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 Male-male craving.

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Shankar, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Shankar

    Shankar Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:46 AM
    Looking for a smut plot between a rusty biker and and young boy who met at a loud bikers club? It will lead to one night stand from there it might get serious too.

    Smut, heavy sexual encounters, apart form that I have this huge kinks for tight full spandex or yoga pants, which get shoved in ass crack! Other one is about dry humping, I love to dry hump a lot in my play.

    For example, Yc is in the middle of some work or just standing, mc would just walk from behind grab him by his waists and start to hump...for the time being, yc will just stand still and let my character do that. We Can make Yc, rich by status, also I don't hold any limits, if you have some let me know.

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