been good at making fancy-looking threads, but let me just lay down the basics.

      • i'm in my 20s and nonbinary. i mostly write in het pairs, no shade @ people who prefer writing lesbian and gay pairs, it's just my personal writing preference. i like writing male-presenting characters for my main oc, but i write female characters sometimes and often as side characters. your actual gender doesn't matter, as long as you are comfortable writing female characters.
      • these stories are very plot- and character-centric, definitely with romance and potentially with smut, but we have to build from the ground-up and get to a point where it makes sense in the story. i'm more about tropey, romantic fluff and slowburn chemistry-building than smut. you can read my account details for more information on that. i do have an f-list, but what is acceptable/desirable in each rp for each pairing varies, and bear in mind none are requirements.
      • i don't enjoy writing or participating in bdsm or hard D/s dynamics at all, and i don't like assigning a "dom" or "sub" label to my characters because i feel it can be very restrictive. to me, it's saying "i only want to write a sex scene this one way" and it gets dull very fast, especially when it carries over to how characters act and behave outside of just the bedroom. it's not like assigned seats. some characters will naturally end up taking the lead in sex, and that's fine, but it's usually dependent upon the situation and dynamic, not some assigned role. of course, you should only write what you enjoy and are comfortable with, so if you like this style, all the power to you and there's nothing wrong with that. this is just me.
      • moderate-advanced literacy. the thread is only lowercase for the Aesthetique™ and i promise i can write decently when in-character. i'm not going to jump down your throat for typos or stylistic choices as long as i can understand your posts, and the characters/action/themes are conveyed well. you don't have to be a master of grammar and syntax or a native speaker, but please do not make basic mistakes over and over again.
      • i write a lot. usually three or more paragraphs. i'd prefer if you tried to match me but it doesn't have to be exact.
      • my writing samples
        The dread knotted in the pit of Edgar's stomach was all that tethered him to the present. Nothing else felt real. His ears rang too loudly for him to hear his pounding heart or the echo of his bootsteps down the stone corridor. Even the chill of the night's air seemed to elude him now.

        Something akin to adrenaline must have been carrying him onward. He had been walking on foot for a long time, and all reason dictated he should have been exhausted--his body should have ached, should be craving sleep or a hot meal, but even if presented with a warm bed and a king's feast, he would have turned it away.

        A heretic on a pilgrimage of sorts, it was only right to fast until he had made his peace. He deserved no comfort, no taste of sugar on his tongue, while the closest thing to an angel he knew was being held in a small cell in this very tower, likely only being fed gruel.

        And it was because of him.

        But guilt and atonement were two very different animals, so he afforded himself no pity while Alice suffered, not until he could make things right. This was what he deserved for thinking he could have something holy--him, a fool gallivanting about with divinity while blaspheming as soon as her head was turned. He had done little more than nick his hand on the knife he lodged in her back.
        Her entire nervous system screamed--this was all bad bad bad bad, bad things were happening. She sucked in a breath and her chest tightened, body going stiff.

        The sensation of their clawed hand gently tapping her cheek drew her back to reality from an oh-too-real abstraction, or mayhaps a memory, and she almost shrieked.

        "Rosamond? Did I do something wrong?" they asked, blinking. Their head tilted somewhat. "I apologize. You don't hate me, do you? Do you hate me now?"
      • you can reply as often as you want. try to get a reply a week in, i'll do the same. if you can't, that's okay too, i'm not gonna hound you. i prefer threads, but if you twist my arm, pm is fine. if you grow uninterested, feel free to tell me. you don't have to explain why. i'm also ghost-friendly. if i haven't heard from you in two weeks, i'll assume the rp is concluded.
      • i'm not very talkative, but we need to be able to talk ooc to discuss plot direction and characters. it isn't just my story, so i'd like if you contributed to its direction. keep in mind we'll be directing the plot and building an entire world together, so doubling up with characters will probably be a requirement at some points, even if they're just supporting cast. we can discuss beforehand who is taking on what roles.
      • Please Be Nice To Me Or I Will Cry
      • well thought-out, interesting, and flawed characters are my only big musts. i don't like to just write conventionally attractive characters with minor flaws falling for each other in straightforward ways. gimme dat friction, those awkward dynamics, and lots of angst along the way. as such, i sometimes go a little crazy with character designs and so i don't usually do face claims since it can be difficult or impossible to find ones that match what i envision. if you do, anime, realistic, and anything in between is fine. if you want me to find something, i will, but descriptions are enough for me, generally.

    • Your Muse: newly-appointed princess/queen
      My Muse: a noble
      Supporting Cast: royal advisors, other nobles, servants and castle workers

      A whimsical and well-loved king has passed away under mysterious circumstances with no heirs, and in a turn of events that surprises everyone, Your Muse is the only person mentioned in his will to inherit the throne.

      The advisors and other bureaucrats arrange a marriage for her with My Muse, a well-to-do noble, in an attempt to strengthen the foundation of the throne in a time of impending war.

      Potential Plot Threads: What killed the king? Who is your Your Muse? Why did the king leave the throne to her? Will our respective muses be able to get along, solve these mysteries, and avoid an impending war? I don't know, we'll have to talk and plan the story out together.
      Notes: smut in this one can potentially happen early if they both consent to it since they are locked into a marriage from the get-go, or it can happen later on after they've grown closer as individuals, depending on your preference. there likely will be pressure to produce an heir or something, but i won't write anything non-con.

      Your Muse: human survivor in exile
      My Muse: cyborg survivor
      Supporting Cast: raiders, other survivors

      The world is in shambles and the last vestiges of humanity are scattered across the broken continent, fighting for survival and desperately trying to rebuild society.

      Your Muse, for whatever reason, is exiled from her settlement and left stranded in the wastelands for dead. She happens to stumble upon My Muse, who is a damaged cyborg, and they strike a deal of some kind to help each other survive while they make their way to another settlement in hopes of an easier survival there.

      Potential Plot Threads: What are the exact circumstances of the zombie apocalypse? Why was Your Muse exiled? What's the deal with the cyborg? Let's follow the plot threads together and come up with answers.

      Your Muse: hapless human
      My Muse: alien traveler
      Supporting Cast: other aliens they encounter

      Your Muse wakes to find herself on board an alien ship feeling sore and confused. There she is met with My Muse, an alien, who apologizes of profusely and explains he inadvertently injured her when his ship crash-landed some time before. He brought her on-board and managed to treat her injuries with the advanced alien tech, but it took several weeks and he had duties to attend to elsewhere and was on an awful time crunch.

      He will be able to return her to Earth evenrually, after his work is finished, but until then, they must travel together and keep Your Muse's human heritage a secret from other, more aggressive alien species who have yet to come across then.

      Potential Plot Threads: What was your MC doing in a secluded landing strip? What does My Muse's work entail? What kinds of cool alien environments/technology/societies/politics can we create?? Potentially more slice of life.
      Notes: alien sex can be as tame or as far-fetched as you want it lol
      i'll update with more as they come to me.

    • basically, things i've been itching to write that does not have a developed plot just yet
      • i've been interested in exploring writing yandere stuff lately. i don't want it to be just pure unhealthy yandere or stockholm's syndrome rp, so it will have to develop as we go and make way for character growth.
      • i love writing sentient ai/robots/automatons as objects of romance sort of figuring out emotions and such.
      • kinda craving princess x her royal guard or something. forbidden and frisky.
      • maybe a witch x her familiar? something undead? idk i like writing monster boys and demons and such
      • something where your female muse has to pretend to be a man for some reason? my muse can find out and help her keep her secret, maybe.

    pm me if interested. i overlook thread replies sometimes!
  2. Sachihiiro

    Sachihiiro Fool Member

    Local Time:
    11:48 PM
    bump for updated information, refined layout, and extra sections!

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