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 One x One Roleplay Looking for Fandoms

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by PrincessOfTheNight1988, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. PrincessOfTheNight1988

    PrincessOfTheNight1988 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:15 AM
    • Hello, I prefer to do fandom roleplays. Now to cover what fandom is before I get the fifty million questions about it. Fandom: A roleplay based off an anime/manga, movie/book/TV show, or game. While doing any kind of roleplay I like the characters to be on equal terms or at least close to equal terms. I understand if this does not happen because some people like to play the dom and others the sub. This is fine because I have characters that fit either role, but my sub character takes a lot of work for me to play because I am more of a dom personality.

      If you are wondering if I do anything other than fandom or cross over things on my list. I do I am open to any other type but I will tell you now if you want a better roleplay with me it has to be something I enjoy doing. So if you ask me to do one where my character is getting raped constantly then you won't get much out of me. I also don't mind playing as a male character but I ask that if I play something you like and it's something I don't like please play something I like at the same time. This will keep me interested and also get you better responses.

      If you see something that you want to play that is stroked out I am sorry but once I get two of the same plot going I do not leave it open. Thank you for understanding and if you want to do that still leave me a message and if one of them falls through I can let you know so you can start it up with me.
    • I want my partner not to be a fangirl/boy. Meaning that the character I play isn't going to fall madly in love with your character after the first few meetings. I want things to be kinda realistic. Now I know that I have a few characters that I personally would love to have fall in love with my characters right away but that doesn't always happen. If you also want me to play a male because I've never played a male before or I'm not comfortable playing a Male. Please do not request a roleplay with me unless you are willing to try. I wasn't comfortable playing males before and I got a bunch of fangirls who wanted me to play males so I got used to it.

      One of my biggest requests is that if you are bored with the roleplay, wish to stop roleplaying, or going to be gone for a while. Please for the love of the Goddesses please let me know. I understand if life gets in the way or if you get bored but I don't want to be left in the dark with no notice. I feel like it's a big "F You" to me. So I wonder what I did wrong and it starts to affect my other roleplays. I know I am horrible with this so I do want to say I am sorry if I do just poof. I don't mean to it's normally due to my lack of time and I try to give heads up when this happens but sometimes it just happens. If you for some reason go dark and want to apologize when you come back up I’m okay with that as well. You never know I may be willing to start up again or work out something new.

      Another thing about a possible absence is some want a more smut driven roleplay and I prefer a more story driven roleplay. I feel that the smut driven roleplay is just a cyber session and if I wanted that I honestly would just go to a chat site get off and call it a night. Even though I have done that before it really just leaves me wanting more any way. It also feels like the other person is more interested in using me however for their needs. So much godmodding. There is also so much switching between past and present tense and first and third person. I tend to do my writing in third person and past tense. I will admit I’m not perfect and I do switch sometimes between past and present tense all in the same post.

      If you are wanting to roleplay with me only based on where I am willing to do them I will save you the trouble of messaging me. I will roleplay anywhere, but I prefer not to roleplay on messengers if I can help it. Why? Well I'm a detailed poster when I really get going and so because of that I have to post four or five messages in the IM just to get out one post then having to put (Your turn) and such after it as well just annoys me more. I have just been turned to Google Docs and this is an okay place to RP at but again it requires some kind of (Your turn) after every post. So emails and them done on here are my ideal places to do them. I have found though on a shared Google doc they do have a chat on the side that keeps the document itself clean of any (Your turn) clutter.

      Now I know some people like someone who will let you know when they are leaving and when they are back on. I’m not one of those people. I honestly if I’m on and loving the story I will reply but sometimes I do multiple and have a few issues switching between characters. I also have a tendency of doing the same plot with more than one person. It’s gotten confusing in the past before. So I try to reply at least daily but it can take up to one week for me to reply. Now I don’t take so long to extend the story. Yes I do like a long term with a building story that could be made into a book series.
    • So I like everyone have things I do, don’t do, and might do. I’ve got a list that I have and am willing to share with you but it’s like 6 pages long. So I’ve linked it bellow for you if you care to read it. I’m also working on setting up my F-List. I’ve just listed my hard nos for you if you don’t want to go looking through my list.

      Hard Nos:
      Rape, scat/piss, excessive blood, and excessive violence.
      Full List - F-list Main
    • I like playing in all of the following universes with both Cannon and OC's.
      Universe Only:
      Ah My Goddess

      CC/OC or OC/OC or CC/CC:
      Assassination Classroom
      Avatar The Last Air Bender
      Black Butler
      Black Widow
      Code Geass
      Death Note
      Devil May Cry
      Dragon Ball-Dragon Ball Z-Dragon Ball Z Kai
      Fruits Basket
      Harry Potter
      Howls Moving Castle
      Ouran High School Host Club(OHSHC)
      Period Setting(Past/Present)
      Pirates of the Caribbean(POTC)
      Sailor Moon
      Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reload
      Supernatural(TV Show)
      Supernatural Creatures
      Teen Titans
      Trinity Blood
      True Blood
      Vampire Knight
      The Vampire Lestat/Interview with the Vampire
      Winx Club
      Yu Yu Hakusho
    • Me Playing OC/I want you to play Cannon:
      Assassination Classroom:
      Karma Akabane/OC
      Professor Bitch/OC

      Avatar The last Airbender:

      Poision Ivy(or Poision Ivy like character)/OC(Or Harley Quinn)
      Joker/Harley Quinn(Me as Harley) or Joker like character/My Harley OC

      Black Butler:
      Alois Trancy/Ceil(Me as Ceil)



      Code Geass:
      Prince Clovis/OC

      Death Note:

      Devil May Cry:

      Dragon Ball-Dragon Ball Z-Dragon Ball Z Kai:

      Fruits Basket:
      Akaito/OC(Male Version Akatio)

      Harry Potter:

      Howls Moving Castle:


      The Goblin King/OC



      Captain Jack Sparrow/OC

      Sailor Moon:
      Prince Diamond/OC

      Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reloaded:

      Supernatural(TV Show):

      Trinity Blood:
      Able Nightroad/OC

      True Blood:

      Vampire Knight:

      The Vampire Lestat/Interview with the Vampire:

      Winx Club:

      Yami Yugi(The Pharaoh)/OC
      Yami Bakura(Bakura)/OC

      Yu Yu Hakusho:
      Yoko Karama/OC

      Characters I play:
      Assassination Classroom:
      Professor Bitch

      Harley Quinn

      Black Butler:

      Code Geass:

      Harry Potter:


      Captain Jack Sparrow


      Teen Titans:

      Trinity Blood:
      Caterina Sforza
    • I have some plots that are created for my OC based off fanfictions I have worked on or planned to work on. Some plots have come from other roleplays and have been worked on by the original partner and I but I kept. A few of these weren't originally my idea's but with permission I kept them for later use. I also mix plots together and I feel I need to mention that one of them is based on a plot I have for my original character and yes she goes by Black Widow but she is not the Marvel character.

      Please remember all plots can be altered to fit a situation better for each roleplay going on.

      Avatar: TLA Plot 1: When Zuko is sent on a mission to find the Avatar he is joined by his Uncle Iroh and a childhood friend. She is the daughter of a general and has been happy to stick with Zuko through anything. She wished though that he might see her more than just his friend and companion. She also wished that her father was more competent when it came to her.

      Avatar Plot 2: Years before the war in Avatar the Last Airbender had started. Pirates were running around. The Avatar decides to become a pirate. The world is calm for now so why not do something they enjoy? The Avatar takes control of a ship and gathers crew members with bending abilities from every area of the world they can.
      Batman Plot 1: Gotham has been forgotten by the other heroes and is being run by a corrupt government and crime lords. A young person stumbles upon the old Bat cave and dawns the Bat “wings”. As they do another young person finds out more about their grandparents. Learning and taking on the way of the grandparents. One night the villain catches the Bat. How will it end? What will the relationship become between the two?

      Batman Plot 2: Gotham has been handed down the line to Bruce Wayne’s grandchildren. one who would rather work the business than to take on the Bat Wings. The other happily takes on the Wings but wants nothing to do with the business. As they take on the new personas so do some villain’s grandchildren. The grandchildren of the villains make a bet between themselves over who can get both of the Wayne kids and the vigilante.

      Batman Plot 3: There is a strange attraction between the Bat and one of the villains. They do not know that they are fighting against their partner. The two of them live their lives but act like they are in a way innocent and they don’t know anything about the actions of the Bat or villain. Even though they tend to defend for their “other half”.

      Batman Plot 4: Joker has died and Harley goes off the deep end. It turns out that Joker was keeping Harley sane. She decides in a final tribute to her beloved Puddin’ she plans to go out with a “bang”. Batman saves her and after she is released from Arkham she tries to do the whole good guy thing. Turns out that Batman and Harley are good for each other after several attempts to help her be good they find they balance each other out nicely.
      Harry Potter Crossover Labyrinth Plot: Does not involve Hermione, sorry. The plot is that Jerith becomes the new DADA teacher at Hogwarts. Voldemort wants him to join him so not being able to get near Hogwarts he asks his daughter to convince him to join.

      Harry Potter Crossover Black Widow Plot: Lucius Malfoy hires a young girl who has been working as an assassin for humans. This girl is now sent to Hogwarts to kill off “the weak link” in the Malfoy family, Draco. Instead of killing him because she grows closer to him she takes him away after faking his death.
      DBZ Plot: Vegeta was betrothed to my oc and he thinks she died when the planet was destroyed. After several years of living on earth Vegeta finds that she is still living and has been looking for him. Vegeta finds out she is living and now must choose between the woman he was betrothed to and the woman he married.
      Harry Potter Plot 1: Lucius Malfoy’s daughter leaves a note from a boy that Lucius does not approve of her dating sitting out on his desk in the study. When he finds it he is furious that his daughter is not only dating the boy but at what the note says. He keeps it for a bit before he confronts her. While he is holding the note he looks for more notes and finds a lot of them in a strange book in his study. There are copies of notes she wrote and the ones that she received, furious he decides to confront her about it.

      Harry Potter Plot 2: Draco/Fred/George gets slipped an experimental potion by a friend. She does not know the effects of the potion and it turns Draco/Fred/George into a girl.

      Harry Potter Plot 3: Lucius’ adopted daughter is the Dark Lord’s daughter. After Voldemort's death his daughter continues to use his name while she works on achieving her father’s goal. Being the Dark Lord’s daughter she has studded into some of the darker magics and has taken on a few special powers because of it.

      Harry Potter Plot 4: Draco wants to try out his friend’s experimental potion. He chooses his target and slips it into their drink while out at Hogsmeade. The potion turns them into his slave and he uses this against them not sure how long it will last or what they will do to him after it wears off.

      Harry Potter Plot 5: Over holiday or during school. A student from {Insert House} decides to tease and try to seduce one of the other students. This time their sites are set on a female/male instead of a male/female this time.

      Harry Potter Plot 6: A young Death Eater who still is attending Hogwarts decides to take action with helping the Dark Lord. She has not told the Dark Lord what she is doing but will reveal what she is doing at a later point to him. When she has Harry Potter ready to deliver to him. She seduces Harry while they are at school under the ruse that she needs help in one of her classes. After first being discovered she is looking at being disowned by her family but after explaining what she is doing they understand and accept it. After she get’s Harry under her control she now has to decided to let him live as a slave for the Dark Lord or kill him.

      Harry Potter Plot 7: The child of a very prominent Dark Lord supporter falls for a blood traitor. They continue their relationship in secret for fear of ruining their reputation at school. What draws these two together? Is it just sex or will there be a real relationship between the two?

      Harry Potter Plot 8: Two students who had once attended Hogwarts are now back. The families have always hated each other and the children now hate each other. They are now working together at Hogwarts as teachers and Head of house due to the opening of positions. They are forced to co head a club of sorts to help students. With this club they are forced to deal with problems that their families have started. Will they fall for each other? Will it work out well in the end for the students or just cause bigger problems?
      Naruto Plot 1: Sasuke has a camera placed in his room by his older sister. She catches him doing something in the room and because he gets her drunk on sake she spills things that she has done with their brother Itachi and that she did see him doing things in the bedroom. While she is drunk more family secrets come out.

      Naruto Plot 2: Hinata and [Insert Ninja] have been given a mission to gather intel. They are to travel to a village with a bunch of hot springs. Their cover is to be a newlywed couple.

      Naruto Plot 3: Sasuke meets a missing member of his family and is faced whether to repopulate his clan with pure genes or join and attack the Leaf with a fellow Sharingan bearer.

      Naruto Plot 4: Itachi and his twin sister are training together. Itachi sees more of his sister than planning to during a training session and then plans to figure out how to seduce her.

      Naruto Plot 5: Kakashi finds while on a mission his own personal real life Icha Icha Paradise leading lady. She is exactly like the character was written in the book but she is a ninja from a neighboring village. Is this Kakashi’s chance with a girl who had only appeared in his books and fantasies?

      Naruto Plot 6: Two new Anbu ninja are meeting their partner for the first time. The Kage* has a job for them to do. The two recognize each other and are happy** to see each other. Causing them to work well together.***

      *We can add the correct prefix for the correct village.

      **Change it so they are enemies.

      ***The two don’t know each other and are working together for the first time.
      POTC Plot 1: Jack Sparrow has been having problems finding the fountain of youth. While docked at Tortuga an old friend shows back up. This time it's not the same person who was on before just a young look alike. The woman's daughter who ran around the ship all those years ago is back after sneaking onto the ship. She is willing to do anything to make herself useful to Jack.

      POTC Plot 2: Allana Barbosa was stuck on the ship after her mother dumped her on her father. It was after Barbosa took over the ship. While there her father had abused her. A man she never knew comes along and saves her from her father. The man claims to be the real captain of her father’s ship. He shows her a strange kindness that she doesn’t understand.
      Teen Titans/Young Justice Plot 1: The Titans get called to a science lab that is holding an experiment that joins the team. It’s methods are not what they are used to and it tends to be overprotective of the team member that found it.

      Teen Titans/Young Justice Plot 2: A young girl is hunting down anything and everything related to Lexcorp because of what she was made into. During one of said raids the others are called in to deal with her powers and they end up taking her in to be trained and used to start the next generation of young heroes.
      True Blood: Arisu, “daughter” of Russell Edgington comes to Bontemps with his permission for a vacation. After arriving in town she is kidnapped by Eric Northman a man she despises. What are his plans for her?
      Yu-Gi-Oh! Plot 1: Pegusus has a daughter that no one knows about and she works for Seto Kaiba. She is dating Yami-Yugi and while dating him she has to go to a party with Seto. Yami has a Duel Monster tournament he needs to be at. Seto who was already invited needs a date so he decides to take the lovely daughter of Pegusus without knowing who she is.

      Yu-Gi-Oh! Plot 2: Pegusus’ daughter is a prize to be won between the former King of games and her father. Pegusus loses and she is forced to date Seto and do what he wants. She finds out when Seto returns to work and informs her that her things are being packed and moved into his mansion.

      Yu-Gi-Oh! Plot 3: Pegasus’ company is going under. He has only one choice to save it, and that is to use his daughter as a pawn. He talks with Seto about an arranged marriage to his daughter who Seto knows nothing about, or so he thinks. She is a friend of Yugi’s and a fellow classmate.
    • Right now I don't have any real cravings.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  2. ArchonTsukino

    ArchonTsukino Discord @ KukriRyuTsukino #3897 Member

    Local Time:
    9:15 AM
  3. Jedipony

    Jedipony Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:15 AM
    I'd be interested in Batman and teen Titans/Young Justice.

    I'm also interested in Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. I am so down to play Ivy
  4. TheGhost

    TheGhost Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:15 AM
    If you're interested, we might could do and undertale roleplay...I wouldn't mind playing anyone and I'd let you choose the plot. I am decent in my spelling and grammar most of the time, I will alternate between one-liners and paragraphs, depending on the situation.
  5. TheRowdyPegasus

    TheRowdyPegasus Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:15 AM
    Hey, are you still available? I'd love to do a FxF Yu-Gi-Oh roleplay if that's fine by you.
  6. Deadly Nightshade

    Deadly Nightshade Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:15 AM
    Batman, Naruto Shippuden, Teen Titans!
  7. ArchonTsukino

    ArchonTsukino Discord @ KukriRyuTsukino #3897 Member

    Local Time:
    9:15 AM
    If she isn't open to anything, I am.
  8. Asylis Whitman

    Asylis Whitman Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:15 AM
    Batman, Black Butler, Death Note, Harry Potter, OHSHC, Supernatural, Vampire Knight. Any of them. I also am willing to play FxF.

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