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 One x One Roleplay Little Bit of This; Little Bit of That

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Domino, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Domino

    Domino Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:13 AM
    Greetings, all! Domino is back at it. I'm gonna jot down the fandoms that interest me below. First, though, a few rules and guidelines.

    • Post Length: I require a minimum of two to three full paragraphs, however more is always welcome. I tend to write three to four paragraphs, but can drift upward toward novella length when necessary.
    • Grammar: Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, please. We all make mistakes, of course, and can be overlooked.
    • Post frequency: I would like a post every other day, or every couple of days. Again, more is absolutely welcome. Personally, I try to post once a day or every other day, though occasionally work leaves me exhausted and it takes a bit longer.
    • Creativity: World build with me! Brainstorm, throw unexpected twists at me! Help me write a compelling story that we both enjoy.
    • Medium of Roleplay: I roleplay and communicate out of character via PM. I honest to the gods lose threads every. single. time.
    • Plot and smut: What can I say, I love them both. I like a healthy mix of the two. I do not have an f-list, but am a laid back roleplayer and open to many kinks that my partner may like to include. However, my no-go's include scat, watersports, underage characters, and vore.
    • Pairings: Most of these will be FxF, but there are a few where I will make the exception and do MxF (where I will play the male character).
    Now, onto the fandoms. Specific pairings that I'm interested in will be listed. If I have a preferred character, there will be an asterisk next to the name.

    - Kara x Lena (my preferred character varies from plot to plot)
    - Alex* x Lena

    The 100
    - Clarke x Lexa (my preferred character varies from plot to plot)

    Game of Thrones
    Note: Willing to do MxF within this fandom.
    - Robb* x Margaery
    - Jon* x Margaery
    - Robb* x Daenerys
    - OC* x Sansa (vague plot in mind for a female OC and Sansa, takes place after the show/books)
    - OC x OC (FxF plot available; will also do MxF, though no plot available)

    - OC* x Morgana (vague plot/starting point available)

    Star Wars
    Note: Willing to do MxF within this fandom.
    - OC x OC (not keen on canon characters in this universe, my own characters tend to be Sith or Sith-leaning; can take place at any point during/before/after the canon story)

    The Matrix
    - OC x OC (would prefer a plot line based loosely on the trilogy)

    The Last Witch Hunter
    - OC x OC (would prefer a plot line based loosely on the movie here as well)

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    - OC x OC
    - Zara* x Claire (we'll pretend Zara didn't die and is instead a substitute for Owen)
    (For this, really what I'm looking for is lesbians in an apocalyptic situation with dinosaurs re-populating the world)

    Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
    - Kassandra* x OC
    - OC x OC (with a plot similar to the game)

    I will add to/edit this list as I think of more and my desires change. It should also be noted, I am willing to do alternate universes and even crossovers for the fandoms listed.

    If you find yourself interested, please send me a PM.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  2. Domino

    Domino Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:13 AM
    Small update to the list!

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