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 Female x Male Maddie's Fandom Search

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by MoonlightKissed, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. MoonlightKissed

    MoonlightKissed Wild Member Member

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    8:37 AM
    I haven't written one of these in a long, long time, so if I forget something or get a bit long-winded I apologize in advance.


    Hey, I'm Maddie...though you can call me any variation of my username if you prefer.. I live in the CST time zone, and am online almost every day. It's been a whole hot minute since I actually roleplayed, so it might take me a bit to get back into the swing of things.


    I play as both male and female characters (however I will only play malexfemale pairings due to my own comfort as far as portraying non-heterosexual characters), but I do tend to get burnt out on males if I have more of them than females. So. With that said, I do reserve the right to decline an invitation to roleplay if I already have too many male characters and you're asking me to play a male.

    I will do my best to always give a minimum of a paragraph per post (though I'd like to say that my posts will usually be a lot more lengthy - really it just depends on my muse) and would like to ask the same of any potential roleplay partners.

    I write in third person POV, and first person just..sits funny with me. I try to stick to past tense (though sometimes I screw up - I'm not perfect), but I'm not bothered if my partner(s) write in present tense.

    I need plot. Pure smut for the sake of smut just isn't my thing. For that matter I can say that I've only written smut a handful of times, and it's typically pretty effing vanilla. I might be persuaded into some mild kink, but..idk..

    I enjoy romance in my roleplays, but strongly prefer to actually develop that sort of thing.

    As per where to play - I typically prefer to post in forums, but I can be persuaded to play in private messages if a potential partner is just too uncomfortable with forums.

    Plot Ideas & Pairings:

    So here's where you'll find the plot ideas/pairings that I'm craving right now. This is the part of the post that will be updated to reflect what I'm already doing and/or what I'm craving as time progresses. Plot ideas are always first on my list of cravings, granting bonus points to the person/people who choose(es) one of them. Unless otherwise specified I don't have a preference for which role I play, or which gender my character is.

    Dragon Age:

    Indomitable Focus ** -- Currently in the process of starting this one with a partner.

    So I said that I'm not a Solasmancer, and this particular craving totally makes me look like a liar, but I can't help the fact that it intrigues me whenever he talks to a mage Inquisitor about why he chose to study the fade and makes a comment about their 'indomitable focus.' - So this would be ultimately either a SolasxMage Inquisitor or SolasxOC Mage pairing. (I'm not 100% certain I could pull of Solas, but I could totally be persuaded to try if you've got the patience for it! -- Also...as non-canon as it is that he'd be interested in a non-elf female I'm totally down to change that up a bit, because he says the same thing about indomitable focus to non-elven magequisitors.)

    With a MageQuisitor I'd prefer to stick to the major plot-line of Inquisition, though I'm definitely open to canon-divergence as it would help things develop a bit more. With an OC Mage I'm open to something set during the Inquisition or even during the time following Corypheus's defeat. Totally up to my partner.)

    More Than Just An Ex-Templar

    'cause where would I be without my baby Cullen? Depressed...very, very depressed.. -- Once again I can't promise to play the perfect Cullen, but I will definitely do my best for a partner with the right level of patience. (Of course, I'm totally game if you'd prefer to play Cullen, too.)

    This one could go a few different ways. I think it could really be fun to explore a relationship between a Trevelyan Inquisitor who was supposed to become a templar herself, but never had the chance to go through the vigil before the war broke out. -- But I also adore the idea of Cullen with a mage. Either a MageQuisitor or even a Mage Warden. ('cause if you've played the mage origin in the first DA game, then you know all about the crush Cullen had on them! Also. Like. I think a Cullen/Mage Warden plot that doesn't take place until the Inquisition timeline would be hella cute. Like. 10 years later, and he still has a thing for her? O.m.g.) -- I may also be persuaded to do a CullenxOC pairing...maybe...

    Tall, Dark, and Broody

    I adore Blackwall, and no idgaf what other people think..unless you like him, too, 'cause then we're cool. Lmao. I am inclined to lean toward pairing him with a DwarfQuisitor because..like her past is perfect: 'b..ch..you can't scare me away with your criminal background..I worked for the Carta, remember?) I'll totally try my best to play Blackwall for an interested and patient partner, and might be persuaded to do a BlackwallxOC pairing.

    Under My Skin

    Because I adore the idea of a mage/templar pairing. Like. ADORE. This one is an OC magexOC templar kind of deal, but I would love, love, love to explore the possibility of a circle mage who fell for one of the templars in her circle. How the relationship starts (bonus points if it has something to do with other templars in the circle being abusive, and he's trying to protect the mages, because he doesn't agree with the way they're being treated), how it's effected during the war - maybe they're split up for a time, but eventually reunite...maybe they join the Inquisition..or maybe they decide to go it on their own... Okay..this could go like a million different ways, but that's off the point. And I'm totally down to play either the mage or the templar.

    Son of A---

    This is basically an AndersxOC mage pairing. Because I have this thing in my head of a former circle mage after the war starts who comes across Anders and finds out who he is..and she's just like "YOU SON OF A B....! NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU!" But then like..circumstances force them to remain within proximity of each other and even work together, and she finds out about Justice and is like 'Hold the F..K up...' and decides that she's going to find a way to separate them, and then of course..eventual romance. -- I'm willing to attempt to play Anders for the interested and patient partner.

    A Rose For You

    This one is kind of an AU take on Origins, because I always found it highly suspicious that the Theirins and the Couslands were so...separate, especially since it's hinted that the Couslands would be next in line for the throne.. The basic pairing is an AlistairxCousland Warden, but with the twist of them having been betrothed as babies. -- They don't meet until Duncan recruits her for the Wardens and takes her to Ostagar, but at the very least they would know of the betrothal, even if neither of them realize who the other person is. Alistair still wouldn't mention his family ties until Redcliffe, so when she finds out it's just kind of like 'What the actual fu..?'
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