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 One x One Roleplay Many Ideas!

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by AzureSpark, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. AzureSpark

    AzureSpark It's about to get weird Member

    Local Time:
    1:05 AM
    Hello Potential Writing Partner

    I'm excited to have new people to role-play with so feel free to send me a message!
    (Edited 8/10/18)

      • I've been in a Naruto Kick and some OC's would be so welcome!
      • I want to do a Legend of Zelda role play based in modern times. I'm open to any suggestions though! I'm not super well versed in the game series, so excuse me if I am ill informed.
      • Honestly any MxM role-play where I'm the submissive. I'm usually dominant and would like a change of pace.

    I enjoy Anime and am a bit into video games if I have played the one desired.

    I make a minimum of two paragraphs per post. Please do the same or more. No one liners please.

    I do male characters mostly as mains, but I can toss in a female side character when the plot calls for it. I prefer a male character to role-play with, but a female is fine if the story calls for it.

    I am more than willing to chat and have us get to know one another, so feel free to ask.

    Well onto the useful stuff. Below are my Fandom plots and my Non fandom plots. I'll update as needed.

    Characters I Play

    Male characters who Are:

      • Dominate
      • Switch
      • Submissive (Super duper craving to be a sub right now!)
    Attracted to:

      • Males
      • Intersexed
      • Transexuals
      • Occasionally females if the story calls for it
    Present Cravings!

    I want to be in a submissive role. I frequently wind up being the dom.

    Note; these are things I will do, but not requirements. Think of it as a list of suggestions!


      • Anal
      • Bondage
      • Breasts
      • Dom and Sub
      • Dry Sex
      • Excessive Semen
      • Foreplay
      • Impregnating Another
      • Incest
      • Male Genitals
      • Multiple Partners
      • Oral
      • Pain and Torture
      • Sex Apparel
      • Sex Toys
      • Vaginal
      • Non Con (Non-Consensual/Rape)
    Want to Try / Maybe:

      • Being Branded
      • Being Mutilated(To a certain degree)
      • Being a Harem Member(Has to be very well written)
      • Branding Another
      • Breast Worship
      • Breath Control
      • Castrating Another
      • Controlled Breath
      • Fingers in Mouth
      • Frotting
      • Gagging
      • Giving Hand Jobs
      • Giving Massages
      • Having a Harem
      • Intestinal Penetration
      • Lesbian Orgies(I'd have to be convinced on this one)
      • Masturbation
      • Mutilating Another
      • Needleplay
      • Paddles
      • Pierced Nipples
      • Receiving Hand Jobs
      • Receiving Massages
      • Strap Ons
      • Swallowing Semen
      • Being Pregnant (Mpreg interests me)

    These are nonnegotiable.

      • Being Castrated
      • Footplay
      • Giving Cum Facials
      • Giving Enemas
      • Vore
      • Lactating
      • Penis Worship
      • Receiving Cum Facials
      • Menses (Period play)
      • Scat
      • Watersports
      • Vomit


    These are the Cannon Characters I will role play in each respective fandom.

    Naruto(My primary)

    Rock Lee

    Teen Titans ( Not Teen Titans Go)

    Red X

    Full metal Alchemist

    Roy Mustang

    Legend of Zelda (I'm new to this fandom, so bear with me!)



    A few plot ideas:

    Note; I am open to suggestions!

    These are a few ideas, but I'm open to others.


    Name: Help
    Genre: Horror, action
    Story Elements: Revenge, hurt/comfort, non-con
    Status: Open!

    Sasuke realizes too late that he has made a terrible mistake leaving his home, especially when Orochimaru reveals he has ulterior motives. Now Sasuke must find a way to escape or risk losing his sanity.

    Roles available: Orochimaru or OC of your choosing

    I have quite a few stories on this pairing, so please bear with me.

    Name: Temptation
    Genre: Action with slight romance
    Story Elements: Revenge, hurt/comfort, coming of age
    Status: Open!

    Naruto, having been alone most of his life, seeks out the only solace in his darkness. Sasuke, an equally as lonely person, seems like the only logical choice. Despite their differences, they begin to form a bond of friendship, maybe something more. Things become complicated when war breaks out in Konoha and they have to decide what their feelings are worth.

    Roles available: Naruto, Sasuke, OC of your choosing


    Name: Underneath the Underneath
    Genre: Tragedy
    Story Elements: Revenge, hurt/comfort
    Status: Open!

    Sasuke finds Naruto half conscious and beaten badly at his door step. The story follows Sasuke trying to unravel what happened to Naruto.

    Roles available: Naruto, Sasuke, OC of your choosing


    Name: No Escape
    Genre: Tragedy, horror
    Story Elements: Abuse, Non-con, violence
    Status: Open!

    Sasuke went with Orochimaru, but not without taking some comforts from home. Naruto is an unwillingly dragged along and is put into the position of a stress reliever for Sasuke. When anything doesn't go his way, rather than lashing out at his master, he uses Naruto as a living punching bag, and eventually, his personal toy.

    Roles available: Naruto, Sasuke, Orochimaru, OC of your choosing


    Name: Is it Too Late?
    Genre: Tragedy, horror, hurt comfort
    Story Elements: Abuse, Non-con, violence, slight romance
    Status: Open!

    Sasuke was Orochimaru's prize, but at the last minute, he changes who his target is. Naruto is taken instead and it's up to the Last Uchiha and company to rescue their dear Blonde before it's too late.

    Roles available: Naruto, Sasuke, Orochimaru, OC of your choosing


    Name: Forbidden
    Genre: Coming of age, romance, horror
    Story Elements: Abuse, violence, a bit of romance
    Status: Open!

    As team mates, Neji and Lee had no choice but to get along. As time progressed, their begrudged teamwork grew into something much more powerful. Secretly, they began to develop feelings, but at what cost? When the main branch finds out about their closeness, things go very wrong very quickly.

    Roles available: Neji, OC of your choosing, other Cannon Character


    Name: On the Run
    Genre: Romance, Tragedy
    Story Elements: Violence, a bit of romance, mentions of Suicide
    Status: Open!

    One day, Neji vanishes. Lee takes on the mission to search for his missing team mate. When he finds him, there's more than just a story of a Shinobi gone rouge.

    Roles available: Neji, OC of your choosing, other Cannon Character


    Name: Snapped
    Genre: Tragedy, horror
    Story Elements: Violence, Non-con, Suicide
    Status: Open!

    Rock Lee and Neji were getting close. He even considered him his friend. That was why he didn't think twice about agreeing to meet the Shinobi late at night just outside the village. How could he possibly imagine that Neji had set such devious plan in motion?

    Roles available: Neji, OC of your choosing, other Cannon Character

    Name: Apocalypse
    Genre: Action, horror
    Story Elements: Violence, Gore (maybe?), Some non-con mentions(Maybe?)
    Status: Open!

    The zombie Apocalypse has descended on the world and our heroes are now at the whim of the masses of undead, and worse yet, the survivors. The rules of their world have changed and their moral obligation to be heroes are no longer valid. How will they continue on, and what consequences await them?

    Roles available: Any Teen Titan Character spare Robin.


    Name: Here Birdie
    Genre: Action, a bit of horror
    Story Elements: Violence, tiny bit of gore (maybe?), non-con(Maybe?)
    Status: Open!

    A new villain appears and starts wreaking total havoc on Jump city with no clear objective. The Titans seek out the new trouble maker only to realize this new person is out for blood, and more specifically, Robin's.

    Roles available: Any Teen Titan Character, but preferably Robin.


    Name: Perfect Apprentice
    Genre: Action, horror
    Story Elements: Violence, tiny bit of gore (maybe?), non-con
    Status: Open!

    Slade has always kept an eye on Robin. Even after his first failed attempt at taking the boy as his own, he never gave up on having the child become his perfect apprentice. Now, years later, he is willing to try again. To ensure total control, he has decided to take a different and darker route. In order to assure he has total control, he must break Robin's mind.

    Roles available: Any Teen Titan Character, Robin, Slade


    Name: Madness
    Genre: Action, horror
    Story Elements: Violence, Gore (maybe?), non-con, revenge, suicide
    Status: Open!

    Robin has slipped over the edge, and this time, there is no rope waiting to bring him back to the surface. How far will he go to exact revenge on the man that pushed him to abandon everything he ever stood for?

    Roles available: Any Teen Titan Character, Robin, Slade


    This is fairly straight forward. I would play either Robin or Red X, but I have no major plots thought out for this yet, so feel free to suggest away.


    Non Fandom can be found HERE


    More will be added as the ideas come to me! Stay tuned!

    Please send me a message and we'll see where we go!

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