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 LOTR/Shadow of Mordor/War, Renegade seeks Nemesis!

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by TheBurd, Mar 30, 2018.

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    Lately I've been craving a certain story idea of the Middle-Earth variety. It'd likely be set shortly after the War of the Ring, in Mordor. Sauron's gone, but Mordor is in a state of chaos as the surviving orcs fight amongst themselves for territory and resources. Armies become tribes, and warchiefs vie for power in the absence of any true leader. In the midst of this turmoil are our two main characters. There is Wyn, a Nurn-born human descended from generation upon generation of farming slaves. Orphaned at thirteen and eking out a pariah's life in the wilderness of Mordor, she has gained a reputation as vicious, troublemaking vermin, yet still remains firmly on the bottom of the Mordor food chain with the rest of her kind. The second would be your character, an Uruk warchief with ambitions of bringing the Black Lands back together under one banner--his banner. He has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with, killing several rival captains already. There are even rumors that he carries a weapon cursed by the Dark Lord himself, or that he has strange powers. Whether or not there's a grain of truth to these tales or if they're merely propaganda spread to terrify his opponents is up to you.

    Now, Wyn and this captain don't like eachother very much. As a matter of fact, she's been a pain in his ass for the past year. Well aware that a unified Mordor won't mean anything good for the free peoples of Middle Earth, she's been doing her best to impede his progress. She steals supplies, slits the throats of those unlucky orcs she catches alone, frees slaves, and burns everything left behind. There's only so much one runt of a human can do, but she's gotten very good at being a crafty, thieving sneak. No doubt this captain would love nothing more than to twist her head off her scrawny shoulders, but when a misstep on her part finally results in her capture, a second option is presented, along with the opportunity for some long-due revenge. She's good at being sneaky, perhaps she could be "persuaded" to sneak for him, rather than against him. And if not? Well, then at least it might be fun to kick her around a bit until she's more agreeable.

    As you might have guessed, this would be a fairly dark-themed RP, though not necessarily grim and super-serious. I see plenty of opportunity for banter and dark humor among the grittier elements, and my renegade almost certainly won't go down easily. Among the battles and bloodshed and other adventure-y elements, I was also hoping to explore some deeper aspects of Wyn's psyche, and possibly that of the captain. The girl is carrying some baggage. She's had to struggle for survival and has had numerous near-death encounters both from uruk and from nature, and has essentially been living like a hunted animal. Humans are social creatures, and she's been completely and utterly alone, in a land where she's considered lower than dirt, for seven years. Any kind of companionship, even if it's that of someone she utterly hates, would be difficult to resist. Additionally, after so long having nobody but herself to rely on, submission might carry a sinister appeal of its own. I don't really see her ending up totally broken and obedient, but there could still be a twisted relationship somewhere in there, where she loathes him just as much as she's come to be dependent on him. She might even be convinced that a land under his rule, rather than that of some other captain or remaining in chaos, would be the lesser of two evils. Having come from slaves, those would be the people she cares about most, and that could potentially be used against her.

    The first part of this story would likely involve themes of abuse/potential smut as the orcs pay her back for a year of trouble, where it goes from there would be up to my partner. Depending on the type of character they bring to the table, whether their captain is more crafty or brutish, or a mixture of both, the story can progress a variety of ways. I'm up for discussing things further, but I'm also fine with letting a story happen organically. If this has you interested, feel free to shoot me a PM!
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