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 Multiple character role-plays

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Darkness123, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Darkness123

    Darkness123 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:59 PM
    Greetings random stranger!
    As the title suggests I'm seeking a role-play that would involve us playing more than two characters, even a couple main characters in one role-play. Now we can also play as two certain characters, but with well flashed out side-characters with stories of their own that follow along throughout the story and perhaps even form relationships of their own, friendships or get romantically involved, or plainly have sexual interest in each other. Whatever the case would be, it depends on the role-play we chose. Anyway, if the concept interests you, here are things you should know:

    * I am a detailed in depth writer. I tend the flash out the story and describe what my character is doing and her surroundings pedantically. I write a lot. And I mean a lot! Specially when i'm into the story and what is going on. My writing reaches from 3 paragraphs to 10 or more. Really, I can write you a book. XD Though I do like to keep the dynamic, so If I feel that too much description could kill it, I won't include it.
    * Side characters are a must! I like to build the world around our characters and that also means creating side characters, starting from close friends and enemies to a random drunk in a bar.
    * As for the smut in the plot the ratio is 60/40 for the plot. Smut is very much welcome! But I find it get's boring if it's the main thing happening. I like to build up to the moment, tease and play with other character until neither of them can take it anymore. I need the plot and action to be the main thing. Let's leave sex for a cherry on the top and let the character's get to know each other.
    *While my characters are submissive, they're far from innocent whimpering little girls. If you're seeking a naive girl with zero brain on her, I'm afraid I'm not the partner for you. My characters are strong willed, cunning and dangerous. They own sharp tongues and harsh tempers. Spitfires if you will. Often they have walls built up so high they themselves cannot see past them. They go from sly and flirty with hidden intents to cold and deadly.
    *For male characters ( That would be you) I'm seeking someone strong and capable of breaking through her walls. Someone with a tragic past or someone as sly and capable of playing along. What i'm trying to say is, you can shape your character however you please, but don't give me someone incapable seeking for a mistress. Just Don't!!!
    *I play only females in FxM pairing! But when it comes to side characters, I have no problem playing as a male. In this case if we chose to go for many main characters, one of my mains can also be a male and it will be equally well written.
    *This is not as important, but I do like including pictures in the play and character sheets (Face claims, if that's what you prefer.) I strongly lean towards realistic or well drawn characters. Please don't give me slutty looking anime. ( Large breasts, butts or dicks) Please, that will just turn me off and nothing will work. If we go for drawing, which I don't mind at all. Let's stick to something legend of crypid style or something close to how a real person would look like.

    Vanilla sex, Bondage, Rough sex, Mild abuse ( hitting, spanking, tying up etc) Anal sex, Wax play, sexual pain ( Where let's say 'he's'too big for her, Oral, Any type of fingering, age difference, Rape, Group sex ( typically two males, one female, up to discussion) 3+ penetration,choking, foreplay, hair pulling, branding ( At certain plays, again, up to discussion), sex toys, Incest.
    Water sports ( Everything meant for toilet, stays there) , Animals/ anything related to furries is a no, monsters ( like orgs, handsome vampires don't count) Animal anatomy, children in sex, Multi beasts or any other private parts, Tentacles, Fisting, Vore.

    This is pretty much all that came to mind. I'm open to suggestions and if you think something you want to try will disgust me in any way, feel free to discuss it first!

    Now let's get to the fun part shall we! The yellow plots are those I'm craving the most at the moment!

    The Elite

    Killings had been a pain in the ass for the police since the beginning of time. But this time is different. Series of murderers have rained upon US. More and more victims are reported each day, brutally killed with no traces left behind. The nation is sent into frenzy and the higher ups are forced to take drastic measures in times where no one is safe from this unknown force.

    They gathered group of the best detectives, ex military and FBI agents they could find. They were the best minds in the whole country and beyond. However....they weren't enough. Even with their set of skill and experience they lacked one very important thing - the mind of a criminal.

    As the number of killings kept increasing, they were left with only one remaining option. The last straw of hope. In a dark meeting room, the elite team was introduced to their new addition. Four of the most dangerous criminals would be joining them to solve the mystery in exchange for their freedom. They're cunning, deadly and unpredictable. But only with their help this mission stands a chance before the worse has happened...

    The world of runners.

    It's year 26648. The world has come to a new era and the large corporations have grasped all the power in their hands. All communication aside from corrupt news had been cut off to prevent people from knowing what happens behind closed doors. Most of the society had been brainwashed to believe in the lies, but very few. There are groups of people building up a resistance in secret and their way of communicating is by using Runners. They're underground organizations ran similar to gangs that earn their money by delivering messages between the resistance groups and spying on the massive companies, stealing valid information upon request to deliver it to the rebels. They're considered criminals and are often targeted by soldiers.

    Runners are quick. It is rare that one is caught. They know the city as the back of their palm, every street, every alleyway and rooftop is their domain. It all works well, until the ruling power comes up with a new plan. 'Fake Runners'. These people pose as regular runners, but serve the corporations. More and more Runners are caught and sent to jail or even executed. With their communication growing weaker the resistance also begins to fall apart. The Runners are left with little choice than to join forces with their rivals - the same people whom they had fought for messages, snatching them under each others noses and gathering the rewards instead.

    Many are not overjoyed with this idea, including Muse A. They're one of the best runners of their camp, quick, smart and above all reckless. They're known for taunting the soldiers and more often than not challenging their luck. The last time they did something like this, Muse A nearly got caught and now their face is on all the arrest warrants and banners across the city of NAR. Muse A is a complete opposite to Muse B, their new partner. No Runner is allowed to go out on a mission alone anymore, paired up with those from their rival camps to keep safe. Now, Muse B has earned a nickname - Shadow. They move without being noticed, deliver fast and with no mistakes. They have never come close to being caught even once and show no desire of playing around much like Muse A.

    Now the two drastically different Runners are forced to work together for the greater good, and are trusted with the biggest mission of their lives - to break into the very heart of cooperation data base and steal a certain chip under strict guard at all times.

    So! My idea was that we could blend this and the following plot together. Create a huge world setting with perhaps multiple main characters and pairings between them, different types of romances forming and many life stories circling around the world they live in.


    So, if you read my previous plot, the setting is quite similar. The world is ruled by large corporations and everyone is put under strict rules and curfew. Runners could still play part in this plot as I intend on making it in the same setting, only this part of the story centers around the rebels themselves, the face of the forming rebellion and the darkest parts that the system offers - Specially trained soldiers serving the new power.

    This story starts over a decade ago with the previous failed attempt on the rebellion and Muse A's family. A's father was the previous face of the rebels and called himself Phoenix. He stood for the poor and starving, promising a greater future for those not coming from wealth if they joined forces with him to battle against the corporations and the rich. He never showed his face as he spoke, wearing a mask of a Phoenix as a representation of their goal.

    "Those who burned to ash, shall raise again!"

    People believed his ideas and soon they became a force that could make difference. However, he was caught. His identity was exposed by organization loyal to the existing power. They call themselves Hunters. They're skilled soldiers, cold blooded killers with no mercy on them. They caught him and his family, brutally executing them in public and burning all the hopes of rebellion with their corpses. Others partaking in rebellion suffered great loses as well. Their families were murdered, homes turned to dust. No one survived - but one.

    Muse A, the youngest daughter of her family managed to escape, remaining as the last one from her family and the only spark left to enlighten a new fire. Though, it's not as easy as it seems. She was caught too and tossed in a prison for a decade, mistaken for just another child taking part in rebellion. No one knew who she really was as she grew up behind the bars, all but her most trusted friend - Grey.

    They stand no chance of getting out of the prison, all attempts with other prisoners ending with a tragic death and execution of them. That is, until one day someone pretending to be an officer releases all prisoners, sending the entire building in chaos. Muse A manages to escape and finds shelter with Grey's gang when Grey himself has gone missing during the break out. The resistance are quick to realize who the young woman is and a new hope is awakened. However, this time they can't go banging on the corporation door. They need a plan, something that would destroy the system from inside.

    Muse A is to join Hunters - The leading group of killers that is ran by Muse B, who's father was responsible for her families capture when Muse B himself was just a youngster. The information fed to the Hunters is as false as everything else in their system. Rebels are presented as criminals, killers and a dangerous threat. Their minds had been messed up by many procedures that make them believe in things that are not true.

    The world is dark and twisted with each having their own goals in mind. But there are also certain feelings blooming, making things that much more impossible.

  2. Darkness123

    Darkness123 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:59 PM
  3. Darkness123

    Darkness123 Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:59 PM
  4. ArchonTsukino

    ArchonTsukino Discord @ KukriRyuTsukino #3897 Member

    Local Time:
    3:59 PM
    Very intrigued by both plots. Slightly more interested in the Runner|Hunter plot. Any suggestions on the type of criminal with the other?