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 Mystery / Suspense  Like Father, Like Son (open)

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by Stix&Stones, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Stix&Stones

    Stix&Stones Cannabis Princess Member

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    12:44 AM
    A small, wooden table containing a single candle sat below a darkened window. The candle's flame flickered as if it were dancing to the soft music coming from the Victrola in the corner. The curtains in the window were drawn open and tied off to a pair of brass hooks on either side. The reflection of the flame played on the dirty window pane and cast colorful shadows around the tiny room. Down on the wood planked floor was a thin and frayed rug with a small mattress placed at it's center. A frightened young woman sat on the lumpy bed with a blood stained blanket wrapped around her waist. She held a pillow stuffed with goose feathers tightly to her chest and pressed her face into it, trying to muffle out the sounds of her cries.

    On the floor beside her lay a leather bound book with a golden cross etched into the center. A thin strip of ribbon hung from between the pages, marking a section of the Bible where she'd last left off. With a shaky hand, she reached for the book and placed on top of the pillow in her lap. She fingered the wrinkled pages until she freed her bookmark and ran her eyes down the page until she stopped at Luke 1:37 and whispered, "For with God, nothing shall be impossible." She sighed softly and closed the book back up. She returned it to the floor and peeled her blanket away, revealing a set of bruised and cut up legs. She gingerly traced the worst of the cuts and sucked in a sharp breath. Fresh tears stung her eyes as she got up and quietly limped over to the window. She held her copper colored hair away from the candle flame as she peered out through the glass into the night sky. She searched the clouds for a break that would reveal some stars, but it seemed fall was coming on quickly.

    The floorboards outside her door creaked and she nearly jumped out of her skin. It was well past lights out and she should have been fast asleep already. She quickly blew out her candle and closed the drapes before she hurried over to shut off her music. She then dove under the blanket and pretended to be asleep. She could hear someone fiddling with the lock on her door she curled up into a tight little ball, pulling her covers up over her nose. The doorknob turned and she squeezed her eyes shut as the door groaned on its hinges. Someone loomed in the doorway, holding out a brass chamberstick. "Bonnie, I know you're not sleeping. I could the candle light beneath your door." The girl whimpered as she tugged her covers away from her face. She looked up at the man who stood with one hand on his hip, clutching the tie of his velvet robe in his fist. "How many times this week have I caught you sitting up too late? Three times? I think this needs to be addressed as soon as possible with a severe punishment to follow suit." She listened to the deep hum of his calming voice as she sat up and held her blanket over her night gown. He continued on as a shadow moved down the hallway, growing larger as it drew closer. "I think you're going to go up first tonight and I have a feeling there may not be any time for the others."

    A second figure appeared in the doorway and Bonnie's breath caught in her throat. It was George, Master Robert's only son, carrying his own candle holder. "Oh father, you could say she'd be taking one for the team. The girls will thank her tomorrow, I'm sure." The older boy chuckled and looked down on her with dark eyes. "Go on out of here, son. I ought to deliver you the same punishment for sneaking out. Don't act like you thought I wouldn't find out," Robert growled out, turning on him. George rolled his eyes and gave Bonnie a viscous glare before he spun on his heel and disappeared down the hallway. Master Robert gazed down at Bonnie who sat trembling and a smiled played on his lips. "Get up, child." The girl struggled to her feet on shaky legs and crept past him into the hall. He closed her door and followed her down the way as they passed door after door belonging to the other girls. He watched her side back as they walked, allowing his eyes to admire her perfect rear. He thought back to the summer they brought her in. She was only eighteen and came from the streets. She was his first lower class whore and all of the other girls hated her. They all came from classy bloodlines and looked down upon the girl with disgust, but because of her unfortunate upbringing, it made her all the more appealing to Robert. She was like fresh clay that he could mold into the perfect whore.

    That was just three years ago. Now at twenty-one, she'd bloomed into a beautiful and bountiful woman, but her attitude developed into something fierce. Robert was to have none of that and spent a great deal of training her to submit. He had broken her spirit over the last several months and was upset with her recent acts of defiance. He had been so close to completely controlling her that he wasn't going to let the little stunts ruin all of his hard work.

    Bonnie came to a stop outside of a large, wooden door and waited for her Master to open it. She stepped through the doorway and moved to stand in front of a chair at the center of the room. Robert appeared behind her and slipped a blind fold over eyes. He guided her into the seat and ordered her to stay before crossed the room and pulled a rope on the wall. There were many other ropes much like the first one with golden plates etched with various names and rooms. He went about the room lighting candles and bringing light to the extravagant study where he conducted all of his business. "I think I have found the perfect punishment for you, little one. You'll be finding out shortly just what I have in store for you tonight, " he purred as he came to stand behind her, resting his hands on her shoulders.

    Bonnie held as still as possible as he hovered behind her. Her mind raced with all of the ways he could possibly destroy her soul and she began to whimper softly. The sound of a door opening across the room caused her to jump and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Master never had an audience when he was teaching a lesson. "You rang for me, father?" Bonnie's heart joined her stomach at her feet when she heard George's voice and the haughty laugh of Master Robert behind her.

    (Just looking for someone to play George and possibly take over Robert's part if you're up to working with two characters at once. Or I can, but it doesn't matter. Im hoping for him to join in at random points, but most of the interactions will be between Bonnie and George. The plan here is to have George torture and "punish" Bonnie for her misbehaving lately. He knows that George absolutely despises the girl for the simple fact that she is street trash and that his father spends so much time with her. Robert figures he could break Bonnie's spirit once and for all if she has to take on an angry man who hates her guts. And to have another man work on her at the same time. If you're up for something this or have any ideas of your own, please shoot me a message!)

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