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 Looking for partners

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Nick Parcel, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Nick Parcel

    Nick Parcel Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:05 AM
    First off I'd like to say, please don't assume my gender from my name, if gender is important to you then please just pass this thread by. Thank you for stopping though!

    What I am looking for:

    Male Characters! - I shouldn't have to put this here but several females have approached me asking to play a female against a male character of mine. I am playing a female character...LOOKING for a male character. Unless this is MxM and then I'm looking for a Top/Seme/Dom to my Bot/Uke/Sub/Switch.

    MUSCULAR CHARACTERS - Aggressive (not abusive or rape), Assertive, Dominant, Athletic. These are what appeal the most to me so that is what I am looking for.

    Romance/Fluff/Smut - All or none boys/girls.

    Shifters/Werewolves/Werelions/Werefoxes/etc - Doesn't matter which.

    MULTIPARA - I can't stand one short paragraph, if you don't give me this (unless it is absolutely not possible at the point in the story) I will drop you without warning, it grates on a nerve when I don't get as much as I give.

    Plot - No mindless smut. Yes there will be smut but it has to make sense for the story.

    Understanding - I have a job and work a lot of hours including OT, it's mentally exhausting so don't expect a reply every night. Also don't expect shotgun replies on the days that I do reply more than once, this is a story that is told over time, not a quickie for you to jerk off to. (sorry just being blunt)


    "Bay Bay, listen, I have to get off the phone now, I'm at work. I promise you that later this week we will go out okay? Right now I'm just trying to make this months rent, Nick bailed on me so I have to pay the full amount and then pray to god I can find someone else who will move in and split rent with me...again." This was the third roommate she'd gone through this year, she could've swore it wasn't her but god only knew with this town. New York was unforgiving when it came to bad luck and it seemed to have placed a target right on her back. No car, no roommate, no college fund and then this morning her rubber band had broken for her ponytail just as she got to work. It was the simple little straw that broke the camels back so to speak, she had nearly flipped out on Jonah, one of the other servers, when he mentioned she had to pull her hair up before starting her shift. As if she didn't know that already?!

    Hanging up the phone with Bailey was harder than she thought it would be, it was her best friend from high school and the girl just wanted to hang out and have fun like old times. Hell, so did Constance but no, adult responsibilities came first and so far she was sucking at them hard core. At twenty-four years old Constance Valducia was a complete and utter hot mess but at least she had managed to keep her job; so far. Today she had the late shift in the back lounge, she'd practically begged for it when her manager asked who wanted it. Thankfully none of the other servers were that in need of money because the back lounge was definitely a beast of it's own. It was more for the upper class, a gentleman's lounge where they sat around, drank god awful expensive whiskey or scotch and smoked cigars. Basically, as Constance usually summed it up, it was a room rich older men could throw around money.

    Random men buying a round for the whole room wasn't at all a rare, matter of fact there was at least one a night where a "gentleman" would stand up and announce in a snobby tone, "a round on me gentleman". Usually that was when Constance would roll her eyes and start heading around to the tables to take orders, she'd picked up on the routine fairly quickly even though she'd only been to the back lounge a handful of times in the three years she'd worked at the lavish club. Making her first round after her last break ended, Constance found a fresh booth of gentlemen, they already had their drinks so Allison must have set them up already which was just fine. It didn't matter who gave them their first drink, all that mattered was who kept serving them so in the end the tip would be hers, thank god for that. Moving over to the table, her hips swaying beneath the form fitting, short black dress, Constance smiled as she stopped next to the table. It was a beautiful, award winning smile and she made a point to look each of them in the eye as her light pink lips flirted with them. "Good evening gentlemen, I don't mean to interrupt but I wanted to make sure I stopped over to make sure you were all settled in and ask if there was anything else I could get for you. I'll be your server for the rest of the night."

    Gorgeous, bombshell, hot. Those were all the things Constance had been called plus more and it was true, she was a knockout by all standards and as she stood there she watched their eyes rake up and down her form. A twenty five inch waist, size C cup and five foot six with naturally blonde hair, soft eyes and pouty lips, yes, she was a killer but still very much single. Who had time to go date anyways? There was too much adulting to be done that even at her young age she didn't stand a chance, what she'd die for is one of these gentlemen to throw a bit more cash her way.

    ---------Sooooo. For this I'm obviously looking for an OLDER gentleman. Suits, business and sex. Not necessarily a "daddy" but more just a "sugar daddy" BUT it turns into a romance. Smut is a yes but again....THERE HAS TO BE ROMANCE AND STORY. Message me if interested. A great example of an "older gentleman" is David Gandy, look him up and take note.

    "It was a fucking werewolf Jamie! I know it was!" The laughing on the other end of the line was starting to piss Calindra off, her best friend turned police officer was laughing at her for the third time this week. "God you are such an asshole! I'm trying to be serious here! We know they exist so why is this so god damn funny to you?!" The end of her sentence trailed off as she ducked into the alley and off of the street, she was heading out to get lunch from her favorite sandwich shop, Mama Marty's. "Listen, Callie sweetheart, I know werewolves are real but Perodit hasn't seen one in god...I don't know...forever? The only one we have even been rumored to have is said to live a solitary life and mean as fuck if anyone goes near him. And I will remind you that is all word of mouth, no one has ever really seen him." Calindra leaned against the cool brick wall, her cotton shirt catching on the rough surface as she rolled her eyes and looked up toward the sky.

    It was true, her small town at the base of the mountain hadn't seen nor heard of werewolves in ages but she knew the wolf she'd seen last week had been a werewolf. No wolf in this region got that big and if they did, well then some scientists had best come check it out. "You should still report it. Even if you don't mention it being a werewolf or how big it was then at least make a report about people poaching and hunting wolves. That is still against the law around here, right?" Now her tone was snippy, she was more than just an avid animal lover, Callie was practically infatuated with wolves. Ever since her grandmother had let her volunteer at the wolf sanctuary just outside of town, Callie had been smitten by the creatures. There wasn't much she didn't know about them and had even taken a job at the place just a few miles from her grandmother's house that she now occupied.

    "Fine, I'll file a report and you can email me a statement when you get time. I'll at least put it in the system." Frowning with a heavy sigh, Callie figured that was going to be the best she would get, at least he wasn't telling her no. "Okay, fine. Thanks Jamie." Callie's voice sounded anything but thankful but he gave one last laugh and then hung up. Rolling her eyes she moved back to the street and shoved her hands in the pockets of her faded, frayed jeans. It was impossible for her not to think back on the day she and Brian had been going through the woods and seen the large unconscious beast. Its paw had become mangled in what looked like a bear trap made of silver but for some reason it had a dullness to it that made Callie think there was more to the trap. However, the thought of it being made of silver instantly told her it wasn't intended just for a regular wolf.

    Turning to her right and opening the door Callie heard the familiar jingle of the bell above and looked around, several customers already waiting in line. Moving up to the back of the line she crossed her arms under her breasts and let her mind continue to think back on the huge wolf. After she and Brian had made sure it wasn't awake, they'd worked for at least ten minutes to free its gigantic paw and set the trap to the side. Brian had immediately moved back away and was whispering frantically for her to do the same but Callie had to admit, she'd had a moment of dumbness and moved closer. Thankfully it hadn't woken up when she'd taken her hand gently over its head, petting and caressing the wolf as she talked lovingly to it.

    Closing her eyes and shaking her head, Callie recalled how dumb she must have sounded as she told it in a soothing voice that it would be okay. Hell, she had even leaned in and kissed the wolf's neck and nuzzled into it, god if it had woken up right then and there, she'd have been dead. Its entire mouth could've fit around her neck, hell it could've probably bitten her in half through the middle, that was how large the wolf was. Definitely an Alpha but it still plagued her how he'd come to be caught in the trap and why he was out there unconscious. Taking in a breath as she stepped up to the counter and smiled at Mama Marty, Callie pushed all that to the side as the woman chattered away. God it was good to have a woman like her in town, someone that didn't judge the "crazy wolf girl". "Yes Mama, my usual."

    ((Interested? Message me))

    So this is loosely related to a book I'd read a little while back called "Given to the Alien". Okay, first off it doesn't involve tentacles lol, just in case you were thinking that. It's fairly tame in that manner but basically there is a super human race (the aliens) that had helped save earth from an outer space, space station. Anyways these "aliens" look basically like huge Jason Mamoa's. Muscular, handsome and just all around sexy. They helped fend off etheral beings of some sort with iron swords, nope, no high tech stuff here just huge swords that a normal human couldn't wield because of their weight and size. Their planet was practically destroyed and tapped of all it's resources but eventually gets kick started again, it just takes time.

    So...I want to base this plot loosely off that race but...my character is human and Earth is in dire trouble again. This time however the Earth is being destroyed, an inevitable doom awaits and the "aliens" (Braxian's are their race) are sent to help liberate as many people from dying on earth as possible. Enter our characters here. My character is a young school teacher who is held hostage at a crumbling school, it's falling apart because of the war and how much damage it has taken. There are children she is being held hostage with and they need rescued before they are devoured. Yes, that's right, the etheral race EATS young beings for energy and their own survival. This is going to allow you to write as much gore when encountering them as you want, go for it but don't expect me to write it, I can just read it and be okay though. Your character ends up rescuing mine and the children too...IF YOU WANT, that's right, I'm okay with tragedy as long as it makes sense. Is your character heartless enough to leave behind children when he could obviously take them with? Or will he only leave them if there is no other choice? Like there is only time to save one person and it is the closest one? Up to you. Either way our characters end up on the ship heading back to your characters planet and they aren't seeing eye to eye. Maybe your character doesn't like humans or children, or maybe the opposite, maybe he already likes my character but mine is put off by his brutish behavior. Either way this is a romance so there will be sex and love in this story, we can work out more of the details if you message me! Sorry this turned out so long x.x

    I borrowed this picture from another post with that person's permission so this is what my character would look like.

    Plot - A bit cliche but I want to try my hand at this one. A modern day girl finds herself flung back in time and in a land she has no knowledge of, it's in the Viking age and she is far from being prepared. My character will be a California raised, pampered woman and yours? Maybe a war lord pillaging a land and thinking her some sort of witch or exotic beauty? Maybe your character is single father back in the viking age? I don't know, what are your ideas? I'm okay if your character is a bit barbaric in actions, it's okay for him to be a bit rough with her especially if she is a prisoner of war. I'm not into horrible abuse though, nothing that is going to have lasting effects but a strong hand isn't shunned.

    So my character has to learn to live in this time, either as a prisoner or even as a forced wife or bride. If we want to add more plot from there, then we shall. Maybe she is learning to live with her savior/captor when suddenly a war breaks out and it threatens to pull them apart right as they are getting close? One of the pictures below will be the character I play, in choosing your character please remember they are a viking and it is back in the day when physical labor was a way of life.

    bringherback.jpg fun-facts-about-Redheads-min.jpeg

    Needing a Derek that is on the road to becoming a true alpha, he has a small pack of friends that look up to him and people that depend on him. What happens when he runs into a female true omega that is running from an abusive alpha that killed off the rest of his pack? Will Derek help the omega and finally pick up the mantel of alpha so he can feel the power of his small pack? Or does guilt from the past of Boyd still linger? Message me with ideas of your own and we will work something out!

    That's right, I'm making a separate spoiler for my smut only stories or plots. These will more than likely only be short stories meaning one or two scenes unless you can interest me in a long term. So here they are.

    This one includes a bit of NONCON. Your character is a captured enemy, a leader of an army that has been troubling and almost overthrowing my character's father. Your character is huge, muscular and brooding as is his people's nature. Vikings, Highlanders, Pirates...etc. My character comes to the dungeon where your's is being held to taunt and tease, she makes the guards let her in so she can even touch and tantalize your character but what she doesn't realize is your character can break free of his bonds. Will he break free to teach her a lesson? Will he wait and break free to kill her father and then take over his kingdom...and his daughter? This can go either way you'd like. There will be slutty outfits, busty main character and plenty of sex, forced and consensual (if there is more than one time). Message me if this interests you!

    A horny princess goes out to the waterfall behind her castle in the middle of a very hot, humid night against her father's warning. There are monsters and animals that lurk at night around the glistening pool beneath the waterfall, but the princess just wants to cool off and cleanse her body. As she is bathing your character comes into the picture, you can decide if he is monster or human but either way he wants her and approaches her slowly. Being inexperienced and sheltered the princess wants to see what the beast has to offer, she is aroused by his body and willingly gives in to a sudden heat, wanting to be bred by the large creature. Message me if this interests you, again it can be made into a longer story if you are wanting something long term.

    Your character is an anthro (or a shifter living as a farm animal - we can discuss this) and lives on a farm with an older man, the older man falls one day and has to hire out help to take care of the animals. A day passes before your character even spots the new help but when he does, it isn't what he thought. In the world they live in (if anthro) the animal like creatures are treated as farm animals but...nicer...a tad more civilized than just throwing food out on the ground for them. The people groom them with brushes and bath them, almost like pampering. So when he sees the sexy new farm hand dressed in her slutty attire (which is natural for the world) he decides to break her into farm life...or at least to how he wants to be "taken care of." Message me with details, ideas or suggestions for this one!

    This is meant for an anthro dragon looking to BREED OR IMPREGNATE with Noncon that turns to Con, just give it time in the rp. If those aren't your thing then move on. In this your character is a dragon whose kind is on the verge of extinction, your dragon is an Elder (meaning older/wiser) and lonely. Females are rare and dying off with the ones surviving having low birth rates in their eggs that survive. One option for your species is to breed with a mermaid, your dragon's kind having such a strong affinity with the sea that the mermaids possess the right genes to produce dragon eggs. (this is fantasy, go with it, don't get technical on me) Your dragon isn't satisfied with most of the ones he finds though, they seem almost too...bland for him until one day he catches a flash of red in the sea below him. A mermaid with a bright, vibrant red tale, a Betta finned mermaid! These are the rarest mermaids and the ones with highest success of conceiving when coupled with a dragon. Catch her, breed her and keep her for a broodmother.
    f69192f0f9e593ba7186e18c94e89408--sexy-red-head-pretty-redhead.jpg f15799d55e2f803fffc95e7a1e73bb67.jpg

    Most settings are okay.

    So that is about it, message me and lets plot something, I'm a very open person about plot/setting/characters.
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  2. Nick Parcel

    Nick Parcel Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:05 AM
    Added a smut section!

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